The next morning, my dad and my sister came down, I was awake at that point of time, they were hissing something, most it should have been about my surprising arrival. But it was not more surprising than what I saw last night. My dad was all dressed, he was going out for work, whereas my sister, Abby was wearing a blue camisole and her panties. That was hot and weird at the same time.

'Hey Adam, when did you come?' he asked half-minded.

'I came late last night, I forgot my phone, also some other belongings, it was so dark, and I was tired that I slept here. I was planning to leave after a shower.'

'Alright, drive safe.' He said and gave a peck on Abby's cheek and left the house. Abby sat next to me on the couch, she knows that I know about her and dad. I saw that in her face.

'Do you have any more surprising factors that shock me like last night?' I asked sharply. She didn't reply for quite some time. I decided to ask her the next question.

'How long?' I asked

'A year, almost.' She said slowly in her sober voice. I sat there clenching my teeth and having no idea what to do and how to speak, except for one thing. I looked at her coldly into her eyes.

'With dad?'

'You don't know anything about mum and dad.' She replied, her eyes looking at her morning cold hands.

'I don't know about our mum and dad, and you know? Well, surprise me.' I challenged her.

She looked at me for a second, I was expecting answers from her, instead, she leaned forward and kissed me. I was angry, but she sensed that I lost track of my emotions and went with the flow, we began kissing, caressing, groping, and I removed her camisole, made her lie on the couch, I kneeled and kept kissing and groping her boobs. As my hand, slowly moved it down, slid under her panties, and I began fingering.

Not for long after that, the door was opened, our dad didn't shut the door, and there she came, Carla flung open the already semi-opened door, and witnessed an incident that would give her nightmares. I was making out and fingering my sister on the living room couch. We froze like a statue. What was I doing, I messed it up? Why would Abby kiss me, and why did fall right into her seduction trap, fuck, fuck, fuck!! I muttered to myself.

Carla was mortified, she left as the last thing I saw was her eyes big as a lemon almost bulging out of her skull, I didn't run behind her and tried to explain to her, I can't say "this is not what it looks like.", because it was what it was. I was making out and fingering my sister and she was responding with morning arousing moans.

'Argh!!' I yelled so loud that; Carla could have heard it at her home.

'There's no point in it.' Abby said rather plainly.

'No thanks to you. Why the fuck did you kiss me, and what did I not know about our mum and dad, you are my fucking sister, remember? Why the fuck did you kiss me?' I yelled at her face, after closing the door.

'Well, have you ever wondered what our parents' life was, like what is mum's last name?'

'McCarthy, and now it's Finney.'

'Dad's last name?'

'What are you, mad?' I asked.



'Have you ever wondered where our mom's parents are, we have been visiting our dad's parents, but what about mom, and doesn't it strike you how close our mom is to our grandparent's? I guess you didn't think about it. Let me tell you something about mum, that might settle the answer for you.' She said as she sat on the couch, with her camisole, that she wore back after Carla left, her legs crossed.

'Mum's name was Carmen McCarthy before she married our father, I mean, before that, she was married to a guy named Joseph McCarthy, and even before that, our mum's name was Carmen Finney, and our dad's name is Jacob Finney, and our grandparents are Finney too.'

'Are you implying that...'

'Yes Adam, I am implying that Carmen Finney and Jacob Finney are our parents and they also are brothers and sisters, you know that our dad is 3 years younger than our mum, right? Just like you are 3 years younger to me.' she said rhetorically. My head was spinning, I can feel the neurons firing like a rapid forest fire. 'but do you know that?'

'Guess, I was in the right place at the right time. I wouldn't have made a move on you 2 months ago if it weren't for that particular day when I heard our mum talking about you to our dad. I wasn't eavesdropping, I just overheard.' 'overheard what?' I asked vacantly.

(Abby - One year ago...)

It was after my 1st breakup, it didn't hurt me so much, I considered myself as a learner in the field of relationship, but there was regret inside me that I couldn't handle, that didn't let me sleep, I vividly remember it, Adam was 18, he was 18 and a half, I would say.

He is sweet and an asshole like a cat, they can be cute and funny, and also be as annoying and pig-headed as it can get, but sometimes I pity him for being such a nice, sweet little brother. I was 21 then, and already had a boyfriend, and yet I remained a virgin, my boyfriend didn't do anything other than make out. He cummed just for kissing me five minutes straight.

I was thinking all these wonderful worthless thoughts, I headed downstairs to find some stress diet and a coke perhaps. I got habituated to the darkness that switching on the light at night somewhat makes me paranoid. I walked across my Parents bedroom and noticed that my mum was talking about masturbation.

Masturbation? I caught my attention, I stood behind the door, kneeled, and listened to what they were talking about. I heard that my mum was talking about Adam, she saw him masturbating to one of my photos, in a camisole and nothing down. My mum was worried that Adam hadn't been out of his room all day, and when my mum visited his room, he was caught off guard, by our mum. Adam jacking off to my pic. I then realized, my little brother has grown up and has something for me. I thought that was the interesting part, but another catapult of shock hit me. I heard my mum teasing our dad about his early days.

'Remember Jacob, that one day, our mother caught you masturbating to my old photo, while I was in New York, working and also missing you, but you went ahead and masturbated for my photo, and mom caught you. I know how much you missed me back then. I was with my boyfriend Joe, and poor you in here.' My mum said. What the smoking fuck? I thought.

My heart was beating faster, and I couldn't be there, my knees hurt, and I accidentally fell on the door and the door fell wide open. Shit, I was caught eavesdropping.

They couldn't hide anything longer, as I said I knew more about it, but the only way they consoled me and said this was funny. I remember my mum was naked, getting ready for the bed, it was Saturday evening, my dad was sitting on the bed, turning through the playboy magazine.

I remember, me sitting on my dad's lap, his strong arms wrapped around me, and my mum and dad took turns explaining to me, what it was, and how it was.

They told me that, my mum and dad were essentially siblings, my mum finished her school and moved to New York where she met Joe McCarthy, and they were dating for quite some time, and then one day, my mum was overwhelmed, knowing that my dad, my mum's brother, was masturbating to her photos and his mom caught him, and again one another day, he was caught masturbating by his sister herself, my mum.

Then that transformed into something and they began having sex, they admitted that after every sex, they regretted having an incest relationship. until one day, they regretted the most, my mum and dad, were having sex in her New York apartment, and Joe caught them, Joe and my mum were married then. That led to their divorce.

They moved to Carbondale, here, and cooked up a story saying my mum is McCarthy and my dad is Finney, and now they both are Finney, but the truth being, both were Finney already, and they were brother and sister. We were born out of incest. And later, they came to the fact that my brother, Adam was jerking off to my pics in his room, my mum said, "History repeats itself."

And yes, like my dad was caught masturbating by their mum, Adam was caught by our mum. The fact that Adam used my pic to jerk off kind of built sexual feelings for him, that was boosted when I was drunk. And one more interesting surprise is that my grandpa and grandma are essentially siblings as well, so they didn't object to my mum and dad getting married.

Incest kind of runs in the genes of this family I thought. All I have to do is embrace it and accept the way it is.

(Adam - Present day)

'So, which pic of mine were you jerking for, it's been a year, but I am sure you can remember it.' She spoke

'I am going to faint or puke.' I said all I could see was white light everywhere. This was too much information.

'Then, why didn't they tell us this?'

'Well, they said, they didn't want to force us, they believed in fate or destiny. Whatever you call it.'

I couldn't say a word. I just stood like a headless machine. I was getting stressed because my parents hid such pivotal information for all my life. and at the same time, I couldn't help but notice that my sister's white panties were wet. She got aroused by talking about this. I couldn't hear it anymore.

I went to my room, I stripped down my clothes, I didn't bother to close my door anymore, I went to the bathroom naked, and didn't bother to shut the bathroom door either. Fuck this! I told myself.

I stood under the shower as the warm water fell over, wiping all the dizziness and thoughts away for a minute. My hand went to grab my dick all by itself like It had a brain of its own. What was I thinking while I held my dick and began stroking them slowly? - Abby, Abby is the one who came to my mind when I was jerking off.

'History repeats itself.' I heard Abby's voice. There she was in her panties, and her amazing boobs out like an exhibition.

I stopped stroking, turned facing Abby, and stood there, my dick half aroused, pointing at Abby. She rushed to me, and climbed up onto my waist, her arms wrapping around my neck, her lips exploring my mouth, her hand running through my wet hair. I turned and pressed her back to the wall. Kissed her, nibbled her lips, as the water was dripping in our mouth. I stopped for a moment and looked at her.

'I am on pills.' She said she understood the meaning of my look.

I put my full hard dick in her pussy, and began moving my hips to and fro, she didn't feel the pain, of course, I am fucking my sister's pussy, which was seen our daddy's fat long dick. She moaned only after I pushed my dick deep inside as much as I could. We were wet dripping all over in the shower, so was her pussy.

My dick sensed the warm juice gushing on my dick, while we were soaking wet in the shower. I kissed her neck and kept fucking her, I dropped her down to her feet, turned her around, pressing her against the wall, as my hands cupped her boobs, pinching and sensing her hard wet nipples, while I pushed my dick in her pussy and kept fucking.

'Yess, my little baby brother, fuck me as daddy does.' She said as she moaned. That was intriguing. I could hold any longer after I heard her pleasure moans. I shot my cum, which hit the pussy, the ropes, and ropes of my load, hitting her juice gushing over mine.

We stood in the shower, my dick still inside her pussy, my hands cupping her boobs, my head lying on her shoulders, as her head was leaning on my head. We took some time in the shower, as we were recovering. Along with guilt and regret. What did I do? I fucked my sister. What a pervy bastard I am? I thought to myself. I went back to my room, got dressed, and my mind was asking me to check out with Carla. I took out my phone, texted her "I AM SORRY. IT ALL HAPPENED SO QUICKLY, I WAS DRUNK AND DELIRIOUS,"

"I WON'T TELL ANYONE, THAT IS THE BEST THING I CAN DO, DON'T EXPECT ANYTHING ELSE." The reply arrived. Alright, this is for the best. And I picked up the bag, the car key, mobile and everything that I needed for the following week. I walked down, Abby stood there, her arms crossed, a towel wrapped around her breast.

'What?' I asked.

'Nothing.' She said, as she gave a peck on my lips, I left the house. I drove for the next 2 hours and reached my grandad's house. My mum was waiting on the porch. She gave a smile as she saw me. as I walked up to the door, she hugged me and gave a peck on my lips.

'Mum, we need to talk.' I said coldly, placing my bag in the corner of the living room.

'What's wrong honey?' she asked, her hand combing my hair, and caressing my cheeks.

I sighed and she understood the seriousness. I don't know if she knows about Abby and dad. 'okay, alright honey.' She replied as we went to her room, locked the door, and made me sit on the bed next to her. It was a sunny afternoon, the burning sunlight was beaming up inside her room through the window, until she closed the curtain, leaving the room dark as it gets in the evening.

'What's wrong honey?' she asked again, her left hand on my laps, caressing. She was wearing a blue summer sleeveless house wear, that exposed her cleavage, and it showed most of her legs and thighs. Her hair wavy and loose, like always.

'Why didn't you tell us about you and dad, that you were siblings?'

'Oh honey, the truth is that what we had was an accident, Finney's aren't a part of or leader of some incest family cult, your dad and I aren't as proud of it, but we are happy, I love him, and he loves me. This is not a proud thing to say to our kids. Did dad tell you this?'


'Anyway, what's happened has happened, us telling you and Abby would only have built some sexual feelings towards you both, and it would have been forceful incest. You have a girlfriend, right? Carla? She is such a beautiful girl, don't miss her, you can change things. You still have time.' she said, her hands around my shoulders, shaking me and comforting me. I looked at her, with eyes red.

'I... and Abby were, and Carla she saw.' I stammered as my voice broke.

'It's okay honey, it's okay, mommy's here, mommy's here. we will get through this.' She said as she made my head resting on her shoulders, her hand running through my hair, her other hand caressing my thighs.

'Did you know about Abby and dad?' I asked, without looking at her. She kissed my head. And made my headrest on her breast.

'Yes.' She told me coldly.

A drop of tear fell on her upper breast, which travelled to her breast and tummy possibly. My hands which were on my thighs reached and wrapped around her, hugging her, my head on her breast.

I can't help but notice her smell, she smelled like vanilla and Lilly. I also noticed that her hands rubbing my thighs reached for my zipper, and she unzipped it. I was wondering what the hell was happening. Her hands slid into my pants and her cold soft fingers touched my cock.

'Mum?' I said as I looked at her. She put her fingers on my lips.

'Ssh, it's okay honey, it's mommy, nothing to worry.' She whispered, right near my lips, her breath hit my face, her breath had the smell of rose and strawberry. I saw her scarlet lips up close, her green eyes glittered like emerald and rubies.

Her hands pulled my dick out, which was getting aroused by her touch, her aroma, and her whispers. She grabbed my dick and began stroking, as I began shivering, initially. This was quite a different sense of pleasure that I never experienced before. I looked closely, her face, she looked exactly like Michelle Monaghan.

I was moaning and grunting with my head on my mum's shoulders, trying to feel and not see whatever that was happening, as her hands were stroking my dick like the way every man wanted. This was the best hand job and the fastest I have ever cummed, within a few minutes, I cummed in her hands and on the floor. She squeezed and juiced every last drop of the cum.

But she went on stroking after my ejaculation, it was sending me jolts of lightning all over the body, I was moaning, grunting, and shivering. She was stroking after I cummed, post-orgasm strokes, or post orgasm torture, it was called, it was pleasurable and even the pain caused the pleasure.

She stopped after some time, as I crumbled and fell on her thighs, I was recovering from the most pleasurable hand job I have ever had. I realized that my face was close to her pussy, after few minutes, my hand pulled her dress, and my hands went in and rubbed her pussy over the panties, few rubs, and then I felt her pussy getting wet, I adjusted my face and pulled her dress a little higher, revealing her purplish-white panties, I placed my face on her pussy over the panties and rubbed with my nose.

She was gasping louder, and her hands pressed my face on her pussy, caressing and running through my hair, she pulled her dress until her ribs and she fell back on the bed, her hands pressing my head on her pussy tighter. I slid my hand into her panties, and pulled her panties down till her thighs, revealing her brownish haired pussy, with a droplet of her juice, sticking on. She had a very little amount of hair, not more than a month after her previous shave.

I put my tongue on her pussy lips, tasting her sour, salty juice and I got out of the bed, kneeled, and put my tongue and fingers along into her pussy, and she let out a moan, and another moan and so on, until she was moaning loud and gasping heavy, her hands pressed my face and held to her juice dripping pussy, in a few seconds, a warm current of her lovely juice spurted all over my face.

I stood up and stripped naked, hastily, she sat on the bed for a few seconds, recovering from her latest orgasm, then she removed her dress, and threw the half-removed panties away. She wasn't wearing any bra, she sat naked, her alluring firm boobs, for her age, after giving birth to me and my sister, that breast, was still fresh and firm like a hot young woman's breast. My mom is a magician.

I went on top of her, pressed my lips with her, my chest crushing her breast, her nipples poking my bare skin, she put her arms over my waist, and dragged her hands to grab my ass, and groped them as tightly as she could.

I kissed her lips, her neck and came to visit her beautiful bosom, kissed all around her boobs and took her in my mouth, sucking her nipples, gave a sensation of sweetness and warmness in my mouth, it was her milk.

She is lactating.?

'Your dad is still a baby to me?' she said, in a whispering tone, 'but, I think you missed mommy so much, I missed you feeding you.' She pressed my face, her nipples in my mouth, I sucked and drank the milk that came dripping through her nipples, her wonderful areolas in my mouth felt like heaven and dream. Her hands holding my ass, now grabbed my dick and directed it into her pussy, as I slowly pushed my dick in her pussy, she gasped when my dick was fully inside her. I began swaying my hips to and fro, me still drinking her milk, sucking her boobs, and often kissing her.

I stopped sucking and my face was on top of her, looking right into her lust-driven passionate sparkling green eyes, gasping, and smiling scarlet lips.

'Give me something honey.' She gasped, as I let a drool fall in her mouth, she took my saliva in her mouth like a bear taking honey from the comb.

I was fucking my mom, who looks like Michelle Monaghan. And I remember a small piece of image passing through my mind, the image where I was fucking my mum like now, in missionary, and my dad fucking my sister right beside us, in the same room, same bed, as his hand reached to jerk me off after fucking my mum.

My mum, pulled me down and she came on top, interrupting my thought, and she sat on my hard dick, curling, and swaying her hips in her drafter rhythm, she grabbed my hands and placed them on her boobs, squeezing them, she leaned over to my face. she let her rope of drool fall in my mouth, I swallowed my mum's sweet saliva, and she leaned further more and kissed me.

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