After our last visit by Greg Alita was hornier than ever! She initiated sex daily, I don't know if she was trying to wear me down so I would have to ask for help or if she just needed the release of an orgasm daily.

I was awakened multiple times with Alita under the sheets sucking and slurping my morning erections. I would be throbbing and ready to go before I was fully awake and Alita can't let a hard cock go to waste she would straddle me and start slamming her pussy onto my cock or lay back and stroke her pussy inviting me to fuck her.

I told Greg, "Alita is trying to wear me out she's wanting to fuck everyday."

Greg said, "Poor thing do you need some help?"

I said, "Yeah I do, I'll find out when she wants you to come over again."

That night I told Alita that I had been talking to Greg and she got real interested in what had been said. I told her that I had told Greg how horny she has been and he offered to come help.

Alita smiled and asked, "When?"

I invited Greg over the next night but I ended up having to work late so I told Greg, "Just go on over and hang out with Alita till I get home."

Greg said, "Are you sure you don't want me to wait on you?"

I said, "No, if Alita is willing y'all can go ahead and get started and I'll jump in when I get there."

Alita told me later that Greg arrived about an hour before I got home and the details of what happened. She was getting things ready when he pulled up and she didn't know I was going to be late.

Alita was wearing one of my button up shirts with three buttons snapped, no bra, and panties. She met Greg at the door and stepped into his arms, they kissed passionately for several minutes with a lot of groping and feeling and squeezing. She broke their embrace and pushed him back and asked, "Where's Jerry?"

Greg said, "He had to work late but he said we could go ahead and he would jump in when he gets home."

Greg then pulled her to him and pulled open the front of her button up shirt. Alita lay her head back and moaned as she stroked the back of Greg's hair as he expertly licked and sucked on her firm nipples bringing them to aching points. He moved back to her lips and Alita pulled open his work shirt and kissed all over his chest playfully biting his nipples then hugged him pressing her breasts onto his chest and said, "I love skin on skin!"

Greg's hands were roaming all over her body squeezing her breasts, ass, and cupping her pubic mound. Alita said she had lit some candles so she led Greg to the bedroom and told him, "Why don't you just watch me while we wait on Jerry."

Alita lay back on the pillows on our bed and slid her legs under the sheet. She lay the shirt she had on open exposing her breasts and looking Greg in the eyes she started massaging her tits and tweaking her nipples.

Greg responded with an, "Oh yeah" and reached into his pants and adjusted his cock. As Greg watched Alita slid one hand under the sheet and started stroking her pussy through her panties as she continued playing with her tits.

Greg watching was driving Alita wild and she decided it would be okay to bring her self off while he watched. Greg reached over and pulled the sheet down her legs revealing that she had pulled her panties to the side and was stroking her swollen pussy lips. As Greg looked on she slid her panties off and spread her legs wanting him to see the wetness between her legs. Alita said, "Nothing had been said and I was so excited having him watch that I slid two fingers into my slit and I heard him gulp!"

She slid her middle and ring fingers into her pussy and would pump them in and out a few times and would then pull her fingers out dripping with juice and stroke her clit bringing herself close to climax.

I asked, "What was Greg doing while you were putting on your show?"

She said, "He unbuckled his pants and pulled out his cock and started stroking in time with me, when I fingered my pussy slow he went slow and when I sped up so did he. I wanted him to let me suck it or just go ahead and get in me but I wanted to wait on you too."

This was when I showed up. I walked in and Alita was knuckle deep in her pussy and Greg was standing there with his shirt open pants undone but he had tucked his cock away and said, "I'm glad your here we didn't want to go to far without you."

I said, "That's cool lets get this party started." I started taking my pants off and Greg pushed his down and stepped out of them he pulled his shirt off and stood there gloriously nude his throbbing erection jutting out from his flat stomach. He got on the bed and crawled over to Alita and when she wrapped her fingers around his meat Greg exploded! His breaths were coming in short gasps as Alita rolled to her side and aimed his cock at her tits allowing Greg to finish cuming on her breasts.

Greg quickly said, "I'm sorry, I didn't realize how close I was."

Alita replied, "I think that was the sexiest thing I ever saw" and took Greg's dripping cock into her mouth and sucked him deep into her throat.

Greg took her head into his hands and started fucking her mouth so I got between her legs and started licking her wide open pussy the juice was flowing like a stream and was delicious and when I sucked her clit between my lips she clamped her thighs around my head popped Greg's cock from her mouth and orgasmed.

I watched her body racked in orgasm as she buried her face in Greg's crotch and tried to catch her breath with Greg's cum dripping off her nipples.

Greg directed his cock back between Alita's lips and she sucked him deep into her mouth. I crawled up from between her legs and Alita took his cock from her mouth and said, "I need some dick" she kissed Greg's cock and said, "Greg why don't you lay down here."

She pulled the shirt that was still hanging from her shoulders off and wiped the cum that was still dripping from her tits. Alita then asked, "Can I try something?"

Greg and I replied yes and she said, "Okay I want you guys to scissor your legs and get your cocks close together." As we slid close Alita took our cocks in her hands and started playfully stroking our cocks and licking and sucking our cock heads. She would alternate between mine and Greg's and rub our cocks together the feeling was erotic and exciting.

Alita then said, "I want to try something else." She then had us slide apart and she straddled Greg and took his cock into her pussy. Greg lay his head to the side and moaned when her warmth engulfed him. Alita placed her hands on the middle of his chest and humped his cock pulling the entire length just about out getting used to his size.

I was watching this when she motioned me to come in behind her. She said, "I want both of you in me at the same time!"

I thought she wanted me in her ass and started stroking her ass and massaging her backdoor with my thumb. She said, "No I want both of you in my pussy." I said, "Okay" and placed my cock where she and Greg were joined together.

Alita pulled Greg's cock where only the head was in her and took my cock and placed my cock head at her opening. I gently pushed forward with my hips when my cock slid into her and she gasped and said, "Easy." I stopped moving and allowed her to move her hips until she had worked the length of both our cocks into her cunt.

She said, "Okay y'all can start moving now." I wanted to be gentle and slowly started pulling out and pushing in to her pussy. Alita said, "Fuck me" and started moving her hips up and down grinding on our cocks. The feeling of our cocks being engulfed in her juicy cunt was incredible!

I grasped Alita's hips and started plunging into her. We were pistoning our cocks in and out the only sounds the slapping of our sweat covered bodies. Alita collapsed on Greg's chest moaning in orgasm. Greg exclaimed, "I'm cuming." and exploded into Alita's pussy adding his juice to her already dripping cunt. I plunged into her and added my cum to the mix!

I told them "I need a break do y'all want something to drink?" Greg lay back on the pillows his erection lying on his stomach still looking as hard as when Alita first grabbed it. Alita lay on her back beside Greg lightly running her fingers over her beautiful breasts and flat stomach she looked amazing in the candle light.

I returned to the room to find Alita on her knees and Greg behind her pumping in and out of her pussy as he pulled her onto his cock. I had brought two glasses of ice water and Greg stopped long enough to drink half a glass and then went right back to fucking her. He said "Sorry dude this pussy is just so good."

Alita's face showed that she was really enjoying his cock and I said "As long as we are all having fun help yourself."

I drank my water and watched Greg, a light sheen of sweat illuminated his body in the candle light, highlighting the muscle definition of his arms chest and abs as he gripped Alita's ass and drove himself into her. It was so erotic watching, almost as good as participating in this fuck fest.

Alita had snaked her hand between her legs and was massaging her clit as Greg fucked her. Watching this I started stroking my cock and soon had an erection of my own. Greg was watching me and said "Since you look ready don't you want to join the fun?"

Alita opened her eyes and saw my erection and said "Bring that over here."

I moved to her face and she grabbed my cock and started stroking licking and sucking on the head as Greg gazed at her manipulating my cock. Alita disengaged from Greg long enough to roll onto her back she used her feet to pull Greg back between her legs, he took the hint and slid his cock back into her. She then lay her head off the side of the bed and pulled me by my cock to her mouth.

I watched as Greg's entire length slid in and out of her luscious pussy and when I would look at him he was watching as I fucked her face. Alita had one hand stroking my balls and the other stroking my cock. I reached up and pulled her legs back so I had a better view of his cock. Alita let go of my cock grabbed her nipples and started pinching them and reached between her parted lips and stroked her clit to a gushing orgasm.

As Alita's breathing slowed Greg's breaths were becoming shorter he pulled his cock from her pussy and his first blast of cum hit me on the top of my chest and the second blast hit just below that then the rest landed on Alita's pert nipples. Greg said "Sorry I didn't think it would go that far."

I looked down at his cum dripping down my chest and blasted the back of Alita's throat with my cum. Alita looked up and saw his cum dripping down my chest and turned over and licked and sucked it all off of me.

We all crawled over and lay back on the pillows and finished off the ice water. Greg then said "Sorry again about hitting you" I assured him it was okay. I said "I think your cum hitting me was what made me cum!"

Alita started giggling and said "I like to think I had something to do with it!"

I spoke up and said "Absolutely, it was just so much going on, you pinching your nipples and stroking your clit as Greg's cock is going in and out of you, your mouth working wonders on my cock, just when Greg's hot cum hit me on my chest it was sensory overload and I lost it!"

Alita smiled, her hair damp and sweaty, sticking to her temples, laying by Greg, his cock lying flaccid on his thigh. We called it a night there. I watched as Greg tried to get dressed Alita slid behind him as he sat on the edge of the bed getting dressed. She stroked his back reached around him pulling him into her breasts and flicked his nipples. He stood up and Alita pulled him around. Greg's body was responding and his cock was rising. Alita took him into her mouth as she gripped his ass pulling him to her.

She popped his cock from her mouth and said "I'll finish sucking this the next time you come over." We walked Greg to the door he still had his shirt unbuttoned and Alita wrapped her arms around him and kissed and sucked his nipples as she massaged his cock through his pants. When she stepped back Greg said "I can't believe I'm leaving with a hard on." and laughed.

Alita said "You can stay and we can keep playing," but he had to go. Alita stepped back into his arms and sliding her tongue into his mouth and gently biting his lower lip she caressed his upper torso and nibbled on his nipples not wanting to let him leave.

Greg left and Alita took my hand and pulled me to the bedroom saying "I need to cum again."

She lay back on the pillows and spread her legs her pussy was open and inviting. I slid easily into her well fucked cunt as she raked her nails down my chest and flicked my nipples with one hand as she squeezed and pinched her nipples with the other. I licked my thumb and rubbed her engorged clit until she pushed my hand away and rubbed it faster herself, her body went rigid with a powerful orgasm!

Her cunt was so juicy that it was making sloshing sounds but her vaginal muscles still gripped my cock with a firm grip. I leaned into her and slid my tongue into her mouth sharing her breaths and tongue fucking her mouth until I blasted another load into her pussy!

We lay wrapped in each others arms and talked about our night. I asked, "Did you have fun?"

She replied, "Yeah, Can I keep him?"

I said, "As long as we are all having fun he can come over as much as you want."

Alita asked me, "Did it bother you when his cum hit you on the chest?"

I said, "No, I thought it was sexy as fuck especially when you licked it off me, it was so warm and such a big load!"

She giggled and hugged me tight and said, "I thought you would like that!"

then she asked, "How did you like being squeezed together with his cock in my pussy?"

I replied, "I liked it but was it too much for you?"

She said, "No it felt great I felt so full of cock but I can't do that a lot."

As I was drifting off to sleep I swear I heard Alita ask, "So when can Greg come back over for more playtime?"

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