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I had lusted after Bri for two years. She was 5'5" very toned with dirty blonde hair brown eyes and very tan. I have this thing for tan lines, and I knew there was a huge contrast being hidden under her cloths. But she had a boyfriend and that made her off limits.

I went to the water park one day with a couple friends (for those of you that remember it was the one owned by Jim and Tammy Fae Baker). Yes, I had had a few beers before entering and by a few, I mean a lot. I wasn't drunk but I was a bit unsteady. I was about to jump off a simulated cliff into the water when I slipped and fell in. I hit the water hard and while confused about what happened underwater, I heard someone else jump in and felt a hand wrap around me. My head broke the surface and was pulled out of the water. Still confused and buzzed but buzz was going away I looked around. First face I saw was a man about 30 with anger written all over his face then Bri's beautiful face with a bright smile on it. I was slowly gaining my faculties and heard her talking to the man saying she would handle it that she knew me, and he walked away. She helped me up and walked me to first aide. Once inside she checked me out making sure I hadn't hit my head etc. then the smile went away. She lectured me about being "drunk" at a church place and asked if I had driven, I told her no, but I didn't know where my ride was. She said I had to leave because her boss was going to throw me out for being drunk and we looked for my friends but didn't find them. She playfully punched me in the arm and said go out to her car and wait she was off in an hour. So, I found her car and waited bored out of my mind and sweating.

She came out and we headed towards my house, but my keys were in my friend's car and couldn't get in. She invited me to come to hers and wait until I could get in when my mother got home. We pulled up to her house and walked in. Now I knew her brother he was now in the army but had never met her parents. Her mom was home and they both made sure I drank a lot of water both lectured me. Her mom said that I needed to shower and told Bri to get me some of her brothers' cloths so I could get dressed after while calling my house to see if my mom was home. Bri and I had just graduated high school a couple weeks before. We talked for hours and me hard as a rock looking at her the whole time. I nearly came when she told me her boyfriend had broken up with her because she refused to go to the same college as him. I had a chance at least a small one now for at least a summer fling. I wanted her so bad. Just as I was about to ask her to go out one night her mom walked in asked to take a look at me and check to be sure I was ok. She was a nurse. As she checked my eyes she glanced down and saw that I was hard as a rock and blushed. She whispered in my ear you need to take care of that before Bri sees it. I excused myself hiding it and went to the bathroom to jerk off and I didn't do so well at hiding it.

I closed the bathroom door and dropped the shorts wasn't wearing her bothers underwear. I was about to jerk off over the toilet when the door opened and there stood Bri. She pushed me against the wall grabbed my cock with a vice grip. She was surprisingly strong for such a small girl. Starring in my eyes she said, "Seriously dude that is so rude sitting across from me with a boner wtf dude getting hard over my mom seriously".

I laughed and said "Bri it's not because of your mom it's you I have had a thing for you for years and well that I can't help you are perfect everything about you is perfect you're smart funny beautiful and sexy as hell even your tan lines are fucking hot". Her face inches from mine and I watched her expression go from anger to her blushing, but she only loosened her grip on me. We starred into each other's eye for what seemed like forever and she said absolutely no more drinking. I nodded and her lips landed on mine the kiss was soft and passionate slowly turning into rough and uncontrollable desire. She removed her shorts and her bathing suit, and I was right her skin under was very pale and my cock got so hard it started to hurt like it would explode. I dropped to my knees lifted her leg to my shoulder and started eating her out her moans echoing in the bathroom. She pushed me back and onto my back. Swallowing my cock completely then climbed on top of me. I was fighting to not come I was inside the one person I desired the most and she was very tight. Her eyes rolling in the back of her head her perfect breasts bouncing. She shuttered and came hard around my cock feeling like it was sucking it in further like it was trying to rip my cock off as the door flung open her mom in the doorway.

"That's not what I meant when I said take care of that I meant do it yourself. Bri get up and get to your room. You get up now you and I are going to have a long talk. ". I seriously freaked out didn't cum and went completely limp. I sat at the table for an hour listening to her mom lecture me how I was a bad kid drinking and her daughter too good for me. I apologized and said I would leave and walk home. I would only return to return the clothes. I walked the 5 miles to my house ecstatic I got the chance to fuck Bri but irritated that we won't ever get a second chance. I jerked off all night to the memory of our unfinished encounter.

I washed the clothes the next morning and drove them back. Her mom answered the door anger written all over her face. I handed her the cloths and apologized again she didn't say a word and I turned to leave two steps in I stopped and turned around.

I said "I know you are upset but we are adults we can decide for ourselves if you need to be mad at someone be mad at me not Bri I will take all the blame it was my erection. I can't help if I have had a crush on her for two years. I can't help that I respected her relationship she had even though her bf was a complete ass to her. I have admired her mind and her beauty from afar and the fact I had one opportunity to be with her is enough for me that she would even look at me and feel like I do makes it me happy and that can never be taken away from me. Your daughter is amazing and perfect in every way. You have done an amazing job at raising her. Whatever you do don't take your anger out on her." I turned and walked back out to my Jeep and started backing out the driveway. As my tires rolled down the curb her hand grabbed my wrist.

"I'm sorry" she said "your right she's an adult you're an adult and I have to accept that. Come inside let's talk."

The conversation went on for a couple hours until Bri came home shocked I was there shocked her mom and I were laughing having a good time. Her mom stood and said "Bri baby I'm sorry I had no right to do what I did or treat either of you as I did this nice young man helped me see that, helped me understand and I have gotten to know him and if you want, I'm good with whatever you both want to be. Just be safe not babies in this house I'm too young to be a grandma."

Bri hugged her mom grabbed my arm and drug me to her room. Our cloths spread across the room and she pushed me on the bed.

I hit the soft bed and sunk into it I didn't know if it was the bed or the euphoria of her mouth wrapped around my cock that made me feel like I was floating on a cloud. I had been in disbelief that I was having sex with the most beautiful woman I had ever seen the first time that I just lasted without once feeling like I was going to cum. All I could tell was she hugged my cock like a glove tight but that perfect tight like our bodies were designed for each other. But her mouth was getting me there way to fast and I pushed her over on her back lifted her hips resting her perfect ass so I could sit and taste that amazing pussy. I brought her to three orgasms each one stronger than the rest. Her body tensing and jerking around each time. She finally wrapped her legs around my neck and flipped me onto my back sitting right on my face. God, I loved how feminine she was but strong and beautiful. She came on my face covering me completely it was like I had just lifted myself out of the water. As she came, she screamed yes and fell to her side. I pulled her back to me rested her head on my chest and held her until she calmed down. Her breathing normal she looked up at me smiling. Her perfect lips touched mine ever so softly and suddenly it was as if we were floating.

Lost in the feeling of her lips I hadn't noticed she climbed on top of me I felt her hand grasp my cock and then she slowly lowered herself down on top of me. Pushing her hips down her dripping pussy slowly gave way to my cock. (I never saw myself as more than average, but everyone has said I hit everything perfectly and that I'm so big. When I was all the way inside her she sat herself up straight leaned backwards a bit and a very intense orgasm hit her she was so wet my stomach was coated and the sheets under me were wet. Feeling like a stud I pulled her against my chest and flipped her over never falling out. I don't think that was possible she gripped me so hard all the time. I started slowing I wanted to feel her for as long as I could Incase this was the last time; I was inside her. Her orgasms came regularly about every ten strokes in and out of her. I got bold and started to fuck her really hard and fast she started screaming and violently shaking her orgasms not stopping and she lost control of her own body her leg ended up pushing me so hard I was thrown to the floor but not before I had started to cum. Falling back onto the floor my cum shooting everywhere and I hit hard.

I heard my name being called but it was as if underwater distorted and strange sounding. I opened my eyes only to feel one burn but there she was again like the perfect angel her beautiful eyes and that electrifying smile inches from my face.

"You know you are no good to me with brain damage you really need to stop knocking yourself stupid." She said with a giggle. I realized I was on the floor and she laughed again well at least you will never cum in a girl's eye now that you know the sting as she started licking various spots on my body. Apparently as I flew back some cum landed on my face chest and arms. She used a washcloth to clean my eye for me and we played back in bed.

We talked for a while holding each other close. Her hand holding my cock and balls almost protectively. After a while we just enjoyed being next to each other until she spoke up "you know us girls talk. Christy never told me you were such a great lay. I think it's so cool as best friends you two could hook up yet stay friends was it just sex or is there more, I don't know about?"

"Well really she is my best friend I love her like a best friend and we just call each other when we are horny".

She propped herself up on one arm and saw something that upset her jumping off the bed grabbing her robe and running out of the bedroom screaming for her mom. I reached up and felt around to find my head bleeding. I had thought I was just sweaty. That's when they both entered the room me still naked her mom carrying a bag. For the next hour I sat there nude Bri and her mom cleaning off the blood on me and patching up my battle wound. Bri kept stepping behind her mother rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples just to make me hard. It was hard enough trying to not get hard with her mom's fits in my face and her mouth hanging open while I sat letting her do what she was doing. I lost the fight and her mom noticed. She looked down slapping it with her had when it poked her breast. She looked at me then Bri. "Bri honey take care of your boys hardon just be careful with him no rough stuff. I watched her walk out of the room and noticed other than some slightly wider hips and bigger breasts Bri and her mom were built the same.

Bri snapped me out of my torrid fantasy that had started in my head saying hey Perv my pussy is right here not walking away.

Bri climbed on top of me slowly sliding me inside of her. She sat head back arms shaking slightly for what seemed like 5 minutes until she leaned forward laying her head on my chest.

"I don't know why but I just can't get enough of you inside me why the fuck didn't we do this a long time ago?" She spoke

"Because you were so wrapped up in your ex you never saw how I looked at you how much I wanted you."

"I know we only have a little while before we both leave for college and I intend on having you inside me every second I can until then and every second I can on breaks." Bri said sounding excited and disappointed at the same time

I hadn't thought about it before, but she was right she was going to be a thousand miles away but luckily, I was going to be just an hour and a half away so I could run home on weekends if I wanted to and if she was going to be around I definitely would.

"You probably shouldn't be bouncing around with that head wound how about we just lay here hold each other and we keep you inside me as long as we can. You really do feel like a missing piece of me. I've never felt so complete than when you fill me up."

We laid there and fell asleep our naked bodies pressed against each other and me buried inside her. I woke up about an hour later not hard but still inside her. She had herself clamped onto me. But I could feel myself getting hard inside her and as I got harder, she stirred more and more until her hips started grinding on me. She was still asleep and fucking me instinctually. The more she ground her hips into me the more she woke up. I could tell she was almost awake and kissed her forehead.

"Omg was I fucking you in my sleep?" She said in a groggy voice as she didn't miss a beat.

I kissed her deeply and ground back into her. I must have hit the perfect spot with the perfect amount of pressure, and she had the hardest orgasm I had ever seen her have suddenly I felt a rush of fluids and what felt like a vice grip on my cock so hard it was almost painful. I rolled her over and continued for what seemed like hours and lost count of her orgasms. She was going in and out of consciousness due to exhaustion. She was actually getting a little dry and I still hadn't cum, but she was very satisfied and that is what mattered to me. I pulled out blue balling myself and pulled her over laying her head on my chest letting her sleep again.

I laid there just admiring her she was everything that I could ever hope for in my teenage mind. Her body was perfect for me and she had a sex drive to equal mine. I couldn't get enough of her and her me.

She finally woke up saw me hard and realized she passed out on me. Apologizing she went to climb on top of me again. As she went to put me inside her she realized she was sore and stopped. Collapsing on my chest she started to cry sobbing that she was sorry she couldn't finish me off. As quickly as she started, she stopped snapping up digging in her drawer she had tears on her cheeks and a wicked grin forming on her lips. She hid something behind her back and bent over kissing me.

"I have a surprise for you. It's a present for you. Close your eyes and don't peek."

I closed my eyes and I felt something cold on my cock it was lube. I was thinking of what a surprise handy. But she stopped and I felt her climb on the bed again. Her hand grasped my cock tightly but still slipping around a bit and she pressed against me. Wait that's not her pussy. I felt her ass give way to the head of my cock her moans were animalistic. She slid down slowly I could tell it was hard for her to do her body fighting the intrusion. It seemed like hours before I was completely inside her and she just sat there.

"You just took my anal virginity. My gift to you for being so good to me. I want you to cum inside me. I want you to make my ass feel like my pussy does. I want to know when I wake up tomorrow that you made me hurt everywhere. I want to be at work sore and know everyone is looking at me knowing I got fucked so hard that I can't walk right."

It wasn't just her first anal it was mine too. She was so tight and hot I didn't think I could last long put that on top of the excitement of doing something new and I was sure to pop almost immediately. But I was wrong. She worked me for a while I don't even know how long I was lost in it. She came twice and she was getting tired again but refused to give up and on her third orgasm I came hard. Her contractions opposite of my throbbing I pumped me cum inside her. She let out the loudest moan I had ever heard I knew her mom heard it. The whole neighborhood probably heard her. We laid there breathing hard as I started getting soft and popped out of her ass. It almost sounded like a champagne bottle popping open and we both started laughing. She pushed off my chest a huge smile on her face.

"That was amazing I love anal we are definitely going to be doing that a lot more" she said as her expression changed her hand farted around to her ass and she covered it. "Omg you are leaking out of my ass it feels so weird." She looked hilarious running across the room her hand over her now devirginized butthole completely naked and running out the door to the bathroom.

I followed her to check not caring I was nude and found her starting a shower. We both climbed in and washed each other up. While she stroked my cock washing it, I got hard again. Surely it had to be worn out by now but nope not with her. I turned her around and pressed my cock inside her ass again in the shower. I started slow. She turned her head to me, and she said, "fuck my ass hard baby make me sore make me walk funny so everyone knows hurt my ass". I fucked her as hard as I could working hard to keep us standing on the slippery shower floor. She kept telling me to go harder as she kept cumming until I exploded again and roughly pulled out of her still hard.

We washed up again and I got dressed it was 11 pm already and her mom was against me staying the night. We also had to work in the morning. She demanded I be there after work ready to make her cum when she got home.

I got off work went home and showered so I didn't stink like McDonald's grease. She got off at 4 and had an hour drive back I had gotten off at 1.

I arrived around 3:30 excited to see her. Her mom answered the door let me in as asked to talk to me. As we talked, she checked my head asked me if I had headaches etc. it was a friendly conversation until she stopped talking and blushed a bit.

"It seems the two of you are having a great time together, but I really can't have my daughter leaving looking like she can't walk because her boy toy destroyed her the day before. You both need to be more discrete".

"Yes, ma'am I understand I respect her and don't want to soil her reputation but ma'am in my defense she wanted to feel like that today. I don't know why but she needed to for some reason."

"Why would she want to be seen like that."

"I'm not sure ma'am maybe it's just a rite of passage for her. Maybe it's a need to let loose be the wild girl in her mind. Maybe someone at work is hitting on her or something and she wants to drop a hint she's not interested in them and she has someone in her life. I don't know but I can say I will take care of her and not allow her to present herself as a slut".

"Thank you. Umm I umm hmmm it's harder asking this question than I thought. You are a great guy I can see that now I'm sorry I didn't see it before. I'm not great with men most are assholes and I have a tendency to label you all as such without realizing it. But when you are doing that with her you know having sex no wait that's the wrong way to ask. I guess it just best to say it. Have you fucked her ass?"

"Ma'am I understand your concerns however I cannot share the details with you or anyone else. What happens between us is between us and no one's business. I can tell you I respect her and value her. Both physically and emotionally she is an amazing woman and I have had feelings for her for a long time to me she is perfect and while I know it will end as we go to college soon, I intend on spending every minute with her that I can. And no ma'am it's not all going to be in bed having sex. As a matter of fact, I was going to take her to dinner tonight and maybe for a walk by the river."

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