Download more ebooks:, Blood, and Ribbon Every 100 HP loss boosts Physical & Elemental DMG by 0.8%. 2nd Letter, Maniac, and Ravings Every 100 HP loss reduces Total DMG taken by 0.8%. No Path, Misfortune, and Written Fate Max HP increases by 25%. Filler Desireless, Mindless, and Homeless Losing HP boosts Total DMG taken by all enemies by 25% for 8s. 1st God, Me, and the Only Losing HP restores SP equal to 1.0% of this time's HP loss. No Fight, Struggle, and Decimation Nexus Signet 1st Inhuman, Unevil, and Ungodly Losing HP recharges points for Blood Boil. 1st Man, Mask, and Contract Blood Boil deals 60% bonus Total DMG to enemies with a higher HP% than the Valkyrie. 2nd Burden, Difficulty, and Calamity Blood Boil costs 20% current HP and Every 100 HP consumed deals 120% ATK of bonus Fire DMG. Filler

Hua - Signet of Vicissitude


Pub: Sep 26 2021 16:35 UTC
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