This is a direct sequel to A Second Chance - what happens here won't mean much if you haven't read that story first

It's not every day you pick up a gun and put three bullets through the head of a man you had some feelings for because he's about to kill the man you really care for. Even a blockhead like me knows that so I was conscious of the need to get Angela away from the scene and back into what passed as normality for her.

I would have liked to have taken a day or two to unwind in my own home but Angela was the focus of my attention so by Tuesday lunchtime we were in the hire car heading back to Canberra. We had done the debrief a few hours after the firefight and that was all we had to do but Angela was surprised that we could just drive out of town without being stopped by the police.

I had explained that The Old Man had taken care of everything, but it must still have seemed more than a little surreal for someone who had never been involved with The Old Man's department before. He had the power to call the State Police and make things happen ... or not happen ... and there was never any argument ... at least not to his face.

The trip took about three hours and it seemed to be divided up into a series of disjointed conversations punctuated by long periods when neither of us spoke but were lost in our own thoughts.

We talked about my daughters and how they really liked Angela and the conversation drifted onto why she had chosen not to have children.

"I would really have liked to have kids," she said ruefully, "but none of the three guys I lived with would have made good fathers and all those three ever wanted was for me to go on hawking my fork so the money kept rolling in."

"Well Granma you now have two little pink things as grandkids," I could feel the icy stare coming from the other side of the car.

"I think you should just leave the thought of me being a grandmother on hold Steve. I much prefer to think of myself as an honorary aunt." I laughed and wondered what Angela's clients would think if they knew that they were banging a grandmother. Given her stunning looks I couldn't see it doing any harm to her business.

We drove on in silence for a while and then she asked me something that really took my breath away. "How would you like to work with me with some clients my horny man?"

"WHAT?" That suggestion came as such a shock I almost put my foot on the brake.

Angela giggled, "I think you would make a great man-whore." She waited for my reaction but there wasn't anything like the explosion she was expecting.

"Tell me more," I said with a sigh.

"Oh," the lack of a reaction had surprised her. "You do keep surprising me Steve. I was expecting you to explode ... but you didn't."

"No, I didn't so tell me more." I hadn't exploded because, after the initial shock, I had begun to think of the possibilities and maybe it might be fun.

"Well sometimes I get asked if I can recommend a guy for someone's wife. Now usually those requests are just some guys exploring their fantasies without ever telling his wife or going through with it, but I have a couple in mind who are quite serious.

"I have regular sessions with them and they occasionally ask if I know a guy who might come along with me. They are both in their 60's and she is an absolute doll and I think we could have a lot of fun with them.

"So what do you think?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "Maybe you can see if they're serious the next time they ask. I don't know if I can do it or not but I guess I can try."

"I have a better idea," she said with a wicked grin as she took her phone out of her handbag. She made a call and chatted with the person who answered it. When she had ended the call she turned to me and started to giggle.

"Oh Steve, my man-whore, I have just sold you to an absolutely stunning older woman who wants to enjoy a night of lust and depravity with you and leave you feeling totally drained when you leave her place in the morning."

"Really, and what will you be doing while some little old lady is using me like a sex toy?"

"I'll be on the receiving end of some hard fucking from her husband. Richard and Phillipa Gravin are the couple I mentioned just before I made the phone call. Richard is a high-powered lawyer, but looks more like a fussy little bookkeeper, while Pip is something of a socialite.

"They have been happily married for over 30 years despite having an almost insatiable hunger for sex. They don't fool around outside of the marriage ... or so they say ... but they have me come in every couple of weeks to have sex with both of them.

"Or so they say"?"

Angela laughed, "Richard may look like a weedy little man but he's a randy bull who can fuck me out of my skull and still have plenty of energy for Pip ... and probably several other girls as well. I know from what she has told me that they have sex almost every day so I find it hard to imagine that he's not chasing other pussy when he has the time.

"And as for Pip, she's got one very sweet pussy but I'm sure that I've tasted other men, besides Richard, when I've gone down on her. She likes to flirt and, at some functions that we've both been at, where Richard hasn't been, I've seen her hit on guys ... and disappear with them for 20 or 30 minutes ... so if you meet her don't let her sweet, refined, 'I'm a good girl' act fool you.

"And she may have Richard fooled with the idea of meeting you first but don't be surprised if she doesn't put the hard word on you for a private session before we get together."

She was quiet for a few kilometres and then just about floored me again. "How would you like to have some wrestling fun on Saturday night?"

"What, you're going to take on Pete and me at the same time?"

"No, that's just Pete and me but Gavin and I have been looking for a guy who might be available to wrestle any female clients who want to have fun. We often have a couple there who end up fighting some of the girls but we might attract a few more if we had a good looking guy available."

Hmmm ... there were two trains of thought steaming through my brain by the time Angela had finished speaking. The first one was trying to process the thought of me working in a brothel, wrestling women.

The other train of thought was trying to process who Gavin might be and what Angela's real involvement with the Black Door might be.

"Ah ... who is Gavin?"

She slipped her hand onto my thigh and rubbed it up and down a few times before she answered.

"Umm ... Gavin is my business partner and the legal face of The Black Door. I'm a silent partner and help organise things behind the scenes. I bought into the business a few years ago when it needed an injection of capital for some major renovations.

Hmm ... OK ... no problems there but I did wonder how many other things there were that Angela might be involved in that she was yet to tell me about.

"So aren't you then competing against yourself by working independently rather than in the brothel?"

"Lots of people would think that ... and some brothel owners think that too ... but the guys who visit solo girls are almost never going to set foot inside a brothel. They don't want to be seen in a place like that so I'm definitely not competing with myself."

"Pete's an exception though, I think that he's fucked his way through every girl at The Black Door at least twice and he still sees me regularly too."

That raised another question that had been lurking in the back of my mind. "Do you ever have any problems with other brothel owners? Is organised crime involved here?"

She looked over at me and smiled, "There's the cop coming out in you Steve. Canberra was the first state or territory to legalise prostitution and they did it years ago. That's given everyone involved in the scene time to realise that, while we should be competitive, there's no need to get violent and if they do then they're going to lose their business.

"Organised crime does come sniffing around every few years, but they always end up going away because the regulations make it almost impossible for anyone like them to take over the business here in Canberra.

"But, having said that, there are some Asian gangs involved in the Asian brothels. They exploit the girls, take most of their earnings and the authorities don't seem to be even slightly interested in stopping it."

There was another period of silence and then she asked in an almost timid voice, "Have you thought about having some fun on Saturday night?"

"What will I have to do, and will it change anything between you and me?"

Angela clapped her hands and jumped up and down in her seat. "There's nothing really that you have to do, other than get a health check and we can do that at the clinic in Canberra that deals with sex workers on the way home this afternoon.

"I'll call Gavin as soon as I get my phone back and he can do a little bit of advertising to see if there's some interest ... and if there isn't perhaps you can do an exhibition match with one of the girls."

I wasn't sure whether that sounded like fun or not but no woman would be interested in wrestling with me so I figured that I would be wrestling one of the working girls would be fun, especially if "exhibition match" involved fucking her if I won.

"Do women actually come and watch those wrestling matches?"

"You would be surprised at how many women come into The Black Door who are not on the payroll and are not there for sex. We've really expanded it and pushed the limits as far as the legal requirements are concerned and we've become a bit of a party place for couples who have no intention of seeing one of the girls.

"There's a bistro and coffee shop, a small movie theatre that shows adult movies and even a disco in the building right next door with a connection straight into the bistro."

"Is that set up standard for brothels in Canberra?"

Angela laughed, "Oh no, when I invested in the business a couple of years back, we were running a very poor second to The Red Door but now we are way out in front and are moving even further ahead.

"We're building a health spa way out of town along with a country club for more wealthy clients. We're also looking at leasing a very expensive yacht to run weekend pleasure cruises complete with luxury buses to take clients from Canberra down to meet the boat at Jervis Bay."

"Wow, you're involved in that, you're running your own private escort business and your graphic design business ... when do you find time to sleep?"

Angela smiled, "I have a little team working on those projects for The Black Door. You will see them from time to time because they work out of the house next door to mine."

"I thought you told me on Friday night that we needed to be quiet because of the neighbours?"

She giggled, "Well a maiden has to try and defend her virtue with any excuse she can find."

I laughed at that and picked her hand up and kissed it. I had no idea how she ever found time in her busy schedule for a private life but, if I was working with her, I might get to see a bit more of her.

Once we had picked up the car from the police garage and our phones from the front desk we headed for the health clinic. I would have asked Angela about the tests I would have to undergo but as soon as she turned her phone on the messages started rolling in.

She was still responding to messages when we walked into the clinic but she took a few minutes away from her phone to introduce me to Dee, the nurse who would "look after me".

Dee was a cute little babe ... maybe 5'4", around 30 with light brown hair that fell below her shoulders, perky B cup boobs, hips that made me want to breed with her and an ass that almost made me drool.

Suddenly, I was interested in women again. Damn, Angela had been quietly working her magic on me.

Dee also had a beautiful smile that was probably brought on by the thought of the indignities that she was about to subject me to.

She hugged Angela and then got round to looking at me and then at the forms I had filled out.

"Come with me Steve, this won't take long." She led me into a rather sterile examination room and had me sit beside her desk while she started a file for me in the clinic's computer system.

"So where are you going to be working Steve?" she asked without looking up from her keyboard.

"Angela seems to think that I could fill a gap in their wrestling line up at The Black Door."

"Really," her head came up and she smiled as she looked at me. "This Saturday night?"

"I believe so but it depends on the results of this check-up."

She turned away from the computer to face me and smiled again, "I don't think that there will be any problems with that but let's do all the checks; we'll start with some blood."

Dee took me over to an examination table and had me sit on it while she went through the steps to take a large vial of blood. She also sent me out to the toilet with a bottle for a urine sample and when I came back she was back in front of the computer.

She took my urine sample and then waved a hand in the direction of the examination table, "Take all your clothes off and stand by the table."

I was about to ask her to repeat those instruction but then thought better of it. If I was going to end up naked in front of a bunch of people on Saturday night I would only look like an idiot if I got all coy about getting naked in front of a nurse.

She got up and came over to me, "You've been shot ... and what caused this scar across your chest?"

"Ah, yes and a man with a knife." It seemed that short, succinct answers were not what Dee was looking for and I quickly discovered that Dee had a death stare that would have stopped an elephant in its tracks ... but I just let it pass over me.

"Why did you get shot and sliced up like that and how did it come about?"

"I'm sorry Dee but these scars are years old and have nothing to do with this examination so let's move on."

She pursed her lips and frowned, "Who is running this examination mister?"

"Clearly not a person who is covered by the Official Secrets Act, Dee."

She took a step back and I could see the surprise on her face. "You're not joking are you Steve?"

"No, I'm not Dee."

She paused for a moment and then shrugged her shoulders before she pulled on some latex gloves, "OK let's get on with the examination, sit on the bed while I take a few swabs."

I did as I was told and had a swab taken from my throat and another one from each nostril. Once those were packed away in their containers she got me to lay on my back on the bed.

"Now this is where the fun begins," she said with a smile as she took my testicles in her hands and slowly examined each of them.

"I take it that this is actually part of the examination and not just some kinky fetish of yours?"

"Just be very careful mister ... just remember who is holding your gonads in her hands." I instantly held my hands up in mock surrender and she laughed. "What I am actually looking for is genital warts and you should be very happy that I haven't found any."

Her fingers moved on to the shaft of my penis and she examined that closely before giving it a couple of gentle strokes, "Oh my," she giggled, "there is life in that thing after all."

I groaned and she laughed, "Almost done ... and of course I have kept the best till last." She opened the packet of another swab and inserted this one as far into the hole in the tip of my penis as it would go ... which wasn't very far at all.

I groaned again, "Oh stop being such a big baby Steve, the girls have to go through a much more uncomfortable examination than men do."

She popped the swab into a container and waited for me to get dressed before shooing me out the door after telling me that she would call me with the results.

"So how did it go?" The grin on Angela's face told me that I really didn't have to answer that question and she followed it up with another that I didn't quite know how to answer. "Did you like Dee? She's a real hottie isn't she?"

I tried to make some non-committal answer as we walked back to the car but Angela stopped me. "Don't do that Steve. Don't be afraid to tell me what you really think and don't be afraid to go all the way with other women.

"You and I might grow into a strong "us" but it can't ever be an exclusive "us" ... so tell me what you thought of Dee?"

I opened the door for Angela and enjoyed looking up her skirt. I also enjoyed her smile and giggle when she saw what I was doing ... and I was still smiling about what I had seen when I got into the driver's seat.

"I think Dee is a real hottie and she seemed rather interested in what I was going to be doing on Saturday night."

Angela smirked and stroked the inside of my thigh, "You're going to have a lot of fun on Saturday night but right now let's head over to have lunch at The Black Door and then it's back to my place by 4pm because I've got a regular coming to see me and he'll be there for about two hours."

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