This is the continuation of a story of two young people, Jake and Toni. Please read Marketing Risk Versus Reward if you wish to better understand the influences that have caused and encouraged where they are today. If not, the story stands alone. Enjoy.

Jake and Toni were two young marrieds that were struggling to survive Jakes passion to lift he and his family from a comfortable life to being wealthy, wealthier than he could ever imagine if he were to remain playing safe in his life. This led Jake to drive himself into a swinging lifestyle exclusively for the purpose of accessing people in his industry that had the wherewithal to convert his fortune. The trouble was that he had to take his wife with him in that course and he caused her to do things she would not normally contemplate in a conservative society such as Houston. They ended up agreeing to an open marriage for the sake of their two young girls.

San Diego- Private Suite

Wendy is laying prone next to Jake in his hotel suite playing with the hairs on his chest, twiddling away and looking into his eyes lustfully enjoying her moments with this special man. At least in her eyes he was and remains special. They had just commenced their relationship as lovers with an exhaustive tumble around the suite, starting from getting through the front door and tearing their clothes off to free their bodies of any vestiges of conservatism, via the lounge, on the carpet and eventually finishing on his bed where they both came with an enormous rush of passion as their first releases came between their legs.

"You Jake are incredible. I have never had a man who could stay so long and hard, rough and tumble me through our gyrations and cum into my pussy at exactly the same time as me and do that over a half hour love session. I trust you are available to me right here in this room for the rest of the weekend, I am going to do my best to drain you dry. My promise is my bond."

He stroked her blond locks away from her eyes and looked down to read her mood and think through what had appeared in his mind the instant that her saw her again walking up the ramp at the San Diego local terminal of AA. He reflected on his day with her in his suite in Cancun, when his wife Toni went off on a catamaran cruise with a group of swingers and he was able to enjoy his fantasy with this blond woman who was under the group's rules to meet his every need and without limitation until the sun settled below the wave height on Cancun beach.

"I am wondering just how game you are and whether you are willing to go out on a limb with me. Meaning to develop and promote my Houston company?

She looked querying so "why don't we retire to the shower together and then I take you to dinner, ply you with plenty of red wine and try to convince you to say I am in. There is no half in here, so all in or not in at all?"

Wendy just lifted herself up, walked to the door of the bathroom, stood there facing Jake totally naked with her hand on her pussy catching drips on the tips of her fingers then transferred to her lips, as if to say are you coming?

As she turned away into the bathroom, he noticed some surgical scars on her spinal areas and low on her abdomen. His first reaction was to leave the question well alone.

Wendy organised the shower head and the water temperature to perfection, stepped and drew Jake to her. This woman knew many ways how to please her man. "Is this a quick shower or as long as you can keep it up?" She pulled him to her chest and rubbed herself against his hairy chest giving her nipples plenty of traction and starting her early tingling sensations down to her pussy. This woman obviously loves the joy of sex and actively participating to please.

She soaped him all over while dallying around his cock seeking assurance that he was not done for the evening. He was not in spades.

She put her hands around his neck and lifted her body so her pussy was lined up against his cock and leant back against the shower wall encouraging Jake to drive his cock between her now well spread legs. Wrapping her legs around his torso she pulled Jake into that love cavern of hers and drew his tongue deep between her lips. She was not interested in talking, only fucking. And they went at it ignoring the water cascading over their bodies, deep into passion and sexual enjoyment until the water started to go cool and diminish their pleasures.

Wendy loved giving her man attention and wiping him dry with an occasional soft tug at his cock just to keep his interest on her beautiful full blue sparkling eyes.

Jake was intent in reading as many of her little signals as he could testing himself as to whether this vixen would be what he needed for his coming marketing program down the west coast. One of his questions was answered when she lifted out of her roll-on bag her dinner attire for this evenings progress. It was a silky black slip dress with soft lace trimmings across the bodice that provide sufficient coverage of her boobs and more particularly her nipples to keep her decent in public, but only just. Cleaved in back and front and ending mid-thigh it did not leave too much to the imagination. A g string, a pair of 4 inch black pumps and dangling diamond studded earrings competed the simple picture of a beautiful woman on heat.

Dinner was at a great Italian eatery near the hotel with ample Chianti and pasta. The service was friendly and abundant as Wendy did her best to tease the waiters with her ample 38C's. Another test passed.

After the first bottle and starting on their second it was obvious Wendy knew how to consume her alcohol and keep her conversation to the point. Test also passed.

"I guess you would like to know the why's of Wendy?"

Drawing a smile and nod from Jake as she bent forward flashing those orbs for the umpteenth time this evening.

"I am broke, need a job that pays very well and gives me the pleasures that I seek. Life owes me a lot. Twelve months ago I was engaged to a NFL player and largely living a high life as we wandered around the States. That was until he was driving one night while he was boozed with me in the car asleep. I woke up in traction in a hospital a week later with drips and sensors hanging off me everywhere. Six months later and after four bouts of surgery I was into heavy physio to get me moving that took three months to complete. I was back on my feet, with no money, owing people who financed my operations and no longer able to have children. Am still into debt big time and am determined to get free of that under my own efforts. The only positive to come out of that last twelve months is my sex drive has gone through the roof and you could easily call me a nympho and I would not deny it. Enough? Oh and I want to finish the last year of my marketing degree, just to keep me busy and qualified for whatever comes my way."

"Plenty" was Jakes only retort accepting his final questions were answered.

The next 30 minutes were taken up with Jake outlining his proposal to Wendy. Saturday and Sunday were taken up with Jake showing Wendy around, presenting her at meetings with clients, shopping for the clothes she would need, providing her with a decent advance, getting her back to her small flat downtown and working through the Kama Sutra as they confirmed their business relationship.

Houston -- Jakes House

It is now Friday morning of the following week and Toni and Jake had just gone through another verbal stoush over him getting a phone call at 8.00am requesting he be in San Diego this afternoon and spend the weekend working on a tender or so he told Toni. He had spent the last three weekends away working with clients in various locations around the Gulf, apart from ten to twelve hour days during the week and Toni was not happy. The fact that Jake had dumped this on her without notice and she could not organise sitters or her parents to look after their girls aggravated her further as she always wanted to go down to San Diego for some sailing off the coast.

The words rang in his ears "Do you expect me to believe you. Every darn weekend away. Your married and we should be a family doing family time. Remember our deal. Open marriage but every weekend you are not home I get equal time away to do whatever I chose. When can I get my free time?"

And last if not least "Oh go bonk whoever you want, but don't you dare complain about my girlfriend away breaks that we are going to set up from today onwards and you better be home to look after the two girls, or the brown stuff is really going to hit the fan".

Toni had stormed off to the kitchen allowing Jake to book his taxi out to the Houston airport for his mid-morning flight to San Diego.

After the phone went hot with calls by Jake re-arranging his appointments, he was packing his bags when he heard the phone ringing, so he picked up the parallel line in the bedroom just in time to hear Toni say Hello to the caller.

"Hi Toni. This is Garry. The last time we talked I promised we would give you a business opportunity you would not turn down. Well today am in Houston and out at the Hilton at the airport setting up some of the details. You will be interested. Meet you in the coffee shop at 11.30 and we will talk it over. If you are in agreement we will have lunch with the four in the Penthouse."

Toni tried to interrupt with "Garry I ......." and he cut her off.

"Listen Toni, this is not a request. Be there at 11.30, bring your IPAD and."

Toni finished off with "I know and wear something sexy".

Now this surprised Jake big time so he waited for Toni to put down the phone before he did the same, just to ensure Toni did not notice Jake had been listening in, even though it was accidental. His curiosity and his inbuilt sense of personal guilt drove him to keep his mouth closed and see what he could use against his hostile wife if and when the opportunity ever arose. He knew it would.

He spent some time in the kitchen with his girls and listening to their inter-action with Toni to see if he could get any hint of what that call was about, but Toni played it straight and as normal as if she did any other day getting the two girls off to school and getting them in the SUV. The only thing he got from Toni was a peck on the cheek as she zoomed out the door to drive their two girls to the local school, with a "am having lunch with some of the girls, so don't bother trying to catch up until tonight after your dinner meetings are finished. Bye, enjoy San Diego."

Now Jake was becoming more devious as he became excessively driven to get that first million dollars of bonuses and contracts signed. He presumed there was more to this call for Toni than just a girl's lunch, if only because of those last words of Toni's and because she was really up to her eyeballs putting up with his bonking clients and he knew that 100%. So, he rang one of his old friends who worked on management and at the reception desk at the Houston Airport Hilton.

"Hi Romeo. It is Jake mate. Am off to San Diego this morning and I need a favour."

"Sure, Jake just name it. I owe you plenty for getting me out of that pickle with the cops last month."

Now Jake knew Romeo always had an eye for good looking women and he had no qualms about checking out those coming and going at the hotel. Jake and Romeo had plenty of chats over beers about the ladies who regularly frequented the hotel bars and he knew instantly who was married and on the make. He also knew that Toni had never met Romeo because they had travelled in totally different circles all their lives.

"Romeo I am going to send you a photo of a woman who I am trying to keep a close watch on. Now she is my wife, but I think she is about to play up with some guy or guys she is going to meet in your coffee shop about 11.30 this morning. The best photo I have on my phone is her in a bikini so you are just going to have to imagine her some clothes on. I need you to tell me if she turns up; if you can get photos on your phone of who she is meeting and send them to me. Now if she goes to their room there, if you could tell me their registered names I will be eternally grateful and a box of Jim Beam will be yours."

"No worries Jake. I will arrange to help out in the coffee shop. Look forward to that photo".

Five minutes after Jake sent off that photo he got a call from Romeo.

"How could you get such a doll as her. She is gorgeous. Understand why you want to keep an eye on her. Any guy would want to get between her legs and have them over his shoulders for an hour or two. Me included."

"Romeo, just get me those photographs and names. That is all I am interested in. Please?"

Now Romeo was not past bonking guests at the hotel when he could get away with it, so he saw this as an open play.

When Toni got back home Jake had already left for the airport leaving his flight details and hotel booking in San Diego on the kitchen table.

She busied herself around the house and arranged for a shift swap with one her gym workers freeing up the afternoon. Garry helped her enjoying herself with her girlfriends when in Las Vegas last year, after Toni had discovered Jake had been playing up with at least one of his female golf partners. She told herself it was her form of revenge, but now was that revenge was going to catch up with her?

What choice did she have? Probably none really and it was not as if she did not have open rights to enjoy men outside her marriage, so long as it was out of Houston. The airport in Houston is a long way out of town, so she hoped she was not going to be compromised by just having coffee with Garry in a public restaurant.

Toni was on automatic pilot for a while as she showered, shaved and put on her make-up. Now what could she wear that was sexy and at the same time publicly acceptable? Just what was the balance she should strike in case she was recognised at the restaurant in such a way as it would hopefully not cause problems down the track?

Houston Airport

Back at the airport Jake rang Wendy on her mobile "meet me at the marina at midday. We have that tender meeting with the brothers on board their yacht. Dress up and maybe take some swimmers. See you then."

At precisely 11.30am Toni arrived in the coffee shop to find Gary outside drinking and conversing on his mobile. He motioned for her to sit down and a serving lass to provide Toni a coffee. Taking his time on the phone he carefully viewed Toni and the attire she had chosen for today.

Toni was dressed very professionally as if she was a real estate agent or financial adviser meeting her client over coffee, but with that air of mysticism or attraction to her that showed she was a woman confident in herself and the sale she was hoping to make.

Black jacket over a pure white fine knit blouse, a frilly colourful mini skirt that rode up with the occasional light breeze and as she sat down, no stockings, pumps, earrings of the swinger's club in sparkling silver finish, a delicate French style parfum, light pink makeup that complimented her eyes and perfectly coiffured hair. Down her chest in the open cleavage of the blouse was a beautiful silver pendant from her club jewellery that flashed as she bent forward to take sips of her coffee and to disguise a level of uncovered breast.

Gary kept talking as he passed her two envelopes and motioned for her to open one then the second.

Recognising Toni from Jake's photos Romeo busied himself outside taking their orders, managing the charge to Garry's penthouse suite and surreptitiously taking photos on his Apple I phone. Returning inside he checked out the suite booking details and sent the package to Jake's mobile with a short message of "they look like two people doing business, maybe she is being interviewed? Two envelopes in front of her with the first obviously some form of contract. They are talking over that now. More later maybe?"

Romeo kept an eye on proceedings from the inside area of reception trying not to be obvious. While he could not hear what was being said, the conversation was bland and without the passion that Jake may have been expecting. The info on file for Garry's employer was that of a sports management group out of Las Vegas, which in itself did not cause any major questions.

Toni undid the buttons on her jacket to get more comfortable, to allow her to bend forward in order to collect her coffee cup and to raise questions on terms in the contract as they passed the document between them.

Unbeknown to Romeo, the contract was to establish a high-end poker game to run monthly at a venue at Houston, Austin or Dallas airports under strict security of penthouse suites at one or more of those locations. Toni was being invited to be the local controller and independent dealer under an employment scenario with substantial bonuses that would grow as the size of the game grew. She would also be expected to recruit local players and move funds around to facilitate the games and deal with all local admin. The owners would be Garry's group, with an ultimate equity kicker to Toni if she could make the game commercial over a twelve month period starting this weekend. None of this would be obvious to Romeo.

Romeo went out to check on the couple's needs for coffee top-ups and was pleasantly surprised to see Toni's jacket open sufficiently wide as she bent forward to point out something on that contract. Her blouse was see-through and what existed of her bra was small and lacy. He thought this woman was a sophisticated woman who knew how to turn the heat up and use her sex appeal from her part of the deal. His presence stopped the debate to take their orders and again allowed another series of photos. As he walked away to re-enter the hotel proper he heard Garry say "ok so we have some issues here we need to talk through."

Returning he heard Garry say "look give it six months and see how you go and if as I believe you will grow that pot, we can revisit the money side."

The silence between them was there and from their body language they were poles apart in their thinking. Romeo placed their second cups in front of each allowing himself to get a better view of Toni's cleavage and her extensive legs exposure as her mini skirt rode up with her movements. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs suggesting to Romeo all was not going well and he best return to the inside of the hotel and keep an eye on them both. He would store those images in his brain lest his opportunity would come in the not too distant future.

Garry pushed the second envelope to her again. It was small and contained one piece of paper. She opened and booted up her I pad looking at that one page, seemingly accessing web addresses or links. Her face changed as her fingers worked her way through several clicks and apparent links.

From inside he could see Toni's mouth moving to what he interpreted as "you shit" along with what probably were a few expletives.

Romeo could not see Garry's face from his angle, but it was obvious Garry's reply was short and not so sweet. Garry lifted himself from his chair after leisurely finishing his coffee and left to go inside, presumably via the lifts to his penthouse suite. He left Toni there to look further into that contact and whatever was on those links.

Romeo was called away to the front desk to deal with a guest issue for maybe ten minutes only to find that when he returned there were two empty coffee cups and no Toni.

As he agreed with Jake, he just texted a couple more of those photos and "sorry mate but she left when I was busy at the desk. Enjoy the photos, but I am pretty certain your Toni did not enjoy her conversation. Blackmail maybe?"

Jake did not take on board just how interested Romeo was in Toni. Romeo was one who never missed an opportunity. He would be awake to that if he ever saw Toni at the hotel again.

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