Sergeant Walter Givens, Walt to his buddies, was a Marine with a capital M. At six foot one and one hundred and seventy pounds he was lean and fit after two years of heavy fighting. He was at Guadalcanal, then the invasion of Attu, and finally Iwo Jima. He fought ferociously and instinctively but on "Iwo" his instincts finally failed him. Walt stepped on a landmine, charging a hill, that blew off his leg at the calf and filled his lower limbs with shrapnel. A medic quickly dragged him to safety and he was carried down the hill.

Walt remembers the explosion, pain and finally waking up in hospital. The rest is an agonizing blur of morphine and unconsciousness. They pulled the bits of steel out of him and sewed him up. He had no leg below the knee and only one testicle. He was in Melbourne, Australia, but they may as well have left him on that hill. Walt lay on his side, staring at nothing. "Half a man" echoed through his head. He lay there in despair instead of being glad to be alive.

Four nurses served his ward. All the men were stable and recovering. Many, like him, were missing parts. They just needed painkillers and sometimes some help. Lilibeth was happy to help. A refugee herself, she had left the Philippines for nursing school here at the outset of the war and now had no home to go back to. She was a petite golden skinned young woman with long flowing black hair, she wore the tight white single piece uniform with the red stripes on the seams and obligatory white stockings. It was her schooling dress and was perhaps a little too short, but during war it seemed frivolous to buy another.

Lilibeth always had a smile for the brave warriors of the Pacific. That is how she saw them. They fought to recapture her home, to free them from the Japanese. Lilibeth flirted with all the men and lifted their spirits if she could. "Sometimes a down man just needs to be reminded he is a man", her mother had told her that years ago when her father lost his job. Mama, tired of his moping, took Papi into their room on Saturday and on Monday he was looking for a new job.

Lilibeth went to Walter's bedside to give him a shave. He had been in the field a long time and his face was scraggly. She was all smiles and approached him happily with a basin, straight razor and towel.

"Sergeant" she began, "time for a shave."

"Please leave me alone." He said coldly, still facing the wall.

"I can't, Sergeant Givens." She said softer but still sweetly. "It's my job."

She put the tray down on the nightstand and lightly sat at the edge of his bed. He felt her weight and could smell her. She was flowery and musky. She waited patiently. Finally he turned a little to look at her.

"What?" he asked, aggravated.

Lilibeth gave him a small smile and pleading eyes. She could wrap her Papi around her little finger with those deep chocolate eyes. "Please, Sergeant." She asked him softly. "Let me shave you?"

Walter couldn't believe this. He just wanted to die and this girl wanted to make him look nice. Slowly he turned and sat up gingerly. His stump still throbbed and he had stitches all over.

He looked over at her with irritation in his eyes and annoyance in his voice. "You're not going to leave are you?"

She held her little smile but made her eyes innocent. "Eventually, my shift will change, Sergeant." She said in answer.

"Fine" was all he said and put his head back against the bed rail.

Lilibeth smiled wide with bright white teeth and put the towel under his chin and quickly but gently lathered his bearded face. She held the razor expertly; she had shaved other things on a man as a nurse. She worked quietly, realizing her patient obviously didn't wish to talk. But she smiled if he looked at her. "All men were men" she thought and remembered her mother.

Walter let his dinner sit on the side table. He didn't want food. He lay there again staring at the wall. Lilibeth quietly came and took it. She paused and looked at him. She knew what was wrong, she had read the chart, a leg gone, but also part of his manhood. She began to reach out but thought better of it and left him to his anguish.

The next morning the head nurse was giving Walter a hard time when Lilibeth showed up. She had a wheelchair and wanted him to eat in the cafeteria so his bed linens could be changed. The head nurse was also military and was about to pull rank on the sergeant.

"Why can't you people just let me DIE?!" Walter shouted.

"Because you aren't dead, Marine!" she threw back.

"Lieutenant," the Pinay girl interceded and got the head nurse a few steps away, "let me, I have had luck with him." She asked.

The Head nurse threw up her hands, "He's all yours, girl! Good luck with him!" and she walked back to the ward desk.

Lilibeth tossed her simple purse and sweater under Walter's bed table and sat on the edge of his bed again. She just smiled at him for a few moments until he looked over to acknowledge her.

"You must be hungry, Sergeant." She said in her sweetest voice of concern. "Let me take you to breakfast. Please. "Her mother taught her that too. Men will "dig in" if ordered by a woman, but if pleaded with, if asked, they could be putty in your hands.

Lilibeth gave a crooked smile, "I haven't had breakfast either. Please, you'd be giving me an excuse to go eat." She looked coyly at him.

Walter gave in. "Bring that stupid chair over here."

After eating, Lilibeth pushed him slowly around the grounds, taking the long way back. It was late summer in Australia and it was warm with a light ocean breeze that filled the senses with memories of the beach in Manilla. Walter stayed silent through her breakfast conversation but he did eat. Now she spoke to him as they toured the grounds.

"I thought I would hate Melbourne and be so home sick when I came here but Manila is much like this and I love the ocean air." She pushed him towards their wing. "Is your hometown near the water, Sergeant?" she asked.

"Walter," he said.

"I'm sorry?" she said, but in truth she had heard him.

"Call me Walter or Walt. I'm tired of being Sergeant." He said with some disgust.

"OK, Walt." she giggled. "I am Lilibeth. I don't think I ever introduced myself."

"Lilibeth?" He grumped.

"It's like Elizabeth," she said "but I can be Lily or Beth or... Lilibeth."

"What is that perfume? You smell like a flower shop." He grumped again.

"It's Oleander. It's very popular in the Philippines. We grow them there." She was happy to inform him, Walt was talking.

For the next few days, Walt was Lilibeth's problem. He was still depressed and becoming angrier at the world and would listen to no one, not even with threat of court-martial. But she could cajole him. She would be sweet and ask him nicely or ask him to do it for her and eventually he would. She took to pushing him around outside every day after breakfast. It got him out of the other nurses' way and it seemed to calm him.

"Tell me of Missouri?" She started in her sweet sing song voice one morning.

"You'd hate it." Walter simply spat in his gruff voice. "Why do you want to know?" He nearly accused.

"Conversation.." She responded honestly. "You hardly talk to me, Walt. I'm starting to think you don't like me." Lillybeth teased leaning into his ear. "Don't you like me?"

Walt could smell that perfume and feel her breath at his neck and had to admit she was tolerable. "You're OK."

"So tell me about Missouri." She sounded off like a lark.

"I'm from a little town. They can chicken and potted foods there. Hell, half my K rations are made there."

"Do you miss it?" She asked sincerely, thinking of her Manilla.

"I... I guess. I haven't thought about it in a while."

"You have no family?" She pried a little more.

"What?" He asked incredulously. "Of course I do, my ma and pop."

"Oh," she put in, sounding confused. "It's just that you haven't written anybody yet."

Walter looked back, surprised by what this filipino woman noticed. "They know I'm OK."


"They do, OK" Walt was getting agitated. "Uncle Sam hasn't told them I'm dead, so I must be OK!"

Lilibeth kept pushing as she thought of her next move. "Well, tell me about them. I told you all about my family. I'm running out of things to say." she complained.

"I'd like to see that," He chided the friendly nurse.

Lilibeth swatted him lightly in the back of the head and gave a snorting laugh. "If I'm silent it means I'm upset. You don't want me silent, Walt."

"I'm sure you're a five foot terror." He scoffed, but with maybe a hint of a smile.

"You're so secretive, Walt." She leaned into his ear. "Maybe you're a spy." She hissed the last word into his ear.

Walt scoffed, "Yeah, that's me. I stepped on a landmine to earn their trust." He gave a short laugh.

"Well, it worked on me," and Lilibeth kissed him soundly on the cheek as she still pushed from behind.

She was sure he smiled, not a grimace or one of his half smiles with his sarcasm, but a blushing smile.

The next day Walt was staring out of the window at the risen sun. He was already in his robe and in the wheelchair as if ready to go. This was new, but he had a letter in his hand. Lili stood back but got into the side of his sight. Finally Walter noticed her.

"Lilibeth, you're here." He put a smile on for her.

"Good morning, Walt. You got a letter?" She said with interest. She believed Walt still had not written home.

He folded it up and quickly tucked it away in his robe. "It's nothing, just stuff that finally caught up with me."

"Everything's alright?" she cocked her head and looked at him with concern.

He hesitated, "Sure. Let's go eat."

Walt was quiet through breakfast, but he was always quiet. He sat later in the ward for the rest of the day and bothered no one. He stared out the window or faced a wall. By this time everyone knew to leave him alone. He was Lilibeth's problem. Walt would respond when she asked him direct questions, but the answers where short and he offered nothing. She decided to let him be. He wasn't bothering anyone and Walt had a lot to sort out, she thought to herself.

That evening was her night to sleep over. The nurses took turns staying in the ward in case their men had troubles with pain or an emergency. The bed lay behind a privacy curtain behind the desk near the door. All her G.I.s were medicated and asleep. Lili would have some hours before phantom pains or nightmares set in. The ones that woke up screaming were the worst. You had to go slow and remind them where they were, because for a while they'd still be in the fight.

She settled down with her uniform loosened and her shoes tidily put under the bed. Just as she was nodding off she heard it. It was faint, barely a noise, but in the stillness of a sleeping hospital it may as well be applause. Someone was crying. A restrained weeping as they tried to hold back the tears; It disturbed the rhythm and made it more noticeable.

The petite pinay put her stockinged feet to the floor and padded softly across the cool white tiles soundlessly. The noise echoed a little, but there was only one direction to go. She reached the east end and knew for sure. It was Walter, he lay on his side and tried to cry into the pillow. Her heart broke for him. Her brave warrior had finally folded and began acceptance. It would heal him but it was still hard.

"Walt?" She quietly announced. 'never sneak up on them,' she had learned that early. "Walter?" She sat gently behind him and just put her small hand on his back.

"Go away." The marine squeaked out.

Lilibeth didn't move, but she didn't say anything either. She just began to rub his back, up and down his spine; her palm slid along his skin. She couldn't help it and let her fingers run into the close crop of the bottom of his hair on his neck. Walt lay in his sorrow and didn't react. Still she stayed caressing her wounded warrior, the devil dog who fought to free her home.

"Walt, you can talk to me. It's just Lilibeth." She offered.

Walt hesitated a long time. "I should have died, it would have been easier to die." He spoke to the wall. "Half a man... I should have died."

She was taken back by his statement even though she had expected it. "Walt, look at me." Lilibeth tugged on his shoulder until he rolled toward her. "You are a WARRIOR." she said with strength. "A fighter, a defender, a protector. None of that changes because you are wounded."

Walt sat up still looking at her. "I was a warrior." He cast his eyes down to his missing parts. "Now I am this."

Lilibeth made a decision and laid a hand upon his cheek. She looked into his sad eyes there in the moonlight and slowly moved in and kissed him. It was gentle and sensual. Her lips brushed his and lingered on his upper lip. Her nose brushed his cheek as she pressed harder.

Walt was caught off guard and sat motionlessly. The smell of the oleander and her musk filled his senses, but still he broke the kiss. "What are you doing?"

Lili gave just a slightly crooked grin. "Reminding you that you're a man." She used her mother's words and kissed him again, putting his unresisting hand on her modest breast. Walt didn't stop her but sat passively taking in all that was Lilibeth, her smell, her warmth, the feel of her through the dress and bra. He tasted her on the kiss and looked into her chocolate drop eyes. When she broke it she smiled dreamily and again her hand went to his bristle haired neck. Now she pressed herself to him and Walt did what a man should do; He wrapped her in his arms as she leaned across the bed and into him. He held her slim body and took charge of the kiss. She was so slender his fingers came back around to her ribs and she was light in his embrace. He pressed her lips until she opened up and they shared the kiss of the soul. She clung to him, trying to be careful of the places still held with stitches. Her arm under his shoulder and the other played with the nape of his neck.

"Lilibeth" He said softly in adoration when they broke the kiss.

The sweet pinay girl looked up at him. "Walt." she answered. " Always a man."

When he kissed her again her hand trailed down his gown and found his still flaccid tool, but a few kisses was hardly a test. With a few gentle rubbings through the cloth she began to feel it swell. Walter kissed her harder and Lilibeth reached underneath and tickled the sensitive head. It took time to grow, but he was a man as all men are; She knew.

She felt it slowly swell against her palm as their kiss held. Walt's fingers roamed down her back to her bent rump. She rested in his arms and let her hands roam his body. She knew where all his stitches were and was careful of them, but she caressed his skin with the softness of a rose. His furred torso trembled under her care. She felt his fingers slip under her dress and slide into her garter belt. Now it was her turn to tremble.

He finally broke the kiss, "It's been a long time."

Lilibeth nodded as she looked up shyly at him, "For me too."

Walt just smiled at that and dove into her neck. The scent of oleander filled his nose and intoxicated him. Her hair was so soft on his face, like fine silken threads. Lili threw her head back in bliss and moaned softly as he nibbled her throat. Her tickling fingers had gone to full grasp and she softly squeezed the member in her hand. It strengthened and hardened as she knew it would. Her other hand held onto Walt's neck as she stroked the bristled hairs. She felt his tongue and teeth and he even nibbled at her ear. Walt's fingers followed the curve of her bottom and slid along the cleft of her cheeks. His big hand gripped it easily and pulled gently on her butt, separating the twin globes and methodically rubbing her ass.

She kept her hand away from his testes and held his dick upward. Gently she pumped his engorging cock and felt it grow to full length. It was thick and veined and felt so warm and alive. She smiled inwardly at Walt's fears, "There was nothing wrong with this man." she thought. Walt for his part ran his fingers deeper in her crack, finding the pressed together lips of her slippery folds. He took a moment to lick his fingertips and dove them back to their purpose. He ran them just up and down along their crease, teasing the puffy lips and reveling in her silky straight hairs. Slowly he brought his hand forward around her supple thigh and Lilibeth cocked her leg for him. Walt pressed his palm to her warm sex and the satiny feel of the dark fur there. He rubbed her mound and let his fingers glide along the now slightly parted flesh.

Lilibeth pulled herself gently from his embrace and quietly got off the bed. They never stopped looking at each other though and Walt knew from her sultry stare that she wasn't going anywhere. With so little sound she pulled the curtain around the hospital bed and then began unbuttoning the white uniform. The marine watched her in the moonlight as she pushed it past her shoulders. She wore no bra for her small pert breasts and Walt suddenly found himself hungry for them. She stepped out of the one piece garment and stood in her white stockings and garter belts. The contrast against her copper skin was angelic and Walt marvelled at the sight.

Softly she climbed back on the bed, her hands gently pressing at his thick shoulders as they tenderly kissed. Walt lay down and let his hands go to her slim hips. They still stared at each other as she hovered over him, her sweet kisses coming repeatedly. Slowly she reached between her own legs to find him standing like a flag pole, sturdy and straight. There were no more words but her searching eyes said so much. He felt the wetness as she rubbed the firm head along her lips. Her warrior moaned just a little and Lili smiled before pressing down onto that thick head.

She gasped as it split her hole. Its thickness was a wanted surprise. Walt watched her close her eyes and put her head back as she slowly sank down upon him. His hands on her hips, he encouraged her downward until she nestled her silken sex upon his. They lay there for a moment, attached and flesh to flesh, resting her head on his large chest. In response he wrapped his arms around his angel of mercy and held her while his cock pulsed with life that he thought was gone.

Eventually she looked up and gently began to move. Lilibeth rocked forward along his body while he gripped her slim bottom. He felt her silken sleeve pull at his cock and watched the face of his new lover. He wanted to slam her back down upon it, but let her ride slowly. Lilibeth kept the pace and softly mewed each time she nearly pulled him out and gave the most contented sigh every time she slid back down. With her slow fucking the bed didn't creak and they listened to each other's quiet gasps and shudders. They both stopped in alarm and then smiled wickedly as they heard a snort followed by shifting in the bed next to them.

Walt pulled her up, nearly taking her off his dick and kissed her deeply. Lilibeth rolled her hips and strained to stretch down on his staff. When he finally let her go she plunged back down and seated him so deeply inside of her again. Now she started to rock. Their mashed together groins rubbing and colliding. The steel framed bed did groan, but Walt gripped the head rails to silence the high pitched creak.

"Let it." She pleaded softly, "Grab me like before."

Walt easily obliged and grabbed her little butt, gripping the flesh as it rocked and moved. The Pinay woman rode him with passion and her kisses covered his chest. He could see the strain on her face as she built the tempo higher. He could sense the need in her moves. With only one leg he could still buck up into her as she moved back down his cock. Holding her ass and driving that last inch on every down thrust, Lili bit her lip when ever he bottomed out inside of her. Walt's hands held both cheeks as

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