This is another story extracted from 'Sleepover Stories.' There are five individual stories in that one story and I figured they all should be made into stand-alones.

Charity is 18

I was in my senior year of high school - the shy, skinny, flat chested, brace-faced redbone. Boys had liked me before, but when all the other girls started growing boobs and womanly shapes, their focus drifted from my cuteness to their curves. But that was okay with me because I had always liked girls more. I really only ever had crushes on other girls even though I was so shy I couldn't ever do anything about it. But one, lucky day, a trip to the restroom opened me up to more than I could ever imagine.

So, I was peeing in the lavatory and I looked over at the little bin where the used tampons go and saw something inside. A pair of panties. The panties were white with baby pink floral print, y'know, the ruffled kind, with a little pink bow, cute. Without even thinking, I pinched a corner and pulled them out. Then out of curiosity, I guess, I started to touch and feel them. I felt the soft cotton on my fingers and then I felt that they were wet! Like, really wet. Like, pee wet. And warm.

So, I immediately threw the dirty panties back in the bin, calling myself stupid for touching them. I wiped myself, pulled up my panties, fixed my skirt, washed my hands and left.

The rest of that day, all I could think about was those pee pee panties. I wondered whose they were. I pictured one of my classmates peeing her cute little panties, and then taking them off and walking around free. I thought how I would love to look up her skirt and find nothing but her kitty.

Throughout the rest of the day, my mind drifted to those little panties again and again. That cute little ball of cotton that had been lodged between a girl's sweaty crotch for half the day - before she peed in them and discarded them. They probably smell so good, I thought. I got so wet just imagining myself taking a big, slow whiff.

After school that day, I went back to that bathroom stall to get the dirty panties. But the janitor had already cleaned and the panties were gone. I was a little sad. I had missed my opportunity. I knew I would never have another chance to taste another girl's filthy panties.

That night, I was so consumed with thoughts of those panties. I lay in bed just obsessing about them. Wondering whose they were, thinking of how they looked, all white and pink and scrunchy and little and cute and soiled, how the girl felt without panties under her skirt..., how I might feel without panties under my skirt, what someone might think if they found my dirty, pee pee panties in a nasty bathroom. Oh god, I was so horny.

I started to think about turning my fantasy into a reality. There was no way I would get another chance to find another girl's panties, and I definitely wasn't brave enough to ask any of my friends for theirs. So I decided that the next day, I would be like that girl. I would go to school, piss my panties and then discard them. I was so excited!

I searched my underwear drawer for some panties I wouldn't miss. I found an old pair I had stopped wearing a year or so ago. They were white with little baby blue checkered squares, and they had ruffled edges just like the ones in the bathroom at school. After my bath, I put on my panties and went to sleep dreaming about being naked in school. But this time it was scary and horny!

When I got to school in the morning I was nervous. Just thinking of what I was going to do had me excited and scared at the same time. I sat in Ms. Kelly's class, fidgeting, then in Mr. King's, daydreaming about how I would do it. I drank a lot of water before Ms. O'Farrill's and by the time lunch came around my bladder was full. I went into the bathroom, expecting to be alone, but I wasn't. There were four or five girls in there exchanging gossip.

The first stall was occupied, the second stall was missing a door. I went to the last stall, locked the door behind me and sat on the toilet, skirt fanned out and panties still on. I listened to the other girls for a little while, hesitant to piss my panties with them in the bathroom. What if they hear me? What if they know what I'm doing somehow? What if someone stood on the toilet in the next stall and watched me!? I'm not sure why but the thought of other girls knowing excited, but really scared me even more.

I tried to wait for the gossips to leave, but when they did, a couple other girls entered. This continued for about five minutes with me sitting on the toilet, having to pee so bad but so scared to go through with it. I was holding on for dear life, going back and forth about pissing my panties while pressure built in my bladder and girls came and went. I started to wiggle on the toilet as it got hard to hold it. I moaned a little as a little bit of pee spilled out of me, just enough to wet my panties. Nothing hit the water. I could feel the warm pee soaking into the fabric of my panties. Oh, god, it felt so naughty and so nasty and so good!

I let a little more go, and then some more, and then sighed deep as I let myself go. I completely soaked my little panties with pee! I couldn't believe I was being so nasty! After I was done, I hovered over the toilet, snagged my panties and pulled them down to my knees. Then, sitting back down, I slid them off my feet, hoping no one was looking under the stall door to see me take off my soaking wet panties.

I got so turned on as I sat smiling at my dirty panties, letting it soak in what I had done. I giggled at myself for being so brave. I took a tentative sniff at my panties, then a longer one, then a little taste, giggling at myself again. Then I heard some girl say, "what is this bitch laughing at?" She and another girl started laughing.

I stiffened up, holding my breath as my heart sped up. Do they know what I was doing? I was so scared. I waited another minute for the girls to stop whispering and laughing at me and to leave. Relieved, I sighed and put my wet panties in the used tampon box just like the mystery girl.

As I walked around in my skirt, I could feel all the air all around my butt and my pussy. It felt so sweet, like I was free, and like I had a dirty little secret that was itching to get out. I sat in Mrs. Oakley's class, smiling to myself like a fool when I saw two girls pointing and laughing at me. It was Deanna and Roslin. I blushed and silently hoped they didn't know my secret. Hopefully they were just laughing because I was smiling to myself stupidly.

In Mrs. Sorrell's class, I had a risky idea. Her classroom is on an incline, so the farther back you go the higher you are. I decided to sit in the upper middle part, instead of the front like I usually did. I hiked up my skirt a little before I sat down so the bottom was way above my knees. At first, I crossed my legs, fidgeting with nervous energy. But as class went on, I slowly uncrossed them, and sporadically opened my legs when Mrs. Sorrell wasn't looking. I enjoyed the sense of thrill I got, and the pretty feeling of cool air on my coochie.

And then, one time, when the teacher was looking right at me, I opened my legs. I saw her notice and almost gasp. I had to look away and cover my face so she wouldn't see me blushing. And I kept my legs open for a while so she could see. When I closed my legs I looked back at her. She quickly looked away and it made me blush and giggle. She had been staring between my legs the whole time!

After class, Mrs. Sorrell stopped me before I left, closed the door and said, "what was that!?"

"What was what?" I replied, acting clueless.

She waited for a second and then said, "Listen, I can't tell you how to dress. But maybe try and cross your legs when you're not wearing any panties." I blushed and looked at the floor, feeling embarrassed. Then she tilted my head up by my chin and said, "there's nothing to be ashamed of here, okay. Just, be more discreet in the future."

I nodded. "Are you going to tell on me?"

"No. I don't think that's necessary," she said.

I smiled up at her. "Did... did youuuu like what you saw?" I don't know why or how I asked her that! She hesitated, just as shocked as I was by my question.

She then said, "I..., cannot answer that question honestly, so I'll just say what I'm supposed to say. No Charity, I didn't like it. It was completely inappropriate and that kind of behavior is unacceptable in my class and in this school."

"You wannaaa..., see it again?" I asked her, slowly lifting up the front of my skirt. Her eyes darted down to my kitty and she licked her lips. But then the bell rang and other kids were congregating right outside Mrs. Sorell's classroom. I let my skirt fall and told her she could see my pussy any time.

"You're a little troublemaker, I see. I'm gonna have to keep my eye on you," she said with a wink as she opened her door to let me out and her students in.

My last class was gym. And it was a good thing I was late because everyone else was already changed and I had the locker room to myself so nobody could see I wasn't wearing any panties. I slipped off my skirt, enjoying the cool air then unbuttoned my white top and slid it off my shoulders. I stood there in just my bra and socks, getting that nervous, excited feeling. Anybody could have just waltzed in and seen my little brown bush!

But in spite of the butterflies in my tummy, I slowly walked around the open locker room basically naked. It was such a yummy little thrill! I was getting so turned on. Before anyone could get suspicious though, I donned my gym uniform and walked out into the gym.

We exercised for the next 30 minutes and then it was back to the locker room with us. In spite of being a new, secret exhibitionist, I'm really shy. So my usual routine was to wait for the other girls to head to the showers, strip when no one was watching, wrap up in a towel, head in while the other girls were on their way back, and shower alone. It was a good thing gym was the last class because I'd be late every day.

But that day of all days someone had to notice me. And of all people it had to be Deanna. Standing there, skin lighter than mine, full figured and absolutely gorgeous, showing off her big double D tits without an ounce of shame, she said, "hey, why don't you ever shower with the rest of us? Scared to show those little boy tits?" Girls laughed. "Or do you have a dick or something?"

Girls laughed louder. I tried to think of a clever retort but I was too embarrassed to even think straight. I just fake laughed it off and hung my head in shame as they all sauntered off to the showers, all naked and shameless.

I began to strip out of my sweaty clothes, starting with my top, then my bra, and before I pulled my shorts down, Roslin walked up to me and I immediately folded my arms across my chest. "Hey, um, about what Deanna said..., that wasn't cool. She shouldn't have said that," the naked, cinnamon skinned girl said. She also had large breasts, not D's but maybe C's and a slim-but-not-skinny frame. And like me, she kept a patch of hair on her mons, except hers was black. I couldn't help but look!

I tried to be nonchalant, still seeing Roslin as being on Deanna's side and therefore the enemy. "It's okay. I do have little boy tits," I said, chuckling. But I wanted to cry.

"No you don't," she said.

"Yes, I do," I submitted.

"Lemme see," she said, smiling that gorgeous smile as she pulled my arms off my chest. I didn't have to look down to know my nipples were erect. Just looking at the other sexy naked girls always turned me on.

"See, boys don't have nipples like that," she said, staring right at my jutting pencil erasers. "The nipples are the only thing that matter and yours are perfect." I blushed at the compliment. "Just, don't listen to Deanna when she's being a bitch, okay?" When she said it, she touched my naked shoulder before skipping past me to the showers. Right then I made a new friend, and a new crush who I fantasized about constantly.

A simple compliment from a beautiful girl gave me more confidence and boldness in my exhibitionist adventures. At home, I looked at my flat chest in the mirror, tweaking my little nips until they proudly poked out. That morning, I decided to go braless. It would mostly be unnoticeable, but under the right light you could see the dark brown of my nipples through my top. Just enough danger to excite me. I hoped Roslin would be the one to notice.

I wore another pair of old panties. They were powder pink cotton panties with little red hearts and bows and candies all over them. They were a little too small since I had stopped wearing them years ago. They were my favorite pair of panties my first year of high school. I also wore a skirt from freshman year so it was really short and risky!

I drank water all day and was bursting before lunch. I squirmed in my seat in Ms. O'Farrill's class to the point where she asked me if I needed to go to the bathroom. I declined and said I'd make it, which I almost did. A few minutes before the bell rang for lunch, I spilled a little in my panties. I couldn't help it but it made me so horny! I could feel my hard nipples brushing against my top.

Once in the bathroom, I peed my panties freely, even though the gossiping girls were in there. I gushed and giggled silently, blushing to myself as I saturated my pink panties with hot liquid. Instead of taking them off, I walked around in them for a while, feeling so filthy and cute. Mostly everyone was in the cafeteria so the rest of the building was pretty deserted.

I found an empty stairwell near the back of the school and nervously slid my drenched panties off. I played with them, sniffed the piss soaked cotton, wrung them out and set them on the railing. Then, feeling extra adventurous, I slid my skirt down just above my knees and sat bare ass on the edge of the stairs.

I unbuttoned my blouse and sat mostky naked on the empty stairs, completely vulnerable! If someone would have seen me I would have just died! My heart was thumping in my chest, my nipples were diamonds and my pussy was hot and wet. I couldn't help but to slide a finger along my virgin slit. Oh it felt so yummy!

I was close to cumming when the bell rang to end lunch. I quickly pulled up my skirt and buttoned my blouse, leaving my dirty panties behind on the stairwell where anybody could find them. In Ms. Oakley's class, I imagined some perverted teacher finding my panties, keeping them and playing with herself as she sniffed them. Maybe it would be Mrs. Sorrell. Or maybe a male teacher.

Again, I flashed my naughty kitty to Mrs. Sorell and after class she pulled me aside again. She wanted to take pictures of my pussy so she and her husband could enjoy me later. I didn't hesitate to say yes, but only requested that my face couldn't be in them.

The last class was uneventful at first. I got there late again, changed, sweat my life away in the warm gym, and came back to the locker room. Deanna made fun of me again. Beautiful naked girls with actual breasts laughed at me. I felt embarrassed.

Roslin tried to get me to shower with the rest of the group, saying it was the only way to get them to stop making fun of me, to make me one of them. I declined, unsure if she was sincere or if it was another way for her to bully me. But then she said, "why don't you shower with just me?"

My heart jumped! I wanted to scream 'yes'! But I was so shy, she basically dragged me back to the showers after the other girls left. I was shaking I was so scared. We stood under adjacent showers, her eyes never leaving me, a permanent smile painted on her pretty, full lips every time I glanced up at her from the floor. I wanted her so bad, but didn't know how to tell her. But I knew from the way she kept looking at me she wanted me too.

I slowly built up the courage to look at her. Her perfect brown skin, nice firm titties, perky round booty, her wispy pubic hairs, all dripping wet - it was enough to make me melt! I was so damn horny, my desire overrode my fear and I started to touch myself. I soaped up my little tits first, just to play with my nipples, making myself so hot it didn't take long for me to slide a hand south and play with my clit, looking Roslin in the eye, my expression changing from innocence and shyness to lust and desire.

"What are you doing?" she giggled. I stopped. She gasped, "are you a lesbian!? Is that why you're so shy around naked girls?" I was shocked. This wasn't going how it should have. The popular girl is supposed to seduce the shy girl and they have sex in the girls' locker room. "Oh, my god. I'm so sorry if I led you on," she said, now covering her beautiful tits and her perfect pussy from my view. "I just wanted to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, y'know, like, be body positive and all that."

My face flushed with utter embarrassment and I, too, covered myself and watched the floor. The rest of the shower was quiet, awkward and quick. After we had dressed I finally spoke to her. "Hey, please don't tell anybody."

"I won't," she said.

"Not even Deanna?" I asked.

She gave a chuckle. "Especially not Deanna. She's my best friend but she's not very sensitive about these kinds of things. I'm trying to make her more..., human." That made me smile and feel a lot better, though the embarrassment of my foolishness lingered. After that day, my crush on Roslin got pretty intense. I was obsessed.

In the following weeks, I kept pissing my panties and discarding them. Sometimes I'd just do it in the restroom and leave them in the box. Other times, I'd pee myself in the restroom and discard my panties elsewhere - the auditorium, the library, an empty classroom, by the pool, outside.

One time I even pissed my panties as I walked down the empty hallway during class. Pee flooded my little purple panties and streamed down my skinny legs to soak my socks. I looked all around to be sure it was clear and snagged my panties from under my skirt, left them in the middle of the hallway and went back to class. A crowd had congregated around my dirty panties after class but no one suspected me.

Mrs. Sorell took pictures of my pussy every day. And then I started taking them with my skirt up or down and my blouse open or off. She and her husband really got off on the schoolgirl thing, and even asked me to wear pigtails and bought me a pair of pink panties to wear. I obliged, coming to trust her so much to let her show my face in the pics. That was the only day I didn't pee myself, but I did still discard my cute little panties, in Mrs. Sorell's hand.

My crush on Roslin kept getting stronger. I'd stare at her in classes we had together and just fantasize. She saw me looking and usually just smiled, blushed and kept doing whatever she was doing. Deanna called me a weirdo and a stalker and Roslin would always tell her to shut up. I thought I was in love. But not knowing anything about lesbian love, or how to seduce girls, I just indulged in my fantasies about her. I imagined that the pair of panties I found that first day were hers. And that gave me an idea!

After gym class, we were all in the locker room. As usual I waited for the other girls to strip and head back to the showers. That's when I snuck over to Roslin's locker, looked through her bag and found the dirty panties she had just taken off! A leopard print thong, still warm and damp with her gym sweat. Lucky me! I quickly sniffed the yumminess of Roslin's cute panties, then hid them in my own bag.

After all the girls left and I had showered, I practically ran to the bathroom, giddy to worship those panties I'd stolen. Feeling hornier and dirtier than usual, I chose the middle stall, the one with the missing door! It was after school and no one was in the building but staff, who would use staff bathrooms, and athletes who would use the bathrooms in or near the gym.

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