"It's ok slut; he won't be coming back at last for 15 minutes, we have made sure of that." He spoke.

It was true, Ben would later tell Linda he had to wait just to pee, and then the food took forever.

The stranger leant in and told Linda "take your singlet off whore."

Linda hesitated. "I can't take my top off in a cinema."

The fat man immediately pulled his fingers out of pussy and grabbed her clit and twisted it hard.

"Oh fuck..." she cried out, drawing attention to herself.

Before she had time to think - another set of hands began to pull her singlet off as she heard another voice say, "do as you are told you old slut."

Her singlet was roughly pulled off, and then the second man pinched her nipple hard as he whispered in her ear. "Next time you disobey an order, your husband will get those photos and maybe a beating as well. Do we understand each other?"

He then abruptly slapped her tit hard across her chest, and then beat it back the other way, while smirking in her face.

"You're our fucking whore for the night, so you do exactly what the fuck we tell you." He snarled.

Linda's heart was beating so fast; she was now literally naked in public, with just her denim mini skirt bunched around her waist.

The fat man, with the large cock, removed his finger from her cunt and started rubbing his cock up and down her smooth slit. Threatening to drive it deep into Linda's cunt, but never pushing more than his fat cock head into her lose cunt before pulling out again.

The second younger stranger was standing behind her, holding her arms behind her head, "Suck my cock your dirty old slut." The young man demanded.

Linda opened her mouth as the stranger turned her head towards his cock and began to fuck her mouth. Linda did her best to suck his cock, but he was driving his member down her throat, and she was struggling to get her breathing under control.

Without realising it, a third man appeared, and he sat next to Linda and started to suck on her tits. Just then, the large fat man rammed his big cock as deep into her pussy as he could. Pushing her legs up towards her chest, forcing her to spread her cunt wide as he slammed his fat belly into hers as hard as he possibly could. This was a brutal thrusting fuck.

Linda's mind was purely centered on the sense of fullness between her legs, and the burning tingling sensation around her clitoris as her face was forcefully fucked by the young man who was thrusting rapidly.

Linda could feel a knot slowly tightening in her stomach and he she started to tense and relax her muscles as the young man fucked her mouth with increasing urgency. His cock was almost the perfect size to just reach the warm tightness of her throat without choking her. Her rang hand gripped his buttock and encouraged him to ram his cock deep in her face, and she could tell he was close to let loose with his seed.

The rapidity of his breathing, the deep fucking of her mouth and the tensing of his ass all suggested he was close. Then suddenly, he paused momentarily, groaned, and then rammed and held his cock at the back of her throat as his semen flooded her mouth and coated her throat as he called her all sorts of abusive names as his explosive orgasm finally calmed. As the young man withdrew his shrinking manhood from Linda's mouth, Linda finally gasped for breath, her face covered in a mix of saliva, cum and satisfaction.

The large man between her legs has replaced his fingers with his large 10" manhood. He was now reacting to the young man's explosive orgasm as he drove his hard cock deep within her. He was literally jackhammering her cunt as his belly slapped away at hers as rammed his pole as deep inside of her as he possibly could. The force of his fucking was driving Linda deeper into the seat as he now rammed her cunt with tremendous violence. Groaning loud in pleasure, he grabbed her throat as he began to pump her pussy full of his stranger cum. The strength of his explosions was such that his cum seeped out of her well-used hole and started to run down her ass as it began to pool on her seat. It was one massive sticky load.

The third man, who to this point has been mostly invisible to Linda jumped to his feet quickly saying, "take this cunt."

Hot ropes of cum flung across her face and clung to her eyes, nose, and lips. Five, six, then the seventh rope of cum stuck to her pretty face as he groaned in satisfaction. "Fucking slut" he said as he shook the last remnants of cum off his cock onto her tits. Slapping her tit with his still hard cock, he finally put it back in his pants.

The fat man had also returned to his seat, where he sipped from some coke. Leaning over, he whispered, "You have three minutes to get cleaned up, and your husband will be back."

Linda quickly got dressed and left to find the women's toilet she had saw earlier near the video booths. As Linda walked past the booths, she had to pass two men standing near them, she was embarrassed as she still had cum all over her. Just as she passed, one of the men grabbed her arm and said, "follow me slut."

Linda hesitated, and the man said, "do you want your husband Ben to know?"

Linda froze, the man with tattoos pulling her arm as she quickly followed them into one of the booths. "You have got five minutes whore. In that time, you need to get at least four men off."

With that, Linda was backed against the glory hole where a large black cock was waiting. He quickly entered her cunt and started fucking her at a steady pace. Linda enjoyed the feeling of such a hard cock going deep into her hole and did her best to keep him well buried within her.

Immediately, another cock poked through the hole on the other side and Linda knew what was expected of her. It was small, but ridiculously hard. As she sucked the little cock before her, the two men inside the booth took turns tormenting her. The skinner man with tattoos was pulling her ass cheeks apart and slapping them hard, while urging the black man to fuck the slut good. The second man, with the foul body odour, he was enjoying slapping her tits and face.

Within a minute the man with the little cock knocked... but she was told to take it in her mouth. Grunting and groaning sounds filled the booth as the Linda happily swallowed all his cum.

One little cock was replaced with another, as the man inside the booth began to roughly fuck her face, while he slapped her tits simultaneously, calling her a 'fucking dirty whore.'

The violence of the face fuck forced her even deeper onto the large black cock in her pussy. Linda was licking and slurping on the cock in her mouth while she tried to squeeze the large black cock in her vagina. It was only seconds later, and another knock was heard, but the man with the ink told him to "cum in the slut's cunt."

Linda could feel his big cock twitching deep within her as he unleashed large amounts of man seed as he violently jerked deep within her. As his softening cock fell from her cunt, cum quickly followed and a trail of warm cum flowed down her inner thigh.

Immediately, Linda was spun around and told to sit on the edge of the seat so the men could look at her creampie while they took great pleasure in slapping and twisting her nipples. Linda was on fire and started masturbating in front of them as the fat man shoved his cock back in her face as he too neared his own orgasm as Linda groaned in pleasure. Finally, he began to erupt thick globs of cum all over her pretty face.

"Ahhhh, fuck, you dirty slut, take my cum." He groaned.

Freed from any feelings of guilt, or loyalty to Ben, Linda was now busily rubbing her clit - her frenetic activity was causing her pussy to turn into the creamiest of cream pies as she happily rubbed the two large loads of stranger cum into her hole.

Watching her sordid and vulgar display, the tattooed man started to groan. "Look at that hot bitch, fuck man, she fucking killing me kind." He then started to groan as he soaked up all Linda's sexual depravity and her seemingly endless ability to arouse men and make them cum.

"Shit, she's hot. Fucking look at that bitch, she's on heat". A loud groan echoed through the booth as his first shot of cum splashed across her tits and belly as she feverishly masturbated. Linda loved the feel of warm cum on her body, "Yes, cum all over me," she said at last neared her own orgasm.

A second, third, fourth and fifth load of cum were flung across the booth landing all over her torso causing Linda to groan and writhe as she began to enter her own glorious orgasm.

It was just then she felt his cum covered hand grab hers to intentionally ruin her orgasm. Linda groaned in disappointment and frustration. She sat there covered in cum and her pussy gaping and creampied, desperately wanting release. Exasperated, she sat there as the fat man started a slow but steady stream of piss aimed at her tits, that eventually washed down her body. Linda just groaned in frustration, she desperately needed to cum. Just had to have some sexual relief. Her tits and pussy were tingling, and a fire was started that couldn't be put out by warm piss.

"Get back to your husband slut. You did good. four loads of cum with still a minute to spare! Now fuck off."

Linda did her best to clean herself up with tissues, and the truth be known, the piss did help remove a lot of the cum, but she now smelt of piss and her top had stains on it as did her denim skirt which was also covered in urine and cum.

Thankfully, the theatre was dark as she returned, and she was very discreet.

"Where have you been?" Ben asked.

"Sorry babe, I needed to go to the toilet, and I slipped over... long story. Wanna go?" She asked.

Ben was always eager to leave; after all, his wife had promised some action in the car.

Ben and Linda quickly left. As they entered the stairway, Linda noticed that the men from the booths were still in the hallway. There was four of them stand there, and she was pretty sure that all four of them she had just had sex with. She kept her eyes lowered as Ben squeezed past the men. One of the men, the skinny inked bloke, stopped Ben and began chatting with him.

Linda stood behind him in the dark hallway. The three men circled her. It wasn't long before they started fondling her, feeling her tits, pinching her pussy and even one of them fingered her for 30 seconds with her husband just in front of her. The inked man was in deep conversation with Ben with his hand on his shoulder as they continued in animated conversation. One of the other men joined them, sort of blocking Ben off from Linda.

As soon as that happened, the black man pushed Linda against the wall, lifted her denim skirt and stuck two fingers into her sopping cunt, took them out and lifted them to her face, and held them at her lips. Linda reluctantly licked at his black fingers. Having cleaned them he then stuck them back into her pussy and fingered her some more before returning them to her lips, where she again cleaned the cum from his long black fingers. The Black man then held one of his fingers to his own lips in a shushing fashion.

Finally, Ben finished the conversation and he and Linda left for the car.

What a night. Linda was ravished and raw, cummed and pissed on. Her tits were sore, and her pussy was an absolute sloppy mess. She also knew if Ben fucked her pussy that night the game would be up, but Linda had a plan.

As Ben drove, Linda lifted her singlet and started playing with her titties.

Ben almost died.

"Shall I pull over Linda," he asked. "No" she said, "keep driving, Ben!"

Linda then lifted her skirt and started rubbing her clit as she slid her fingers into her creamy cunt. Thankfully, it was dark, and she knew Ben wouldn't be able to see too much detail, but enough to be driving him insane.

"Do you like it when your wife masturbates in the car, Ben."

"Yes," Ben managed to reply.

"Would you like me to masturbate and finger myself and cum for you as all the strangers in their cars drive by? Maybe they will see your naughty wife naked..."

Ben's cock was so hard it was painful...

"Yes, I would love that Linda," he said.

Linda then grabbed her bag and pulled out a large deodorant bottle.

"What should I do with this?" she teased.

And before he could respond, she eased it inside of her sloppy hole.

"Emmm, that feels good Ben. It feels even bigger than your cock. Do you want me to fuck myself with it like a naughty wife might do?" she cooed.

"Yes, babe" was all he could manage as he frantically looked back and forth between the road and this woman he hardly knew, but now really loved!

"Oh, fuck that feels good in my pussy," she said as she rubbed her clit.

Ben was amazed as he watched almost the whole deodorant can disappear up her slippery cunt as she let out a satisfying sigh. Linda was pushing in deep and then letting it slide out just like a real cock. "Honey." She said, "This is much harder and bigger than your cock... it might ruin my pussy, do you want me to stop?" she asked.

"No" Ben stuttered.

"Keep going" he pleaded.

Linda then shoved the whole deodorant can inside her hole and grunted in great pleasure, "Oh, fuck that's good Ben. That's what it must feel like to have a fucking real man's cock in your pussy" she laughed.

With deodorant bottle now buried inside of her cunt, Linda was concentrating on masturbating as she gyrated her hips with increasing speed and started using filthy language that her husband had never heard her use.

"Oh fuck, Ben. My cunt is really enjoying this big cock." She delighted.

Looking at Ben wanking his own cock mesmerised at his hot wife, she knew he wouldn't last long.

"Oh Ben, do you want your wife to cum on this big fat cock? Do you want to cum while I have another cock in my pussy, baby?" She asked.

Ben was nodding and groaning... as he near his own climax.

"Oh Ben, I want to taste your cum" she said.

She quickly unclipped her seat belt and leaned over taking his cock in her mouth. He thrust immediately in her mouth as she sucked him while she masturbated herself to orgasm.

What started as a sexual tremble, became an uncontrollable tsunami of moaning and groaning as Linda sucked his little cock to an explosive orgasm filling her mouth with torrents of cum that triggered her own gut wrenching, bowel clenching orgasm that had her moaning so loud and calling out obscenities that her husband didn't even know her anymore.

"Oh yes, oh yes, Oh yes, you little fucker... oh fuck yes..." she cried out as her husband's salty cum flooded her filthy mouth.

Ben was so caught up in the moment he pushed her head down on his cock as hard as he could to extend his own magnificent orgasm. It was a miracle they did not have an accident!

Linda slumped back into her own seat and put her clothes back on. Hardly a word was spoken the rest of the way home as Ben was just trying to process what was the best and most exciting night of his entire life.

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