At a young age I discovered cock sucking. An older man offered me a ride as I waited at a bus stop late at night. I was 20, just returned from combat and had never considered sex with a man. I was sure I was a pussy lover only. His offer to play surprised but was too tempting to pass on.

The late night ride changed my world. I was horny and loaded with most of my inhibitions gone. First I had a man suck me off resulting in the most intense orgasm of my life. Then I enthusiastically asked the older man if I could suck him. And I fell in love with cock and cock sucking. And swallowing cum.

After the pick up by the older man I didn't suck another cock until I was in my late 30's. But I often thought about that night with me having a cock in my mouth. Often remembered the feeling of an erect cock tasting so good and the silky texture of the head and the ridges of veins on the shaft. Often remembered the salty thick cum pulsing in my mouth and thinking it was the most delicious nectar I'd ever experienced.

When my marriage went stale I began going to massage parlors and paid for a string of young and not so young women to massage me and suggest they might do something else if I had the money. Hand jobs, eating their pussies and blow jobs were all paid for and I never felt the satisfaction I was seeking. I always felt I was perpetuating young women being taken advantage of. And their general disinterest in the acts they committed was a turn off.

So at some point I picked up a local rag called the Oyster that focused on personal ads for hooking up. I was surprised to see the M4M listings were more than any other category in most issues of the weekly.

I started searching the ads to find a man who would allow me to suck him off so I could reenact the erotic memory I carried around. Eventually I did find a man in his fifties who exchanged emails with me about the possibility of getting together. He was close by and willing to host. We finally arranged a time for me to meet him at his house.

I initially drove around the block before I parked my car in front of his house just to check out the neighborhood. It was a newer development that was home to the upper middle class. I approached the door with a lot of anxiety sweeping over me. All sorts of negative scenarios ran through my mind. But the lure of cock was stronger and led me to ring the door bell.

The guy was average looking, a bit shorter than my six foot one height. Had a bit of a belly. Not too bad but definitely not in top shape. He was wearing only a pair of gym shorts and the bulge that swung freely inside the shorts made it clear he was only wearing the shorts. I was immediately focused on that bulge.

"So you want to undress and start things going?" he asked.

"Yeah, yeah....let me do that. So you want me totally nude?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, it makes it more exiting to see your cock and ass while you suck me."

I quickly undressed and went over to where he was standing. I did what I thought was expected of me. I kneeled before him and asked him if I could play with his cock. With a nod he gave me permission.

I started by taking my mouth and sucking the shaft of his cock into my mouth through the gym shorts. I found the head and sucked on it through the cloth. I was able to pull the head along with the loose cloth into my mouth. The gym shorts were getting soaked by my saliva and his pre-cum. I kept a tight seal on the head and furiously licked on the underside of the head. He was moaning with pleasure at my approach. After totally soaking the front of his shorts where I captured his cock, I put my head on the inner part of his thigh at the opening of the leg hole of the shorts. With my nose and mouth I moved the cloth of the area enough I could get the unclothed head of his cock in the clutches of my lips. My tongue felt the first touch of his smooth head. I sucked it inside my mouth and continued swirling my tongue around the ridge. I found his piss hole and put the tip of my tongue in the opening. I could taste the sweet fluid of his pre-cum. I pushed past the head down his shaft with my nose now inside the leg hole. He continued to moan.

I finally ended this foreplay and reached up to the top of the shorts pulling them down to pool around his feet. His cock sprung straight out a ninety degree angle touching my cheek as I worked to pull his shorts from under his feet. I turned to face his cock and without thinking swallowed half the length down my throat. It was an erotic delight to feel the hard cock stuffing my mouth. The fullness inside my mouth seemed to fill a need that I had far too long repressed. It was better than pussy. His cock was where it belonged. In my mouth.

I used my lips and tongue to go slowly up and down his shaft. I interrupted the sucking of his cock to lick down his shaft to his tight balls. I bathed first one and then the other ball with my tongue. Then took one ball inside my mouth with my tongue swirling as much as possible around the circumference. I moved on to the next ball with the same attention. Then I traced my tongue below his sac to the space between it and his puckered rosebud. My tongue teased the edge of his crack which made him gasp.

I returned to engulfing his cock in my mouth. It was a nice cock of about six and a half inches. Thick with big head. Circumcised. His pubic hair had been trimmed. I worked with slow long strokes down his shaft almost to his pubes and back up to the tip. I finally reached the pubic hair with my nose and lips as his cock was totally consumed by my mouth and throat.

I could tell he was getting close as he grabbed me by the hair at the top of my head and started pushing and pulling so my mouth ran back and forth on his shaft. Then he grabbed more hair and held my head still while he thrust his hips back and forth pushing his cock deep inside my mouth and then pulling back. I kept my lips as tight as I could while he literally fucked my mouth. I was slobbering spit all over his cock and it drooled down my chin.

After another five minutes of fucking my face I could feel a pulse on the underside of his cock. I could feel the cum pushing along his shaft and exploding inside my mouth. He pulled back so the sticky white cum sprayed my tongue. He shot four large streams of spunk into my mouth. I kept as much as I could inside rather than swallow. Some did drain down my throat. The cum was thick with a salty and metallic flavor. To me it was like an exotic dessert cream.

His cock finally stopped its quick jets of cum and simply oozed a stream of it for a second. I swirled the cum around inside my mouth and pulled away from his cock. I opened my mouth for him to view his cum on my tongue. Then quickly I swallowed the creamy spunk leaving only a covering of it lining my tongue.

I quickly cleaned the head of his cock to collect the remaining cum. I licked until his cock head was clean. He thrust his cock back in my mouth and told me to just hold it without sucking. I did as he asked and felt as his cock wilted back to it's normal size. It was exciting to feel.

He looked down at me with a dreamy look. I figured he would pull the plug in the aftermath of his orgasm. The moments of letdown and depression following a male orgasm seems common with most of us guys.

But I was pleasantly surprised. He suggested going back to his bedroom. Once we were on his queen size he asked me to masturbate until I came on the head of his cock. And then he demanded I suck my own cum off his cock and get him hard again.

It was really hot to think about. I had my own fantasy of licking my cum out my wife's pussy. I had jacked off and eaten my own cum. It was difficult. That physiological letdown after orgasm was real for me. Once I came I truthfully wanted to crawl back into the cave.

So I faced a test of how dedicated I could be in worshipping a man's cock. I started jacking off with his cock head near my cock's tip. It took some time because of some performance anxiety. But at last my cock started throbbing followed by four bursts of thick semen covering the head, the shaft and pubic hair of the guy. He was delighted with it and told me to clean it up.

"I want your mouth down there cleaning every drop of that cum. Leave the head for last. Once you get me hard I'm going to give ya a nice spunk facial. " he said. At first I hesitated. The desire to eat my cum had left my mind the moment the last shot of semen left my cock's tip.

But I bent my head down to his pubic area and started licking and sucking the viscous, slimy cum matted in the thick pubic hair. I cleaned his balls free of cum and licked up the shaft collecting a large amount dripping off the cock head.

Once I reached the tip I licked it clean and immediately swallowed him until my nose touched his patch. Once I started collecting my seed, hesitation turned to an excited eagerness

I slowy ran my lips back and forth from his groin to cock tip. I used my tongue with constant licking and kept a tight grip with my lips. His cock responded quickly and within minutes he grunted as I felt the first spasm along the shaft. He quickly pulled his engorged cock from my mouth. The flared hole at its tip opened and a forceful jet of cum shot onto my nose and mouth. Another blast hit my cheek followed by a splatter on my forehead. He made sure to paint my face with his seed. It was fascinating watching the semen being propelled by the contractions of his cock. Erotic as hell.

I felt his cum drip down my cheek and forehead and used two fingers to collect It to put into my mouth. I used my tongue to clean cum on my lips. Ran a finger along the bridge of nose. I never completely cleaned it until I went to his bathroom and washed my face.

After he finished spraying his cum on my face the guy was wasted. He shut down and it was clear be couldn't wait for me to leave. With drying cum still on my facade, I gathered my clothes, dressed and asked him to use his bathroom. After cleaning the dried spunk from my face I walked back through the bedroom. The guy was still lying on the bed with his cock dripping a small bead of seeping fluid. I asked if I could finish cleaning his cock, now flaccid. He nodded consent. I bent down to suck the soft head past my lips cleaning the remaining man juice. He moaned. I released his cock. Standing beside the bed I let him know I was headed out.

"Thanks dude. That was the best blow job I've ever had. You really get into it."

"Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for having me over. I loved sucking that nice cock of yours. The cum desert was damn tasty too."

"Glad I could feed you. Let me know if you get hungry again."

"Will do. " I told him.

For about a year I fed off his cock once or twice a month. He found many different ways to give me his seed.

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