It was a beautiful summers day, Lucy was pottering about in the kitchen. She had just unloaded the washing machine and was about to go out and hang the clothes out on the line in the garden. She heard the front door and recognised Aiden's footsteps. He came into the kitchen, Lucy reached up as usual to give him a welcome home kiss.
Aiden took her face in his hands and kissed her passionately, groaning. "I've been thinking about you all morning."
He moved his mouth down her neck and unfastened the halter neck of her dress. Reaching inside, he caressed her breasts, all the time kissing her. It didn't take Lucy long to join in, she unbuttoned his shirt and buried her face in his chest. Aiden lifted her skirt up and in one swift movement, slid her knickers off. At the same time Lucy tugged his belt off and undid his trouser buttons. He was already poking out the top of his pants, not for long! Aiden wiggled himself free. Gently pushing Lucy against the worktop he spread her legs and slid inside her creamy pussy. Even after all the years they had been together, the initial feeling of Aiden inside her still made Lucy gasp with pleasure.
Leaning against the surface with her breasts exposed and Aiden loving her she thought that life couldn't get any better. Through the haze she heard someone coming in the front door, quickly gathering herself together she tried to get her top on and Aiden covered up. They nearly made it, but Aiden's mate Billy walked into the kitchen shouting
"Hellooo, anyone home..........?"
It was pretty obvious what they were up to.
"Oh God." Billy blustered all flush. "I'm so sorry."
"No probs." Smiled Lucy as Aiden was still trying to sort himself out. "We should have locked the door. Be a love Aiden and tie my top up. Now, I can see you two have something to talk about. Pop the kettle on Billy. Aiden is a bit distracted at the mo. Mines a weak black tea, thanks. I'm just going to put the washing on the line." Spotting her knickers on the floor, she picked them up and popped them in her pocket. "Better take these with me." She laughed. Lucy reached up and gave Aiden a big kiss. "I'm saving you for later, bye Billy, hope you two have fun on your mission!" She wandered off out into the garden and started to peg the washing out.
Aiden and Billy stood speechless in the kitchen, both seemed to be a little bit in shock.
"What a women." Said Billy. "She's amazing, I can see what you two have together."
"Oh I know." Agreed Aiden, "She is something else. Nothing fazes her and she is so fucking sexy."
The two men discussed what Billy had come down for and Aiden called out to Lucy that he would be back in a bit. She waved goodbye and blew them both kisses. When they had gone, she locked the front door, rushed upstairs, grabbed her biggest vibrator and brought herself to an earthshattering orgasm. She had never been this turned on. Maybe this was her kink. Aiden and she often went out at night and had outdoor sex adventures, but they had never been caught, until now!
Her phone lit up with a message from Aiden. It was a row of very smiley face emojis saying that Billy couldn't stop apologising and that he Aiden would be back in an hour or so. He added that they would definitely lock the door so that they could carry on uninterrupted.
When Aiden got home Lucy told him how she had had to go upstairs and deal with the excitement he had left her with. Aiden showed her the massive bulge in his trousers and laughed about how he had to deal with it, especially with the comments from the rest of the lads.
He asked her to show him what she had done when he left. She said that the vibrator was upstairs, he said they could improvise with what was downstairs. So, he pulled her skirt up and sat her bare arse on the dining room table, spread her thighs wide open and told her not to move. Within seconds he was back brandishing a huge cucumber from the fridge. He handed it to her and asked her to show him what she had done earlier.
"I need to see it." He smiled.
She took the vegetable. "It's sooooo Cold." She laughed, then spread her legs wider and slowly pushed it into her hungry cunt. The coldness of it made her shudder, but the thickness of it and the look in Aiden's eyes made it so exciting. She pushed the cucumber in deeper and deeper, all the time looking Aiden straight in the face. Her skin was flushed, she could feel it, she went a little deeper then withdrew, in again and out and started to work up a rhythm. She glanced down, Aiden's trousers looked like they were going to explode, so she started to tease him with moans and groans and used her free hand to start rubbing her clit. As she was completely bare from the waist down everything was on show and Aiden could see her juices glistening. He couldn't take it anymore and dragged his pants down. His cock sprang out, massive and throbbing, he grabbed the cucumber from her, bit a chunk off then replaced it in her eager cunt with his warm pulsating member. The difference in temperature and thrust was amazing for Lucy. She cried out in delight and wrapped her legs around his neck to give him more access and depth. His rough pubes sent her bald pussy mad with sensations. It didn't take long for her to cum on his hard, thick rod. As she was cumming he pulled out of her and shot his hot load all over her quivering breasts. She lovingly massaged his cum into her creamy skin, licking her fingers and tweaking her own nipples, enjoying the bolts of electricity that shot through her body.
"As we are indulging in things we have never done before, I need you to come upstairs with me now." Aiden whispered breathlessly.
Lucy trotted up the stairs. Her legs and cunt shaking, but happy. Aiden ushered her into the bathroom and set the shower going. He went to the airing cupboard and brought two fluffy bath sheets and placed them next to the shower cubicle. Peeling off her cum soaked dress Aiden led her into the shower. He loaded up the sponge with gel and proceeded to wash her down. Starting with her shoulders and back, working hid way down to her globular arse cheeks, he snook into her bum crack but didn't invade her. He spun her around and paid the same attention to her front. Firstly massaging her shoulders, then sensuously cupping and smoothing her breasts, sometimes cheekily tweaking her nipples. He worked his way down to her smooth pussy, but again very gently and not paying too much attention to her clit or cunt.
Lucy piped up. "This is lovely and I would happily have you wash and smooth me all day, but you said you wanted to do something very different. We've done all this loveliness a lot of times."
Aiden looked sheepish. "I was working my way up to asking you. I'm not sure how you will take my request."
Lucy smiled at him. "We've been together for a very long time. I don't think you would do anything to hurt me and if it's something that will make you happy, I'm sure it will be fun for both of us."
"O.K." Aiden acknowledged. "I want to pee on you!"
"Wow." Replied Lucy. "I know you like to watch me pee and me to watch you, but I never thought that. Well it can't hurt and it is fun to try new things. How do you want to do it?!
Aiden asked her if she would kneel down.
"I want to splash it over your face, then turn you around, spread your arse cheeks and finish there. It will be fine, the shower will wash everything off."
"O.K" Smiled Lucy. "Sounds quite exciting, are you ready to go now?"
"God" Aiden sighed. "I'm absolutely bursting!"
"Let's do it then." Lucy grinned up at him as she knelt down. He took his hard cock in two hands.
"Just talking about this has totally turned me on." He whispered huskily. "Are you sure you really want to do this?"
"Of course. Do you want me to close my eyes?"
"Please watch." He groaned as he aimed his throbbing member at her upturned face and let loose with a forceful jet of hot piss. It poured down her willing face and onto her hard nipples. She left her hands down by her sides not knowing what to do with them. Aiden helped her up and turned her around. He spread her arse cheeks wide and finished off by spraying himself all over them and up her.
Lucy was far more excited than she ever thought she would be. Before she had a chance to tell Aiden, he was inside her. Pounding harder than he ever had before, she was so full of him. He suddenly withdrew and turned her around again pushing her to her knees as he started fucking her mouth, making her gag. It was like he was in a trance, just as she was beginning to panic he started to cum with hot thick spurts, straight down her throat.
"God, I'm so sorry, but you got me so turned on." He dropped to his knees and stood her up. Spreading her legs, he buried his face in her smooth pussy. She was so excited, she started grinding and pushing herself into his face. The water was still flowing over both of them and it wasn't long before she was gasping and crying with the ecstasy of her orgasm, cumming hard on his bearded smiley face.
"Mmmmmmmm, I have had the best day." Lucy murmured as she looked down at her lovers face. He reached up and turned the shower off. Leading her out of the cubicle, he wrapped her up gently in one of the big fluffy towels.
They went into the bedroom and lay down on the bed side by side. Holding her in his arms he whispered. "So have I.""

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