What a morning and what a gorgeous view! I was standing near the top of a small mountain in the eastern trails of San Diego watching the sun start to break through the morning haze. We just completed a challenging but not expert level hike up the mountain. It was early enough on a Sunday that many were still in bed and the trail wasn't crowded.

I also happened to be in an area off the main trail that was technically roped off from the public due to the sharp steepness of the terrain. We were just feet away from others walking the trail. However, this didn't stop my adventurous hiking partner! In fact, I currently had both my basketball shorts and boxers around my ankles with my hard cock feeling the morning dew as well as my hiking partner's lips. Even out of sight like this, my comfort levels were being pushed and that's the way Heidi liked it!

I looked away from the gorgeous scenic view to another gorgeous view below me. With her long jet-black hair slicked back in a tight ponytail, Heidi's mouth was ferociously bouncing up and down my shaft. I now knew the reason why Heidi was really pushing us to get up that mountain in record time this morning. I could already feel the tenseness in my legs from the workout and planned on taking it easy the rest of the day. For Heidi and her beautifully sculpted body, this was probably just some warm-up workout!

Oooohhhh...that felt good as she flicked her tongue on the sensitive underside of my dick!

Ever since my birthday weekend, I could tell that I was a mysterious puzzle to Heidi! She was perplexed on how I turned the tables on her dominatrix act. I could also tell that she was curious to see if she could find a way to regain the upper hand on me. It has got to a point where I felt as if I was a social experiment for her. On my part, I wasn't about to tell her about HRS-101 and its powers of persuasion over females. In fact, she was going to be the last person that I would ever tell about this! I could imagine some medieval torture rack in the basement of her lair that I would spend the rest of my pitiful days in if I did! Instead, I kept a few extra pills on me as a precaution anytime that we hung out which I luckily haven't yet needed! And so far, the results have been as pleasurable as this morning's blowjob!

She was really lathering up my dick at this point and I would happily mark my territory on both her and the side of this mountain if she kept it up! Of course, Heidi had different ideas and stood up! She quickly peeled down her super-tight yoga pants. Facing away from the side of the mountain, she bent her ass towards my hard-on. Not wanting to slide to my death or launching Heidi to hers, I dug my newly bought hiking boots into the terrain. I grabbed her by the waist and gradually guided myself into her. As we settled into a slow and methodical pace, I realized that this was an even better view than before with the almost desert-like landscape in the background and this ravishing imported Mexican ass in the foreground!

As expected, Heidi grew impatient within a few minutes and wanted to increase both the intensity and speed of our all-terrain adventure. Damn, this girl loved living on the edge and I surprisingly obliged as my nerves gave way to my lust! As I picked up the pace and started to grunt in earnest, Heidi started to moan and laugh at the same time.

"Hmm... forget coffee, a hike and a fuck is the best way to start your day!"

I smiled and shook my head in disbelief! No wonder Heidi and Laney were such close friends!

As I continued to drive myself into Heidi, she reached up to her tank top and removed both it and the sports bra underneath in one quick fluid motion. She leaned back as her breasts were greeted by the warm rays of the now fully emerged morning sun. I couldn't resist as I moved my hands from her sides to cup her breasts while shortening but not letting up on my strokes into her. She moaned and then laughed again!

"Men and their obsession with tits!"

I was too lost in the moment to verbally respond as I felt the flesh of her breasts heave from the palms of my hands to my outstretched fingers and then repeat. We continued to bump and grind as quietly as we could... well I don't think either one of us cared at that moment, so we were probably not that quiet! Hopefully, nobody was paying attention or cared! At this point, I could really start to feel the burn in the back of my legs especially in my calves. I needed to get Heidi to orgasm as quickly as possible as I still needed to conserve enough energy to get back down the mountain. With my fingertips, I started to pinch and pull on her nipples. Her response was immediate as her moaning became shallower and more frequent. For her part, one of her arms reached around and grabbed my head while the other disappeared in front of her. I soon felt her fingers rub against both my hard-on and her pussy. It wasn't going to be long now...

"Oh Johnny, keep pumping, I'm almost there...mmm...mmmmm... ahhhh..."

As Heidi lost herself into her orgasm, I reluctantly moved my hands from her tits and grabbed her tightly by the waist anchoring us as best as I could. Now completely under the throes of her orgasm, she covered her own mouth in a desperate attempt to muffle the sounds of her moaning. Thank goodness that she did as I did not want to be arrested for lewd acts in public which would have led to the most embarrassing phone call ever to my parents! I'm pretty sure that Mikey would have been proud though, especially after getting a glimpse of Heidi!

As Heidi regained her composure, I loosened my grip around her waist and slowed my pumping. I could feel my own orgasm building, so I whispered in Heidi's ear that it was my turn. Heidi flipped herself around and got into a catcher's position while making sure to anchor her feet as well. As she started to pump my dick, she looked up and smiled coyly at me. While maintaining a pretty firm grip as she pumped, Heidi leaned in and started to teasingly blow on my mushroom tip. Of course, I felt my hard-on involuntarily start to twitch in response as Heidi chuckled in delight.

"Damn, you and Laney were cut from the same cloth!"

"I taught the young Padawan well!"

Did she just utilize a Star Wars reference? Did this raven-haired Mayan goddess have a little nerd in her blood?

I didn't have much time to ponder this little tidbit as I soon felt my dick engulfed by Heidi's mouth. She continued to pump my dick at the base with her hands while bobbing up and down the top half of my shaft with her mouth. Not daring to grab her ponytail or any part of her head in fear of the consequences, I rested my hands on her shoulders.

I wasn't in this position long as I felt my orgasm building faster and faster in my body. Heidi could sense my body tense up and responded by impossibly turning up the intensity another notch. Within seconds, I felt the surge and release of my orgasm throughout my body. Unlike our first encounter, Heidi expertly took the first burst of cum in her mouth. This was followed by multiple bursts of semen as my body pulsed in ecstasy. After draining my load into her mouth, Heidi released her grip on my dick. I looked down and I could have sworn that I could see the impressions left by her fingers on the base skin of my dick. I put my hands to my sides to catch my breath and wrap my brain around the audacity of this public sex act!

Utilizing my body as a ladder, Heidi climbed back to her feet. Once we were eye-level, we locked eyes and she smiled with her lips sealed shut. In dramatic fashion, she then swallowed my load in one loud gulp!

"A hike, a fuck and a protein shake! Top of the morning to you too Johnny!"

I shook my head in disbelief. We just had sex at the near summit of a popular hiking trail, and she reacted as if this was a typical Sunday!

We quickly changed and tried to inconspicuously return to the hiking path. We were greeted by three young gentlemen pretending not to notice that we popped out of nowhere. From the looks of their haircuts, they were obviously military and most likely from the local Navy Base. Even without make-up, their jaws dropped when Heidi smiled at them as she walked by. As if they lacked control of their own bodies, their necks whiplashed to watch as Heidi walked away from them. I was a few feet behind her and gave them a friendly head nod. In return they nodded their heads at me in appreciation and I'm sure a tad bit of jealousy. I responded by holding my head just a tad bit higher than before!

Once we got out of earshot, Heidi turned to me. "Do you think those guys knew?"

I chuckled. "Oh yeah, they knew! And I'm pretty sure each one of them wanted to trade places with me!"

'Oh, you're so sweet Johnny! No wonder you are fuck friends with the others!"

I again chuckled in disbelief at Heidi's lack of a verbal filter. "Thanks Heidi, I think!"

"Speaking of which, where's your little Pixie at?"

With a quick chuckle, I answered "Well, the Pixie is with the kids-free Minx for the weekend."

Heidi stopped in her tracks and turned to me.

"Johnny, do you mind if I give you some unsolicited advice?"

I looked at Heidi's sharp but delicate facial features. I could stare into her caramel colored eyes all morning as they were currently filled with warmth and friendliness. How is this the same woman that gets off on a S&M lifestyle?!? I smiled and simply nodded in response to her rhetorical question as I knew that this strong-willed lady was going to give me the advice whether I wanted to hear it.

"I know that you have feelings for April. You are good at hiding it, but I see it when you are with her. You might be hooking up with the rest of us for fun, but I'm pretty sure that there is more to it with her."

I nodded in agreement but didn't say anything else.

"And you understand April was deeply hurt, and it might take her a while to be ready for a new relationship. I can tell that she does like you and surprisingly, she also likes Laney. In my opinion, she just can't give either of you more than she has from an emotional standpoint."

All of this wasn't a newsflash to me, but I let Heidi continue nonetheless.

"Johnny, this is fun for all of us involved, but I think you need to go on an actual date with somebody. Someone who is not already physically involved with you so that you can potentially connect with this person. Otherwise, I just see you end up getting hurt by April's lack of emotional availability."

Even with a thick accent, I marveled at Heidi's use of the English language especially considering it was her second language. She might be a head-strong dominatrix but there was a lot more to Heidi as I got to know her.

"So, you think that I need to put the friends with benefits stuff aside so that I can romance some new girl?"

"Look, all that I am saying is that April mentioned that you recently got your swagger back. I just think that you need to utilize that regained confidence to meet somebody that you can connect to."

"Wow, strange conversation coming from somebody that I just had a hike and a fuck with a few minutes ago!"

This time it was Heidi who chuckled. "Well, it shouldn't be that much of a surprise! We've really got to know each other over the last few weeks and you know that I'm not exactly the bashful type!"

"True, but what about the others?"

Heidi smiled as she continued. "I know that you're having fun with Laney and Anita, but as you know, their priorities are a tad different from a guy in his mid-twenties!"

She was right. I enjoyed both Laney and Anita tremendously, but I knew that there were bridges there that I was simply not ready to cross at this time. I continued to silently nod at Heidi.

"Okay, so have you ever thought of dating Carly? Look she's cute, vivacious, and lots of fun! I've really got to know her well over the last few weeks and she seems like a good fit for you!"

I tried to hide my poker face. Unknown to either Heidi or Carly, I was not only aware but also more importantly behind them getting to know each other better...in an intimate fashion. Damn it, this dominatrix is now trying to play Cupid with me!

Before I responded, I looked up and realized that we were almost back at the base of the hiking trail. Time was flying by.

"Look Heidi, I agree with everything that you just stated about Carly. However, she's my roommate's sister, and I feel that the 'you don't shit where you eat' philosophy applies to this situation."

Heidi rolled her eyes at my response. "She says the same exact shit, and guess what, I call bullshit on both of you! And your roommate, Brett... well, you never talk about him and look he didn't even show up for your birthday getaway! If you and Carly are attracted to each other, just get it on already! You only live once!"

No bullshit indeed! I laughed at Heidi's pitch.

"It's not that simple. I don't want to screw up a good living situation with my roommate so that I can date his sis..."

Before I could finish, I felt a sudden blow to my gut and immediately fell to my knees gasping for air. After such a hike and some morning sex, my body didn't recover as quickly as I wanted it to. Before I could look up, I felt Heidi shield me with her body from whomever just sucker punched me.

"What the fuck was that? We're just finishing up, you piece of shit!!"

I started to hear a chuckle from the perpetrator indicating that whoever this dickhead was showing absolutely no immediate remorse for his actions. I slowly gathered myself and stood up. As I got back on to my two feet, my eyes locked in with the intense glare of my not so favorite police officer.

"J.R., what the fuck man?"

"Look, you take April away from me and you still find time to get it in with other bitches! You are one greedy piece of shit! I'm going to tell April about you and this chick here."

Before I could respond, Heidi interjected. "Go ahead dipshit, tell April that you caught us hiking. How scandalous! In fact, I'll call April right now. I'm sure that she'll be extremely upset that two of her friends are having a morning hike!?!"

J.R. just stood there with his hands on his hips taking deep, steady breaths. He was still fired up but now was thinking things over. I looked at him and he was dressed in hiking clothes. Shit, this must have been the worst possible coincidence of all time!

I shook my head as I began to talk. "Look shit for brains, whatever happened between you and April had nothing to do with me! We're friends... we're not dating...so why don't you get the hell out of here and enjoy your hike!"

J.R. didn't appreciate my tone and stepped towards me. He looked ready to throw some haymakers. I've had my fair share of scuffles back on the East Coast but I'm not stupid enough to throw down with a cop even when he's off-duty. However, I might not have a choice in this situation.

As J.R. made another step, I felt Heidi brush up against me as she lunged in between us. She put the palm of her hand firmly on my chest to stop me from doing anything.

"Look, J.R., I'm an attorney and I'm pretty sure that we have you on assault at this moment. And there's plenty of people around right now to attest to your idiocy."

J.R. smugly replied. "I'm a cop sweetheart, good luck with that shit!"

Heidi didn't back down and squared herself up to him as she removed her hand off me and crossed her arms. "Okay, you want to play, dirtbag. Let's go down to the precinct right now and talk to your boss or whoever is currently in charge. I'm pretty sure that he'll love to hear about your jealous rage. It might be a simple complaint, but it would be a bug in his ear and I'm sure that he'll keep an eye closely on you after that."

J.R.'s expression didn't change, but I could tell he was weighing his options. He finally started to back away, but he continued to glare at me.

"Hey Romeo, you better watch your ass and stay away from April! You're lucky that this attorney is here, or things would have drastically turned out differently for you."

I nodded and decided to take the high road in this one. "Have a nice day J.R.!"

As he walked away onto the trail, Heidi turned to me with a huge shit-eating grin.

"You're not a lawyer, are you?!?"

She winked at me and replied. "Nope, I'm a real estate agent."

I laughed at the audaciousness of Heidi. That took some gall to lie to a cop even one that is off duty.

"Thank you, Heidi, I appreciate it!"

She winked at me again. "Don't thank me yet, I just figured out how to get you and April out of this situation with that jerk-wad!"

Now, I was pleasantly perplexed. "Ok, you have my attention, what do you have in mind?"

"I don't know J.R. but I've seen him before. Let's just say he and some of his boys in blue like to role play with some of my friends."

Holy Shit! I stared at Heidi in disbelief.

"I have the beginning of a plan that I need some time to flesh out. Could you please do me a favor?"

"What's that?"

"I need three ladies who don't mind a little kinkiness and are willing to help out April."

My mind was racing as I knew the perfect candidates and with a little help from the HRS-101, they would surely be in. "Heidi, I definitely have some people in mind for you."

Heidi smiled briefly and then re-focused on me with a serious look. "Look, I know that Laney would want to help out April in a heartbeat, but she can't be one of the three. She's got two daughters and I don't want her mixed up in this."

I stared at Heidi again in disbelief as the weight of whatever plan she was formulating hit me. "But you are okay with putting other ladies at risk?!?"

Heidi shook her head. "No, I'm confident that I can pull this plan off, but I don't want Laney involved. Do it as a personal favor to me?"

"Okay, understood." Laney was an obvious choice, but I'll figure something out.

"Okay, Johnny, today's Sunday. You got three days as I want to meet on Thursday with the ladies and get this done by next Saturday."

"Wow, that's a tight schedule!"

"Well that jackass isn't going to stop! In fact, I only see things escalating."

"Okay, I can do that."

"Good, let's head back to your place and hit the showers! I heard that you have a thing for tits and suds!"

I laughed as I pictured the water cascading down the voluptuously bronzed body of Heidi. "Guilty as charged!"

Monday Night - Vixen # 1

I pulled into the strip mall just after 8 pm. For a Monday night, it was relatively busy, but I had no problem finding parking. As I walked over to the yoga studio, I surveyed the area. A taco shop on its left and a dry cleaner and nail salon on its right. Just your typical strip mall. As I got to the front entrance of the studio, I was greeted by a group of fit females in windbreakers with colorful water bottles (mostly in shades of pink and purple) in hand exiting. It was a beautiful mix of women ranging from 20-something year old hotties to finely aged MILF's! I didn't see any males in this class! Why did I not come earlier?

As the number of ladies started to trickle down, I was still waiting to catch a glimpse of the one that I came to see. When I saw daylight at the door, I quickly maneuvered my way in. On one side of the wall was a row of stationary punching bags in the form of just a torso and head. There was also an array of mobile pads that you can either strap to your arms or legs.

"Hey Johnny, don't you think that you're just a tad bit late?!?"

I glanced over and there was Nicki smiling at me with her hands firmly planted on her hips. She had her hair in a tight ponytail, but I could see her signature curls trying to break free! Her face had a slight reddish glow while her body exhibited a light glisten of perspiration from tonight's class. She was wearing black bicycle shorts that not only looked spray-painted onto her body but also gave a hint of a camel toe. My dick certainly woke up as I noticed this! She was showing off her washboard abs with just a pink sports bra covering her upper body.

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