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Slick slick slick

I continued stroking my erect cock on a Friday night to a blonde porn star with huge tits that were bouncing rapidly as her pussy got drilled by the man's cock. I was graduating high school this week and couldn't be happier to explore college life in a few months. I was getting close to cumming as the girl's big bubble butt started to ride the huge dick. The guy kept going roughly, and she began to moan louder so I jerked harder, harder.

I was very close, like now I will co-

My door opened fully.

"Hey Zack I saw your light was still on did you want to make-" My sister stopped herself seeing her brother jerking off with dick in his hand and could hear the girl on the screen orgasming. I was cut short and did not come. I felt scared, what could I say to make this less awkward?

"I'm listening, you were saying?" I uttered and my hand was still magnetically attached to my cock so I tried to cover myself up, not noticing my Beautifully black haired sister staring too long at my nude body.

"Are you free?" She said. She had already covered her face with a hand surely she didn't mean to barge in or mean to see the forbidden flesh. It made me giggle. She was always being innocent and mature.

"What's so funny?" She asked still not looking at me.

"I like how you reacted. Come on we're just siblings." I say that but it's far from our lineage. I resemble a lot to my dads side, European background with brown hair with blue/greenish eyes while my sister is very resemblant of our mom who is of Arabic descent with long thick dark hair, big round hazel eyes, and my favorite quality was her rich smooth tan skin. We were siblings but looked far from it.

"Well if you're done being a perv I was gonna say let's bake some cookies, I got a sweet tooth craving right now."

"Sure give me five minutes and I'll be down there." I said. She dropped her hand down back to her side and looked to me, and smiled, giving a more accepting look to me. Rather than upset she acted in kindness.

"Well put your friend away and get ready!" She said and left, walking down the stairs back to the kitchen. I never got much of a look at this angle of her, a complete rear view of her swaying ass. As I watched her I noticed that she's grown, her legs had gotten thicker, her ass more developed, she was taller too. My cock twitched at the sight which made my focus go back to the porn.

One year later

It was close to the end of my first year of college. It mostly went well over there except for my recent breakup with my girlfriend. I decided to come back home for the weekend and refresh myself. I wanted to be back somewhere familiar.

As Saturday went by I met up with a friend from high school and talked about college. Time flew as we talked and played video games, it was night time where I had to be quiet in getting back inside home.

As I was heading to my room, I walked by my sister's door, her door had a generous crack into her room. Light was shining out of it. She likely didn't realize it was half open, as I heard her making noises inside. Curious, I decided to peak inside.

Looking into her room caught my eye as I saw her almost nude and only wearing a light red thong, her nice black hair was a mess around her shoulders and back. She was on her bed with her ass out. I don't know why but I kept watching, appreciating the sight of her nude body.

The more seconds I spent watching I noticed she was slightly bumping up and down, likely humping on her bed. As I tried to get a better view I instinctively began to rub my cock as it got hard at the sight of my sister's movements. She went harder onto her bed, now I could see it. She was riding some dildo, a big one. I looked at her and wasn't sure of myself, was she crying? I stopped jerking my cock and opened the door fully.

"Hey sis."

She stopped her rocking, hid her sex toy and turned around covering her pussy. She placed an arm over her chest but it didn't do much to hide her sagging tits. Her boobs had grown surely, they were a nice size and fit her body well.

"Zack!! Look away!" She said anxiously.

"What? I don't care. I wasn't sure what was going on, hearing the noises you were making. It's no big deal. What you were doing was no different than what I did when you stumbled in."

You shouldn't see me like this! Turn around!" I didn't and continued to scan her.

"It's fine. You look beautiful naked. You have a really nice body" I said. She looked away, her cheeks went pink, but she went to clear her eyes.

"You were watching me?" She asked innocently.

"Yeah" I kept my answer short.


"I was curious about what you were doing. And what about you? Were those tears?" I asked. She wiped eyes again.

"It's nothing, it happens when I do this." She looked at me more innocently. "Have you been watching me before without me knowing?"

"No I swear it on our parents and dogs." I put my right hand on my heart.

She took a deep breath looking more relieved. "Good." And gave me that same smile a year ago, as if she was telling me something, but her tits distracted me.

"Hey stop looking at my tits." She tried to cover them up more.

"It's hard when you don't have a shirt on." I walked over and grabbed a white t-shirt from the floor and helped put it on her. Putting her head through the top she then smiled to me and I hugged her.

"I'll always be here if you need." I hugged her tighter then let go and walked out to go to bed.

A Few Months Later

I was in my second year now and was back at home again. This time it was to help my sister with watching over the dogs. Our parents were away for an entire week.

For the first night I made dinner for us two, making an easy penne alla vodka. I texted her to come down and she arrived at the table in her navy sweatpants, and a normal fit white t-shirt. Her long dark hair covered her shoulders and went down almost to her waist.

I was already eating before she got here. She sat down and began eating quicker than usual.

"Is college going well?" She asked while looking down and eating her spaghetti.

"It is, I've made new friends, joined a couple of clubs this year so the weekends are always a blast. But still not sure what to major in."

"That's good, hopefully you'll find what major is right in the near future." She said without looking to me.

"Yeah that would be nice." I said and there was a long pause, longer than usual. It's not like this was the first time we were eating dinner with just the two of us.

"Thanks for making this Zach." She said as she finished the food. She went back upstairs quickly, preventing me from asking her if she wanted to watch a movie or something.

I cleaned up the dishes then took out the dogs. I came back inside and went to relax watching some tv. A bit later my urge to jerk off came. Masterbating would be challenging though. I didn't have a Smart TV to look up porn. My laptop was at college because I forgot it and using my outdated iPhone wouldn't help. I thought about what else could make me come. No, how about who else. I then remembered her nice curvy body, just thinking of it got me hard. I don't completely agree with the idea but my sister could help me. A simple handjob will be enough. I immediately got up, looked to her door and walked there.

I opened the door without knocking and came to see my sister already half nude, laying on her bed and rubbing between her legs. She looked up then covered her breasts and closed her legs.

"Zachary what are you doing?!"

"I'm having trouble finding a way to jerk off. I need your help." I said firmly, taking a few steps.

"What?" She questioned, sitting up straight now. Every second my eyes stayed in her bare chest, my dick grew to its full length.

"I need you to jerk me off." I dropped my pants and boxers, freeing my throbbing cock. Her eyes went down to it and stayed there until I talked. "Will you help me?"

"But we can't... it's not right for us to do." She put a finger to her mouth. Keeping her eyes on my waist.

"The sex isn't right, a simple handjob wouldn't hurt." I took a few steps closer to her. "I want my nice sister to help me out. Doing a favor for your brother isn't wrong."

She got up off the bed and over to me, her hands brushed my hips which felt great. She then got on her knees, looking directly at my erect cock.

"Not the first time I've seen it." She gripped the base and stroked me slowly. My cock thickened to her warm touch.

"Suck my cock sis."

She stopped her stroking and held my cock, how dare she make me wait like this. "You're forgetting something." She teased as she put her lips to the tip of my cock, rubbing against it.

"Suck it please." I said. She rolled out her tongue beginning to wrap it around my hungry dick.

"Brother you always follow up requests with a compliment. Tell me one." She mumbled with my cock mostly around her mouth.

"You're... sexy, so sexy Aleahah. You're so sweet and I find that as such a turn on."

"That's a good brother." She moved her mouth over me, putting most of my dick in her warm mouth. She began to suck me off, her tongue licked around my head. She sucked back and forth. My cock was fully in pleasure, it was pulsating. Her strokes continued, and she began to use her hand to jerk me off as well. She went back and forth still at a good pace and now making gagging noises. Her oral skills were good and it got me close to coming.

"I'm close" I said, I wanted more of her sucking, so I put my hand behind her head and assisted her with sliding her plush lips on my dick. My sweet sis is able to have every inch of me inside her mouth. She then moaned for the first time, a sound I wouldn't forget. Her blowjob continued with her thick now wet lips massaging my cock. I couldn't handle it anymore though I needed to fuck my beautiful sister.

I patted her shoulder and pulled out of her mouth, a bunch of saliva on my cock and her mouth dripped out.

"Get on your back, I wanna fuck my baby sis." I said with gritting my teeth.

To my surprise she didn't question it and only smiled as she got up, and led me to an end of the bed, holding my hand walking over there. I looked down to see her round ass bounce while walking, was my sister always this hot?

She moved onto the bed laying down and opened her legs to me. My cock got harder, itching more to be in her. I moved up to take and removed her light blue panties.

But as I looked down, my desire started to go away. My cock seemed small next to her pussy and her folds. I pictured that I'd barely be able to go deep in her. How could I pleasure her with this small cock?

"Why do you seem down?" She looked up to me with a hand rubbing my leg which felt good.

"I.. I just think I'm too small. Wish I was just a bit bigger." I said softly. Her warm hand left my leg and seized my cock and began to stroke it. I loved the pressure, I felt my waist and legs tense up becoming all tingly.

"Nonsense, it's a perfect size for any girl, plus you have girth." She said, It made me feel a bit better. Her eyes went from me back down to our waists, her pupils growing bigger.

I looked back up to her.

"Do you do this a lot? Being nude on your bed."

She looked to me innocently. "I'm just really horny at times."

Just Like me when I used to be here. I thought.

"That's hot, you definitely have a nice body."


"Yes." I said and my hard cock made me instinctively reach down on her pussy. I rubbed her entrance with the tip of my cock making her purr. I noticed that unlike the other girl's I hooked up with, her pussy was more hairy.

"You don't shave?" I asked.

"No, is that okay?" She said more quietly.

"Yeah, it's perfect, you have a nice hairy pussy." I she giggled. I smiled to her then pulled her legs to my waist as my hungry cock was begging me to fuck her.

I grabbed my cock which now more veiny than usual and placed the tip at her folds. Rubbing against her. It was like an instrument, every movement made a sound come out of her.

"Fuck me Zachary, fuck me already."

"Hold on, I'm starting slow." I said and she nodded.

I entered her, easily sliding in. She tightened onto my cock and it felt amazing being inside of my pretty sister.

"You feel sooo good sis" I said weakly, enjoying her pussy's soft grip on my cock. I went further into her as far as I could, making her moan. I then slowly pulled back and repeated. I went slow to feel her and see what she liked. Then I picked up my pace seeing she liked it every time I would slam my full length into her.

"Mmmm" She moaned continuously, I did as well.

"Have you thought of me before?" She was barely able to say. I continued to fully thrust into her.

"No, I didn't see you like this. But I mean you have a nice body from the last time I saw you nude. Did you think of fucking me?"

"A few times" She uttered in a moaning voice as her mind was into her pussy being fucked. I picked up my pacing working her pussy good now. She started to moan louder almost sounding like a cry.

"Yeahhh... love your pussy sis."

I pounded harder, harder with each new thrust. The slapping of our flesh got to a solid noise level. I kissed her as I leaned over. I grabbed hold of one of her breasts and rubbed it, I enjoyed feeling every part of her. I enjoyed hearing the pleasure come from my sister.

With my hard thrusting into her, I lost my balance while being leaned over and fell atop her chest. I felt embarrassed but she laughed and helped me adjust myself. Her laughter was a cure and I took my hand off her breast and behind her face to pull her in for a heated kiss. Her hands moved to my waist and head and began to rub them. She was so sweet with her touch.

"I'm close to coming." She said.

"Me too."

As I now laid on the bed next to her, I went at a good pace, feeling her count clench harder onto my dick with each solid thrust, our flesh slapping each other.

"Come for me sis, I wanna hear you orgasm. Scream for me." I whispered into her ear. I felt her grip me and my dick harder as she came.

"AHHH!!! YES!!!" her legs quivered, her juices ran down onto my cock. She panted hard in place as I continued fucking her. I also felt ready to come for her. I wanted to pull out for safe measures but as I continued my thrusting my control was weak and I couldn't get out in time.

"Fuuuck I'm not pulling out. Shiiit" I emptied my load of cum into her, covering her cunt in white. Some of my cum began to drip out from my last thrusts. I knew I had fucked up and she would yell at me.

As my spasming stopped, she didn't scold me for cumming inside her. She instead moaned still and rubbed around her clit. She then took her hand to bring me in for another heated kiss.

"You shouldn't have cummed inside me brother." She said and I dropped my head away from her.

"I know. Sorry." She pulled my dick out of her dripping cunt and got on her knees. She grabbed my cock hungrily and put my dick into her mouth and slurped all of my cum and her juices off.

As she finished sucking me dry, I helped her back up. She looked at me with her dark hair, big hazel eyes which never looked as beautiful before.

"I enjoyed this." I said.

"I liked this too." She said and gave me another short kiss.

"Sorry again for cumming inside you."

I broke off from her now feeling more tired from all the work, driving, cooking and now sex. I got my clothes and started to walk out of her bedroom. Unsure of what to say.

"Zachary." She called and I turned back to her. She was still nude with her breasts hanging down.

"We got six more nights together to ourselves." She rubbed her breasts and cunt. I was drawn to going back to her. I didn't give a fuck at this point. Sleeping with my sister. What a one in a lifetime opportunity this night was.

"Sharing the same bed too." I said, with my dick solid hard again thanks to her bouncing tits of excitement as I walked back into my sister's room.

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