When john woke up the next morning he walked into the living room but saw that his sisters were still asleep. He walked toward the closet and pulled out a .45 and a holster and strapped it to his waist. He walked to the door and opened it and slowly looked around. All that was not normal was that the body was still there. He walked out to the food shed and grabbed some of the fresh bacon he had and would cook breakfast before his sisters woke up. While on the way back to the house he looked down at the body of the cashier and spat at it and said "Poor bastard". When he went to walk away he felt something slimy and cold grab the back of his leg and he was frozen to the spot. He wheeled around with the .45 cocked back. He saw the spawn of satan trying to bite his leg, to feed, he quickly fired two bullets into the center of its head. He put the pistol back and ran into the house slamming the door. Evidentally the multiple shots had woken them up, because they were standing in the living room. It took him awhile to notice that neither of them had a peice of clothing on and were completely shaven. He handed them the bacon and said he had to dispose of the body. He grabbed his lighter and walked to the wood shed and started a fire in the center of the clearing when he had the fire blazing he walked over and picked up the body. Quickly he threw it in the fire and it gave a wicked hiss. Slowly there was nothing left other than bones he pulled off his shirt and threw it in to. When he walked inside his sisters were dressed and he said im going to take a bath. "Ok but why did you burn you shirt?" "It had the blood of that beast on it." "Oh ok hurry up breakfast is almost over".
When he stepped inside the shower he looked at his cock how had seeing his sisters like that do this to him. He slowly sled down and started to stroke himself. After bout ten minutes he heard a knock on the door. " Breakfast is done, hurry up" "Ok damn just give me some time" "Sorry just trying to let you know damn" "Sorry sis" She was gone. He looked at his body he had came all over himself he washed it off and quickly got dressed. When he had gotten to the kitchen Jessi was already done and insisted she take the truck out and go scalvage what she can safetly from the town. Reluctently he agreed and handed her his revolver. She took it and insured she would be back in awhile. After she was gone Krissy got up and walked away shaking her ass hard as she did. It instently got John hard and he muttered "Tease". She must have heard him she turned around and walked over to him and sat on his lap. "What was that?" "Nothin dont worry bout it" Slowly she leaned in and kissed john passionately. "He grabbed her legs and wrapped them around him and walked to the the bedroom and layed her on the bed. he quickly shed off all of his clothing and ripped hers off to follow suit. He kissed her down her body to her shaven mound. With every kiss she realeashed a soft moan. "Mhm please just hurry up and fuck me im tired of my fingers and Jessi's tongue" He kept kissing her clit and licked it feriously and slid two fingers into her wer vagina. THen after several "Fuck mes" he crawled in between her legs and let two of his eight inches slide in and it just stopped. "Your a virgin?" "Duh dipshit" "Not a smart thing to say to the guy who has a quarter of his cock in you." "Ugh im sorry please just do it" He pulled almost all the way out and slammed in and her hymen broke. She let out a loud scream. "Oh fuck yes harder please faster" He quickened his pace and slammed harder for a few minutes "Ahh damn im cumming " He looked at her body as it started to arch. "Please johnny cum with me" "In you?" he asked with a look of surprise. "Yes" she screamed. In two quick blows he had blown his whole load all inside of her tight pussy. He collapsed onto her and they started to kiss. Then when they were ready to go again they heard the car door slam. John jumped up and pulled his clothes on and ran into the living room. When his sister came in she had a look of terror on her face. "WHats wrong?" "Nothing its just everything down there is crawling with those.. those things" "The gun shop?" "Boarded up." "Gas station?" "No more gas" "So your saying we are fucked?" "No i drove to the town on the other side of the path and everything is still great except the people are still dead. John was the first to speak "Ill go check it out tomorow". As john woke up in the morning he walked out to his truck with a rifle and revolver. He drove to town and ran inside of the new gun shop before the zombies noticed him moving. He walked in and saw high power rifles and loaded them up and drove back to his ranch. When john got home he walked in on his sisters. Jessi was laying on the couch her legs spread open and krissy between her licking up every bit of jessi's sweet tender pussy. John alked in and slide his pants off. "Can i join" john asked smiling. Krissy looked up and pulled off her underwear "why not?" she asked. John quickly got up behind her and started to thrust hard and deep into her soaking wet pussy.Her pussy was even better the second time. He wrapped her hair around his hand and lowered her head back to jessi's pussy and slammed in making her forcefully eating out her sister. He fucked her what seemed like hours befoe hr legs gave out and she was shaking in orgasms. Now it was jessi's turn. He grabbed jessi and layed her on her back. "what are you gonna do" she asked worried. "help you" he replyied. He slammed in her quick and hard. Busting her cherry and making her eyes roll back. He was just getting into it hen there was a sound of a horn in the front yard.

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