Austin looked up and nodded yes.

Jessica was loving this and continued, "I've never met anyone named Aus...Aust...Austin before."

Austin's heart was still racing. He meekly said, "N...N....No, it's just Austin."

Jessica smiled and said, "Hello, just Austin."

By this time, beads of sweat had started to form on Austin's forehead. After another pause Austin blurted out, "My name is Austin!"

Jessica laughed and said, "Why didn't you just say that?" Immediately after saying this, Jessica bent over and gave him a kiss on the cheek and Austin blushed all over again.

Sarah finally spoke up. "Alright Jessica that's enough for now. You're terrifying this poor little boy."

Jessica looked at Sarah as she said, "I was just trying to find out his name." She turned to Austin, "Why didn't you just say your name was Austin?"

Austin stared blankly back at Jessica.

Angela enjoyed seeing her adorable boy struggle a little but decided he had enough. "Ok would you all like to head over to the hot tub."

Jessica said, "Sure I can't wait to see his pretty little ass in a bathing suit."

Sarah patted Austin on the head and said, "She's just messing with you. She does this to everyone." Sarah turned to Jessica "Unfortunately, she doesn't have a filter." Sarah turned back to Austin, "Calm down a little. Angela has told us all about you and you really have nothing to worry about. From what she says, you seem like a super sweet boy." Austin observed a small amount of discomfort in Sarah as she spoke. She looked like she was still upset about her ex-boyfriend and seeing Angela in a happy relationship was a difficult sight for her.

Jessica smiled, "Hey I'm just trying to get to know Austin."

Angela spoke, "Jessica you've had enough fun for now. Austin and I will go upstairs. Sarah and Jessica, you guys can change down here. Sarah, keep an eye on this girl too."

Angela led Austin upstairs to her room. Austin quickly changed while Angela looked in her dresser for a bikini. She finally settled on a simple but sexy white bikini. Angela removed her shirt, pants, and underwear. Austin was standing and watching his girlfriend naked, marveling at her soft, 18-inch cock flopping around, practically drooling." Angela noticed and said, "Do you like the show?"

Austin snapped out of his stare, "Um... Yes."

Angela rolled her eyes, "Of course you do." She stretched her top over her massive breasts. Austin thought Angela's massive breasts might bust right through, but the fabric appeared to be holding for now. Next, she pulled up her bikini bottom to her knees. "Sweetie, I need some help with the next part or it's going to take forever on my own."

Austin was a little confused, but he walked over to Angela and said, "Sure, what do I need to do."

Angela smiled, "See it's hard to get the bottom over my big ass so I need to use two hands, but my dick needs to be held in just the right spot or it's never going to fit."

Angela directed Austin on how to hold her cock so that it would fit. Austin grabbed her giant dick. He had to try a few times and he was struggling to get it just right. Angela smiled, "Sweetie, you better get it soon. All this stimulation is going to get me hard and then we will never fit it in."

Austin couldn't help but laugh a little before he finally got her behemoth in the right position. Angela pulled her bottom over her ass and Angela was finally dressed. Austin saw the bottom struggling to hold back the beast inside of it while the fabric around her ass was stretched to the limit. Austin laughed, "It looks like you are going to break out of that thing at any minute. You should have gotten one with a bigger crotch space and more room for your ass."

Angela said, "Sweetie, this is the biggest crotch they make. In fact, this brand makes clothes specifically for curvy girls with big cocks, but I guess they just didn't plan for a girl like me."

Austin said, "Wow. That's pretty hot actually."

Angela continued, "I'm glad you like it. My bathing suits wear out really quickly though."

Austin remarked, "I wonder why."

Angela laughed, "Oh and if I get hard, I'll just rip right out of this thing."

Austin smiled, "I want to see that. Let's get you hard!"

"Sweetie, settle down, maybe later. Also, don't let Jessica get to you. That girl was born with zero filter and she loves messing with cute boys like you. You have nothing to worry about though. She's not like Rachel and Mackenzie, the girl wouldn't hurt a fly."

Austin replied, "Ok that's great to hear. I'm sure I'll settle in. I could see Sarah is still upset. It's got to be hard to see us so happy."

"Sarah is a sweet girl. It's tragic that a boy broke her heart like that. She will be ok. She just needs some time."

"Ok well that's good I guess."

Angela took Austin's hand and said, "C'mon let's go to the hot tub." She led Austin downstairs and outside to the hot tub. Sarah and Jessica were standing outside, about to get in. Sarah had on a relatively modest light white bikini covered in small purple polka dots. Austin was still blown away by her curves that looked even better featured in bikinis. Jessica wore a bright red bikini that showed off her fit physique. Austin noted that while Jessica's ass was much smaller than the other girls, the shape was to die for. He also looked at each of the girl's waists and noticed their bikinis were struggling to hold their bulges too. Their bulges did not match Angela's, but it was evident that these girls were had their own surprises. It was at that moment Austin connected that these girls, who were almost as big as Angela, were likely packing almost as much as her too.

Austin sat down in the hot tub next to Angela. Angela quickly moved to put her arm around Austin and snuggled him in close. Jessica and Sarah sat down next to each other across from Austin and Angela.

Austin decided the best way to keep Jessica at bay was to speak first, "So, how do you all know each other? I mean you girls don't go to school with Angela and I."

Sarah spoke, "Well we are all obviously very big, even for girls, so we had issues making friends. We all went to a doctor that specializes in taking care of larger girls like us. She understood our problems making friends and wanted to help us develop socially, so she put us all in touch, we bonded, and have been friends ever since."

Austin felt bad for these girls. They all really have been through so much because they were different from everyone else. All anyone needed to do was give them a chance and they would see they were all great people. Austin was happy that they all had each other. Also, Austin was delighted he could introduce her to more people like Ben and Emily. He knew some people would never change their mind about Angela, but maybe he could show some people that she really wasn't so bad.

Jessica, killed the moment by saying, "Yes, but I have more friends now unlike these bums."

Angela rolled her eyes, "We're stuck with you but it's a miracle anyone besides us puts up with your shit."

Jessica continued, "I'm just outgoing and if people talk shit, I handle it."

Angela gave Jessica a look and said, "I recall helping your smart ass out of some tight situations. If I wasn't as strong as four regular girls, you might not be so confident."

Jessica sat back a little, unable to come up with a sly comment.

Jessica began to recover a little by rubbing her foot up and down Austin's leg underwater. No one else could see the specifics of the situation below the bubbles.

Austin noticed and quickly flinched and yelled, "What!"

Jessica smiled as started building confidence, "Austin, why are you acting weird? We're all just sitting here."

Austin said, "Um... I don't know."

Jessica smiled, "Angela you said he was smart? He doesn't seem to know very much."

Angela looked at Jessica, "He's brilliant. He's just not built to handle you. Now I'm going inside to get us some beers." She turned to Sarah, "Please make sure Jessica doesn't devour my boyfriend before I get back."

As soon as Angela left, Jessica moved to the other side of the hot tub and put her arm around Austin.

Sarah glared at Jessica and snapped, "Jessica!"

Jessica gave a coy smile and replied, "What? I'm just sitting next to my new friend Austin. What's wrong with that."

Sarah replied, "Hhh... just don't go too far or you'll have to deal with Angela."

Jessica ignored Sarah and looked down at Austin, "So you've been dating Angela a little. Have you seen her cock?"

Austin looked towards the house, clearly hoping Angela would return. When he didn't see the door to her house open, Austin nervously responded, "Um... yes."

Jessica laughed, "I've seen her dick too and she's fucking monster down there isn't she?" Austin blushed and blurted out, "Yes and it's really hot."

Jessica understood she was getting somewhere and continued, "So have you sucked her off?"

"Y.. yes."

"Ooo that's impressive. Has she stuck that beast in your ass?"

Austin looked away and blushed again.

Jessica continued, "Damn and you're still alive. I bet she didn't put it all the way in."

Austin just continued to avoid eye contact and blush.

Jessica's face lit up, "You whore! I didn't think any boy could survive that thing, but I guess I was wrong." Sarah's face was in disbelief. She wanted to stop Jessica from antagonizing Austin any further, but she was too curious about the boy who could take all of Angela to say anything.

Austin finally spoke-up, "She's really hot!"

Jessica saw her opening and made a move, "Well I'm not the size of Angela, but I think I can keep a boy entertained." As Jessica said this, she guided Austin's hand onto her considerable bulge.

Austin felt Jessica's cock under her bathing suit. He could tell was big as he felt it pulsing, but it was difficult to determine exactly how much she had down there.

Jessica continued, "You know Sarah has herself quite a cock too!" This time, it was Sarah that blushed. Jessica was terrifying, but he was starting to get a little turned on by these beautiful girls and their other worldly genitalia.

Sarah spoke up, "Alright you're a little out of line, Jessica."

Jessica replied, "I just gave you a compliment!"

Sarah looked down, a little upset but unsure to continue. She knew Jessica was just teasing, but it was getting annoying. Her thoughts drifted to Austin. If he could take Angela's cock, he could take anything. She thought a little about her ex-boyfriend cheating on her. She was still heartbroken angry with him. She thought, "What if Austin could help her get over her awful boyfriend? How would Angela even feel about something like that?"

Sarah's thoughts were interrupted by Angela's return. Angela held up a cooler and cheered, "Who wants a drink!" Angela put down the cooler, passed out the beers, and reclaimed her seat next to Austin. Jessica promptly retreated to her seat near Sarah.

The group settled down a little after Angela returned. Before long, the conversation and alcohol had the group of new friends laughing and having a good time.

Sarah was doing her best to relax and have a good time. She just couldn't help but think of her boyfriend every time she looked at Austin. She saw everyone else was having fun and she didn't want to ruin everyone else's evening with her drama, so she played along. However, she couldn't shake her thought from earlier, "Maybe an evening with a boy like Austin was just what she needed to feel better."

Angela decided she wanted to change up the alcohol selection. She looked Austin and said, "Sweetie, can you go get me the vodka I have stashed in my room. There's also some lemonade in the fridge. Get that too."

Austin got up to get the vodka. As he dried off and started walking away, Jessica called, "Dat ass!" Austin blushed as he walked inside.

Sarah was still thinking about Austin as he went inside. She knew she didn't have long before Austin returned so she said, "Angela um do you think maybe Austin could help me."

Angela raised her eyebrow, "What do you mean."

Sarah was nervous and thought about abandoning her plan all together, but continued, "Well... I'm just so upset about my ex-boyfriend. I thought maybe could I have sex with Austin?"

Jessica couldn't believe what she was hearing. Sarah was usually very reserved and didn't discuss her sex life as much as Angela or Jessica, so asking for something like this was shocking. Jessica briefly considered making a sarcastic comment but decided her friend must seriously be upset if she was even considering talking to Angela about this.

Angela thought for a moment. She quickly came to the same conclusion as Jessica and said, "You're a good friend and you're going through a lot. I would be ok with it, but Austin needs to agree too. I'll talk to him."

Angela promptly got up, dried off, and went inside to find Austin. She found him in her bedroom looking for the vodka bottle. She sat down on the bed and motioned for Austin to join her. She sighed, and said, "Sweetie, Sarah is still really upset about her boyfriend."

Austin replied, "I know. I sensed she was a little upset. I hope an evening with her friends will help."

Angela looked back at her sweet and innocent boy. He really didn't have any idea what Sarah had proposed. She briefly thought about not mentioning anything to Austin and just telling Sarah that Austin had said no, but she continued, "Well she wanted to know if you could help her get over her ex-boyfriend."

Austin gave an innocent stare back, "Sure of course! Does she need help with homework or something like that?"

Angela continued, "No Sweetie, nothing like that. See, Sarah wants to have sex with you to get over her boyfriend. I'm ok with it, but you have the final say."

Austin was shocked at first, but he thought back to Sarah and how sad she looked. He thought, "Maybe I could be just what she needed." His thoughts also drifted to Sarah's curves and the large bulge threatening to break her bikini bottom. She really was extremely attractive and super nice, but he wanted to be loyal to Angela. He looked back at Angela and said, "I would like to do that, but I'd feel more comfortable if you were there."

Angela was surprised Austin agreed, but thought the request for her to be present was odd. She responded, "Sweetie, I don't want to stand there and watch my friend have sex with you. You can see where that's a little awkward."

She saw Austin think again for a moment before he said, "Well you don't have to stand there. What if I took care of both you at the same time?"

Angela couldn't believe what she was hearing from Austin. He was still so sweet an innocent, but he had just suggested a three-way with two giant cocks. She was caught off guard and said, "Well... um. I don't know Sweetie. Is Jessica just going to sit downstairs?"

Austin thought again, "Well she could join too."

For the first time in their relationship, it was Angela who was in shock. Austin had been a virgin not too long ago and now he wanted to take the three biggest cocks around. Angela finally said, "Sweetie, that's a lot."

Austin looked back at Angela, "Yea, I'm not sure if I'm ready for it. What do you think?"

Angela bit her lip and thought for a minute. Austin was a champ, but three cocks, especially at their size, was a big ask. However, she trusted her friends to go easy enough to keep him safe. She looked back at Austin and said, "I think you can do it. I will let the girls know they need to go easy though.

Austin said, "Ok"

Angela replied, "I'll go downstairs and tell the girls. Also, hop in the shower real-quick to clean off the chlorine and then you can wait naked on the bed."

Austin sat down and waited patiently for what was going to be the fucking of his life.

Angela went downstairs to her friends, and said, "Soooo... I talked to Austin."

Sarah looked up, "And?"

Angela nervously spoke, "Well he agreed to help you out Sarah." Angela saw Sarah smile and even get a little excited. Angela nervously continued, "But... Um he didn't feel comfortable without me there."

Sarah looked confused and said, "What does that mean?"

Angela slowly spoke, "Well... he... he... suggested that we could both take him at the same time."

Sarah was in shock, "Can he even handle that?"

Angela continued, "Well, we actually talked about having Jessica join too."

Sarah and Jessica looked back at their friend in disbelief. Jessica's usually outgoing attitude was muted for the moment. Jessica said, "Um... I don't know Angela. If he takes you, I'm sure he could handle us all individually, but together? I don't think anyone could do that."

Angela started to smile, "Oh Austin can do it. I would never suggest this if I didn't know he would be safe."

Sarah spoke, "Well... um thanks Angela."

Jessica said, "Yea. Now I'm excited to see what this cockslut is made of. This boy is going to get a gangbang he will never forget."

Angela looked at her friends, "Ladies this goes without saying, but please be gentle. I think we've all seen boys struggle with our size and he's going to do this all at once."

Jessica gave a serious look, "I understand."

Sarah was nervous, but Angela could see she was getting excited, "Yes, of course I'll be careful. I also have special lube in my car that might help. It's got muscle relaxers to loosen him up and a pain killer to help him. Plus, it's the slipperiest stuff ever."

Angela continued, "Sarah, great idea, you go grab that. Next, let's shower off, get dressed, and meet my boy!"

The girls set off making preparations as Austin sat on the bed. He was a little nervous about what he had gotten himself into. Austin thought back to the bikinis struggling to hold back each of the girl's cocks. No one was Angela big, but Sarah and Jessica couldn't be far off. As Austin started getting nervous, he was relieved by the faith he had in Angela. He knew she would never hurt him. As the relief washed over him, he began to be aroused. The thought of getting plowed by not one, but three massive dicks started to get his own cock hard. He waited for what felt like an hour before he heard a knock at the door.

Austin said, "Come in."

All three strolled through the door supremely confident. Sarah was on Austin's left, Jessica on Austin's right, and Angela was in the center. They got to the center of the room and stopped, standing side by side. Austin was still sitting on the bed and couldn't help but be aroused by all three girls. Angela spoke first, "Sweetie, knees." As she said this, she pointed to the space directly in front of her.

Austin obediently kneeled down in front of Angela and looked up at her waiting for instructions.

Angela smiled "Sweetie, the girls and I have some presents for you. Would you like to unwrap them?"

Austin replied, "Yes please!"

Jessica smiled, "Angela I thought you said he was a good cock whore. He doesn't seem super excited."

Sarah started to feel confident, "Yea I mean he has to know there's the three unbelievable cocks in front of him. A real slut would be jumping for joy."

Austin yelled, "Please please!!! I want all to fuck me up with your cocks! Please let me see them."

Jessica yelled back, "That's what a whore sounds like!"

Angela smirked, "Since we're all here for Sarah, why don't you unwrap her first."

Austin greedily undid popped open the button to Sarah's pants. He barely had to touch the zipper as the massive cock underneath helped push the zipper down. After pulling down her panties, Austin got a look at Sarah's cock in all its glory. Had he not known Angela, Sarah would have easily blown his mind. Her cock was easily the longest he had seen outside Angela's cock and thicker than his wrist. Even though it lacked the intimidating veins that Angela's cock had, Sarah's cockhead was a sight to behold. It was mushroom shaped and almost twice as thick as her shaft. Austin decided to give Sarah's cockhead a lick to tease her a little. He looked up at her and said, "How big!"

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