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The Sitter; Part-2

(A short recap from Part-1)

"That felt so wonderful when you were eating my pussy!" Tina went on. "I had literally never experienced anything even remotely that exciting—that pleasurable—when it came to sex. Then, when I tasted your pussy, and stuck my tongue up your cunt-hole, I decided right then that I was going to switch to being a full-time lesbian.

"But then," she continued, "you let me give your Mr. Perfect-size hubby a blowjob, and let him fuck me, and the two of you baptized me as a card-carrying bisexual." She raised her glass again, and said, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"To bisexuality!" Jake toasted.

They all sipped, and then Sherri said, "I was thinking while we were in the shower—and I was watching my hubby wash your lovely young body—about how all this has added a new and quite unexpected dimension to Jake's and my sex lives."

"A third-dimension, as it were," Jake interjected.

"Yes," Sherri agreed, and then continued, speaking to Tina. "I can certainly see this happening again, if you're interested."

"Oh, yes!" she replied.

"I'm so glad!" Sherri said with a wide smile. She then went on, "But I think there needs to be some ground rules. I think this should be an all-for-three-and-three-for-all thing. No pairing off for individual activities."

"Um, I'm afraid I can't click on Accept to your Terms and Conditions," Jake said.

"Why?" Sherri responded fearing that she may have created a monster by giving her husband permission to fuck another woman.

"I can see how you might not want to come home and find me in bed poking my dick into a hot, sexy fox who's young enough to be our daughter," Jake began.

"Just barely!" Tina interjected defensively.

Jake chuckled, and said, "True. But leave me my fantasy." He then went on, "Anyway, I get that. I, on the other hand, would have no problem at all to walk in and find the two of you naked and sprawled on the living room floor—or anywhere else—and eating each others dripping pussies in a steaming sixty-nine. I'd have my pecker out in a heartbeat, and I'd sit back and jerk off watching the show!"

Tina and Sherri looked at each other, and Tina said with a big smile, "It was kind of fun being watched while I ate your pussy. I wouldn't have guessed that."

"Oh, I agree!" Sherri replied. "Yet another unexpected dimension; being an exhibitionist!"

"And a voyeur," Jake added.

Sherri then turned back to her husband, and said, "So, you have a daddy/daughter fantasy?"

"It's actually a mommy/daughter fantasy," he answered. "Daddy only gets coaxed into joining the mix when they discover him stroking his dick while peeking around the doorway watching them exploring each other's naked bodies."

Sherri laughed, and said, "I'm sure that would take a lot of coaxing!"

"Hey, leave me my fantasy!" he repeated.


After Tina left, Jake and Sherri went to bed, but although they were physically tired, their minds were going a mile a minute, so neither was able to fall asleep.

As they lay there, naked and lovingly cuddling, Sherri asked her husband, "What was your favorite part?"

"Oh, God," he replied, "the whole thing was just so unreal! The whole night! Starting with you showing off your boobs in the restaurant. God, that was hot!"

She gave him a quick kiss, and said, "That was kinda fun, letting out the repressed exhibitionist. But after we got home," she went on. "When we were with Tina."

Now that her hormones had settled down, her natural insecurity was creeping back into her thoughts. She was in her mid-thirties; she was carrying at least five more pounds than she wanted, and after fifteen years of marriage she was sure that she was not exactly exciting in bed anymore.

Tina, on the other hand, was young, pretty, had an adorably trim little body, and was enthusiastic as hell when it came to sex.

As insanely hot as it had been to watch Jake poke his dick into the young girl's pussy—at that moment—it now occurred to her that her husband had not fucked her the entire night. Neither had he eaten or even licked her pussy.

"I won't lie to you, babe, and say that it wasn't freaking awesome to stick my pecker into a strange, young pussy," Jake answered almost as if reading his wife's thoughts. "Or to have that cute little thing give me a blowjob."

So far, her husband's answer was not very reassuring.

"But as God is my witness, sweetheart," he went on, "having you there watching—hell, encouraging—made it ten times hotter! I'm only sorry that my aged old pecker wasn't up to fucking you, too. I would love to have shown Tina what a couple of old, experienced warhorses could do."

She leaned over and gave him a warm, loving kiss, and then said, "Thank you, baby. I guess I just needed to hear that. I love you."

"I love you, too, babe," he replied as he brought his hand up to caress her tit as it lay gently against his chest.

She ran her hand down over his stomach, and took his soft dick in her hand. In its supple state, she mashed it into a ball in her fist, and then grinned as she felt it slowly expand, pushing its way free of her fingers like a butterfly out of its cocoon.

As he rubbed his thumb over her stiffening nipple, Jake said, "Now you. What was your favorite part?"

"Oh, it was eating another pussy!" she answered immediately. "Watching girls do that in porn movies always made me curious—made me hot, too! I was certainly not disappointed!"

"You did look like you were enjoying yourselves! Both of you!" he said as his wife slipped her hand from his resurrected cock and gently fondled his balls. "I could watch that all night!"

"Speaking of watching," she said as she wiggled her hips to rub her naked pussy against his leg, "I think I've discovered that I'm a voyeur as well as being an exhibitionist."

She went on, "Standing outside, looking in at Tina all naked on the couch while she ran her dildo up and down through her bald cunt was hotter than I ever would have imagined! Somehow, the fact that she didn't know we were watching made it all the hotter. It's a good thing I was rubbing my pussy through my skirt, or I'd have cum in about ten seconds, flat!

"And then, later," she continued, "when I was standing back and watching that sexy little cunt-eating nymph give you a blowjob I was kind of pretending that the two of you didn't know I was there. And watching another woman suck your dick, I didn't feel jealous or threatened, but horny as hell! I was torn in two between sitting down and frigging my pussy to another orgasm while I just watched or joining in."

"I'm glad you opted to join in," Jake said as he pushed his leg in between his wife's. "That double-header blowjob was off the charts! If I hadn't already cum in my pants, twice, I'd have filled your mouths with a gallon of jism!"

Sherri slid her hand back up the length of her husband's cock, and ran her thumb over its squishy head. There was a dollop of pre-cum there, and she rubbed it all over the fat knob.

She kissed him, and then kissed her way down his chest, over his belly, and up the length of his dick. She took his cock-head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around, tasting his clear dick-juice.

She then plunged her mouth down over the rigid boner, jabbed its fat head into the back of her throat and kept on going until her lips were closed tightly around his root and his cock stuffed her throat full.

As she rocked her head and ground her lips into his pubes—and his cock in the throat—she was saying to herself, "I'll bet Tina can't to that! This old girl still has a few tricks!"

Jake groaned, "Oh, fuck, yeah, baby!" and then, with his dick in her mouth the whole time, he pulled her around into a sixty-nine position.

She began raising her head up and down, fucking his cock deep into her throat and then letting its fat head escape her lips all the way.

He clamped his mouth over her pussy and slithered his tongue through the length of her wet lips, flicked it over her clit, and poked it as deep into her cunt-hole as he could.

After the night's activities, another orgasm was not immanent for either of them, so the sex was unhurried and relaxed, and oh so pleasurable. It was making love.

Later, as Sherri lay atop her husband with his cock nestled comfortably in her pussy and her head on his shoulder, she fell into a contented sleep.

Jake held her tenderly in his arms while he felt the blood slowly drain from his erection, and his shrinking dick slip free of her pussy-lips. He was soon asleep, as well.

Tina called the next afternoon, Sunday, and talked to Sherri.

"I, um, just wanted to call, and make sure that you guys were okay with everything that happened last night," the girl began, "you know, in the light of the day.

"You two are the most in-love couple I know, and thinking about what you said about neither of you having, you know, been with anyone else since you got married, well, I was afraid I might have messed something up for you. I'm really, really sorry if I have!"

"That is so sweet of you!" Sherri replied. "But no, you haven't messed anything up. In fact, you've opened us up. Jake and I talked about it last night after you left, and then we made the most tender, romantic love I can remember. We fell asleep in each others arms with his dick still inside my pussy.

"We talked about it again this morning—in the light of day, as you said—and we've decided that opening up our marriage a little—with the right person or people—could actually be a healthy thing for it. We've known a few couples whose sex lives became stagnant, and they ended up sneaking off and cheating on one another. That destroyed their trust, and they ended up divorced."

"Wow!" Tina said. "That's so ... adult!" She then added, "I hope I can be one of those right people for you."

Sherri chuckled, and replied, "Oh, yes, sweetheart! Not only are you at the top of the right list, you're actually the only one on it!"

She then invited her to come over the next Saturday evening, and to pack for an overnight stay.

Given Sherri's newly-discovered penchant for secretly watching others have sex, the trio decided to reenact the previous Saturday's encounter, but with some embellishments.

Sherri stood outside the patio door, once again, but this time she was alone. She wore the same skirt and blouse she had the precious week, but this time kept her bra and panties on. She wanted it to feel more like a random, chance encounter.

The sliding door was slightly ajar, this time, so she could hear as well as see.

As Sherri watched from the darkness outside, Tina walked into the living room. She was dressed in a snug pair of short-shorts, and a halter-top that hugged her perky little tits and left her flat belly exposed.

Tina took a flat, square case from her purse, removed the DVD from inside, and booted up the TV. A few moments later, Sherri could see the reflection of the title credits of the porn movie—backwards—in the picture behind Tina.

Tina used the remote to fast-forward through the first ten or fifteen minutes, and even with the naked bodies flashing past, Sherri realized it was not the same movie the girl had been watching the week before.

She stopped at what was apparently a favorite scene, and then stood there transfixed with what was on the screen.

In the reflection, Sherri saw two attractive young women, one black and one white, on their knees in front of a good-looking, athletically built white guy, taking turns sucking on his slightly-above-average cock.

As she watched—still wearing her clothes—Tina rubbed one hand over her pussy and the other over her tits.

As the black girl got her head pushed forward by the white girl, forcing the guy's stiff dick down her throat, Tina reached back into her purse, and came out with a realistic-shaped rubber cock—a new acquisition since last week.

With her hand still rubbing her pussy, she put the dildo to her lips, kissed and lapped its fat head, and took it in her mouth. She plunged it in and out a few times, and then pushed it in as deep as she could. Her lithe body convulsed slightly as the rubber cock-head triggered her gag reflex.

Outside, Sherri had both of her tits cupped in her hands, squeezing her big nipples through two layers of fabric. A satisfied smile spread across her lips when she watched Tina's body convulse. She was happy to know that she could do something to her husband's cock that the youngster couldn't, but it also made her hot to see that the girl apparently wanted to try deep-throating. She was going to be happy to teach her.

As she imagined holding Tina's slim throat and feeling her husband's cock bulge it out, she dropped one of her hands and began rubbing her panty-covered pussy through her skirt.

Holding the rubber cock with her mouth, Tina wigged her arms out of her top, pushed it down off her tits, and then continued pushing downward, collecting her short-shorts, and shoving all of her clothes to the floor in one motion.

Standing there naked, watching the action on the TV, Tina pumped the pseudo-cock in and out of her mouth with one hand, and used the other to pinch and pull her little pink nipples.

As she watched the young girl giving an imaginary blowjob, Sherri unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it open, and rolled her bra cups down to free her tits in a bunched-up fashion. The lewdness of exposing herself—even in the privacy of her own backyard—added a level of arousal that Sherri found fascinating and very welcome. She was finding that she was obviously as much of an exhibitionist as she was a voyeur.

Inside, Tina had dropped her tit-hand to her pussy while popping the rubber dick-head in and out of her lips with the other. On the screen, she was watching the white girl licking the black girl's shaved cunt white the guy rubbed his cock-head up and down through her upturned, bald pussy-lips.

Suddenly, Jake's voice came from Tina's right.

"Why make believe, sweetheart, when you can have the real thing?" he said as he walked into the room with his stiff dick sticking straight out through his open fly, and his newly-shaven balls hanging out, as well.

The sudden voice actually did surprise Tina, but she quickly recovered, popped the dildo from her mouth, and said, "Oh, Mr. C! I ... I didn't know you were home!"

"Apparently," he said as he slid his fist up and down his boner. "But now that you do, how about giving my real dick the treatment you were giving that rubber schlong?"

As he stepped close to her, he put his hands on her shoulders and turned her so they were both in profile to Sherri, and then he pushed her to her knees. With his rigid cock in the girl's face, he told her, "Open up, sweetheart! Suck my cock like you were sucking your dildo!"

Sherri watched as Tina popped her mouth over her husband's knob and clamped her lips tightly around its fat ridge. She then saw her cheeks hollow as she began to suck.

"Oh, fuck, yeah!" Jake moaned as he stood still with his boner plugged into the young girl's mouth. He had planned to hold her head and start face-fucking her, but the attention she was giving his cock-head with her tongue, cheeks, and lips made him postpone that thought.

As she sucked, Tina bobbed her head just a bit to get her tightly-closed lips to slide up and down the pronounced ridge of his cock-head. At the same time her sucked-in cheeks were hugging the squishy knob, and she was rubbing her tongue under it, through its wide, sensitive cleft.

As he enjoyed the wonderful knob-job from this sexy little nymphet, Jake began to take his shirt off. As he pulled it off of his shoulders, Tina began wiggling the pointy little tip of her into his pee-hole.

He tossed the shirt to the floor, threw his head back, and with closed eyes, he moaned, "Oh, shit, yeah! Do that girl! Fuck my cock with your tongue! Poke my pee-hole!"

Outside, Sherri recalled from kissing Tina last week how narrow and pointy her tongue seemed to be, and she envisioned the girl worming half its length up her husband's cock. It was a feat possible only in her imagination, of course, but the image was insanely deviant and erotic.

She pulled her skirt up around her waist and began rubbing her pussy through her soaked panties. As the palm of one hand ground into her cunt-lips, the fingers and thumb of the other went back and forth stretching the swollen nipples of her bunched-up tits.

As she watched their young, naked dog-sitter finally slide her mouth farther down her husband's cock, Sherri moved her hand from her tits down to her ass. She hooked her thumb into the elastic waistband, and began to shove the thin panties down over her ass-cheeks while holding them in place over her drenched pussy with the other.

With her blouse open and her tits pulled out over the top of her bra, and with her skirt bunched around her waist and her panties stretched tightly under the curve of her naked ass, Sherri felt her pussy dribble so much that it felt almost like a mini orgasm. Being so vulgarly exposed—even where no one else could see her—was so fantastically arousing to her that she had to wonder what it would feel like if she did have an appreciative audience.

Inside, Tina pushed her mouth as far down Jake's cock as her gag-reflex would allow, and then took his balls in both hands and squished them up around the still-exposed root of his dick until they touched her lips. She then slithered her tongue out between her lower lip and Jake's cock, and flicked at the smooth surface of his ball-sack.

As Tina held his balls gently crushed against his cock and her face, Jake reached down and unfastened his belt and the single button holding the waist together. A moment later his pants were on the floor around his ankles. He had wisely gone commando tonight, so with a couple of foot-lifts and a kick, he was standing there bare-ass naked with his stiff cock filling the sucking mouth of an equally-naked young girl.

Releasing his balls and sliding her mouth all the way off of Jake's cock, Tina took both of his hands in hers, and placed them on the back of her head. She then looked up at him, and said, "Fuck me, Mr. C! Fuck my mouth with that fat cock! Fuck me like the nasty little slut that I am!"

Jake wound his fingers into Tina's short hair, pulling it just a bit, and then pulled her head forward, forcing his cock-head between her lips and burying it deep in her mouth. He then began rocking his hips, face-fucking the pretty self-confessed slut on her knees in front of him.

Outside, when Sherri heard the young girl call herself a nasty little slut, it pushed another of her hot-buttons. She found it a outlandishly arousing when her husband would sometimes call her filthy, degrading names while in the throes of wild sex, and she never felt more slut-like than right now, with her ass and tits exposed and her hand rubbing her drenched pussy while she "secretly" watched her own husband face-fuck another slut.

Loving the feeling of being lewdly exposed—but not actually naked—Sherri pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, and pressed her finger between her soaked pussy lips, sliding it all the way from her asshole to her clit. As she looked in at her hubby jabbing his cock into the mouth of their young neighbor-girl, she crooked her middle finger and pushed it up her cunt-hole.

Although Sherri and Jake had been thinking about this next encounter with Tina all week, they had decided to abstain from having sex together—or even masturbating—to produce as big of a horny, anticipatory build-up as possible.

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