The scene is a 2-bedroom apartment, not fancy at all. There's a sofa, TV, a couple of lamps, an armchair, a table, and some plants. The door from outside opens and we meet Wendy. These are either going to be two young professional women or college girls - it's not specified and left somewhat to the viewer to decide. Wendy is attractive but isn't trying to be sexy. She has on a plain skirt - maybe light brown - above her knees but not very far up her legs. She wears professional shoes with heels. She has a nice blouse, not sexy. The blouse is a light color, like pale yellow or light turquoise. She has a very clean, fresh complexion and no tattoos. The top button on the blouse is open but not meant to be sexy. Her shoulder-length hair is a light color, probably light brown or blonde. Her hair isn't very curly but also isn't straight or long.

She enters the bedroom. Again, it's a simple and tidy bedroom. It has a woman's touch to the decorations. She turns on the computer and waits for it to start up while she sits on the bed, takes off her heels and hose. She doesn't do it in a sexy way - she just wants to be comfortable and is tired of wearing the hose. When she walks back over to the computer, it's still dark. "Damn, not again."

She leaves the bedroom, crosses the living room to another room with a closed door and knocks on it. "Jen, can I come in and use your computer?" No answer. Wendy opens the door and enters Jen's bedroom. It's similar to hers - nothing fancy. Wendy goes to the laptop on Jen's table and wakes it up. The camera zooms in to the screen, and we see a list of folders. At the top is a folder named Movies.

She laughs to herself "I bet you don't even have any movies." She opens that folder, and there's a single folder in it named Wendy. She opens that folder and sees files with a series of names: Wendy-1, Wendy-2, Wendy-3, ... all the way through Wendy-260. "Jennifer, why do you have all these files with my name on it?"

She opens the file Wendy-1. We see a movie start. It's a fixed camera that shows Wendy's bedroom. It's obvious that the camera is pointing from the ceiling and it shows the bed and table. We can tell that it's Wendy's bedroom but the decorations are slightly different. That's because this is the earliest movie. Wendy says "Well, that's my bedroom when I first moved in." The movie shows her entering her room and locking the door behind her. She's in running shorts, tennis shoes, and T-shirt. We see her take off the shirt and sports bra, then take off the shorts and panties together, lie on the bed, and start to masturbate. Wendy closes the movie and says "oh my God." We see the mouse move to another movie file and open it. This is a recording from a camera in the bathroom pointing at the sink. Wendy is in the movie wearing just some plain panties, facing the mirror, away from the camera. We see her from the back and we see her top reflected in the mirror. In the movie, she pulls down her panties and starts to masturbate. Wendy watches herself masturbating for about 10 seconds and then closes the movie.

"Dear God, are they all like this?" She scrolls midway down and opens a file. The movie shows the bedroom again. This time Wendy gets on the bed wearing a towel, on her hands and knees, drops the towel, and masturbates from behind. She closes the file and scrolls to the latest file, Wendy-260, and opens it. This movie is recording in Wendy's bedroom again. This is the latest file and it looks identical to the way the room is now set up. This camera is fixed directly on the bed. The bed is made. The movie just shows the bed for 2-3 seconds and then we see Wendy get on the bed. She's just wearing panties - not very sexy. She takes off the panties and masturbates. The camera is pointing directly at her pussy. After about ten seconds of watching the masturbation scene, our camera pulls back and we can see Wendy captivated by the movie. She's turned on and either has pulled up her skirt or put her hand under her skirt so that she can rub herself through her panties while watching. We watch this for a little while and then she abruptly stops the movie and straightens her skirt. "Well, Jen, what are we going to do about this?"

She leaves the room and closes the door behind her. She gets a book from her own bedroom and sits on the couch reading.

The scene shifts to later in the afternoon. Jennifer comes in the door. Jen is cute but has a timid nature. She's small-framed and has maybe 32 or 33B breasts. Her hair doesn't reach her shoulders. It's obvious that she just came from the gym. She has on a spandex leotard under her plain gym shorts.

"Hi, Jen. How was the gym?"

"I feel so much better now. I had such a stressful day and I sure like using the treadmill to relax. Now I'm not so stressed."

Jen is walking over to the kitchenette to get a glass of water. It's a small kitchenette. There's a bar with some bar stools between the kitchen and the living room. Wendy says "that's good." She waits for Jen to come out of the kitchen with her glass of water. "Is the stress gone?"

Wendy is standing near the sofa. "Well, not completely, I guess. I never can get rid of all of it. I'm just a stress-bunny." She smiles and shrugs.

Wendy gets a serious look on her face. "Well, I've been thinking about talking to you about stress for a long time, but I haven't been totally comfortable bringing up the topic. You know, I moved in with you about half a year ago and I didn't know you well enough at first."

"Wendy, I love having you as a roommate and a friend. You can tell me anything."

"Okay, here goes. You don't know it but I feel lots of stress too."

"No, I never would've guessed!"

"That's because I found a way to get rid of it and it works really good." Wendy pauses and takes a deep breath. "I play with myself every day. Sometimes twice a day."

Jen acts surprised. "What?"

"I masturbate a lot, every day. I hope this isn't offending you."

"No, not at all. You're my friend and if this is important to you, then it's important to me. I'm just really surprised by this topic; it's not like you. Why are you telling me this?"

"A couple of reasons. One is that I know how stressed you are and I want to share it with you in case you want to try it."

Jen is shaking her head but seems very interested in the topic. "I don't know."

"I'm not trying to make you do anything you're not comfortable with but I felt that I had this thing to make me feel good and get rid of stress and I felt bad that I wasn't telling you about it. The other reason is that I always do it in the bathroom or my bedroom and they aren't the most comfortable. I'd really like to do it in this room, but I've been scared that you would come home and walk in on me and be offended. If you masturbate daily, too, and we bring this into the open, then I'd feel that it's okay for me to do it here in the living room. What do you think?"

Jen answers quickly and with some excitement. "Oh, it won't bother me. You can play with yourself in the living room any time you want. It won't even bother me if you're doing it while I'm here. If it's something you like to do." She realizes that this sounds too excited. She tries to slow down. "I mean, thanks for the advice, but it's not something I want to do. But this is both of ours apartment and it won't bother me if you're doing it."

"You are the best roommate ever! I'm so lucky that you feel that way." Pause. "What are you doing now?"

"I'm going to go take my shower. What about you?"

"Honestly, I was going to go to my room and masturbate, but since it doesn't offend you, I'm going to do it out here. It's the first time I've done it here in the living room. Are you sure you don't want to do it too?"

Jen is torn. She says slowly "No, um, I have to take my shower. The hot shower also unstresses me."

Wendy unbuttons her blouse and takes off her bra. Jen hasn't moved and is just watching. Wendy stands and takes off the skirt and is just in her panties. "Are you sure about the shower? You could stay and talk with me while I masturbate." She takes off the panties and starts to rub herself while looking at Jen. "Maybe you'll get more comfortable and change your mind someday." Jen lies on the sofa and caresses her body to turn herself on. She opens her legs enough that Jen can see.

Jen is staring at Wendy's pussy. She tries to pretend to be calm but we can hear the excitement. "Well, okay, maybe I'll stay a little and watch, er, talk with you for a little while." Pause. "while you ..." We can see that Jen's getting turned on but wants to keep watching Wendy without Wendy knowing she's turned on - her hands keep moving to her shorts and legs and breasts and then she catches herself and moves them away. She watches Wendy masturbating and eventually says "is that helping with your stress? Is that good?"

Wendy can't answer right away. She's not focused on Jen. She slows down and we can tell that her attention is on Jen now. "Jen, I think you would like this a lot. You should try it. I want to masturbate with you."

Jen gives in. She takes off her shorts and then her leotard. This gets Wendy more excited and her rubbing speeds up. As Jen steps out of her leotard, her hands are covering her crotch. She's still shy and timid about this but excited. "Now what?"

"Here, face me on the floor like I am." They either sit cross-legged or kneel with her legs open. Jen does the same, their knees touching. Wendy takes Jen's hand and moves it to Wendy's pussy. She moves it the way she likes. "Oh, Jen, keep doing that. Don't stop." Then Wendy starts rubbing Jen with one hand. Jen closes her eyes. Wendy plays with Jen's nipples with the other hand. Jen gets the idea and does the same thing with her free hand. They continue until they each experience an orgasm. Jen still has her eyes closed. Wendy puts the fingers she was rubbing Jen with into Jen's mouth and Jen licks them and sucks on them, and then Jen does the same thing in Wendy's mouth. Jen takes out her fingers and leans towards Jen. Jen opens her eyes to see what's happening and Wendy kisses her. We watch them kiss passionately for a couple of minutes.

Eventually Jen asks "please rub me again."

"Let's try this." Wendy shifts positions so they're both lying on the floor across from each other, pussy-to-pussy and holding hands. They have an even stronger orgasm than the first. They slow down. "Let's move to the sofa." Wendy lies on her back and reaches out her arms so Jen will lie on top of her, breast-to-breast. They kiss some more. Wendy says "I forgot to tell you that girl sex can get rid of stress even better than masturbating."

"I'm filled with stress every day. We're going to have to do this a lot every day to get rid of my stress."

We watch them continue to kiss and rub each other. After a while, "Isn't this a lot better than movies? I want you to delete those movies of me that you made."

"What are you talking about?"

"I had to borrow your computer to do online bill pay, and I found all of the surveillance movies you made of me."

"You couldn't have used my computer. It died last week, and I'm borrowing my step-sister's laptop until I get a new one next month."

"You mean you haven't been spying on me and fantasizing about me all year?"

Jennifer has a worried look on her face. She answers slowly. "No ... does that change how you feel about me?"

Wendy pulls Jennifer closely to her and gives her a deep kiss. "Not at all! I'm so glad about this accident — but it makes me feel that we're going to have to do something special for Amber to thank her." She smiles deviously.

We see Wendy in a sports bra and running shorts in the living room. We hear a knock on he door. Wendy opens it, and there's an attractive girl, a little older than Wendy & Jen.

"Come in Amber. Jen told me that you were coming over this afternoon." Amber is wearing jeans and a short t-shirt.

"I came to pick up my computer that Jennifer's been using."

"She's in the shower, which is good. It gives us a chance to talk. Come here, I've got something to show you." Wendy leads Amber into her room and closes the door behind her. "You can sit on the bed." Amber sits on the edge of the bed with Wendy facing her. "I've been thinking of you a lot lately - ever since I noticed how you watch me when we're all together. Tell me if I'm imagining it, or — she pulls the bra over her head — would you like to play with my breasts?"

Amber has an excited look on her face, then she looks over where she knows the hidden camera is and gets serious. She looks at Wendy but doesn't say anything. Wendy takes off her shoes and panties.

"Because I keep fantasizing about you kissing me and playing with my body." Wendy puts her hands on Amber's arms. "Do I turn you on at all?"

Amber has her hands on Wendy's hips but is looking at the hidden camera. "Not here, okay? Let's go to my apartment."

Wendy is kissing Amber. Amber is trying to resist. "No, I don't want to wait." She's trying to pull Amber's shirt off.

"Wait, there's something I have to tell you!"

Wendy steps back and pretends to be worried. "I'm not freaking you out am I? I don't want you to think I've been stalking or spying on you. I know I hate anyone I hear doing things like that. All I've been doing is fantasizing about you, here in my room alone while I play with myself." She steps back up to Amber and pulls up on her shirt. This time Amber doesn't resist. They kiss while Wendy undresses Amber. Once Amber is nude, Wendy asks her "have you been dreaming about me, too?"

"I have. You are so sexy, Wendy, and I've fantasized about kissing your body." Wendy tells Amber to sit on the bed and Wendy stands at the end of the bed. She tells Amber to show her and that she wants to watch her masturbate. Amber begins masturbating for her, at first on her back with her legs spread and then on her stomach, legs still spread so Wendy can have a good view. Suddenly, the door opens and Jennifer walks in nude. "Amber?" she asks in mock surprise. "What are you doing with my girlfriend?"

Amber turns around, very embarrassed but also staring at what has been a secret desire of hers for many years. She's covering her pussy with her hands. "Your girlfriend?"

Wendy stands up and goes to Jennifer. They wrap their arms around each other and kiss and caress each other's butts. Wendy says "we found your stash of videos on the laptop and one thing led to another."

"I know you like to watch my girlfriend, and now she's all turned on. You can watch me fuck her, and then we can decide what to do with you." They get on the bed and push Amber off to give them room. Amber is too turned to leave, and she stands and masturbates while the roommates have sex. She pleads to join them but they refuse. They tell her they deleted all of her videos, so she can get the PC and leave or she can stay and watch them. She's horny and can't stop masturbating while watching the roommates have more sex. She apologizes again for spying on Wendy. She cries and pleads that she'll let them do anything to her that they want. Jennifer says she always wanted to spank her older sister and Amber agrees to let her if it means they'll fuck her, too. Jennifer walks to her and spanks her once, but Wendy stops her and wants her to concentrate on her instead. Jennifer agrees that sex with Wendy is more fun than spanking Amber.

They tell Amber to go home because they just want to have sex with each other. Amber's rubbing herself and wants to watch some more. They tell her to go but to leave her PC. They want to watch the video they just made of Amber masturbating and if it turns them on enough, they'll call her to come watch it with them and have sex with her. Amber thanks them. She's still rubbing herself while she picks up her clothes. Jennifer tells her she can put on her t-shirt but to leave the rest of the clothes or they won't even think about calling her. Amber thanks them and leaves the room wearing just the t-shirt and still rubbing herself and the roommates give their full attention to each other, kissing and hugging and giggling as the scene fades.;

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