He Let Out a Groan

By: Breathless_Round_Her2018/07

He let out a groan. A groan that came from deep within. One laced with passion and a tinge of disappointment at the same time.

She laughed "Are you okay?"

She sat alongside him, her hand resting on his thigh no longer stroking the fat shaft. She watched his hips lift and then settle, trying to find her hand, but fucking the air instead. The shaft wobbled back and forth, swaying in circles trying to contact something, anything. His desperation made her smile.

"You're close, aren't you? You're weeping all over yourself. And my fingers -- here taste" she said as she slid her fingers into his open mouth. He sucked hard, cleaning her fingers of the slippery pre-cum. She moaned seeing his cheeks hollow as he sucked, his tongue flicking her fingertip. She looked down to see his cock pulsing with each beat of his heart as it began to soften -- again.

She had been teasing him for nearly an hour. She would play with him, squeeze his cock, stroke him, tickle his balls, tickle the spot below his balls with her nails. His cock would respond, get hard as stone, throb, and weep pre-cum. She would touch him causing his body to react on its own. His hips would roll and lift, his legs quiver and strain against the bonds. Her play would get him so close to cumming. She watched his chest rapidly rising and falling, moans would become whimpers and then when he was almost there -- she would abruptly stop. She would watch his body twist and turn, wrists bound and held firmly, his hips thrust, legs quiver before he settled down. As his breathing slowed his cock would begin to soften and the color change from a deep, dark purple to crimson and then to pink as the head came to rest on his stomach. A pool of pre-cum forming on his stomach as it leaked from the tip of his cock.

"Each time I bring you closer to the edge, it is taking longer for you calm down. Your cock throbs and leaks more each time. Are you still enjoying this as much as I am?"

He groaned a slow "Mmmmm yeeesss" in response. He was enjoying all that she was doing to him. The teasing. The squeezing. The stroking. The edging. He was loving every second. Bringing him close to orgasm and then letting him calm down was raising his degree of excitement and arousal to new levels. His heart was beating so hard in his chest that he thought it would burst through. His mind was focused on the sound of her voice, the heat of her body next to his, what she might do next.

"It's soft now. Do you want me to make it hard again? Tell me what you want me to do to you" she said with a slight smile.

"Yes" his voice cracked.

"Yes? Yes, what?" her thick with arousal.

"Please touch me. Please make my hard. I love when you touch me."

"Like this?" she said as her fingers traced a line along the underside. His cock twitched, surged slightly as it began to swell. "Touchy aren't we? I like that. I like how sensitive you are to my touch right now. I could blow on it and you would probably explode."

He moaned at the thought of her mouth being so close to his cock. The thought of her tongue tickling the underside of his cock. He could feel the skin stretching taught as he grew harder. His balls aching for release. That familiar dull ache he felt so often when around her. Such a sexy woman.

Her hand gently stroked his cock, barely touching the skin, the light touch driving him crazy. He wanted release. He needed release. But he also wanted the teasing to continue and it did.

Her fingers fondling his balls caused his cock to surge, weeping slippery pre-cum from the blunt tip. She wrapped her hand firmly around the hard cock and felt the heat as his hip lifted on their own. Making a tight circle with her fingers she watched his hips thrust the head of his cock in and out of the tightness. She loved arousing him beyond his ability to stay in control. He was always in control -- except around her. She drew that out of him. When it came to sex between them, he trusted her and followed her wherever she led. She was leading him to a place that he had yet been with anyone. He felt as though he was floating as she led him closer and closer to the edge. His moans became whimpers, his breath now in gasps. He was so close, about to teeter over the edge -- when she stopped. Again.

She slid off the bed and stood next to it staring down at him. Naked. Bound to the bed by his wrists and ankles. Blindfolded. He had done as she told him.

A little more than an hour ago he had arrived home from running some errands. Her vehicle was not in the garage. He walked into their home to find a note on the kitchen island. It read "Strip. Tie your ankles to the footboard, legs spread wide. Arms to the headboard as far as you can reach, but first lube your ass well, slide this plug in and then tie this blindfold tight over your eyes. And light the candles." There was a black scarf on the island along with one of their larger butt plugs, and a bottle of lube.

When he entered the bedroom there were ropes tied to the headboard and footboard. He picked up the lighter and lit the candles in the room. He removed his clothes and laid them over the back of the chair in the room. The top of the bottle of lube made a click sound as he flipped it open. A few drops on his right fore and middle finger made them slippery enough to lube the opening. Circling the opening he felt a familiar shiver run through him as the tip breached the opening. Working his middle finger in to the first knuckle, then the second knuckle before reaching the bottom. He would need to loosen the opening more to be able to insert the large plug she had set out.

His fore finger joined his middle finger as he felt his ass relax. He wiggled them and twisted them to relax his ass even more. Another minute or two of play and he was ready. A few drops of lube on the plug, then he bent over the bed, reached between his legs, and rubbed the tip of the plug against the opening. He took a deep breath and then began to work the plug inside. It was a tight fit and stretched his ass, but he liked how it felt. He loved how it felt and he was so glad that she suggested it.

He pulled the comforter and sheets back before climbing into bed. He spread his legs feeling the plug press in further as he sat up in bed to tie his ankles. First the right, then the left ankle. He tied the blindfold tight, turning light to dark before he laid back. Feeling around he placed the pillow under his head before reaching up to place his hand thru the loop in the rope to tie his left wrist to the headboard. His right hand was next and then he was tied to the bed, naked, blindfolded, plugged and vulnerable. Just as she wanted.

He laid there in the darkness. Listening. Waiting. His mind began to wander, imagining what she had in mind for him. Wondering how long it would be until she returned. His thoughts were soon brought back to reality by the sound of her heels clicking down the hall as she came closer and closer to the bedroom. The clicking stopped and then the door creaked open. He could sense her standing in the doorway, staring at him.

She placed her hands on her hips and smiled. He was just as she had pictured. So open. So vulnerable. Just as she wanted.

"You take direction well. Are you tied tight?" He pulled against the binds with his legs and arms to show her. "Mmmm. This is going to be fun." That was how is started, her teasing and edging an hour earlier.

Now she was standing alongside the bed watching him struggled against the bindings again. His head turning from side to side trying to figure out where she was. She reached into her pocket and removed her phone. She loaded an app and looked at the display for a second. She slid her finger across the screen, watched the display change, and saw the instant reaction as his hips shot up off the bed. She made another change to the app and listened to him moan as his cock shot straight up, harder than it had been.

The app controlled the plug in his ass. He had bought it for her pussy, but they had found that it did wonderful things to his ass too. She continued to play with the app, causing the plug to throb deep and slow and then to have it vibrate at a very high rate. This was driving him crazy. The vibrations. The pulsing. The throbbing. She was playing with him from across the room. Touching him inside without even touching him.

The more she played with the app, the more he wiggled on the bed. The more his cock pulsed. The harder he became. The closer he got to the edge.



"Please. Please let me cum" he begged.

"You want to cum do you? Have I teased you enough? Too much? Does this arouse you?" she asked teasingly as she continued to make the plug throb and pulse.

"Yes. Please. I have to, I can't hold back any longer" he said with a whimper.

"Now! Cum now for me. If you want to cum tonight, it has to be NOW!"

It came in waves, cum spurting from his cock. It seemed to flow from him continuously, his balls turning inside out as they emptied what she has built up in them over the last hour. He felt as though he was going to pass out. He had never cum so hard, so long, and he didn't want the feeling to ever end.

She kept playing with the plug deep in his ass, keeping the sensations moving through his body. The cum had run out but his cock continued to pulse and throb as though cum were still spurting.

"That was amazing. I have never seen you cum so hard. So much. Are you okay?"

"Wow. I have never..."

She smiled and turned off the plug.

"Awwww...why did you turn it off?"

"Have to let you rest before I start teasing you again. We're not done yet..."

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