It was the last day of our three week vacation and that morning we had quickly agreed that we needed a hike to the lake. Backpacks had been packed with a blanket, sandwiches, bottles of water, a swimsuit for her and trunks for me.

I was ducking under a branch, the same branch that Janine some seconds ago had climbed over. Her shapely legs were wonderful to behold in those tight sports leggings she was wearing. I love her legs, and ass, and hips, and... well everything about her. Did she wear those leggings for my benefit I thought. It didn't matter, right now I was glad she did.

In particular I was admiring her beautiful hair gently moving in the wind. Her hair was the one of the things that made me fall for her. That and her sense of humor and wits. When I heard what she did for a living I was surprised. She was a co-owner of a hair salon. Not that there's anything wrong with being a hairdresser. But given her intellect I would have expected her to be a scientist of some sort.

"I like the work because it brings me close to people." she had explained and with a grin she had added "And I am good at it!"

The first time I met her was at a café a few blocks from my apartment. It was a cold winter day in the start of November. I had a rare day off from my work and had been shopping for groceries. The cold had gotten into my bones so I really needed a hot cup of cocoa. The café had been half full so I was able to get a seat at my favorite spot in the back.

The cocoa was hot and good. I enjoyed it a lot and had been reading the local newspaper. Deep into a fascinating article I had not seen her enter. When I was done reading the newspaper, my cocoa had cooled off somewhat so I had decided to leave the last behind. Picking up my jacket I had been about to leave the café, when I had seen her pretty face and beautiful long blonde hair. She had a cup in her hand with some hot beverage and the look of someone in deep thoughts.

There was something about her that made me pause. Even though I had been alone for a while I was not yet interested in a relationship. Well I did long for someone to share my life with, but I was not ready yet to commit myself to another woman. I still loved my ex-girlfriend. The feeling had not been mutual, but we had split on reasonably good terms. It was something else that had made me stop and stare at her. And I couldn't figure out what it was until she looked up, and looked straight into my eyes.

Her bright blue eyes were intelligent, smart and beautiful. What more could a man want, but a pretty woman with beautiful long blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Well that should be the smile she gave me when we both realized what I had not been able to determine.

We were soulmates.


I have always loved walking in the woods, especially here where nature seemed unspoiled. Andrew had fallen behind a bit and I knew he was watching me when I was ducking under branches and climbing over others. I really liked being looked at. Just by him, not anyone else. At least not in that manner I knew he was looking at my long legs and pert bottom in those tight sport leggings. And I wanted to grant him one of his hottest wishes. Something he had wished for since we had found the lake we were hiking to.

I could have sworn that I would never have done it but it was our two year anniversary and I wanted to do something special for him. My soulmate. I was pretty sure he did not suspect anything so it would be a surprise for him. I just hoped that I would have the guts for it when the time came.

Around lunch time we arrived at the lake. The small lake was quiet as usual. Some animals were scurrying away when he approached, but that was normal. No matter how hard we tried to be silent we never saw any of the larger animals. Only birds and the occasional squirrel. The soft sounds of the small waterfall broke the silence and added to the overall image of the soothing place that we both loved.

I dropped the backpack and went to the edge of the lake and stared at the gently flowing water. It reminded me of the day we met. The day when I entered that unknown café to get some warmth into me. It had been close to Christmas and I had no plans. Suddenly he was there, in front of me. He had looked tall, well above six feet and with the most amazing green eyes I had ever seen. I had instantly known what this unknown guy in front of me had been.

After about six months of dating I had moved into his apartment. It had been such a good thing for both of us. We only had one rent to pay, and could be together much more than before. Andrew had been so generous to sell some furniture to give room for my favorite pieces of furniture. A very comfortable living room chair, a vintage dressing table and some kitchenware that I had inherited from my grandmother. The money we saved allowed us to buy a house. The house we were living in.

I stood there at the edge with closed eyes and felt so blissfully calm. The soothing sounds were like fire to my plan. Will I grant him his wish to make love in public? The thought made me a little wet. Even though I knew the risk of being seen this far into the forest on a Sunday afternoon was quite small, I still felt a bit nervous.


Since we moved to the suburbs seven months ago we had hiked to this place several times, at least once a month. The first time had been a completely random discovery. One path had led to the other and at some point we were kind of lost. The map we had brought with us didn't help because we had no idea where we were. I had climbed into a tree and seen the reflection from the water. After that we had found the perfect spot to rest and relax. And now we were here again.

I had to remove a few branches to make the spot ready for the blanket where I would try to seduce Janine to have sex in public. I didn't have my hopes high, because she was scared of being caught. While I was unpacking I noticed that Janine was looking out over the lake and she looked happy. The warm breeze was ruffling her beautiful hair and she looked stunning. I loved her very much and I would always love her. Sometimes I fantasized her with bigger boobs. They were a B-cup and if I could change them I would go for an E or F-cup. She knew that of course but she also knew how I loved her tits just as they were.

Neither of them heard the high pitched sound, that was so foreign to the place.

Throwing myself on the blanket I called her with a low voice "Honey, are you ready for some lunch?" She didn't respond, so I called again, this time a little louder. But not too loud to disturb the peace here. Still no response. I got up and moved behind her and wrapped my arms around her in a gentle embrace. With my six foot four I had to bend a little to kiss her neck. She led out a contented sigh.


His warm embrace was very nice. I felt loved and safe.

"I love it here," he said.

I turned around and looked into his eyes. I could see how much he loved me, and I could also see the hope of us making love here in public. When I pulled him closer I decided to do it, no matter what. I wanted to give him that anniversary gift.

"I love you" I answered and kissed him softly. The kiss became more intense and his hands began investigating my back and bottocks. I love it when he does that and he knows it. He gave them a little squeeze.

His hands moved upwards and soon he was under my shirt softly caressing the lower back. He cock was hardening but I was not ready yet. I am not sure why. What do I want? I was pretty sure it involved a dip in the lake. We had never before gone into the lake, but last time we had visited the place the clear water had looked so inviting. His hands were tugging at my shirt beginning to peel it off me.

"Later honey" I said and he could easily see the promise in my eyes.

"Alright, let's eat!" he said with a grin.

I smiled back to him and followed him to the blanket. We sat down and ate the sandwiches in silence just enjoying the sounds around us. It felt so good. It was nice. And it was warm. We both relaxed after the sandwich and water. We laid down on the blanket and started to kiss. I knew that this was just a part of the foreplay.

Suddenly I felt a strange sensation in my body. I need something, but what? I couldn't tell what it was. I got up and looked around. I felt so hot, more than I would have expected from the sun sending its warmth down through the leaves of the tree.

"What's wrong, honey" Andrew asked with a worried look on his face.

"I don't know, I just feel very hot!"

"Well, you are 'hot'" he replied with a grin and reached for me. I avoided him and saw the lake. The water had to be cool. It will surely cool me down. Yes that is where I need to go.

"Come on honey, let's go for a swim" I said and began to undress.

"What a good idea." he replied with a mischievous smile.

Even though I was on my feet Andrew was much faster than me. He was naked in a flash and quickly found his bathing shorts. When I pulled my shirt over my head he hid my swimsuit under the blanket.

So that is what he has planned. A naked swim in the lake. To my amusement he had not detected that I had seen what he had done. So I decided to play along. I removed the last of my clothes and stood in front of him complete naked. Potential bystanders completely ignored.

"Honey, will you hand me my swimsuit?" I asked as innocently as I could.

Even more amusing he pretended to search the backpack.

"Sorry sweetie, it is not here. Did you forget to bring it?"

I faked a good disbelieving glare at him and took the bag from him and 'searched' it thoroughly. And of course did not find the swimsuit. With a faked frown I dropped the backpack.


While Janine was searching the backpack I removed my trunks and ran naked to the lake. I dived head first into the cool water. It was fantastic, cool and crystal clear and it tasted great. When I resurfaced I saw that Janine dumped the backpack with a heavy sigh.

"Come on, sweetie, the water is amazing, so let's do it naked"

I looked around and saw no strangers in sight, so I added "and no one is around to see us!"

She seemed shy and reluctant, but she did get closer to the edge. And entered the water with a satisfied sigh. Something about her made me curious. She had some kind of glow that became slightly stronger as walked deeper into the lake. When her nice tits were covered by the water she stopped.

She closed her eyes and through the clear water I could see she was touching her boobs. Intrigued, I moved closer. A shiver went through her body and the glow became more intense. It was very erotic and my cock was not late to respond to the sight.

When I got to her she was moaning. The glow was very intense and I knew she needed me. Needed me to hold her and love her. And to make love to her. I pulled her tight and kissed her forehead. She was shivering and whimpering. My best guess was that she was close to an orgasm.

"I love you!" she whispered and turned around. She pushed her sexy body close to me. And with swift hands she had placed my cock between her ass cheeks. Slowly she began to rub my hard cock with her ass. It was very nice. Suddenly she turned around and opened her eyes. Her bright blue eyes met mine and all I could read was pure lust.


The sensation had gone from needing to urgent. But I had no idea what was so urgent. The water had cooled me off a bit but the feeling had not dissipated. I have to do something about this urgent sensation but what? Then it hit me. I have to make love to him. I have to give him what he has dreamt of for so long. It was right down the alley of my anniversary gift so it seemed like an obvious thing to try.

I kissed him hard and played with his hard cock. It was ready. And so was I. However I wanted him to make love to me on the blanket and not in the water. Just a little more in the lake and then... An idea came to mind and I immediately used it. I led his seven inch hard cock between my thighs and made sure his whole length passed over my clit.

It was wonderful, but the urgent sensation seemed to become even more urgent. I shivered with lust when he touched me and followed every curve of my body. I moaned into his mouth. He found my nipples and squeezed them, just the way I like it, and he nearly made me cum. It was tempting to just let go and enjoy the climax. I steeled myself. When he grabbed my ass and began to fuck ny clit it was almost too much. I was so close. No, I need to cum with him inside me.

Then the sensation changed to wanting. What now? Wanting what?? Oh, I cannot delay anymore. No more foreplay. I wanted him to cum inside me and I wanted to milk him dry for every drop of sperm he had. But most of all I wanted to climax on his cock.

"I want you inside me!" I whispered "right now."

I placed my legs around his back and took his whole length into my pussy in one swift penetration. I had never been able to do that before but I loved every inch of his hard cock filling me. When he was fully inside me our eyes met. I saw love and admiration in his, but mostly pure lust. And I am sure I was all lust because I wanted him to fill me so badly.

He began to slowly fuck me. It was so wonderful. Oh fuck, I love how his cock hits my g-spot over and over again. From time to time he pushed himself all the way to the bottom of my craving pussy and when he did that the wanting sensation became slightly stronger.

We fucked like this for a little while. My orgasm was slowly building and so was his. I was on the edge several times and used all the tricks I knew to postpone the climax. Just before I climaxed he pulled out.

"No, I am so close... don't..." I moaned. He turned me around and forcefully pushed his cock deep into me again. "Yes, yes, fuck me from behind, fuck me..."

He picked up the pace and fucked me even harder. His thrust deep into my pussy made the wanting sensation grow wildly. I wanted him, I wanted his cum, I wanted him to fill me completely with his hot spunk. He pounded my pussy hard and I knew he was unable to stop before he had given me his cum, deep inside me. I wanted it so much. I craved for it. So much...


Her pussy was so tight and so wet and I just had to fill her up. Needed to fill her up. She agreed loudly "Oh baby, cum in me..."

Taking her from behind was unbelievably good. My deep thrusts made her grunt with pleasure.

"Ough... ough... ough... soooo gooood." she groaned.

Even if I had wanted to stop, I had no control over my body. I am going to shoot all my seed deep into tight pussy. I am going to fill her womb completely with cum. My hot cum. The feeling was both exciting and a little scary.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck you are so tight honey... I love your cunt... I am gonna fill you completely with my hot cum..."

My thrusts got harder and faster. I was close. So close. She was close. My cock was throbbing which made her tremble with lust.

"Ough.. ough.. cum in me... fill me with your hot seed... I want it so much..." she yelled.

Every deep penetration felt like heaven. For both of us. She was thrashing about and yelling "Oh fuck, oh fuck, I am... uhnng..." And then she climaxed, her back arching. Her pussy tightened and became unbelievably tight and I could no longer restrain myself. I exploded inside her and shot stream after stream of hot cum into her womb. It was the best orgasm ever.

At the top of their climax the high pitched sound subsided and could no longer be heard.

When her pussy had milked every drop of cum out of my ball I was about to pull out when Janine whimpered, "No, please stay inside me".

She stood up, carefully keeping my cock inside her tight pussy. I held her tight feeling completely satisfied. The glow around her faded as we returned from the heavenly orgasm still lingering in us.


Oh my God, I feel so full and satisfied. The craving had completely disappeared from me. I sighed with relief. The sensation had been so strange and yet so good at the same time. His cock inside me felt quite nice. I felt loved and cared for.

"That was fantastic," I said resting my head against his chest. I smiled for myself. Why on earth have I been so afraid of doing this? For having sex in public. Well, this place wasn't exactly public, I doubt a lot of people knew of this place, but it was outdoors and someone might have accidentally seen what we were doing.

If I had known how wonderful it had been, having sex, with the risk of being seen, I would probably have relented long ago. And I knew that this would not be the last time we had sex in other places than our bed. Do I dare do it somewhere even more public than this place? Something had definitely changed in our relationship. I just knew it would be good, and most likely filled with lots of sex. Maybe not as intense as this, but still memorable.

"Thank you my love," he said holding me tight with his hands around my body. He was warm and wonderful.

I sighed and whispered back "And thank you, that was just what I needed."

We stood there for quite some time until the water felt cold. I didn't mind, but eventually Andrew was shivering. He is freezing. He had not given any indication of wanting to get out of the lake. He had stayed behind me to let me feel the closeness and love that I always needed when we had had sex. I loved him for it.

Our blanket was in the open. No trees to give it any shade. It looked warm and inviting. "Oh, baby, you are freezing, let's move into the sun" I said and nodded against the blanket.

I pulled away, and felt how my pussy was reluctant to let go of his cock. His cock wasn't hard as it had been when he had pounded my hungry pussy, but stiff enough to stay inside me. It surprised me a bit. Maybe this is a sign on how our relationship and sex is changing into. I think I like it.

I took his hand and led him towards the edge of the lake. Gladly he followed me and we laid down on the blanket, already feeling the sun warming us. I snuggled up to him and rested my head on his arm. He kissed my forehead and whispered "Thank you for fulfilling my dream of having sex in public."

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