How to Develop Topic Sentences For an Expository Essay

In any kind of essay, organizing your thoughts is a must. If the essay is unorganized and your ideas and thoughts are scattered, it won’t leave a good impression and might land you a D grade. Essay writing is also a skill that requires special attention to write my essay and certain elements necessary for writing a good essay. In an expository essay, topic sentences are carefully crafted because they relate to the central idea or thesis of your essay. Make sure you are aware of the difference between an argumentative essay and an expository essay.

It was difficult for me to learn the difference between argumentative and expository essays and I have always mixed them up. I have asked my friends to essay writer because I couldn't. I am not proud of that practice but then, I learned to write essays on my own.

You guys can do it too!

What is a topic sentence?

The answer is very simple, the opening sentence that allows the readers to get the hint about the crux of the paragraph is the topic sentence. In other words, it’s the main topic that will have the subtopics in the paragraph.

It connects the subtopic with the main topic.

It provides the structure to the entire paragraph and also, the essay. Without a topic sentence, readers won’t be able to tell the difference that is being discussed in the essay.

Topic Sentence should be in relevance to Thesis Statement.

It is not that hard but some people find it hard and it’s alright. For an expository essay, a topic sentence has a connection with factual information. Thesis statement and the topic sentence both have a connection with each other.

Thesis statement which is the main idea of the entire piece and topic sentence supports the thesis. So, you have to ensure that you are writing following the thesis statement.

Since, opening sentence is the topic sentence, it’s established that you will write a topic sentence that has to be extracted from the thesis statement. I suggest asking any essay writing service to help you understand the difference by providing you with the samples. Don’t worry if the information is too much, you will get there one day.

Let me write an example for you so that it's easier to understand.

Thesis: Harper Lee’s novel, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird” shows the class divide and racism through the characters of Bob Ewell and Tom Robinson”

Topic Sentence: “This novel is a great example of how when the society is unjust and discriminate against people of colour”

I hope now you know you understand what I was saying earlier. It’s not much of a problem if you know how to make a thesis statement.

How to Write a Topic Sentence?

You have to follow simple instructions to completely understand it. Here are few rules:

Identify the main point of your writing.

To successfully write the topic sentence you have to identify what is the main idea of your piece of writing. Usually, you can find that in your thesis statement as mentioned above. It’s up to you how you want to introduce the idea in your opening sentence.

Remember! Be creative.

Make a connection

Write the topic sentence that has some connection with your thesis statement and it answers the what and why of your idea. Refer back to the previous example.

Use New information

Create a topic sentence that allows the readers to read something new. It all depends on your creativity. Each of the body paragraph’s opening sentences shouldn’t repeat.

Make your topic sentence complex and compound

Writing complex and compound sentences will give your topic sentence a more professional look and it sounds stronger as well. The sentence could be created by two independent clauses joined by coordinating conjunction and a comma.

Example: Industrial revolution was an era of new inventions, but it also was the start of an environmental crisis.

“But” is coordinating conjunction here and also notice the placement of the comma giving it a profound structure.

See!! It is not that difficult to understand the basic concept; however, you have to put in some effort or else you won’t get it. You can also check with the SharkPapersask them samples and you might grasp the sentence. But if you are on deadline, you can ask them to write the essay for you.


Transitions are also important when starting a new sentence or opening sentence and writers often use them to make their sentence look professional. Transition words such as, “although”, “even though”, and “another” can also be used to support opening sentences.

These are a few examples to help you understand the use of transition words. Another thing to remember is that topic sentences are mainly used for non-fiction writing. Nonfiction writing such as essays, articles, speeches and blogs have the main use of topic sentences.

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