The evening was weird, everybody was polite, but the conversation never seemed to get going at dinner, Sky did not feel like talking to either of them so was more than happy with that, but the chat between Rob and Lily was not normal either.

Sky was not getting involved, the last thing she needed was a reason for more punishment, and so she kept her head down, but offered to clear everything up after dinner, that kept her out of the way, and should create brownie points to go against punishment too.

She had all but finished cleaning up, just about to wipe down the worktops, when she was called from the living room, she had heard hushed tones coming from there but this was an instruction.

'Sky come attend to your Mistress,' Lily shouted.

Sky felt sick, 'oh god what is going to have me do now', she thought, Sky put down the cloth and walked into the living room.

'Yes Mistress, how can I serve you,' Sky said as meekly as she was able, but she thought it sounded more resigned.

'Sound happier girl,' her sister said, 'All I want to know is, what did Rob do to you this afternoon.'

Sky blushed, she was not good at talking about anything sexual, but she took a deep breath.

'He gave me lashes,' she looked at Rob who looked pissed off, 'very hard ones, master,' she continued, 'then he used a strap-on dildo on my arse, which was painful, master. That was all he did mistress,' she concluded

'Thank you, Sky,' said Lily, 'and did he say why he used the strap-on?'

'He said I lost him a bet, and that it was being used on him tonight, and so I was getting it first, mistress,' Sky said wishing not to be part of this conversation. After a moment she add, 'Oh and Mistress, he said to prepare for more punishment tonight.'

'Did he...' Lily mused, but continued before Sky could say anything else, 'Well that was presumptuous of him, and he probably presumed I would not find out about the strap-on. He was not supposed to use that on you, and that means a special treat for you tonight, you get to be part of his punishment.'

'Thank you Mistress,' Sky said, not feeling happy about that at all, 'May I do back to finish the kitchen now?'

'Yes, off you go.'

Sky went back and finished the kitchen quickly, then disappeared to her room.

She must have fallen asleep, because the next thing she knew there were sounds like the cane from earlier, and she heard what she thought was Rob grunting. After a moment she listened to Lily's voice.

The sound carried through, 'You are such a worm and I clearly have not done this enough, how dare you deviate from the punishment I tell you to give her, and what is the crying out? That is 5 you have 25 to take, and you only have yourself to blame.'

Then she heard Rob again, 'Yes Mistress, I am sorry Mistress, I deserve these 25 for violating Sky.'

Sky listened to the sound of the cane swishing through the air and the whack as it hit Rob's arse, followed by his half suppressed grunt, which was so hot, she slipped her hand down her trousers and rubbed.

Lily was clearly taking her time, these were not close together, there was a pause between each one, Sky imagined the image, Rob standing the way he made her stand, taking the cane, although she was sure they were in their bedroom, so his hands would have to be on the bed.

Sky revelled in that sound, she imagined being the one striking Rob, she had never been into that, but he had pushed her to the point where the thought of doing it to him turned her on, sweet revenge. She rubbed her clit with a ferocity that reflected what she was hearing her mind away imagining the scene next door. Sky was surprised how quickly she felt the feeling rise the warmth in her pussy spreading to her clit, she quickly got to the point of no return, and shuddered as she climaxed. She must have made noise, because the next thing she heard was Lily calling her.

'Sky, remove your clothes and come in here,' there was no misreading that was a command.

Sky quickly removed her clothes and half ran into Lily's room, as she entered she said, 'Yes Mistre...'

She trailed off, what greeted her was not what she expected, although she was not sure what she expected, Rob was secured to the bench naked, almost identical to how he had secured her on Friday. His arse was glowing red with cane welts, she thought one of them might have drawn blood. She composed herself before she spoke again.

'Yes Mistress, how can I serve you?' she said as confidently as she could muster.

'The worm is receiving these because he violated you, I thought you might like to see the last 5, stand there, you will like what comes after,' Lily said.

Sky looked again at Rob, she saw that in addition to how she was secured he had a ball gag on, she must have applied that because of the 'crying out' that she had not heard. She watched as the cane swished through the air, connecting hard with Rob's arse, the whack this close made her wince, she the grunt came from rob, it was clearly suppressed by the gag.

Lily then took the cane and slapped it against his balls, she did this 4 or five times, and had clearly done it before as they were very red, almost without any warning the cane shot back and slapped into his arse again, with the accompanying grunt. Sky was not sure she liked being this close as another slap landed hard, and she was sure she could not take the punishment Rob was. Lily slapped has balls about a bit again, then two final swishes of the cane. Sky let out a breath that she did not know she had been holding, and Rob seemed to relax too, not that there was any movement from where he was tied.

'Now,' said Lily, 'Sky this is the fun bit. While Rob pays for his bet, you and he will be in competition, the winner gets not to be punished.' She laughed.

'Yes Mistress, what do you need me to do?' Sky asked.

'This is simple, while I am collecting the debt, you have to give Rob a blow job, if he can resist cumming for the full period I collect, then he wins, if you can make him cum, you win.' The smirk on Lily's face said she was loving this.

Lily indicated to under the bench, Sky crawled under and positioned herself under Rob's cock, it was hard as ever, and millimetres from her face, there was a tiny amount of pre-cum on the end that she extended her tongue and licked off, there was no way she was losing this.

Sky watched as Lily put on the strap-on, carefully moving the clitoral simulator to the right place to ensure every thrust rubbed her clit. Next Lily dripped lube onto Rob's arsehole, and massaged it in the same way that Rob had to her, Sky had the perfect view.

Sky watched as Lily rubbed the excess lube from her hand onto the strap-on, then Lily looked directly at Sky and said, 'Are you ready? Get going.'

Sky moved her hand to rob cock and started to wank her, taking the head of his cock into her mouth, her tongue dancing around the head as she sucked and licked. She was putting everything into this, losing was not an option. She watched Lily as she played with Rob's arse, she had three or maybe even four fingers inside teasing, lubricating, Sky could feel the effect on his cock of this, he was definitely excited.

Sky started to move her head more, tongue swirling around the head as she moved it in and out, she would have the whole thing in her mouth when she was done, she was still watching Lily from her perfect viewing position.

Lily moved the head of the strap-on to against Rob's arse, and Sky cringed at the next part, there was no nice work the head in, Lily thrust, and thrust hard, a good third of the strap-on disappeared inside, Rob screamed around the ball gag, his muscles all tensing, however his cock got even harder, if that was possible, the girth was becoming an issue for Sky's mouth.

Lily withdrew and thrust, the thrust in was quite rough and Rob grunted hard again, but Lily carried on withdrawing gently and thrusting in hard. Sky could see the harness moving, it was clearly rubbing her clit hard with each thrust, and after about the sixth or so, she started to moan too.

Sky focused on the blow job, she needed to get Rob there before Lily, she moved around his cock as it went in and out of her mouth sloppily, she could feel it twitching and flinching under her tongue, then she her teeth level with the frenulum she gently lowered her teeth onto it, and very carefully moved them up and down a little, while licking it with her tongue. The flinching from Rob became very pronounced, it made being gentle hard, but she worked with it to ensure it was not going to send him the wrong way.

'He is liking that, whatever you are doing, Sky,' Lily said, the words falling into the rhythm that she had thrusting Rob.

Sky noticed she was in a steady rhythm, clearly working on herself as much as Rob, Sky watched, she needed to make Rob come before Lily.

Sky took more and more of Rob's cock into her mouth, it was deep down her throat, and the girth made her mouth feel so full, she could barely breath, Rob was responding right to that, she could feel that he was getting there, the pre-cum was extensive now, he was not far away. Sky kept it up, just that last bit put him over the edge, she was certain he was about to go every time the tip of his cock hit her throat, she was doing well at supressing the gag that she felt raising every time it went in, she was not sure how, driven on by the desire not to lose.

Sky noticed that Lily had increased the speed of her thrusts, her face said she was not far away either, Sky could see the parallels with last night when she had licked Lily to orgasm.

Sky really went for it, tongue, teeth, deep throat all of it, she was throwing the preverbal kitchen sink at making him cum, but his determination not to appeared to be winning. Lily was close Sky could see, just as a significant amount of pre-cum leaked into Sky's throat, she gagged, couldn't stop it, and it ruined her flow. Lily moaned she was cumming, sky watched her face as the pleasure washed over her, anybody looking at her would know.

Sky tried to get back into the rhythm but knew it was too late.

'It's over,' Lily said, 'Rob you can cum. Sky take it all and swallow it, like the slut you are.'

It was less than a second after Lily had spoken Rob's cock was deep in her mouth when cum shot out, she gagged again, as her mouth filled with cum, there was not much room for it with the fat cock in there too. She swallowed, she had no choice, Rob's cock just kept pulsing she swallowed twice more, then it started to subside, she had moved as quickly as she could to only leave the tip of robs cock in her mouth, but she had not been as quick as she wanted, there was another gag, but she controlled it.

She swallowed the last of what was in her mouth and then took a deep breathe, she relaxed.

'Lick it clean, complete the service properly,' Lily said to Sky.

Sky started to lick off the cum left on Rob's cock, and tried to make sure none dripped, she was working hard at ensuring she would not get punishment for not doing that incorrectly, when Lily released the ball gag from Rob's mouth.

'Jesus Christ, you bitch that fucking hurt,' Rob said to Lily.

'Manners,' she retorted, 'express yourself properly or you know what happens.'

After a quick pause Rob said, 'Thank you Mistress, my arse needed your punishment.'

'Good boy,' Lily said, very condescending.

She looked down at sky and at Rob's cock that was getting soft now, then said, 'I think you have done a good job of the clean up, get up and stand in the corner.'

Sky obeyed and watched Lily up cuff and unstrap Rob, his arse looked a mess, which will be painful to sit on she thought, the welts from the cane were raw and there was definitely blood spotting on two.

Rob carefully got up, and stood for a moment, then said, 'I don't have the energy to punish her now, can I do it tomorrow?'

'Of course, but you have to agree what that is now, and you have to film it for me,' Lily sounded very relaxed as she removed the strap-on.

'Can I dump my seed in her tight little arsehole again?' Rob asked, excitement in his voice.

'I don't think that is appropriate,' Lily said.

Sky had tensed up at that suggestion and relaxed at Lily's words, thank god for that.

'OK, I will give her 20 lashes with strap, several on her pussy, then I will fuck her, she will of course have to clean my cock afterwards,' Rob sounded almost disappointed.

Sky wasn't the Strap was her favourite.

'Agreed,' said Lily.

Lily pulled on a robe and threw one to Rob, saying to Sky, 'Clean up all these toys, you know where to pack them away, you may come downstairs when it is done.'

'Yes Mistress, my pleasure mistress,' Sky said meekly.

Rob and Lily left together, Sky slumped onto the bed.

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