This is a true story relayed to me by a foreign friend I chat with online. I have similar real-life stories but this one was too hot not to share.

It is a cheating story, as in, the wife betrays the husband and gets off on it. Not your cup of tea? Don't read. Simple.


I'd been seeing a married woman for almost 6 months when the following events happened. These were some of the most naughty, devious, mischievous, and outrageous things I've ever done with a cheating wife.

Almost from day one, I and this wife clicked on all levels, sexually and emotionally. One of our shared fetishes was humiliating her husband in ways that would put incels into a social coma for decades.

Eric, what a lovely and sexy wife you had. Did you know we were at your home multiple times, in your bed on your side, christening the sheets with our love? Not only that, but we did it in every single corner of your home.

It was so sweet of you to trust your wife with keys to your workplace. We made a special visit there when you were gone after hours.

You have a really nice desk, by the way. Didn't you smell anything peculiar when you were there the next day? Probably not, since your wife's wet pussy is a foreign scent to you.

And no, that wasn't a coffee stain on the desk, but there certainly was cream involved.

Anyway, fast-forward to about the 6-month mark of our illicit and passionate affair. Her beta cuck hubby wanted to go see a football game several hundred miles away from home. At first, we planned on using his bed for that time, but...

The most debauched idea crossed my mind, one that instantly made my balls tingle. I immediately told her about it. She giggled, then laughed cruelly after she heard it. She loved it.

The idea? She would reserve a room for her husband (her being the good wife and him being a lazy, entitled piece of shit who wanted everything handed to him)... AND, reserve a room for the both of us right next to him.

Can you see where this is going?

So she reserved a room for him and an adjacent room for us (under different names, obviously).

One thing that still makes my balls tingle to this day is how pro-active she was in making it all happen. I masterminded the idea but she arranged it all. She found out when he was going, called the hotel, got him the room and ours, too. Something about that makes me crazy with passion for her and my cock rock hard. She is so naughty, devious, sexual, primal, the perfect woman.

The days leading up to the big event were filled with horny anticipation. While fucking, we both breathed into each other's ears the things we wanted to happen while in the hotel right next to her oblivious husband.

Finally, the day came and we drove for several hours, constantly joking about how we were going to humiliate him. His faithful, sweet and loving wife was looking forward to debasing and betraying him in the most awful ways possible, getting fucked six ways to Sunday on the bed while we laughed at him from the next room over.

We checked into the hotel after the game started just to be sure we didn't stumble across her limp-dicked provider. We had a few more hours until he returned, so went to our room to prepare ourselves for a short night out.

We both dressed elegantly since it was a nice 4-star hotel and made our way to dinner. She always looks amazing in whatever she wears. That night, she wore a long red dress, tight in all the right places, accentuating her ultra-feminine curves. She looks like a Spanish supermodel, kind of like Ariadne Artiles, but even more beautiful and feminine if you can imagine that.

How could her husband not want to fuck this every single hour of every day? Idiot. His loss, my gain.

She looked incredible. I loved parading her around the restaurant, holding hands. The restaurant staff referred her as my wife - was giddy inside at hearing that.

We had a nice dinner, gazing into each other eyes. When the game ended she smiled mischievously at me and said "Let's go to get this done". So many emotions swirling about - anticipation, passion, eagerness, smugness, primal brutality, to name a few.

We went back to our room to wait for the flabby loser. Our room was facing the road, looking out from the same side as the entrance to the hotel. We scouted that area for his return.

While I waited, she went into the bathroom and changed into her slutty lingerie (bought just for me, probably with the cuckold's money). I can't even describe that feeling - his wife was preparing herself to be my slut that night. It was like the ultimate feeling of dominance, alpha superiority and being enamored by how eager she was in going along with it.

We waited at least 30 minutes at the window watching the people walking around. I started getting impatient and mad at the cuck for being so inconsiderate. I was ready to fuck his wife and he was keeping us waiting? Rude!

Finally, he came back. She pointed at the road and said "Look! He's there!". As I watched him, I felt this primal rage boil inside me. Hard to describe, but it was like caveman territorialism mixed with some kind of tribal wrath.

I went down the hall to the bar to get something to drink as I watched him check in out of the corner of my eye. I followed inconspicuously behind as he went to his corridor and then his room. He entered and closed the door.

The prey was finally in his cage.

As soon as I entered the room, she was all over me asking me if he was in the next room. I said yes then the phone start ringing. It's him calling his sweet wife to tell her he just checked into the hotel. While he was talking, I was busy nibbling his wife's ear, rubbing her tits and pussy while she tried to hold back breathy moans.

One of the funnier things about all of this was his team lost the game. Aw, poor guy. I'm sure your wife feels badly, too. Here, let me make her feel better just 8 feet away from where you are moping.

They said their bye-byes, and that's when the real fun started. I immediately started fondling and kissing her, taunting him about how clueless he was. She joined in, degrading him, too. That's the hot game we played. She compared me to him in the most demeaning ways possible as she was on her knees polishing my knob with her very married mouth.

While she bobbed up and down on my cock, I would look at the wall separating our rooms and think about what Mr. Clueless was doing. I like to think he was masturbating to porn.

While she stroked me, she presented her wedding ring to the tip of my cock to smear it with pre-cum. So wrong, so hot, but wonderful foreplay.

In the first round, I fucked his wife missionary with deep power strokes. Was like a goddamned Texas oil rig. Some of the hardest fucking I've ever done. Then I took her on her side, doggy, standing doggy on the bed with her hands on the wall (HOT!).

Then we really trash-talked hubby. It was insane, cruel and totally hot. Just a few samples:

Me: "Your husband is in the next room mere feet away, but you are here with my balls deep inside your married cunt."

Her: "I want to be here with you, I'm yours!"

Me: "Why? Tell me!"

Her: "You are so much better than him, you can fuck me in ways he can't and never will!"

Me: "SLUT! Who's bigger?"

Her: "You're so much bigger than him, he is not even a man compared to you! He just pays the bills, just like he paid for this hotel room!"

This continued on for a while, but the psychological elements of dominance and claiming his wife as mine were too much for me to continue for much longer. My balls got that heated tingle, I felt that glowing honey of an impending orgasm, and I exploded deep inside his wife. Right before I did, I dedicated the cumshot to the beta next door.

"That's for you, cuckold!".

So much cum. I'd saved up for days before so I literally erupted inside the pussy which is supposed to be his. Her ovaries must have drowned for days afterwards.

While my cock spasmed inside her my head was filled with the most devious thoughts about his cluelessness and how terribly sexy his wife was for going behind his back in such a brazen manner.

But that wasn't the end of it. We were up for yet another round of illicit, raunchy fucking. And this time, I got an even more devious idea.

The cuck must have heard what we were doing, but I wanted to be sure of it. There was a wood table next to the bed, one of those "work" desks. I placed it against the wall separating our rooms. Wifey asked me what I was doing. I told her she would understand shortly.

When we were ready to fuck again, we started in the bed at first. More trash talk and rage/aggression towards the cuck. I wanted him to hear what I was doing to his wife, so I took my girl in my arms (she whispered to me that he's too weak to do that) and gently placed her on this little table so she was kind of sitting on it with her knees bent upwards.

From that point I fucked her missionary in ways that can only be described as animalistic. I intentionally thrust as hard as possible so the table would hit against the wall repeatedly. Loud thumping sound at 2 AM for hubby to hear.

That's the sound of your wife enjoying time with me at your expense, wimp.

More trash talk between me and her ensued.

Her: "You're fucking his wife right under his nose!"

Me: "He can't do anything to stop me!"

Her: "Of course not! Fuck me, fuck his wife, make an ass out of him!"

Me: "You may be his wife but you are my slut."

Her: "His wife, your slut!"

At that point I felt my body tense with the orgasm coming. I remember breathing heavily 2 times filling my lungs with air before screaming "THAT'S FOR YOU CUCKOLD!"

The orgasm rivaled the scream that came from my lungs. It was a divine and barbaric yelp, a crushing orgasm I've never experienced before. Never screamed so hard in my life - I'm surprised the hotel management didn't rush into the room to see if someone got stabbed.

As soon as I finished saying that my cock started filling her with true alpha cum. During every spurt, I felt an immense feeling of domination and superiority - superiority over this weakling cuck who just heard me fucking his wife after practically handing her to me with his own money.

One of the funnier things about all this is the conversation she had with her hubby a few days later. She asked him about his stay in the hotel. He said the hotel was very nice but the couple next door was loud in the middle of the night.

She smiled smugly back at him and said "I'm sure they had a lot of fun".

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