hiii im zen catmariopipe
he/she greenhearts nd minor
asian + desi istj greenswirl
july cancer

byf keroppiheart I am autistic and rlly just do anything, i just talk abt anything tbh, i wont unf someone over kpop unless its that serious lol Kittynod i dont rlly anti anyone so idc who you stan as long its not suju or lucas lmfao, srry if i dont reply its bc i didnt see or dk what to reply with, froggu dm me on twt if its kprofiles info and stuff

dni keoroppicry homophobic, transphobic, racist, abliest, hybe stan, you say slurs u dont reclaim, insensitive, your wayyyy too corny, ot23 nctzen/lumi, garam shooter (yall r insane), you are misogynist, white person who uses racism in fanwars, you support johnny depp still


kpop greenheart le sserafim, astro, the boyz, cix, ive, stayc, nmixx, seventeen, red velvet, blackpink, txt, csr,
twice, aespa, p1h, nct, weme, billlie, sunoo, yena, woodz, yuri, wooseok, kim minju
other greenmusicnote flo, keshi, ariana, conan gray, melanie, sabrina carpenter

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