So, there I was again following along like a good boy. She was walking ahead of me, the sound of her heels clacking on the stone floor audible even over the sounds of the store. It was a high end shopping center, because the woman could afford it. She could afford a lot of things. And I was the lucky bastard who got to carry all of her things.
I’d never say I was just carrying her shit around because, honestly, that’s an insult to the things she bought. Everything was fine silk, expensive fabrics and cuts, electronics, you name it. I’d seen that look in her beautiful sky blue eyes that she wanted to go on a shopping spree. And of course, I was along for the ride. But I really didn’t mind. I wasn’t joking when I said I was a lucky bastard.
In front of me, and taller than me, walked Belle LaClaire, and I am so fucking glad I had put on my loose fitting slacks today. Belle was a cow anthro, but more than that she was a bimbo. One of those rare anthros who, for whatever reason, transformed into pure fucking sex incarnate. I felt the stupid grin on my face as I got to watch her plump well toned ass jiggle with every step she took enhanced by her high heels. Belle was a shameless exhibitionist and the material of her dress was just thin enough you could make out her panties and just low enough not to get the cops involved.. That perfectly shaped butt wobbled with a hypnotic motion as her hips swayed and that thong underwear rode nicely between her cheeks.
She also had on a pair of stockings, right up to her thighs. And by all that is holy they were just tight enough to form a dimple of flesh that bounced with her movements. And because I knew the cow very well, I spied the little trickle of moisture which had caused her cream colored fur to darken slightly. I had to tear my eyes away from her ass and thighs to watch those beautiful, perfect breasts sway as she strutted through the courtyard to our next stop. People were watching her, unable to take their eyes off the tall, buxom, barely clothed cow. The bitch loved and I could tell.
Once we stepped into the next store I set the bags down and stretched a little before sitting down and pulling my phone out and reopened an app. Belle glanced at me and our eyes met. Her muzzle was short for a cow and just under her cute little bovine nose was a single soft, thick, plump lip colored in a bright red hue. Even from this distance I could see the desire in her eyes and make out the wicked grin on her face. We were in a lingerie store, and our little game was about to begin again.
Like I said, Belle is a shameless exhibitionist. She walks around in as few clothes as she can to expose herself as much as she can without getting the police involved, or worse the Collars. But she didn’t just pick out those things herself, that’s what I was for. And now we were in a lingerie store. This wasn’t about her letting me pick out something sexy to tease people in public but about me picking out things I wanted to see her in when we were alone. The diamond’s on her studded choker spelled out “Mommy” and flashed as she turned to walk away.
I watched her move around the store and browse some things. She bent over to look at something, showing me, and everyone else, her covered pussy. What only she and I knew is what was hidden deep inside of that amazing cunt. With a grin I pressed a button and watched as her knees buckled a little and a soft moo came from her before she stood up. I put my thumb on a dial in the center of my screen and turned it a little.
Belle snorted and bent back over as her thighs pressed together. She was close enough that I could see a damp spot starting to form against her panties. I turned the wireless toy off again and she stood up and moved off. I never took my eyes off of her. Every time she got close to something that I knew would look amazing on that supple, sensual, body I cranked up the vibrator inside of her to the max setting before turning it on.
It wasn’t long before Belle had a flushed look on her face and her eyes were half glazed over with rampant desire. She was panting softly and looking at me every time she could. Each time our eyes met she ran her thick pink tongue across her bottom lip. She was moving shakily by the time she finally had everything she wanted to try out in the changing room. After some words with the clerk she walked into the back and I followed her.
Belle had been given access to a bimbo only dressing room. She held the door open for me and I slipped in behind her. As soon as the door closed she pinned me to it by pressing that heavenly ass into my crotch.
“You’re a bad boy,” she said. Her words came out with a soft moo and a moan as her hips began to grind against me. “Making Mommy all hot and bothered like while she’s shopping. Naughty little boys deserve to be punished.” Her voice was husky filled with a throat desire. I grabbed her hips as hard as I could and rocked my own into her, grinding my hard cock into her damp pussy. She shivered like always as my fingers rubbed through her fur. No one knows why humans do that to bimbo furs, but we do. It’s like a drug to them, our touch. A low, long moan came from her before she let out a hot breath and rose up. My hands followed her and I pulled the thin straps of her dress aside and grabbed her massive tits.
My fingers sank deep into her bovine breasts and she moaned for real this time, unable to keep her lust quite any more.
“That’s it baby. Mm, yes. Play with Mamma’s breasts,” she said. My hands worked with experience as I know just what she liked and how. I grabbed her tits, squeezing them like you would milk a feral cow. One of her hands moved up and ran through her hair while the other hand grabbed my hips and pressed me more firmly into her as our crotches ground faster and more firmly against each other.
“Ohh god.” Belle was starting to grunt with pleasure as I made milking motions with my hands and her breathing got faster, and harder. My own breath was starting to come in hard, ragged gasps. “That’s it. Yes, oh fuck baby. That feels so good.” She was starting to sound frantic, her breathing getting faster and higher in pitch. “Mamma needs your cock!” She finally said after a long, low moo of pleasure.
“Anything for you Mom,” I said. My voice was thick with lust. I pulled my hands from her breasts and put them on her back. With a grunt of effort I pushed off from the door and pushed her into the opposite wall. I grabbed the zipper of my slacks, pulled them down and then peeled her panties from her hips. And peeled is the right word. I knew my sugar mama and her pussy would be so damp that her cum would be sticking to the damp cloth of her panties like honey.
“Oh baby yes, Mommy needs your cock so bad.” She said, almost feral with want by now. I had forgotten to turn the vibrator off and it had been buzzing away inside of her, stimulating her g-spot, all this time. I didn’t hesitate as I grabbed her hips and thrust into her with one hard push of my hips.
I cannot even begin to describe what her pussy really feels like. She’s tight, despite all the times I’ve fucked her in every way you can imagine. Her insides are warm and slick and the way she works her muscles as her body quivered from my first thrust made it feel like her cunt was sucking my cock. The way it gripped me, closed around my cock and seemed to pull me in. I felt the vibrator deep inside of her with the head of my cock and we both moaned as the sensations rolled through us.
I began to fuck her like the animal she is. I thrust hard and deep and fast into her. Her tail wrapped around me like a whip as our hips impacted with each other. Every thrust felt like I was pushing into a tighter and tiger tunnel. She was moaning, lewdly, as the head of my cock scraped and rubbed back and forth inside of her. Her ass rippled with every impact and every time I pulled back from her I could feel her cum dripping from her sopping wet pussy and gathering around my balls. I grunted.
“Fuck, Belle! I’m gonna cum.” I was so close to the edge. She was as well. She turned her head to look at me just as I grabbed it and pushed her face first into the wall. The look in her eyes told me everything I needed to know. I gripped a handful of her silky soft hair and pulled on it. Her eyes rolled back and she came. Her thighs quivered as she let out a moaning moo as her hips bucked hard against mine and her pussy clamped down on me with a gripping, sucking, milking reaction. I came inside of her.
“Yes!” She said after another moan .”Cum in me baby! Cum deep in Mommy’s pussy!” My hips moved almost on their own as my balls tightened and sperm spilled into her. Her body shuddered with every rope of my cum that splattered inside of her pussy. One, two, three, four times I shot my load deep inside of her, splattering the vibrator and coating her walls with my warm cum.
I pulled out of her sticky pussy and she dropped to her knees panting. Before I could do anything she turned around and took my cock deep into her mouth. She slurped up the mingled fluids of my cum and her own from my shaft with evident delight on her face as those sky blue eyes looked up at me with wicked, shameless abandon. Her head bobbed up and down a few times before she pulled her muzzle away leaving my cock shimmering with her spit.
“Good boy. Now, help Mommy get her things to the car.” She stood up and wiped her mouth before getting her clothes back in order. After that she leaned in close, her breasts swung out and tapped my chest lightly. “And when we get home, you’re going to fuck Mommy in her ass until she cum.” She whispered and I just smiled.
“Anything for my Mama Cow.”

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