Brian was on his knees, in front of the older black man who sat in Brian's chair, behind Brian's Desk. The Black man's 10" cock stood at full mast, as Brian's white hand stroked it.

The Black man looked down on Brian. In a reversal of roles Brian was now the inferior. "Go ahead boy put it in your mouth." He gripped Brian's hair and pushed his head down on his cock. Brian willingly opened his mouth and accepted the black man's thick cock.

Brian slurped at the thick, vieny member. Brian thought how much he'd grown to love the taste and feel of it in his mouth. It started to feel natural there, even though he was reluctant at first.

Brian didn't want to be blowing Rufus the janitor, he was the CEO of a million dollar company after all. He thought he should be dining with trophy women, or his secret desire, handsome black men.

At 27, he was the youngest CEO the company ever had and was already married to a dime piece that most men would lust over, and most would say he had the perfect life.

He had the looks along with the money too. His blonde neatly combed hair matched perfectly with his piercing blue eyes. His strong nose matched his strong jaw. His body was toned, and at 6'2 he attracted a lot of attention.

And yet here he was getting hard over performing fellatio on a rather ugly 57-year-old black man. Brian pulled his mouth off the black cock and it was glistening with his spit. He lifted the heavy phallic object and started licking from the base to the tip and cleaning his spit off. He got to the tip on the last lick and was rewarded with the a taste of the cream filling. He licked the precum "mmm you taste so good sir." Then lowered his head on the dark shaft again.

You might wonder why Brian was doing this in his office to a man so far beneath him. Well it was all because Brian decided to post his profile on a dating app. He thought moving his location 300 miles away would keep it a secret, but Rufus had stumbled upon him.

You see Rufus loved using white boys, they always thought they were better than him, because he was a lowly janitor. But once they tasted his cock and cum they couldn't get enough. Some even introduced him to their wives. Rufus loved making the husband suck his cock as he flirted and chatted with the wives. He would use the wives next, and Rufus even left a few presents behind for the happy couples.

Rufus had logged onto his profile and realized there were no more men to use in his vicinity. He was already to 200 miles, and he moved it an extra 100. He swiped through the countless white boys who loved black men...when he stopped and stared at the picture before him... Brian. On this app the white boys would advertise themselves and their wants. The Black men remained secret.

Rufus stared, and wondered how he could be so lucky. Brian was an ass hole to him, always looking down on him. And here was his luck that Brian was a BBC addict that liked to keep it secret. Rufus imagined Brian on his knees in front of him, then thought of his beautiful wife and what she'd look like being bent over begging for Rufus to use his cock on her.

Brian greedily slurped at Rufus's cock. His tongue undulated on the tube as his head bobbed up and down. His hand reached down fondling the balls, just the way Rufus liked it.

This was the 7th time Brian had been used by the Janitor most just a blow job, but a few bent over and fucked like a wanton slut. Brian knew he had to do whatever Rufus wanted for fear of being exposed, but he couldn't help but love it as well.

"You like that black cock huh boy."

Brian nodded his head, it was intoxicating. He felt Rufus push his head down, just like he did every time when he was about to come.

Rufus held the little slut boys head down, his cock buried in Brian's throat. "You know who else would enjoy this cock?" He used Brian's throat to stroke the head of his cock, just enough movement to feel good. "Your pretty petite slut wife" he tensed and groaned as he shot his load down the shocked man's throat.

Brian knew not to stop swallowing but why was Rufus talking about his wife. He slurped at the cum overflowing into his mouth, he'd gotten better over time to not lose a drop, and he didn't want to disappoint the janitor now.

Rufus pumped his entire load in the addicted white boys mouth. He stroked his hair as he pulled out. "Yes I think your wife would enjoy watching you, then begging to be used." He continued stroking Brian's hair as Brian cleaned his cock of saliva and cum.

Brian always did a great job of cleaning, and this time was no different. When he was completed he looked up at the old rugged man. His beard needed brushing, his dreads needed cleaning. His face was wrinkled and his nose wide and large. It was his eyes that showed his life though. They were hard and sunken. Brian was scared of those eyes, they meant business and demanded servitude.

But Brian had to ask "my wife?"

"Yes, yes your wife boy. She's such a sweet innocent looking woman. I bet you've never given her a real orgasm. I bet she's faked a bunch to keep you satisfied." He grabbed Brian's chin "but it's time we give her a real man's cock."

Brian was shocked he didn't want his wife to know, but he also didn't know how to tell Rufus no. "How sir?"

"Good question boy. You're going to invite me over to dinner. And after the meal we're going to move to your living room and relax around some champagne I will bring. Then you're going to crawl to me and start sucking my cock." He leaned down and kissed Brian on the forehead. "See you tomorrow night boy."

Brian hurriedly got in his chair as Rufus opened the door to leave. He was struck dumb as he looked at a photo of his wife. Why does Rufus think she'll be okay with this, why does he think she'll be willing do to anything with him.

to be continued

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