The next clients that came through only wanted to see and touch Gregory and by the time more than half the shift had gone by his schedule was back to being open. The vibrations that surged through Kate's pussy put her on the edge of another orgasm.

Each near orgasm she experienced was painful as Gregory denied her orgasm after orgasm until it seemed like her cervix might erupt from built up pressure. Her pussy burned and her clitoris pulsed with the desperate desire to feel release.

"Master! Fuck...master I'm gonna cum!" She shouted.

Gregory walked over and instead of turning the vibrator off, he turned it up.

"Cum for me." He whispered.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming for you!" She screamed. Kate felt a surge of pain as her orgasm rolled up and then the pain was replaced by more pleasure than she had ever known.

"Oh my god! I'm cumming!" She screamed and a steady stream of cum squirted out from her pussy.

Gregory pulled out the dual vibrators and pushed in his massive cock straight into her soaking pulsing wet pussy. Kate let loose an immense moan as she felt his cock expand her pussy.

"Fuck! So big!" She screamed.

Gregory didn't bother going slow as he started pounding her pussy hard. His thick head crashed into her cervix with each plunge.

Gregory reached under and turned up the black vibrator and left it running on Kate's hypersensitive clitoris. Gregory pulled his swollen cock out and then pushed it into her anus with a loud wet popping sound. Kate screamed as his cock tore open her wet anus and opened her anal canal.

The mixture of the vibrations and his cock in her ass brought her to the edge of an orgasm that felt as painful as it was pleasurable.

"Oh fuck! Master! I can't stop it! Oh god! Oh fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Shit!" Kate screamed and in a rush of squirting cum she orgasmed. Each time Gregory pumped his enormous cock into her ass Kate screamed and another stream of cum shot forward.

After nearly ten squirts Kate felt an immense wave of exhaustion set in. Gregory pulled out and turned off the vibrator and unhooked the straps and helped Kate to the bed. Her eyes were barely open and her body barely moved as she laid on the bed. Within seconds Kate was unconscious. Gregory quickly wrote a note and left it on the table next to her clothes, then he walked out and closed the door softly as he left.

He headed over to Valarie's office and knocked twice before going in to find her scribbling away on paperwork.

"Hey Greg, what can I do for you?" She asked cheerily.

"Kate is in my office asleep. Can you make sure she gets home before the day ends?" He asked.

"Sure, What happ-" Valarie paused and smirked. "-so she finally asked you?"

Gregory blushed a little and nodded.

"How does Lisa feel about it?" Valarie asked.

"I'm actually going to go talk to her about it. I...I'm not even completely sure how I feel about Kate yet but-"

"Go and talk to Lisa Greg. Tell her I said hi. I'll see you tomorrow." She winked and Gregory smiled and headed out.

Lisa had few things to pack up in her room. Truthfully she had only a quarter of her actual belongings from her parent's house. What struck her as strange was how little she missed having those extra things. Being a part of Gregory's family, being his sex toy gave her a fulfillment that she hadn't expected. Lisa looked at her suitcases and the couple of extra bags filled with cosmetics and moved them against the wall by the door.

Lisa slipped into her school girl/maid outfit that Gregory had bought her. The fabric was soft and the straps and elastic were surprisingly comfortable. She looked at herself in the mirror and paused. It had not been a terribly long time since moving in and becoming Gregory's full time sex toy, yet she hardly recognized the girl in the mirror. 'No, not a girl' Lisa told herself; 'a woman'. Lisa felt like a woman.

No longer that timid and shy girl who hid away from the world and denied her desires and pleasures. That girl was gone, replaced by a mature woman who had bloomed into a beautiful partner for a handsome man. Just as she turned away from the mirror she heard the front door open and she went out to find Gregory.

"Good afternoon Master." She smiled.

Greg looked over at Lisa and his melancholy expression changed to one of pure joy and arousal and appreciation. Greg appreciated how devoted both Lisa and Linda were to being his partners.

"What's wrong?" Linda asked from across the room as she walked down the stairs.

Lisa looked from Linda to Gregory with a confused expression. Greg didn't move for a moment until he sighed and gestured to the couch.

"Sit. There's something I need to talk with you both about." He said as he sat in the middle of the couch. Lisa sat on his left while Linda sat on his right. They both waited for him to continue talking.

Gregory had thought of how he was going to bring this up on the drive home and he had settled on three different ways but now he wasn't sure if any of the conversation starters were appropriate. Gregory looked from Lisa to Linda and then back into his hands and sighed.

"Kate asked me to be her master." He said.

"Kate?" Linda asked and glanced at Lisa who nodded her head.

"Kate works at the store with us. She is new but a pretty sweet person." Lisa answered and looked at Greg. "What do you want to do?"

Gregory felt conflicted, he enjoyed the easy and pure connection that Lisa and Linda shared with him. If he brought in a third he wondered if that might disrupt things. Another part of him did want Kate.

She enjoyed his sadist side in a way that allowed him to unveil himself to her and do things to her he didn't do to Linda or Lisa. Gregory's cock pulsed and both Lisa and Linda noticed it simultaneously.

"I suppose that's our answer." Lisa chuckled.

"I won't bring her in unless you both agree on it and-" Gregory paused as Linda slid off the couch and got down on her hands and knees and placed herself between his legs. Her eyes looked up into his with genuine sincerity.

"You are our master. Our only desire is to see you happy. If having Kate around makes you happy then I don't mind. Just be sure you play with us equally." Linda said as she pulled down Greg's pants.

"I agree. But does Kate know about all of this?" Lisa asked.

"Not yet. I'll tell her tomorrow. But tonight...I think I need to appreciate my two lovely sluts." He said.

Before Gregory could move, Linda started licking his stiffening cock from the bottom of his testicles to the top of his penis. Greg let a low groan of satisfaction slip from his lips.

Lisa got on her knees and started sucking the tip of his swelling cock. Both Lisa and Linda watched as his cock continued to pulse and grow and thicken until it became the nine inch monster. Lisa wrapped her mouth around his head and started twisting her tongue around it.

Linda licked his cock from bottom to top and softly she sucked on one testicle at a time. Greg truly felt appreciated for the pleasure that both his toys were giving him.

"Take off your clothes my toy." Gregory said.

Lisa slid off the couch and undressed and waited for his next order.

"Come and straddle me now." He said and Lisa happily crawled onto the couch and started rubbing herself along his hard cock.

"Continue licking my balls slave." Gregory said and without hesitation, Linda started sucking his testicles again. Linda could feel her pussy softening and her cervix opening as it cried out for her master's cock.

Gregory leaned forward and started kissing Lisa's neck softly and then moved to her shoulders and across her chest and back up the other side of her neck. Lisa's breathing became harder and more ragged as she started rubbing herself against his cock faster.

"Please put your cock in me master." Lisa begged as Greg continued kissing her sensitive skin.

"Not yet." He replied and kissed his way down to her breasts and started kissing her firm nipples. Lisa let out a small whine as he pulled on her erect nipples with his teeth. Gregory slid his hands along her back and down her slim waist and picked her up and gently set her down on his cock.

Lisa couldn't contain her gasp as his cock slid deep into her pussy. Linda looked up and watched her master's cock disappear into Lisa's pink wet pussy. Linda wanted to feel his cock in her too.

"Thank you master. Thank you." Lisa moaned as she started riding his cock up and down. Gregory groaned each time he felt her pussy tighten around his cock when she took him in just a little deeper.

Lisa slowly pushed herself down upon his massive cock further and further each time she rode him. She loved the feeling of his cock as it pressed against her cervix. Gregory slipped his hand between her legs and slowly started rubbing her clitoris with his middle finger. Lisa's whine sharpened as her slowly rising climax quickened. The harder he pushed on her swollen clitoris the higher her climax rose.

Linda resisted the urge to pleasure herself even as she felt her pussy dripping with precum which was beginning to pool on the carpet. Lisa leaned into Greg and slid his cock all the way up and then all the way down until her cervix met his cock.

"Fuck." She moaned in pleasure.

Linda looked up and moved up to Lisa's ass and spread open her cheeks and started licking her pink anus.

Lisa's eyes went wide with surprise and her whines turned into moans of an uncontrolled volume. The mixture of sensations as her anus and cervix and clitoris were pleasured became too much.

"I can't...oh god I'm cumming!" Lisa shrieked and in less than a second she orgasmed. Her body quivered and shook for a few moments.

Gregory lifted her up and off and laid her down on the couch and turned his attention to Linda who waited eagerly. Greg could see the strings of precum that had been dripping from her pussy.

"I'm going to pound your pussy, my slave. Master needs to release some steam." Greg said.

Linda got down on her hands and knees, put her ass in the air and didn't bother holding back her moan as she felt her son's cock slide into her pussy.

Gregory truly did feel a need to almost senselessly fuck her pussy. He wanted to fuck her as hard and as fast and as long as he needed. Greg stayed on his feet and squatted down and pushed in slowly at first.

"Oh god your cock master." Linda moaned. "I love your cock." She said as she pushed back slightly forcing more of his cock into her.

Greg shifted his hips forward more and he felt the pressure of her cervix.

"Fuck." Linda moaned. "Fuck me master. I'm your slave. Fuck me however you need-"

Gregory grabbed her hips and started pounding her pussy as fast and as hard as he could.

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Shit! Holy shit!" Linda screamed as her entire pussy became ravaged by his cock.

She had never felt him fuck her as hard or as fast as he did right now. Gregory slammed his cock against her cervix each and every time he thrusted in. Lisa, recovered from her post orgasm, watched with wide eyes as Gregory pounded Linda's pussy in a way that almost frightened her. Yet the sounds that Linda made and the smile on her face made her want the same treatment.

"Oh my god! Fuck me! I'm gonna fucking cum master!" Linda screamed.

Gregory didn't stop or even slow down as he felt her pussy tighten around his cock.

"Cum on my cock you slutty slave." He said.

"Oh shit I'm cumming!" She moaned.

Gregory pulled out and Linda slumped to the floor and just breathed for a long while. Gregory turned his attention to Lisa who felt a tinge of worry and exhilaration as he smiled.

"Come to me my toy." He said.

Lisa crawled off the couch on her hands and knees and waited in front of him eagerly.

"Open wide for your master."

Lisa opened her mouth and Gregory positioned himself over her and slid his swollen cock part way down her throat. Lisa's eyes widened as his cock blocked off her airway. As he pulled out she gasped for air but he quickly put his cock back in and slid it deeper.

A satisfied smile slid on his face as her throat tightened around his cock. Lisa loved that smile. It was that smile that let her know she was giving her master pleasure. She leaned up and pushed another inch of his cock down her throat.

"Good girl." He groaned.

Lisa moaned and without having to even think about it she started fucking his cock with her throat.

She took six inches in and then pulled out to breathe, then took his cock in again. Lisa could hardly believe how good it felt to feel his cock fill up her throat. Gregory's groans of pleasure brought her almost as much satisfaction as feeling her orgasm. Lisa reached up and started fondling his testicles and stroking his cock as she simultaneously sucked him.

She twisted her hand and twisted her tongue around his massive head. Lisa felt his balls tighten but her jaw had reached its limit. She pulled away and took a few long deep breaths. Gregory didn't hesitate though, he was near his limit and he wanted to release.

"Get on your back my slave." Gregory commanded in a deep voice. Linda, who was barely registering his words after the mind blowing orgasm and pounding; turned over onto her back.

"On your hands and knees over her my toy." He said. Lisa crawled over to Linda and positioned herself over her. Lisa watched as Linda's face contorted into a mask of pain and then pure pleasure. Gregory plunged his cock straight into Linda's pussy and all the way in until he hit her cervix. The swollen pressure that surrounded his cock made him pound her pussy a few more times.

"Oh fuck master!" Linda shouted as he pounded her sore cervix.

Gregory pulled out and thrusted straight into Lisa's pussy and began pounding her hard. Linda watched Lisa's breasts jiggle as Gregory fucked her. Gregory pushed deep and held his cock against her cervix. His cock pulsed nearly ready to release.

Lisa felt the pulse and she knew he was at his limit. She pushed against his enormous cock and moaned and she started fucking him.

"Master cum for me." She moaned. Lisa looked into Linda's eyes and smiled. "Cum for us master."

Gregory's balls burned and his cock pulsed, eager to give Lisa what she asked for. He grabbed her by the hips and began fucking her.

"Fuck yes! Fuck me master! Yes!"

"I'm gonna cum." He groaned.

"Cum inside me master." She whined and then she felt the thick warmth of his cock surge as his semen exploded forward inside of her. Gregory pushed his cock into her cervix and couldn't help but buck his hips. He pulled out and pushed his cock straight into Linda's pussy. Lisa watched a satisfied and blissful smile creep over Linda's face as she felt her son's semen fill her vagina. Gregory pulled out and quickly he tossed Lisa onto her back and started pumping his cock.

With each throb of his cock a thick spurt of hot white cum shot forward and coated Linda and Lisa. Both women smiled as they felt his hot semen splatter across their skin. Linda was up first and wrapped her lips around his cock and began draining him of every last little drop of cum he had. She squeezed his testicles and stroked his cock and moaned in pleasure as she felt his warm cum drain down her throat.

Lisa licked up all the cum that had covered her body. It was intoxicating, the sweet taste and the feel of it brought her a level of pleasure that was hard to describe. Linda pulled away as Gregory's cock began to shrink, tired and exhausted. Greg fell back against the couch and watched as both Lisa and Linda began eating out each other.

They got into a sixty-nine and let each other drink the last of Gregory's cum as it drooled out from their pussies. Lisa used her tongue to scoop out the thick white semen while Linda finger fucked Lisa in an effort to get the cum. After a few minutes they both got up and joined Greg on the couch.

"I love you both so much." He smiled.

"We love you too master." They said in almost perfect unison.

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