Recently, App Annie released the November 2020 Global Mobile Games Index report.

The iOS & Google Play global game list in November has little fluctuation. In the income list, "Yuan Shen" continued to top the global income list, and "Paradise M" rose by five places to return to TOP10 to eighth. The download list is still the home of ultra-casual games. Among them, "Among Us!" has occupied the top spot for 3 months, "Shortcut Run" produced by Voodoo is second on the airborne list, and "Acrylic Nails" produced by Crazy Labs has risen 84 places to No. Six.

The iOS global rankings are also relatively stable. "Project Makeover" released by Space-Time Fantasy is extremely popular in overseas markets, and the airborne downloads list is third. Tencent's "Tianya Mingyuedao" performed well and entered the TOP10 revenue list, ranking third.

In the iOS China list, three or four of the three-seven interactive entertainment and music elements fluctuated back to the top 10 download list, and the multi-bit ranking rose by 13 to sixth, and entered the top 10 for the first time this year. After five months, Youzu finally returned to the top 10 list of company revenue. Tencent took the top 3 in the game revenue list, and "Westward Journey" rose by five places to eighth. The remaining rankings did not change much. In the game download list, "Happy Landlord" rose by five places and entered the TOP10 to the seventh place. In addition, three casual games, "Snake Fight", "Unity Action!" and "Blasting Master", entered the list strongly.
The following is the relevant interpretation brought about by the mobile game:

  1. "The End of the World and Moon Knife" mobile game won the iOS global revenue TOP3, with an estimated revenue of US$180 million

As another hot product launched by Tencent, "The End of the World Moon Knife" was ranked fourth in the iOS China game revenue list in only half a month after it was launched in October. In November, it directly rushed to the third iOS global game revenue list and iOS China. Second in the income list. As a result, Tencent has also taken the top three positions in iOS Chinese game revenue.

According to the SensorTower report, "Tianya Mingyue Knife" has been launched on October 16 and has an estimated revenue of US$180 million in the App Store in China by the end of November, making it another major attractor of Tencent Games.

During the period, "Tianya Mingyuedao" was very active, not only invited singer A Duo to sing the theme song "Yiqi Tianya", but also launched the "Passing Pay" version of "Yiqi Tianya" on November 16. On November 26, the appearance linked with "Yanyuntai" and the Thanksgiving Day activities at the same time were launched.

  1. The leader of "Juvenile Three Kingdoms: Zero" returns to the top 10 list

Youzu, who has been silent for five months, launched a new tour "Juvenile Three Kingdoms: Zero" on November 12. Under the leadership of the game, Youzu's revenue in November increased by 32% month-on-month and 131% year-on-year, and finally returned to the top 10.

It should be noted that before and after the launch, Youzu invested a very high publicity cost for "Juvenile Three Kingdoms: Zero". On the first day of launch, it ranked first on the free list of iOS games in China, and ranked tenth on the best-selling list the next day, with the highest selling rate. Ranked fifth.

In terms of purchase volume, the game started gradually after three days of public beta

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