Loren and I moved into her parents Gold Coast home four years ago. They went to Florida to live and loved it down there. Her parents are old money. Which doesn't mean they made a dime but they still had many millions. The money of the family had been made many years before and two full generations now had not made a cent. But it was still old money and as we know money talks.

We had been very comfortable in our house on Alihandra, which is the name of the compound where we live. We actually live in the quarters where the help lived back in the day. The Main house is nearly 12,000 square feet and costs 3 times what I make to heat in the winter. Besides I would never find Loren living there. The house we lived in is nearly 5,000 square feet and still too big but we live in the lower half of it. The upper part is mostly just storage.

The property to the east of us sold two years ago and was under renovation. We began to see movement as far as people maybe moving in. I had heard rumors that people were not happy with the buyer of that property. And part of this rumor was that the new owner was part of the under world. Maybe a very famous under world person?

I soon found out for sure myself. Nico Combrocetti stopped by my house on the way to his. He wanted to meet his nearest new friends next door. Nico was very bright and next to nothing he told me was the complete truth. His agenda was to hire me as his personal Lawyer to conduct personal investments for him. We talked for over an hour.

I told Lauren about it the next day and she ask if I were crazy? The stress of Country Club life, private golf clubs and the life that goes with it is very tough when you were not born into it. My family was very well thought of but not of the old money class of Loren's family.

Nico stopped by again the next week and again pushed me to go to work for him. Something about it was of interest to me and I am not sure exactly what? It wasn't the money, but it was very good. Some thing about the man was dangerously exciting.. And I knew in a in direct way I would be working for the Mob.

I had told him I would think about it. I did and I have no idea when or how but I did start to do some stuff for him. He was at our house more now and he met Loren and they became casual friends. As time went by I worked more and more for Nico. We met his wife and had dinner with them several times. Nico has a huge swimming pool and Loren began to walk over and swim.

Swimming is maybe the best form of being in shape there is and her body is very toned. I paid no attention to the time my wife spent over to his place swimming. And I was soon aware that she was over there most every evening swimming.

I was doing more and more work for Nico and I was aware some of it could be slightly illegal. I was moving lots of money around for him. I also learned that his family had been in Italy for a month and was staying four more before coming home. I hadn't known they were gone. I knew my wife was over to his house much more now.

Nico and I were in my office going over some of the files he wanted moved around. I turned and sat facing him.

"Nico, are you fucking my wife?"

He grinned at me.

"My aren't we being direct? Would it be a big thing if I was? And if I am it is just fun casual sex with a beautiful woman. Loren is a beautiful female and has an outstanding body. She has the beautifully shaved vagina and high perky nipples."

I didn't need to ask again. How else would he know her pussy was cleanly shaven. He smiled at me.

"You need to come over and watch her swim. She is beautiful naked doing laps."

Now I was pretty sure Nico was fucking Loren. But not totally sure? I kept my eyes open but was still not really sure if there was really anything going on. And I sure didn't want to look like a untrusting shit head husband to Loren. So I just went on trusting her.

And I now knew Nico well enough to know he would love to make me insecure enough to start looking to see if my wife really was swimming laps naked? And if she was would that even really prove anything? As the weeks past I saw that my wife was spending more time over to Nico's house.

So I came home from the office after work and decided to go for a walk. I had parked my car beside my wife's and I walked into the house as usual to find it empty. After I changed my clothes I walked up the road sure I would run into Loren along the way. I cut off beside the hedge that runs between our property and Nico's. Up near the ridge there is a void of 3 feet that is and entry into the next property.

There is an old rumor that is told in the family about the family that the original two cut the entrance because the owner of the property east (Nico's) was fucking the wife of the West (Loren's). They all laugh about it. Anyway I cut over between the two and casually headed toward Nico's house and the huge pool behind it. I was surprised at the hedge that ran down almost to the back of the pool that I would have thought Nico would have had removed.

I thought about calling out as I neared the back of his pool but at the last moment I decided to remain quiet. I could hear people talking as I neared the far side of his patio beside his pool. I knew I heard the voice of his driver- body guard Paul and there were also others. I could heard Paul and Nico talking back and forth. the conversation seemed to be about a woman swimming in the pool. I knew it was not about Loren because there were at least a dozen men out on or near the patio. And from their talk I gathered the woman in question was naked in the pool. And about to get out in that state.

Nico was talking loud enough that I knew he was alerting all the guys that the event was about to happen and he didn't want any of them to miss it. I peaked over the hedge and looked to see two tables full of guys setting on the far side of the pool. At least four to a table and four guys besides Paul and Nico on the near side. And I could see the naked young woman swimming toward the steps coming up out of the pool.

She would come out of the pool at the opposite end from where I was hidden. Nico and the men seated with him were down near where I was hidden. I then saw a white towel on the empty chair beside Nico. I knew the woman would come naked up the steps out of the water turn the corner and come down the west side to the chair beside Nico.

The woman came up the steps out of the water and as her back and then her bare ass came into view I knew who she was. As she came around the corner and started down this side towards Nico, my wife's beautiful breasts moved as she walked toward us. She walked proudly completely naked right up tp her chair beside him. She grabbed the towel on the chair and began drying her naked body off.

"Why don't you go over and say hi to the boys on the other side?"

"Just as I am?"

"Yes, Sweetheart I think you are just perfect for them."

My wife looked him hard in the eyes and then shrugged, turned and started around the pool. The chairs were all full at their tables so one of the guys slid his chair back and offered her his lap. As she took a seat on his lap his hand came up and he cupped her bare breast and pulled her nipple out as long as it would stretch.

She leaned her face back to him and I watched as they kissed. tongs in a passionate battle. His hand slid down and as he reached between her thighs she spread slightly to give him access to her bare vagina. As he fingered her the guy to her left was calmly taking his clothes off. When he had finished the man who was fingering her calmly said to her.

"Why don't you slip over and we get this really started. You know we are all going to fuck you so why not get it started?"

She stood up and as she stepped toward the naked guy she looked at Nico.

"So is this what you want me to do Nico."

"I think that would be just fine Loren, let them get to know you real good."

Loren simply stepped over to him straddled his lap and slid her pussy down over his hard cock and began to fuck him. As she moved from lap to lap fucking each man I heard Nico talking to the guys at his table.

"I have been fucking the little whore for several months now and I figured I might as well get some real good out of her."

My wife had finished with the first table and was working on the second one. She calmly fucked all eight guys at the two tables and as she finished the last one Nico called her over.

"Ok Baby now these guys."

As I watched Loren began with the table with the four guys at it and she shared herself completely around the table and then moved on to Paul. As she finished with Paul she turned and walked away into the house. Nico looked at Paul.

"Hummmmm I believe she is pissed. I better go calm her down."

He got up and went inside after her. I could hear her yelling at him and nothing she said was very good. Then things got quiet. I waited several minutes before turning and heading home

I guess Nico completed his task. He had made a complete whore of my wife.

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