”Garn servo,” you’d said to your mate. “Be back in ten.”

You pull up to the local Shell with an empty tank and a hunger that only a Four’n Twenty can satisfy. It’s just past sunset, in the aftermath of a bloody hot arvo. The usual eshays already got called home by their mums tonight, so the place is damn near deserted aside from that one junkie who’s always sitting on the curb, too fried to be a threat. You clap his shoulder on the way in; he responds with a confused grumble.

As always, Davo’s there working the till. Knew him back in high school, used to be one of the sickest cunts around, some hoon legend type shit, but now he’s a tradie by day and works at the servo by night to support the missus and his four kids. How the mighty fall. Meat pie in hand, you step back into the evening heat to hear a voice off to the side.

“Hey mate, mind giving us a hand?”

The voice comes from a super stacked, pale-haired tan chick in denim shorts and bathers that barely hold her massive chest. Beside her is a smaller girl in some kind of bush doof outfit, with hair redder than the Holden logo and the white stick of a Chupa Chup hanging out of her mouth. You take a brief squiz around and head over. No idea who these two are, and there’s no way you wouldn’t remember girls this fine if they were locals.

“Hey, look, I’ll just get right to it,” says the blonde. “Me and my girl here are absolutely fiending for a root.” The mousey sheila looks away, blushing. “Think you could help us out?”

This is either some fucked prank or you’ve got secondhand hallucinations from touching that druggie. Fuck it though, you’ve survived worse. You follow the girls around the back of the servo, the bigger bird wasting no time before she dacks you against the wall, crouching down to bring her face level with your schlong as it flops out.

“Fuark, not bad mate,” she says with a laugh. She grabs your dick by the base and wraps her mouth around it. Her tongue swirls around your length, lubing it up with her saliva, and you can feel yourself hardening with each full circle it makes. Once you’re fully erect, she pulls off with a loud pop, comparing the before and after. “Not bad at all.”

She dives back in, bobbing her head like a madman. There’s not much technique to her BJ, but it’s got passion, passion you wouldn’t normally get from a stranger. It’s sloppy in all senses of the word. You lean back against the hard wall to ground yourself against the overwhelming softness of her lips and tongue. With a packaged meat pie still in one hand, your other finds its way to the back of her head, more just to hold on than to guide her. She giggles at this, and starts to take you deeper into her throat with each motion to see what more reaction she can get out of you.

The answer is a pleasured grunt with your eyes closed, since she’s already got you about to bust straight into her gut. She seems to notice this, and slows down, to your frustration. She steadily slides her mouth off again, dragging her lips against every inch. With your senses returning, you remember the other girl, who by now is standing a couple metres away with a hand down her shorts, moaning softly. She freezes up under your gaze.

“Oh, no woz about her,” says the tanned chick as she turns to her friend. “She’s just a tad shy about all this. Actually…” She stands up to whisper in your ear, stroking your cock all the while. She has a plan. It sounds like a fun one.

You and the brown bombshell swap places, putting her against the wall and you with your back to the world. She fumbles her bottoms down to reveal an unexpectedly velvety-looking pussy with a well-trimmed white bush, juices sparkling under the fluorescent outdoor light like the morning Gold Coast waves. You pass the pie to her so you can hold her up by her doughy ass with both hands. She in turn pulls the pastry out of the plastic and takes a small bite.

“Well go on, stick it in mate, pie’ll get cold.”

You shove your knob into her with sudden force, making her almost drop the pie. You start thrusting, keeping her enough off balance that she can’t eat too much of it. A couple times, the absurd bouncing of her enormous jugs threatens to launch the pie into the air like Don Bradman hitting a huge six straight into the crowd. Her laughter fills the evening air as she makes attempt after attempt at getting another bite in. Sweet sheila, she is. Girl’s got more enthusiasm than the truest, bluest Bulldogs supporter on Grand Final Day. Plus, her snatch feels like heaven. There’s no way she’s human, gotta be some kind of magical Aboriginal spirit. Eventually, she gives up on the feed and surrenders to the pleasure, wrapping her arms around your neck.

“Fuck yeah, smash that chocolate cunt!” she shouts. Hope Davo didn’t hear that. Knowing his old mate is getting some prime cooch while he’s stuck behind the counter of a corner shop might be what pushes him to start singing Shannon Noll’s What About Me.

“You close? Go on, cream me up. Nothing wrong with a cheeky nut.”

It’s hard to say no to that cheery voice, or that divine muff, for that matter. She squeezes down on you tighter than a peak hour tram, draining more baby batter from you than you thought you had. Your head feels light - it feels like you’re miles up, among the stars of the outback night sky in the Dreamtime, as far out Woop Woop as you can possibly be. But as far out as it is, this sun-kissed stranger is there with you, keeping you warm and safe inside her.

“Fuck, sweet as,” she gets out between deep breaths, bringing you back to reality. Sweat coats both of you, the clearest sign of a job well done. “Okay, quick.”

Time to put the plan to work. She holds the pie underneath herself, letting some of your mum-maker mayo dribble out onto it. No meat pie is complete without some sauce, after all. You step back and turn to the raver midget, who’s still socially distanced, trying to peek over your shoulder to get a look at the action. Fuckin perv.

“Hey Bae. You hungry?” The brown girl holds up the creamed pie. Her friend goes redder than her own hair, but she nonetheless inches towards it with curious steps. Given the height difference, she has to go on her tiptoes and lean on her mate’s huge rack to get a bite of it. She takes a few moments to chew thoughtfully, then without a word her head snaps to you. She drops to her knees and starts tracing her tongue along your cock, scraping up any remaining traces of your cum.

Satisfied, the darker girl starts happily eating the rest of the pie herself. With the ginger possum slut still gobbling your stiffy you whip out your phone to text your mate. You’re gonna be a bit longer than fuckin’ ten.

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