Chapter Thirteen: Only One Way

Mary left Margaret to sing softly in her extremely satisfied afterglow and went running to find Dorff, who she hoped had gone to the library to help in dealing with the kidnapped and hypnotized men and the kidnapped and unconscious governor of Illinois. She was shocked at how much ejaculate the dashing federal agent had punched up into her friend Margaret. As far as she knew, Dorff had been creampieing the white slavery girls all night, starting with Mary herself, while his wife was distracted by getting gangbanged by Don and his teenage friends. Dorff put a massive load into her and into Violet, as she'd witnessed, and then almost directly after, he had pressurized Margaret's cunny like she'd hardly ever seen before when she begged him to knock her up. The guy must have balls in his balls!

Mary found Dorff down the hallway from the library, peeking through a cracked-open door and stroking his sturdy girthy cock still wet with Margaret's juices and his own emissions. Low screams of crisis and passion were emanating from the room that had captured his interest.

When Mary came up to Dorff and peeked through the door crack with him, she saw his wife, whimpering in near continuous orgasm while riding hard on the massive thrusting dick of Mary's giant teen acquaintance Harry from the petting party (see the Secret of the Old Cock). Ramming twice as fast in and out of her shitter was the rakishly scarred Chuck, who Mary knew as a tireless lover. Between them the two teens were sending Dorff's wife to the limits of pleasure again and again. Some others of Mary's lesser-known male acquaintances were looking on. As she and Dorff watched breathlessly, two of these boys climbed up on the bed and ejaculated copiously on the mature woman's whimpering face, already coated in semen.

As they watched, Chuck groaned deeply and Harry growled as they tensed near-simultaneously and shot their respective precious white gifts into Mrs. Dorff's asshole and cunny respectively. She shrieked extra-hard and gave an all body shiver. As the three went limp to near collapse, Dorff pulled open the door and pushed through the assembled youths. "Darling, it's not what it seems," Mrs. Dorff tried to explain.

"I need my wife urgently, boys," announced Dorff, and the youths respectfully retreated as he and his substantial rigid cock grabbed and laid down his semen-spattered wife on her back, spread her legs, and dived between her legs to lick and suck the sperm out of both her holes that Mary's friends had just deposited there.

Mrs. Dorff, a happy thrill in her voice, grabbed her loving husband's hair in both hands and cried, "Thanks for understanding, darling! Oh God right there... yeah suck it... lick and suck that hot strange out of your wife's cunt baby!"

The assembled youths continued to jump onto the bed in threes and fours and shoot and drizzle their ejaculate onto Mrs. Dorff's body as her husband had his lusty snack down below while she cried out encouragement. After a particularly rewarding orgasmic shriek, Dorff relented and mounted his wife missionary style. He fucked his semen-slick wife hard for two minutes as she shrieked continuously, and then Mary saw the impossible. He chugged a huge, huge gloppy white deposit into his wife's angry-looking cunt. How did he do it?

Dorff climbed off his wife and the bed almost immediately, still dribbling a little semen, and announced, "She's all yours boys!" About eleven boys pounced on her immediately, licking, spunking, tickling, searching for her holes with their hard peckers as she shrieked and laughed with delight. Dorff and Mary left arm-in-arm to reach the library down the hall and begin assessing the situation there.

Mary and Dorff threw open the library door to find an orgy in full swing between the two dozen hunky and handsome formerly hypnotized men and the six white slaver girls that Mary had rounded up to help her rescue the hunks. Mary did a face palm. Of course there was an orgy. She had told a roomful of virile naked men to stay put in a room with six very horny knockout teen beauties. The governor still lay on the floor where she had left him, unconscious, but with a steady heartbeat and breathing.

All around Mary, her six female buddies were being mobbed by the far more numerous fit young men they had rescued from the red walled basement below. The men were of various ethnicities, but they were all defined and muscular, like college athletes.

Mary's friend Julie was a lean stunning teenage brunette with outsize luscious pink-tipped breasts for her thin frame and a shaved mons. The responsive brunette was crying out in extremis while sandwiched between two standing blond men who were both snarling close to ejaculating up into her, it seemed simultaneously, and pounding her in unison with their big thick dicks, one in the pink and one in the stink. Three other men were waiting around rubbing their dicks, watching the action, and waiting for a chance at one of the tight slippery holes of this screaming, stunning, yet somehow still virginal-looking young slut.

Becca, a friend of Mary's from her white slavery days, was a stunning curvy teen redhead, and was rubenesque without being flabby, with massive DD knockers and a glorious meaty ass to match. Mary's eyes were drawn to the contrast between the pale freckled beauty and her lovers, two colored men darker than Margaret, who were covering her on the floor. One was crouching over the redhead's chest and stroking one of the biggest dicks she had ever seen up between her generous tits slick with spit, which she was holding together.

The man was holding up Becca's head, and a generous-looking amount of the tip of the sable man's powerful member was pistoning sloppily in and out of Becca's mouth and throat. A second black man, darker than the first, held Becca's hips off the floor and was ramming the full length of his massive thick engine in and out of the redhead's fully stretched wet cunny. Many men were standing around watching Becca. Mary knew her to be quite vocal when her mouth was not full. As Mary watched, one of the gathered men quickly knelt over Becca's face, and she shut her eyes tight as he shot wad after wad onto her face and hair.

Jacqueline was a jet-haired half-Asian princess of stunning beauty and rarity, with light skin, freckles, and pink nipples contrasting her classic almond-eyed facial features and lean petite body. The tiny beauty began emitting squeaking orgasmic cries as she rode one tan-skinned man, perhaps of Italian descent like agent Dorff or perhaps Latino or Spanish. A freckly redheaded man was on his knees behind the freckled half-Asian beauty thrusting his massive dick energetically up her minuscule back entrance, and this seemed to be the main source or her orgasmic shrieks. The piercing sound of her loud cries was cut abruptly when a brown-haired man stepped up to the almond-eyed knockout's mouth and started forcing his sizable member, already wet with his own spit, inch by hip thrusting inch down her throat. A man unleashed his sperm onto Jacqueline's petite pink tits at the same time, and his cum streamed down her lean abdomen to pool on her brown lover's tummy.

Mary's friend Ramona was off in one corner surrounded by potential suitors. She was a brown haired and freckled stunner with a lean body and generous, brown-nippled tits. She was laying on her side, whimpering close to a climax, one blond stud drilling her ass and another enjoying her wet slit. As she cried out in wet crisis, a third youth spurted several jets of semen over her face and breasts.

Mary's friend Sasha was tall and lean with black hair, dark eyes, and pale, pale skin. She had been one of Sheriff Barton's girls before going off to college. She liked it hard, very hard, and some of the assembled youths seemed to sense this. One young man had her on her feet bent over in a chokehold, and Sasha's face was pink and her eyes were fluttering in near unconsciousness as her loins shook in a powerful rolling orgasm. One youth was behind her fucking her ass and another was sitting between her legs sucking and finger-fucking her wet cunt. Additionally, two other young men were spanking her with rulers as hard as they could without damaging her perfect, lean, and increasingly pinked-up bottom.

Mary's friend Carla was a thin, petite, and pale auburn-haired beauty. She was the other of Barton's girls, and unfortunately didn't have such able lovers as Sasha at the moment. She seemed to have become the room's cum dump, though, which Mary knew would work almost as well for the pale screamer as a good spanking and choking would, for she loved the tangible admiration of boys, and several boys were standing around and ejaculating on her as she was fucked roughly from behind by another youth. Carla opened her mouth, and two young men ejaculated for her nearly simultaneously, spraying and dribbling onto her mouth and face.

While Dorff got out the smelling salts to revive the unconscious governor, Mary told him, "I need to look for another secret entrance," and she bounded through the open bookcase, down the spiral staircase, and into the red room. She searched everywhere for the telltale signs, and finally, a slight irregularity in the surface of the back wall made the secret door evident to her. There appeared to be no way to open it, though, and she concluded that it could only be opened from the other side. She bounded back up the stairs to tell Dorff.

"Agent Dorff," started Mary. She called him that because she didn't want the group at large to suspect that their relationship was closer than mutual acquaintances that just happened to be buck naked and sexually excited at a party together. "Agent Dorff, there's a secret door down there all right, but it appears that it only opens from the other side."

"Never mind that, lover," replied Dorff. Mary rolled her eyes. So much for discretion, she thought. "The governor won't revive from smelling salts. I can't revive him!"

"Stand back, Dorff. I know what will revive him." Mary knelt to the side of the naked governor, bent over him, and took his limp penis into her mouth. The assembled onlookers watched in hushed silence, except for the girls and the men currently fucking them, while Mary attempted her desperate resuscitation. She paused for an instant to say, "A little help here?" and then gulped the governor's slightly swelling cock down and pointed to her backside.

A handsome male bystander knew immediately what Mary needed, and he lay underneath the intrepid young detective's kneeling form and began to lick her clitoris and stroke his well-manicured fingers in and out of her snatch and asshole. "Mmm!" she enthused. Obviously, the youthful and muscular cunt snacker's work was hitting the spot, lending motivation to the intrepid girl detective's urgent efforts to revive the governor.

The governor was fully hard now, and Mary was guzzling his long dick fully, ample spit and phlegm flying from her slick, forceful throating. His body began to tense, and he arched to get more of her delicious stimulation and groaned. His eyes fluttered.

"Governor!" shouted Dorff, tapping the governor's cheek lightly. "Governor! Can you hear me? Are you with us?"

The governor wheezed, and then croaked, "Yes, yes." A huge cheer erupted among the assembled onlooking men filling the library. The girls were busy.

Mary, having more urgent business than cheering her own resurrection of the governor, sat up to fully enjoy her cunny-sucker's face pleasuring her from below, because the girl detective was so very close to her own crisis, and she could feel it was going to be a big one. "YEEEEEAH!" she shrieked as her climax hit her hard. She was compelled by the implacable forces of eros to forcibly grind her love button down on the surprised young man's pinned suckling lips and tongue, and she involuntarily unleashed her squirting juices up the poor trapped youth's nose and into his eyes as if her oral lover had conjured them, gushing out of her, with a warlock's magic.

Mary fell onto her side off of the sore-tongued youth's face onto the library floor, panting hard in orgasmic bliss and twitching with aftershocks. There was scattered applause at her finish, and the youth smiled broadly, his eyes squeezed shut against her juicy gift that was splashed all over his face.

Mary was snapped out of her reverie by the panicked cries of a naked and cum-covered Imogene standing over her. "Mary, Mary, come quick!" she cried, "Grandma has fallen ill!"

"There's no time to lose!" cried Mary, springing to her feet and dashing off with Imogene in tow.

"Um," cried the governor. "I'm really close... anybody?"

(To be continued)

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