My life, in my opinion, is very comfortable, very happy and sexually fulfilling to a point.

Not the greatest of opening lines, though true nonetheless.

Emotionally, financially and every way I could wish, my life is all it could be, with one possible small exception. And that possible exception is that my sexual desires verge on the exhibitionist, somewhat carnal and can at times, prove to be incredibly unfaithful, regarding my marital vows, almost to the point of being downright kinky, well at least in my opinion and the opinion of some of my many lovers.

My own personal needs are what can only be described as outside the parameters of monogamy. My husband, who is very loyal and loving, who has remained faithful to our marital vows, at least to my knowledge, derives untold sexual pleasure from my extra marital activities, which although not cuckold, do involve my constant breaking of my marital vows sexually. He delights in either watching my exploits in person or receiving a running commentary of my exploits after the event. Mostly while I am either milking him or riding him slowly, reliving every moment of my infidelity.

The terminology for our situation is best captured I suppose as the Hotwife syndrome. I love to flirt and flaunt, as long as I get the benefit of the erection I've just created, and he loves that I choose to behave in this manner, gaining immense pleasure watching me arouse and eventually drain a hard cock. He is most definitely not a wimp or weak man, but he does enjoy knowing that his hotwife can make the cocks hard and make sure they empty spectacularly.

As a highly sexed slut, we have found the perfect compromise to our sexual preferences, me being the highly sexed slut and him being a serious voyuer.

From the moment we met, I have sought and craved the sexual attention from other men and in some cases other women.

On the night we met, I managed to sneak away from him, to go to the disabled bathroom in the nightclub we were in, with what turned out to be his one of his best friends as sexual company. I willingly sucked his friends magnificent cock, ravishingly using my mouth and tongue to pleasure his friend to completion. I rejoiced in telling his friend how much I loved to suck cock and fuck other men, before swallowing every drop of delicious cum the guy provided. I removed my very small tight dress and completed his blowjob completely naked only wearing high heels. His friend played with my large firm breasts and fingered my tight shaved pussy as I performed the greatest blowjob he had ever experienced. That night when I returned to my future husband, he had a rough idea that something had occurred, possibly from the salty taste on my lips, but was never sure for certain of what actually happened, that is until I confessed to him in a rather teasing manner some months later, as I rode his cock to orgasm, delighting in telling him how much his friend sexually satisfied me.

I managed to work my way sexually through the majority of his friends, enjoying their manhoods in everyone of my slut holes, before we finally moved in together.

Getting help with our move was a very simple task, as most of his friends that I approached for assistance had at one time or another, had their hard cock in either my mouth or pussy, and one of his friends even fucked my ass in the back of a cinema whilst hubby thought I was at the kiosk purchasing popcorn. Needless to say I made sure that the guys who helped were sexually rewarded, which I know hubby enjoyed, even though it was from a discrete distance not wanting to spook his friends. Hubby feigned the need to go to a hardware store for for some supplies, leaving me with four of his friends, who removed my tight dress, leaving me in stockings, garter belt and high heels, as they incessantly ravaged me as his car pulled away from the drive. One guy was fucking my shaved pussy as I straddled his thighs. Another guy was positioned behind me, sliding his hard cock in and out of my tight unfaithful asshole. The other two were content to stand either side of me playing with my erect nipples as I sucked their cocks to completion, swallowing every single slimy drop. The two guys fucking my holes managed to empty their loads into my willing mouth a few minutes before my future husband returned, allowing me to clean up place my dress back on. The guys even managed to take a few souvenir photographs on their cell phones of me being fucked and lapping up their spunk enthusiastically.

There were countless other secret trysts during the early stages of our relationship, right up to the point when he eventually witnessed a close acquaintance, bending me over on the patio during a friends house party, with my short tight mini dress around my waist, as I willingly took his large cock deep inside my shaved pussy. Just as his friend emptied his seed inside me, I glanced over to find my future husband staring at my predicament with a huge grin emblazoned across his face. I smile suggestively and gave him a naughty wink as his friend continued to empty inside me, unaware of our secret audience. His friend returned to the party to avoid suspicion and unknowingly left me outside with my husband who placed his own cock where his friends had been and fucked me vigorously, mixing his spunk in with semen of my alpha male earlier.

I teased and tormented my husband during our impromptu fuck.

"It feels so good to have your cock fucking me, using your friends spunk as lubricant!"

He groaned as I continued a verbal onslaught in this tone.

"I can still feel your hard cock fucking me, which is surprising, considering how much bigger your friends cock was!" I moaned, feeling my husband thrust deeply inside me, his cock exploding a furious eruption of hot spunk.

"That feels almost as much spunk as your friend emptied inside me!"

My husband was revelling in my sexual indiscretions, enjoying my infidelity almost as much if not more than I.

"I can't wait to feel his cock explode inside me again! A few new cocks exploding inside would be perfect!" I teased, smiling and licking my cock sucking lips.

My indiscretions with his friends were now coming out in the open and my husband obviously approved of my alternative lifestyle judging by his constant arousal. His friends were quite relieved also that he had no objections to me enjoying their hard cocks as and when required. There were many occasions when my husband and a friend or two would enjoy the pleasure that my slut body provided after a night out.

One particular occasion, two of his friends just showed up at our home, lifted me off the sofa, taking me up to my bedroom, as they felt and groped my inviting pussy. Stripping me naked, they dressed me in stockings and garter belt with black high heeled strappy fuck me shoes. They proceeded to carry me back into the lounge, fingering my tight holes all the way back to the lounge, where my husband was patiently sitting and took turns fucking me wildly, as my husband sat next to me, watching as I rode both cocks. The final act of submission included both guys double penetrating me and coming inside both tight holes, whilst my flummoxed husband looked on at his slut wife. They left me on the sofa in post orgasmic bliss and left promptly. Hubby fucked me ferociously, telling me how much of a cheating whore I was, allowing men to fuck me at their beck and call. I loved this as he came deep inside my pussy, giving me another mixed load of delicious spunk.

My wardrobe became even more exotic and slutty from that moment on, as I embraced the Hotwife life, actively playing the role of cheating hotwife.

My preferred sexual scenario would be one male pleasuring me, but there have been occasions where more than one male was attending to my sexual needs and I can't deny that those occasions have been very sexually satisfying.

I have on two separate occasions been the stripper at a private stag show for a few of his friends, where I was passed around like a joint at a frat party. I dressed the part in stockings, garters, quarter cup bra and the highest heels imaginable. My nipples were fully exposed and were sucked and chewed constantly. Once my shaved pussy was revealed, every guy in the room inserted at least two fingers into my pussy or ass when I lap danced my way around the room. I squirted at least twice before I fucked every guy in the room at least once, coming so much I almost fainted with sexual exhaustion. That night hubby left me at the venue with two of his friends, who had conveniently dropped a viagra each and proceeded to fuck every hole I own incessantly. Hubby collected me the following morning just as the guys were emptying their final loads inside my willing ass, which I was holding open for them to spew their hot spunk inside. They had photographed and videoed the whole event, giving a copy to hubby and I, something I've watched and masturbated too on many an occasion, plus I once watched it back as two complete strangers replicated every move that was on the screen. I helped once secure a business deal by being a sexual escort for his client to ensure the deal went through, and after what I let that guy do to me, that contract was most definitely in the bag. It was an added bonus that the guy was really hot and owned a very impressive cock.

I am fortunate enough to be blessed with the looks and body that men want, and excuse my arrogance, but so far no man has refused my advances.

I dress provocatively to attract my chosen mate and will ensure that I am actively willing to entertain any carnal desires the man wishes to explore with me. I have a very lavish wardrobe of sexy lingerie, high heels (shoes and boots). A very extensive selection of the the tightest, shortest most revealing dresses imaginable. After last Halloween when I went out as a latex Catwoman and was fucked wonderfully by a good friend of my husband, I've since acquired a few sexy catsuit outfits, with the zips in the right places for easy sexual access.

All of these outfits have been put to good use on many, many occasions, on my sexual excursions in to unfaithfulness, enjoying the sexual pleasure of a new hard cock and on a few occasions the exciting softness of a woman's expertise.

I proudly possess a 32DD-23 34 body with a completely smooth shaved pussy. My right nipple is pierced and I have a three artistic tattoos, one on my wrist, one on my foot and one down the left hand side of my waist from the underside of my breast, down to my left hip. My husband was never a big fan of my tattoos, but he heartily approved of my nipple piercing and the erect effect it provided. With the majority of my tight slut wardrobe emphasising my small waist and large breasts, my pierced nipple is always clearly visible and always joyfully erect. Something he, his friends and my many extra curricular lovers enjoy, and truth be told, I do love the effect and sensation.

Although my husband has gracefully accepted my chosen lifestyle, I do enjoy teasing and humiliating him sexually whenever possible. We have discussed this at length, and by his own admission he admitted that my sexual indiscretions and various levels of humiliation, excited him. I openly admitted that I loved getting fucked and having strange men shower me with sexual attention, but the notion of unfaithfulness and the depraved humiliation of my husband only added to the sense of arousal. When his two friends turned up, snatched me upstairs, decking me out in stockings and garters, then fucking me vigorously on our sofa as he just sat next to me, watching and hearing his friends fuck me senseless. Hearing me moan and groan with unabashed pleasure as the two cocks fucked me vigorously, was without doubt a sensational sexual experience. I added to the moment by giving a running commentary on how deep the guys cocks were inside me, how big and hard they were and how much pleasure these throbbing virile cocks were providing me with, as he sat there, shifting uneasily, as his friends fucked me, smirking incessantly as they would drop little humiliating sentences into the equation.

"She is such a nasty cheating slut, letting men fuck her as her poor husband looks on!"

'Look at how much she loves having more than one cock inside her!"

"She fucks and squirms like the cheating slut that she is!"

My husband would squirm at these outbursts but secretly thrived on their utterance.

"It's like fucking our own private whore for free!" Was one of my personal favourites and judging by the flushed colour of my husbands face, it was also one of his.

I thrived on being fucked in front of my husband, as he watched on helplessly. This always added to my arousal. It was almost like an out of body experience, watching the mixed emotion of humiliation, arousal, jealousy and anxiety he endured during my hotwife escapades.

It now brings me to the present day where we now find ourselves looking to sell our city centre Apartment and purchase a house with a large garden. Our apartment is situated in the heart of the city centre on the Main Street with easy access to all of the Restaurants, Bars, Night clubs, strip clubs and shopping. A selection of facilities we have used avidly, but now feel it's time to move out of the city and into the suburbs.

I have to the best of my ability prepared the apartment for sale and was patiently waiting for the real estate photographer to turn up and capture our home for the purposes of selling to the highest bidder. I am what I am and won't change that so I find myself dressed in a skint tight faux leather look black waistcoat, displaying a considerable amount of my ample cleavage. I'd foregone the wearing of a bra as the waist was cinched at the waist and cupped my large firm breast majestically. I matched the waistcoat with a very tight shiny black leather look mini in

The exact same material as the waistcoat. I had chosen not to wear any panties as I didn't want any VPL on my skintight skirt. My smooth tanned legs were enhanced by my choice of high heeled ankle boots to complete my outfit. My hair was tousled in the way I prefer to wear it and my make up was more than was required for daytime purposes. I had one last walk through our apartment to ensure it was staged perfectly for the photographs, when the doorbell rang announcing what I hoped would be the photographer. My high heels clipped across the hardwood floor as I made my way to open the door. Unlatching the door I was pleasantly surprised to find a rather dishy looking photographer standing on my doorstep. He stepped back for a second, surprised to find me dressed as I was, and wearing such provocative clothing, enhancing my curvy hotwife body. I smiled as he looked me up and down then spoke.

"I'm from the real estate company to photograph your household!" He said in deep masculine voice.

I stepped aside from the door entrance.

"Please come in!" I smiled, as he stepped into the vestibule.

I closed the door behind him and turned to greet him. He hadn't stepped all the way into the vestibule and I found myself almost face to face with the young dishy photographer.

My large firm breasts were pressed against his broad chest as he blushed ever so slightly before stepping back allowing me room to manoeuvre.

I smiled once more and ushered him to the stairs.

"Please follow me and I'll give you the guided tour" I said stepping ahead of him, slowly climbing the stairs, ensuring my ass would be the focus of his attention as I seductively climbed the stairs.

With each I step I took, I could feel the tight mini skirt easing its way up my thighs. By the time I'd reached the halfway mark, I could feel a gentle breeze on the lower section of my buttocks which must be surely in plain sight to my guest. I took a long step, ensuring my skirt was definitely riding up and exposing my ass. The long step would definitely give my guest a wonderful view of my smooth shaved slit. I could feel the sexual butterflies, fluttering in my stomach as the naughty slut in me rose to the surface. I stopped one step from the next level and turned to my photographer guest.

"How are you enjoying the guided tour so far?" I said suggestively with a knowing smile.

His face was flushed as his eyes moved from my ass to my face.

"Everything looks fantastic so far!" He said with just a hint of innuendo.

"Thank you so much!" I retorted "Will I be in any of these photographs?" I enquired with a cheeky grin.

"The ones for your schedule will be of the house only, but I can do a few with you in the pics as a little memento!" He said rather confidently.

"I think I would like a few souvenir photos of me around the house!" I grinned salaciously "We could theme them. Cook in the Kitchen, Lady in the lounge etc!" I said allowing his mind to decipher and decode my obvious message.

"If you're ok with that, I'd be delighted to photograph you around your home!" He smiled with just a hint of confidence.

I walked off the staircase and onto the hallway of the first floor. The lounge and kitchen were off to my right, with our entertainment room and spare bedroom to the left.

I walked into the entertainment room, sat on a barstool and said.

"Why don't you go ahead and photograph the rooms on this level and I'll make us both a drink. Do you have any preference?" I smiled warmly.

"Just a soda water for me please as I'm driving and have another appointment later this afternoon!" He said in an official tone.

"Well I suggest you get moving and photograph what you need on this level and the one above, then come back here and I'll have your soda water ready for you!" I said, turning my body toward the bar.

He shot out of the room and into the hallway. Placing it down on the floor, he opened his case and began to discriminately take photographs of our apartment. I heard his footsteps going from room to room as I prepared his drink with some ice and a slice of lemon and placed it on a coaster on the bar counter. I looked at my reflection in the huge mirror on the wall behind the bar. My breasts looked huge, squashed into the tight waistcoat, the faux leather cupping them and displaying them magnificently. I grinned salaciously knowing the photographer would be putty in my hands any moment now. I placed my manicured hands underneath my large breasts, squeezing them gently and adjusting them to show them off in their prime. As my slender hands squeezed the faux leather, the photographer walked into the entertainment room, staring into the wall mirror at my reflection. I turned on the bar stool to face him, still holding my huge breasts, squeezing them gently with a wicked smile emblazoned across my face.

"Your drink is on the bar!" I smiled, giving my breasts one last squeeze. My bare legs were crossed, which had caused my mini skirt to ride all the way up my thighs. An expanse of tanned thigh was clearly visible as I uncrossed and crossed my legs, allowing a teasing glimpse of my shaved pussy, replicating Sharon Stones movements in Basic Instinct. He was standing directly in front of me, staring at my erotic display.

I could see him swallow hard as his cheeks flushed with arousal.

I grinned salaciously at the photographer, knowing full well I was in control of this situation and could lead this in any direction I chose.

"Would you mind if I snapped a few photo's of you sitting at the bar?" He enquired in a very gentlemanly manner.

"I'd be delighted!" I smiled, placing my drink on the bar counter. I eased forward on the stool, placing my right elbow on the bar with my left arm placed just below my large full breasts, pushing them upward, displaying an ample amount of cleavage. I quarter turned on my stool, narrowing my waist for the photo, crossing my right leg over my left.

He placed his camera to his eye and began clicking away. I moved my head slightly to ensure no two pics would be the same. My smile was sultry as I stared into the camera lens.

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