The following story takes place nearly 35 years ago. None of the characters are under the age of 18 at that time. Elements of this story were taken from several actual situations and pieced together to create a work of pure fiction.

This is one more episode about the early years before Mark and Eileen got married when they were both graduate students at the University of Cork in Ireland. It was a time when Eileen was in her glory being able to wear her wellies nearly every day in order to fend off the wet conditions common to the Irish climate. In this story we learn that her liking for wellies actually stems from her sense of smell and how it reacts to the pheromones of rubber.

It was another school day and Eileen awoke to the soft sound of rain hitting the window of her bedroom. Once completely waking up she came to the realization that she would have to endure an early morning lecture followed by a tutorial with Dr. Gallagher in his office. Slowly getting out of bed, she headed for the bathroom and ran the water for her shower. As she waited for the water to get warm, she retrieved the little vinyl pouch holding her travel syringe thinking that douching was a good idea being that she had ended her period just the previous day. When she unzipped the pouch and removed the bag, the fresh odor of rubber wafted throughout the bathroom.

"Mmmm, but the smells nice," she thought to herself as she filled the bag with warm water and added an envelop of hygienic powder before hanging it from a hook inside the shower stall. Then shedding her nightgown Eileen got into the stream of warm water and bathed herself both internally and externally. The scent of rubber lasted for several minutes and teased her senses as it did so.

After getting out of the shower and dressing in a blouse, jumper and sweater, Eileen opened her hall closet to select warm clothing for the chilly wet day that awaited her. Whether or not to wear her wellies was not a question as she pulled them on. The mere act of taking the boots from the closet released more pheromones and she took deep breaths to make certain to savor the moment even though at the time she was totally unaware of how such that scent was affecting her.

Eileen sat through another boring lecture but found that she was able to endure it only because her mind drifted off to more provocative moments. As she daydreamed Eileen felt herself getting aroused and the sense of dampness was evident in her bikinis. Still, she was thankful that she was able to get through the two hours of verbal torture. The next meeting of the morning, the tutorial with Dr. Gallagher, was going to be a more positive event. Eileen only had to make her way across the quad to Hanrahan Hall and up to the second floor where the faculty offices were located.

Unless a faculty member also held an administrative post such as a dean or a vice dean, the offices were anything but grandly appointed places. Dr. Gallagher, not unlike most of his colleagues, had a three-meter by three-meter office occupied by a desk and chair, a side chair, and three walls of bookshelves. The fourth wall was all windows underneath of which was a large ancient radiator that furnished the heat.

A congenial man of nearly 60 years of age, Dr. Gallagher waived Eileen inside and told her to take a seat as he finished up some edits on a journal manuscript. The room seemed warm, but Eileen though it to be pleasantly so although she could not articulate why. While some faculty offices had a musty smell reminiscent of damp paper, Dr. Gallagher's had a different albeit pleasant smell. As she looked around, Eileen saw an ancient pair of rubber overshoes that the good professor had apparently worn that morning. Situated close to the hissing radiator they were also releasing their pheromones.

Dr. Gallagher began to question Eileen about several of the assigned books on Celtic culture. She had loved those books and did not find any part of them to be even close to boring. Her answers were articulate and the old professor nodded his head in approval as he listed to her well-informed responses. As the session wore on the small room became increasingly warmer, the odor of rubber permeating the atmosphere, and Eileen becoming even more aroused.

"It isn't that the old professor is turning me on, but I'm getting really excited," she thought to herself as the feeling of dampness grew in her panties. Fortunately, the tutorial came to an end and Eileen was able to get out in the fresh air of the quad. It had started raining so she put up her umbrella as she waded through the many puddles that had formed from that morning's heavy rain and now dotted her route.

"Thank goodness for wearing wellies!" she thought to herself. "If I were Irish I think that I'd probably own a closet full of them. Leather would probably rot quickly in this climate," she thought with a bit of a giggle.

By now it was getting close to noon and the growl from Eileen's stomach told her that she should find some sustenance. Not wanting anything too filling, she opted for a small ploughman sandwich, which she intended to take back to her flat which was only about three blocks away.

Not more than 10 minutes later she entered her flat and without even taking off her coat or wellies unwrapped the ploughman and took a bite. A Coke from the fridge helped wash it down. Eileen took off the coat and slung it over the back of a chair, but elected to keep her wellies on. She'd have to read several hundred pages of assignments for the next day, but the first thing that she needed to do was to visit the loo. As she sat relieving herself Eileen looked up and saw the feminine syringe that she had used that morning. It was probably dry enough by now that she could put it away. She coiled its hose and folded the bag in half so she could stuff it back into its pouch, but when she did so was again greeted by that wonderful scent of rubber. She put the bag to her nose and inhaled deeply.

"Ahh! This aroma is wonderful!" she exclaimed feeling that sense of sexual excitement that unbeknownst to her only rubber could provide.

"Enough is enough or I won't ever get anything done," she reminded herself as she zipped the little pouch shut and then returned to the comfort of the overstuffed chair that would help her finish her overwhelmingly large assignment.

The easy part was finding the beginning and ending pages. She looked to see how many pictures and figures might be included, but was dismayed to find only three illustrations in the nearly 120 pages of reading. She shifted in her seat and drew her legs up under her as she labored through the first 10 pages. While changing position did not help her with comprehending the reading it did disturb the rubber in her wellies and soon that wonderful aroma wafted up.

"Should I or should I not take off my wellies?" she asked herself. "If I take them off, I can reduce the distractions, but those distractions at least make the assignment tolerable. Assuming, that is that I don't forget everything."

Eileen, therefore, decided to keep her wellies on. The pages seemed to turn a little easier so she concluded that it was the right choice.

An hour and a half later tedium was setting in. Then there came a knock at the door. "Saved by the bell," she said to herself despite the bell actually being the sound of the brass knocker.

Answering the door, Eileen was not surprised to find Mark standing there dressed in rain jacket and rubber boots. The rain was running off of him in rivulets as he stood before her.

"I didn't know it was raining so hard," said Eileen looking at what would otherwise be a fully drenched Mark.

"It is, but if you didn't know that it was raining so hard why are you still wearing your wellies? Unless, that is, you were planning to go out?" asked Mark beginning to shed his rain jacket. Despite being wet and chilled, the action nevertheless sent the distinct odor of rubber into the air of the flat. Eileen, ever the one with the sensitive nose immediately became excited and more than anything else in the world at that very moment knew that the single thing she wanted most was to be fucked by Mark.

Mark looked a the expression in Eileen's face and asked, "Are you alright? You look a bit flushed."

"I'm fine, but you taking off your rainwear has made me unbelievably horny. I don't know what's come over me but all I can think about is for us to get naked and just plain fuck," she said leading Mark over the couch.

At first Mark was quite taken aback by Eileen's behavior, but decided that an opportunity was just that, an opportunity. Eileen sat on the edge of the couch, pulled up the hem of her jumper to waist level revealing her underwear. Then without engaging in any discussion whatsoever she put her thumbs into the waistband of her bikinis and in one quick continuous motion slipped them off without letting her wellies hamper her.

Mark looked at her hairy bush and saw that Eileen was already excited, the glistening of her pussy juice being clearly in evidence. It was inviting and he wasted no time reaching out to fondle it. First he began by fingering her and then pivoted his finger so that his thumb could tease her clit at the same time. His reward was a purring sound indicating that Eileen approved of this action. In the meantime the erection was growing in his pants.

"So you have me all hot and bothered so what do you plan to do next?" she asked.

Mark removed his fingers and leaned over placing his mouth at her pussy. First, he licked its full length and them thrust his tongue inside. Her juices were deliciously sensuous with their faint saltiness blending with a subtle musty flavor. The raging hardon in his pants told him that he better keep things moving along so he unzipped his pants and took both them and his briefs down far enough to expose his now ready manhood.

Eileen was always fascinated with Mark's organ and on the several occasions when they had engaged in sex always enjoyed the skill with which he was able to maneuver it inside of her. Mark took hold of his organ and was ready to introduce it into her vagina, but Eileen stopped him dead in his tracks.

"You are going to use a rubber, aren't you?" she asked.

"Yeah, if you want me to,"

"I do," she replied.

"But I thought you were ready for me now."

"I can wait. Besides I love the smell of a rubber when you've just torn open the package."

At that Mark opened the package and handed the still rolled rubber to Eileen. The result surprised him as she put it under her nose and inhaled deeply breathing in the scent of the rubber. Then she licked it before handing back to Mark.

Not sure what would transpire next he went ahead and rolled it down over his very stiff manhood, but that is when Eileen surprised him again as she leaned over and took the rubber clad organ into her mouth and began sucking. "Oh, that tastes so good!" she exclaimed. "But now let's just fuck."

Eileen released her grip on Mark's organ and without further ado Mark inserted himself into her wet vagina. Eileen was well past the point of just being damp and he was able to easily glide deep inside taking up the full length. She felt deliciously warm and moist; he was not able to restraint himself and it wasn't long before Mark deposited a copious amount of cum into the end of the rubber.

"Ohhh! I love it!" exclaimed Eileen as her body shuddered as she also reached climax. "While I love the idea of you cumming inside of me, the smell of the rubber as it is warmed by our bodies excites me like nothing else."

"The smell of the rubber? I don't notice anything."

"You're kidding. I'm smelling the rubber from the condom as well as my wellies and your raingear. That's why I love getting laid while wearing them. I could cum again just breathing in the scent."

"I never . . . ," began Mark, but he was cut off by Eileen.

"It doesn't matter. Just make sure that you are wearing your wellies every time you visit me, but also have a rubber in your wallet. By the way, want to do it again?" she asked.

Mark looked at Eileen. There she was with her jumper hiked up to just under her boobs, naked from the waist down, and wearing her wellies. "What a weird sight," he thought to himself, but wow does she ever like to fuck."

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