likes. anime, manga, videogames, roleplay, ponytown, animals, art, music, emo subculture, punk subculture, goth subculture. my partner ♡

dislikes. loud noises, fujoshis/fudanshis, proshippers, cringe culture, fakeclaimers, anti-kins.

media. jjba, noragami, parasyte, banana fish, given, mahou shoujo site, the promised neverland, devilman crybaby, beastars, death parade, bnha, sk8 the infinity, howl's moving castle, spirited away. welcome home, the walten files, steven universe, adventure time, metal family, dhmis, luca, south park, helluva boss & hazbin hotel.

games. ponytown, ut / dr, fnaf, osu!, sally face, fran bow, phoenix wright: ace attorney, doki doki literature club, mystic messenger, pico's school, friday night funkin', tattletail, detroit: bh, rhythm heaven, PvZ.

music. my chemical romance, avenged sevenfold, get scared, set it off, falling in reverse, linkin park, slipknot, pierce the veil, paramore, system of a down. the living tombstone, lemon demon, jack stauber, gorillaz. marina, lady gaga, mitski. mother mother, ricky montgomery, hot freaks. ghost & pals, deco*27, kikuo, wowaka, neru, pinocchiop, mikito-p, nilfruits. eve, frederic. malice mizer, gackt, moi dix mois.

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