my angel<3

azami ! sunshine !! you're the best person i could ever ask for . i'm so glad we met , and so happy we're together . thank you for everything you do for me and for both of us . i hope you know how proud of you i am ! i can't wait to see what the future has in store for us . i love you to the moon and back <3

ris !! RIS !! YOU !! i LOVE you !! you're super super important to me , and i'm super happy and glad that i decided to reach out to you that day to chat . i have no regrets at all . thank you for being here with me , listening to my rants and vents , or listening to me infodump about my OCs . nobody had given them so much attention and love before !! and they love you too !! i can't wait to have many more late nights of chatting and making silly stories together . i love you , you booger . ps: long live vampetal RAAAH !!

rinako ! hi you stinky cat . i appreciate you a lot . i'm glad i got into regiments because otherwise i would not have met you ! thanks for offering me your support when i've needed it . you're an amazing person and an even greater friend <3

frisk. my little sibling !!! words cannot express just how happy i am we found each other. you are truly special to me , and i hope you know that . for whatever you need at all , never hesitate to come to me . i will be here for whatever you need kid <3

jevil. YOUUU !! you have no idea how much i want to pick you up and squish you . you're so fun to talk to and so fun to hang out with . we need to make much more whiteboards together . i love you and i care for you a lot , never forget that <3

other mentions<3 pest, confetti, smit, amanda, CYNrs.

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