LingoDuo language Maxxing

First learn the characters and their sounds and pronunciation by a good youtube playlist.

Atleast get familiar with sentence structure and how words are formed in that particular language.

  1. Duolingo mod apk ->
  2. Sound effects -> off
  3. Friend quests -> on
  4. Motivational messages -> off
  5. Listening exercises -> on
  6. Animations -> off
  7. Haptic feedback -> off
  8. Notifications -> all off
  9. Ads -> off
  10. Get some friends from discord, twitter, telegram etc to get your goals and feed populated.
  11. Daily
    a. 1 level. (2x XP)
    b. Leaderboard ramp up. (80 xp)
    c. Reach the finish-line of the next level to gain momentum the day after.
  12. Maintain daily streak and do enough to stay in obsidian league.

Pro tip: don't think, just TAP. After 2-3 sections pick up a good intermediate audio course and LingQ

Best course -> spanish.

Good courses -> french, german etc in spanish (any language thats linear in nature)

Worst courses -> chinese, japanese, Arabic (any languge with word formation different from english / spanish)

Latin is the best ROI you will ever do. Get access to the indo-european languages + Its the best linguistics course.

Sanskrit will unlock indic languages. Language structure is similar to latin.

Africa - MSA, french, english, swahili. Zulu is peculiar as its only spoken.

You can multitask with per-app volume setting in android 13

Doing a whole unit a day is the target. (Can do with morning and evening coffee)

Best Material

Michel Thomas: Italian, French, German and Spanish.


  1. Language: yale green books, hello chinese.
  2. Characters: Chineasy by ShaoLan Hsueh

Sanskrit: learn hindi then Sanskrit Svayam Shikshak.

Latin: Collar & Daniell, LLPSI's discord


MSA: Medinah Arabic, Language Transfer


Russian: Lingvist

Top Tools

Best Sites - Anime with sub in Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji/Romaji/English

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