Registering an E5 developer account from Microsoft

Step 1: Signing up for a developer account

It should prompt you to create a new account or sign in using an existing one

After logging in it should show you this prompt. I prefer selecting the second option since it does not auto create random user accounts for you

This will determine the datacenter location so pick the one that is close to you

Note that VOIP numbers wouldn't work here

These will be your credentials for logging on to later on so don't lose them

And thats it, you now have a E5 developer account with 5TB storage per user (you get 25 users) and free desktop Office suite

Step 2: Increasing the default storage limit of Onedrive

Click Settings

Click on Onedrive - Storage Limit and change it to 5120GB

Now the storage limit should be 5TB when you create a new user

For existing users

Select the user you want to edit. Go to the tab Onedrive -> Under Storage Used, press edit. Select Maximum storage for this user and enter 5120GB

Step 3: Methods of renewing it

It is not guaranteed for it to be renewed , you could be doing nothing and still have it renewed. These methods only increase your chance to get it renewed (From my experience of using the client it has been renewing for 7 months)
1. Telegram Bot, [A Brief tutorial on how to set it up]
2. A desktop client which is fully in Chinese [My tutorial on setting it up]

Step 4: Some extra stuff

(Don't have a pic for this but basically this removes this annoying thing that keeps asking you to add a recovery email / phone

Don't remember what it does again but it should prevent your users getting locked

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