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GORDON ) HE HIM HOLDER ﹠ COMPANION 08052023 waver.ship transmasc novisexual semifidelity

Gordon Freeman, don't call me by my full name...or last name. Any variation of Gordon is fine though! I'm not really here to talk to people, I only choose to post for a note on what we're doing incase the system forgets.

Before You Interact
Fictive of HLVRAI Gordon; "Source Separation" from people out-of-sys Heavily Preferred.
He can get easily annoyed and upset, just don't "say dumb shit" and you're fine.
Don't mention fem headcanons of his source regardless of context; makes him dysphoric.

Pub: 27 Sep 2023 10:41 UTC
Edit: 29 Sep 2023 01:59 UTC
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