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:: BENREY/PRUNSEL + it he ask4pref complex label collector boyfag at heart protector, symp holder, social fict-ive agevague Eldritch Alien ShapeShifter wavership partner + f/o (& every iteration) 01 :: col rentry . 02 :: prnscc . 03 :: pk

sourced from HLVRAI Benrey and Y2KVR Benrey. always separate from Y2KVR unless he associates himself first.
i'm fictionkin of garcello. hes not super important to my "selfhood", my personal connection to him fluctuates.
i often mask my typing but when i dont mask i might come off upset lol im not
im bad at talking to people please be nice :)
oh also im janusian not just protector but protector sounds better.
idk abt this shit i think imma INTP, 9w8, Phlegmatic-Melancholic, and certain i'm Chaotic Neutral lol
always indulgent in the sins of greed and envy. i love sin #1 sinner
uhhh don't bring up loverboy around me thanks personal comfort

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