Installing Windows and Office for Babies


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This is a short guide for the completely clueless on installing Windows. Now with pictures!
Incase you want Zero Bloat, Please use Windows Enterprise LTSC (Bare bones Windows)

What will you need

  • Internet connectivity
  • Access to a Windows (7+) install
  • An USB drive of at least 8 GB in size
  • An UEFI capable x64 machine (target machine)

What will you end up with

  • Windows 10 Education or Pro (You Decide) Info on versions
  • Office 365 (optional)
  • Reasonable privacy settings


Downloading Windows

  1. Open
  2. Select Windows (Final)
  3. Select latest version (at the time of this guide 19042.631)
  4. Select "Windows 10" as edition
  5. Select language (I'll go with English here)
  6. Select the x64 ISO file.
  7. Click Download
  8. It should be from
  9. Save the file


Downloading Rufus

  1. Open
  2. Download the latest portable version


Writing the ISO onto the USB drive

  1. Connect your USB drive
  2. Start Rufus
  3. Select your device
  4. Click "SELECT" and select the downloaded ISO
  5. Click "START"
  6. Let it finish


Adding ei.cfg

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Paste this in:
  3. Save the file as ei.cfg in the Sources folder (should already exist) on your USB drive.
  4. Shut down your computer


It is recommended that you unplug any hard disks other than the one you plan to install Windows onto.

Booting the device

This is where I can't help you much. Your BIOS likely says something like F10 Boot menu during boot. Try mashing whatever key it says and selecting the USB drive. You may need to disable Secure Boot to make it boot. For help regarding either of these things consult your motherboard's User Manual.

Installing Windows

  1. Select your language, time and keyboard setting, then press next


  1. Click Install now
  2. When asked product key select I don't have a product key
  3. Select Windows 10 (You Preferred option here) for install, then click Next (Note - I would recommend Pro but the OG Guide uses Education)


  1. Accept the license terms
  2. Select Custom


  1. If you don't intend to keep any data, delete all partitions. Otherwise delete partitions you don't need (old install, etc..)
  2. Select Unallocated space and click next. Selecting empty space makes the installer automatically create partitions it needs.


  1. Wait until it finishes. It might reboot several times during the process.



  1. Select your region & keyboard
  2. (If you Chose Education) When presented the Sign in with Microsoft screen, select Domain join instead to avoid logging in


  1. Set your username. If you want to avoid having to give recovery questions, don't set a password here, do that later.
  2. Disable all sliders on the privacy screen and click Accept


  1. Reject Cortana when asked
  2. Now you should soon be looking at your desktop


Activate Windows (NOT Education)

  1. Jump to #Activation for activating Education version
  2. Go to and download the .7z file.
  3. Once the file is downloaded, extract the file to a new folder (Archive password is probably 1234)
  4. Once extracting is done open the sub-folder All-In-One-Version
  5. Open the .cmd, I recommend the HWID Activation (Click the button 2 to select it)
  6. You should wait a few seconds and the Activation will end!

Office (optional)

Download and Install

This is an optional step. Feel free to skip this if you don't wish to use Office.

  1. Open
  2. Select Microsoft Office as type
  3. Select Microsoft Office 365 as version
  4. Select Office 365 Professional Plus as edition
  5. Select your language (I'm selecting English here)
  6. Select the only file choice and click Download
  7. Save the file. it should be downloading from


  1. Open the downloaded file to mount it
  2. Start Setup.exe


  1. Let it finish, then close the window


Activation (Office + Windows Education)

  1. Open the Windows Security app and select Virus & threat protection
  2. Select Manage settings under Virus & threat protection settings
  3. Disable Real-time protection, Cloud-delivered protection, Automatic sample submission. This is a temporary measure.


  1. Download and install 7-zip (I assume you can do this yourself)
  2. Open this: official KMS_VL_ALL paste
  3. Download and extract the AIO version
  4. Run the extracted cmd file as administrator


Note - If you have already activated Windows, please press 5 first to Disable processing of Windows Activation

  1. Press 2 and wait as it activates


  1. Press 0 to exit
  2. Now you can delete the downloaded files and reenable Defender

Your Office should be activated now:



  1. Download Privatezilla
  2. Extract and run Privatezilla.exe
  3. I recommend only using the defaults plus ticking the Cortana category to avoid breaking anything
  4. Click Apply selected


You should now be done with a basic, activated and reasonably private Windows 10 install.

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