hihi!! so basically we're autistic with a special interest in pride flags & lgbt/mogai labels, specifically microlabels! as well as web graphics / web design (although we arent good with design ourselves) so you can probably guess how this started.
we went through a comical amount of exclusionary phases until we got 2 this point! erm! the transmed kid to anarchoqueer inclus pipeline /hj
anyone can use our graphics i can't stop u :) our personal rentrys rentry.co/lostbody it has our dni and stuff if u care abt our opinions

so specifically I started this project i think i should have this section

.♡ : —> <— : ♡.

call me benrey/prunsel/josiah my prns are he/it/thou/bite+
im a pangay omni-panflex certis[rose] boyflux transmasc freak, our prns cc is not up to date ive been too busy with this
fun fact i finally went through with this idea while updating my rentry+prnscc and thinking "damn im doing an awful lot of editing to get the specific flags and labels i use on here". in conclusion feel free to send reqs no matter how obscure ur ID is that is like the whole point smiles

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Pub: 14 Aug 2023 12:03 UTC
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