A Roo'd Awakening: Chapter Three

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>As you jogged through the park you wondered what had possessed you to take Ruby up on her proposal.
>Jogging at some ungodly hour of the morning was not how you’d planned to spend your weekdays.
>The fact that you knew this trail like the back of your hand made you feel a bit better about things, reminiscing on all the times you sped through it on your bike as a kid.
>Worse still, you couldn’t even deny it was a beautiful morning to go for a jog, the faint sounds of leaves rustling in the wind barely audible over the sound of your labored breathing.
>The cool breeze permeating your sweat soaked skin was just the icing on the cake, keeping you from overheating.
>Even so, there wasn’t a breeze cool enough to stop your brain from screaming for rest, your legs threatening to buckle under the strain.
>Ruby looked back at you, quite a ways ahead of you on the trail, “Come on Anon, only a few miles to go!”
>”A few miles?!”
>There was no way in hell you could keep going for a few miles, you already felt like you were dying from the first three.
>A familiar chill ran down your spine, another sign that you were close to your limits, already feeling lightheaded from the exertion.
>Your vision grew blurrier as you pushed onward, having more and more trouble making out things in the distance.
>Despite all the warning signs your body provided, you pressed on, eager to make a good first impression.
>You searched all around you for a source of inspiration that would keep you moving forward.
>Try as you might, you could only find a single source of inspiration and it was directly ahead of you.
>An ass so perfectly taut you could swear it was chiseled from a block of marble.
>That slight bounce of it as she ran entranced you, her backside threatening to spill out of her tiny bike shorts with each hop, her thick tail bouncing along with it.
>It certainly got the blood flowing to more places than one, keeping up with her purely to keep the sight in your vision.
>>You expended every single ounce of energy within you in an attempt to catch up to her, picking up your pace.
>It took some time but you slowly gained on her, no small effort considering how quick she was, a combination of her extensive experience and technique.
>The way she ran was unlike anything else you’d ever seen before, lifting both of her legs off the ground, leaping forward every time she did.
>You imagined all kangaroos ran like this, but it was still incredible to watch her go.
>Her experience shined through as she turned on the bends in the path at full speed like it was nothing.
>Though in fairness, you were considerably bigger than her, something that didn’t help your cause.
>Your entire body was slick with sweat, looking more like a swimmer than a jogger.
>Every inhale caused your lungs to burn, your body being pushed to its absolute limit in a display of what could only be called pure idiocy.
>Once you’d caught up to her you decided to gloat a bit, feeling proud at having caught up to someone with so much experience under their belt.
>“What.. was that… about needing… more cardio?” you panted, looking down at her as you jogged side by side.
>She looked up at you, shaking her head in disappointment, “It’s not a race, Anon.”
>Your breathing grew more and more labored with each passing second, “At the pace you’re going it might as well be.”
>“Mate, if you think this is fast, get ready to get your arse into gear these last two miles,” she said, a smug grin overtaking her features, “Or can you not handle it, Anon?”
>“Believe me, I can… handle it.”
>The challenge she presented was one you couldn’t refuse, controlling your breathing to help conserve your energy for the final stretch.
>You matched her pace as you continued down the trail, your breathing technique doing wonders to help preserve your stamina.
>For a second you thought you might even be able to make it to the end of the trail, “See, piece of cake.”
>Unfortunately your mouth was writing checks your body couldn’t cash, one of your legs locking up under you, sending you flying into the grass around the path.
>Your hands shot out in reflex, trying to absorb the impact of the tumble, earning you some scraped up hands for your troubles.
>As you laid in the grass, you were grateful you hadn’t sprained or broken anything, although you were in no state to move.
>You were a panting, sweating and covered in dirt and leaves mess that only somewhat resembled a person.
>Ruby quickly made her way over to you, “Anon! You alright?”
>You groaned, wiping away the leaves stuck to your face, “I’ve felt better.”
>“You sure? Let me take a look at you.”
>She helped you sit upright against a tree, scooting over to give her some room to sit next to you.
>She gently ran her hands over your hands and arms, stopping only whenever she found a cut or a scrape, “Nothing hurts too bad, yeah?”
>“Just my ego, but I suppose there’s nothing you can do about that.”
>She burst into laughter, her whole face lighting up, “That was fucking ace though, you should’ve seen your face mate.”
>You crossed your arms, mock pouting, “Can’t have been that funny.”
>“It’s a lot funnier when a cocky cunt gets what’s coming to him,” she said, giving you a playful elbow jab to the side.
>“Cocky? Face it, you’re surprised I actually caught up to you.”
>She puffed out her chest, flexing her arms, “I can handle it.”
>You couldn’t help but scoff at her impression of you, “Oh come on, I do not sound like that.”
>She grinned, “Who said I was talking about you?”
>“Alright, you got me there.”
>You didn’t want to admit it but her impression of you was pretty dead on and funny to boot.
>You sat there for a few minutes, trying to catch your breath and regain your bearings before setting out again.
>She got up, stretching while you rested, “You about ready to go Anon or am I going to have to drag your arse to the finish line?”
>“I thought you said this wasn’t a race?”
>Her mouth curved into a smirk, “Did I say that?”
>“Either way, if you don’t give me a bit I’m liable to pass out.”
>“Fine ya gutless cunt, you’ve got five minutes or I’m taking off with you,” she said, taking a seat next to you again.
>She scooted in close, taking in the entirety of your spent form, “Christ, Anon, you look like you just came out of a bloody sauna.”
>“Yeah, well, it’s been a while,” you said, panting, “I honestly can’t remember the last time I went on a jog.”
>“Would you believe me if I told you my dad used to take me jogging on this trail all the time when I was a kid?”
>“I don’t believe you’ve ever jogged before,” she laughed, “Mate, we only went four miles and if you’re already this much of a fucked cunt, there’s no hope for you.”
>”Just because I don’t have your stamina doesn’t mean I’m out of shape,” you said, “Give me a month and I’ll be running circles around you.”
>”By the looks of things, I’m not sure you’ll even make it to the end of the month,” she smiled, playfully nudging your side, “But you’re welcome to try and prove me wrong.”
>”Almost makes me wish I never stopped jogging,” you said, “Kind of miss jogging with my dad, took some getting used to at first, but it was a healthy habit to have.”
>She glanced up at you, a curious look on her face, “Why’d you stop?”
>”A lot of reasons honestly, hard to pin the blame on a single one,” you shrugged, “Not enough time to keep doing it between work and college.”
>”All I’m hearing is excuses,” she said, “Your dad sounds like a good guy though, wish mine had done the same.”
>”Best father a guy could ask for honestly,” you sighed, “Sometimes I wonder if I’ve been ungrateful.”
>”What do you mean?”
>”He’s done a lot for me and I feel like I’ve never really paid back the favor,” you said, “Always made sure I was staying out of trouble, kept an eye on my studies and helped put me through college.”
>She looked up at you, shooting you a confused look, “No offense Anon, but you really don’t seem like the kind of guy to get into much trouble, not that it’s a bad thing.”
>You waved your hand dismissively, ”None taken, but it’s kind of complicated, best if I don’t get into it, take my word for it.”
>She leaned into you, nudging you with her whole body, “Come on, you can’t just say something like that and leave a girl wondering.”
>You can’t help but smile and laugh at her gesture, ”If I tell you will you stop trying to push me over?”
>She tapped a finger against her chin as she thought, “Maybe... only if you want to tell me though.”
>”I’ll tell you, but on one condition.”
>”If I put you to sleep with my lame story, I’m not carrying you the rest of the way, deal?”
>She tilted her head upwards to gaze at you, her deep-set eyes meeting yours, “Deal, but only if you stop being such a drama queen and spit it out already, mate.
>”Better out than in, isn’t that how the saying goes?”
>You chuckled, “Somehow I don’t think they were talking about stories when they came up with that one.”
>Her gaze slowly turned to a glare, her eyes narrowing, “Either way, talk or we’re doing an extra mile today.”
>You threw your hands up in mock surrender, “Alright, alright, anything but that.”
>“You sure you want to hear this?” you asked, “I’ll give you one last chance to change your mind.”
>“I’m all ears mate, no promises I won’t doze off on ya though.”
>“Well, I’ll spare you the unimportant details then, otherwise we’ll be here all morning.”
>”Growing up, my cousins spent a lot of time over at my house, we got along pretty damn well and spent most days just roughhousing in the backyard.”
>”Never had any problems with each other even as we got older,” you explained, “Although we did kind of grow apart once we started high school.”
>“That’s when I turned into a nerd and they started hanging out with a different group of people.”
>She rolled her eyes at your statement, “You, a nerd? Hard to imagine...”
>“Alright, that was just uncalled for,” you laughed, “Anyways, they got mixed in with a pretty bad crowd, picked up a few bad habits along the way.”
>“Started off pretty innocent, mostly shoplifting and stuff like that,” you explained, “They had a few close calls with loss prevention at a few stores, but nothing ever came from it.”
>“I wasn’t too worried about them until I started hearing rumors about them getting involved with some gang-related people.”
>“That’s when I got the bright idea to tell my dad about it,” you said, “He flipped his shit, telling my Mom he didn’t want them around the house anymore.”
>“They came to a compromise after a while, but it was far from ideal.”
>Ruby leaned back against the tree trunk in an effort to make herself more comfortable, “Why’s that?”
>”My mom refused to outright ban them from the house, but she promised to keep an eye on them when they were over.”
>“My dad wasn’t happy with the compromise, but he knew arguing wasn’t going to solve anything.”
>“They’d always invite me to come out and hang out with them,” you said, “I usually turned them down, but one time I was so bored that I agreed to it.”
>“We went down to the mall, which was a terrible idea in hindsight,” you said, “Not sure what got into me that night, but I wasn’t thinking straight.”
>“Turns out they got the bright idea to steal shit without letting me know and just left me to be the fall guy,” you said, “Spent the whole morning in an office with a security guard until my dad came to get me.”
>“He paid for everything so I wouldn’t end up with a misdemeanor, but he was pissed,” you said, “I’d never seen him raise his voice with my mom until that day, it scared the shit out of me.”
>“She still wouldn’t budge on banning them from the house even after that, since she didn’t want to be on bad terms with her side of the family.”
>“So, my dad came up with a workaround, and started taking me for jogs whenever my cousins were over.”
>“It wasn’t the worst solution either, I think that’s the whole reason I got into working out in the first place.”
>“So what happened with your cousins?”
>You shrugged, ”They eventually stopped coming around the house, I’m not sure what they got up to after our friendship fell apart.”
>“The only thing I know is that one of them did some time for burglary and the other one was trying to stay out of trouble.”
>Thinking back to all the arguments and shouting matches between your parents made you feel like something was pressing down hard on your chest, fresh pangs of guilt hitting you all at once.
>“It sounds stupid but I always think about what would’ve happened if I had just sucked it up and never said anything to my dad?” you sighed deeply, “Maybe it would have changed something?”
>“Sorry for dumping all this on you, I know it’s kind of a lot,” you said, offering a weak smile, “But sometimes it feels like it was all my fault, you know?”
>She looked up at you again, a puzzled expression on her face, “What was your fault?”
>You stared down at the ground, unable to maintain eye contact out of embarrassment, “Everything. The arguments between my parents, the problems with my cousins, almost getting a criminal record.”
>As you continued to stare at the ground you at rubbed the back of your neck, “But enough about my problems, I must sound like a total idiot ranting like this.”
>"Look, just forget I even said anything, alright?” you asked, “Sorry for making you listen to all that.”
>Before you even had a chance to blink, two furry arms were suddenly wrapped around your midsection, “It’s not your fault, Anon.”
>You were so taken aback by her words it felt like someone knocked the wind out of you.
>You couldn’t even begin to find the right words to say, instead opting to hug her back tightly.
>The sensation of her fur tickling at your exposed skin combined with the warmth coming off her body was enough to make shivers run down your spine.
>You couldn’t remember the last time you felt this relaxed, every breath you took making you feel more at ease than the last.
>What few worries you’d been harboring melted away as she held you tight to her.
>You didn’t want this feeling to end, making it all the more difficult when she finally broke away from you.
>She grabbed you by the shoulders, her determined gaze meeting yours, “Look mate, you can’t let shit like that chip away at you, if you ever need someone to give an earbashing to, I’m here, alright?”
>“I’ve been in your shoes before Anon, bottling things up like that isn’t good for you.”
>It felt like a massive weight had been lifted off your shoulders when you heard her words, the kindest gesture imaginable in your eyes.
>You nodded, flashing her a warm smile, “Thank you.”
>She got up again, smiling as she extended a hand towards you, “Ready to get going again?”
>You took her outstretched hand and got back on your feet, dusting yourself off, “Ready as I’ll ever be.”
>“Don’t think that I’m going to go easy on you now because of that, cunt,” she said, taking off at full speed, “You’ll still have to work hard to beat me.”
>You followed close behind, “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”
>Worries lifted off your shoulders, you finished jogging the last two miles with an explosive level of energy.
>You did your best to match her pace all the way to the end, the short rest you’d taken doing wonders for your aching body.
>Eventually you reached the end of the trail, hands on your knees as you gasped for breath again.
>“Not bad for a first-timer.”
>“I can’t.. tell if.. that’s sarcasm or not but thanks,” you said, panting.
>”I’m not fucking around mate, takes some serious stamina to make it through all that,” she said, “You better not quit on me though or I’m gonna come looking for you after your shift again.”
>“Is that right?” you chuckled, “I’d like to see you try.”
>”Don’t tempt me, Anon.”
>You checked your watch, “You need a ride? I’ve gotta get going, only thirty minutes before I’m late for work.
>She quickly checked the time on her phone, “Shit, I’m gonna be fucking late too, I’d love a ride mate.”
>You couldn’t help but crack a joke, ”I bet you say that to all the guys.”
>”Oh fuck you, you know what I meant, cunt,” she said, giving you another playful jab.
>”Okay, ow,” you said, flinching, “Just messing around, let’s get going though or my boss is going to crucify me.”
>”Sounds like a real charmer.”
>”You don’t know the half of it.”
>You headed to your car, both of you quickly getting inside and driving off, “So, where to?”
>”Just drop me off where you work at, I’ll walk the rest of the way.”
>”Come on, you’re not going to tell me where you work at?”
>”It’s a secret, plus I’ve only known you for what, a day?”
>”So you’ll go on a date with me but knowing where you work is off-limits?” you teased, “I see how it is.”
>She blushed at the statement, “Wasn’t a date you wanker..”
>You smirked, “That waitress sure seemed to think so.”
>”Keep babbling on like a smart cunt and see where that gets you mate.”
>”Lighten up, I’m just messing around,” you said, glancing over at her, “You sure can dish it out, but you can’t take it back, can you?”
>She didn’t respond to you, choosing to instead stare out the window in silence.
>It seemed running your fat mouth had landed you in hot water with her again.
>Better to nip things in the bud now than to let them simmer like last time, “Listen Ruby, I’m sorry if I said something I shouldn’t have, but you can’t expect me to know much about you.”
>”Look, I’m not mad at you mate, just don’t feel like talking right now, alright?”
>You thought back to what she’d told you in the park, “I’m not going to bug you about it, but if you need someone to talk with I’m here for you too.”
>”Thanks Anon, sorry for being such a downer.”
>”If anything, it’s my fault, don’t sweat it.”
>You didn’t chat much for the rest of the short trip, pulling up into the parking lot of your workplace after a short while.
>”So, see you at the gym later?”
>”Of course mate, wouldn’t miss an opportunity to run you into the ground for the world.”
>”We’ll see who runs who into the ground, I might not have the stamina but I make up for it elsewhere.”
>”If you say so, see ya later dickhead,” she said, running off to her job.
>You checked your watch again, rushing out of your car with uniform in hand when you realized you only had three minutes before you were late.
>After clocking in, you headed straight to the bathroom to change into your uniform, not wanting to get chewed out by Kelly for being out of dress code.
>Changing into your uniform in record time, you headed back to greet Kevin, stashing your bag somewhere Kelly wouldn’t think to look.
>As you approached Kevin he looked at you, a mix of relief and anger apparent on his face, ”What the fuck, man?”
>”Don’t you what me dude, what the fuck happened to you yesterday?” he exclaimed, “I’ve been texting and calling you since you got off work yesterday, you had me thinking something happened to you.”
>You looked at him like he was crazy, ”I’m fine dude, what the fuck are you talking about?”
>”Talking about that one chick beating the hell out of you in the parking lot yesterday, or did you forget already?” he asked, “Wait... don’t tell me this is some kind of fetish thing or something..”
>You shook your head fervently, ”Jesus man, it’s not like that, not even close.”
>”You seemed awfully happy for someone who got punched in the gut and slapped over and over, I’m just saying,” he said, “Hell, you can be honest with me if you’re into that kind of stuff Anon, probably easier to explain that way.”
>”God, don’t tell me Kelly saw that go down, I’m never living that down if she did.”
>”Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything and she didn’t see it either but tell me what’s going on between you and that chick dude, I’m concerned,” he said, ”I’m not going to find out you own a gimp suit and collar, am I?”
>You laughed, “I don’t own anything quite that embarrassing man, sorry to disappoint.”
>”Look, you remember what I told you about running into her at the gym?”
>”Sort of, yeah,” he said.
>”Well, she kind of ran into me last night and she was absolutely pissed.”
>”Guess that kind of explains the beat-down she was giving you,” he mused, “But why’d you head off together?”
>”We went to Eddie’s and got something to eat while we talked, then I dropped her off at her house,” you explained.
>”Only you would invite someone to dinner after getting your ass kicked by them.”
>”It was not an ass-kicking, come on.”
>”What? Don’t try to tell me I’m crazy for not buying someone dinner after they uppercut me.”
>”Look, it’s not like that alright?” you said, exasperated, “It was a misunderstanding, but everything’s cleared up now.”
>”Just busting your balls man, I’m glad you’re alright but next time actually check your phone when you disappear like that, had me worried.”
>”I’m more upset you didn’t try to help me since I was “getting my ass kicked.”
>He shrugged, ”Hey, at first I was worried but it looks like you had things under control.”
>”What did you guys end up talking about anyway?”
>”I just told her the truth, that I didn’t mean to offend with the things I said.”
>”And did she believe you?” he asked, “I find it hard to believe she’d forgive you just like that.”
>”Look, Ruby’s not unreasonable, just misunderstood.”
>He gave a knowing smirk at the mention of her name, lightly punching you in the shoulder, ”So even after getting beat up you can still put on the charm, gotta give you credit where it’s due Anon.”
>”We’re just friends.”
>”For now, maybe,” he said, teasing you, “Also have you heard of this great new thing called deodorant?”
>”Sorry man, went jogging this morning and didn’t have time to head home for a shower.”
>”Since when do you jog?”
>”Funny you should ask that, Ruby was the one who pitched the idea to me.”
>”So let me get this straight, you went from getting beat up, to getting dinner, then to working out with some girl you barely know?”
>”Alright when you put it like that it does sound kind of crazy, but she’s got a good personality.”
>”You sure it’s not the two great “personalities” that got you into this mess in the first place?”
>Ruby was undeniably attractive but damn if you were going to let Kevin hold that over you forever, “Look she’s hot but anthro girls aren’t my thing.”
>”Keep telling yourself that until it’s actually on the table.”
>”Speaking of doing things on tables, how’s your battle with Melanie going?” you asked, “You’re looking better than you did yesterday, for sure.”
>”I went for a long drive yesterday after I got off work and I came up with a pretty good strategy to survive the month.”
>”Is it as good as your last strategy or are we just going down a notch from pelvis crushing?”
>”Very funny, I’m going to remember this when you’re dealing with it,” he said, “I’ve figured out a few of her weak points and it’s helping me not get fucked into the ground every day.”
>You were curious as to what he could’ve figured out that you weren’t aware of, “So? Spit it out already.”
>”It’s so simple I feel like an idiot for not having thought of it before, scratches.”
>You cocked an eyebrow at the statement, ”Scratches? What, like a massage or something?”
>”I’m no expert but I think to them scratches are more like foreplay than a massage, really.”
>”So, how’s it work?”
>”I just kind of sit on the couch with her for a while, scratching away at her fur until she can’t take it anymore and jumps me,” he said, “A lot less work for me, that’s for damn sure.”
>“If you say so, I can’t see you being in anything else than a full body cast by the end of the month though,” you laugh, “What’s your favorite kind of flower for when I have to visit you?”
>”Just full of jokes today aren’t you?”
>Hard to not be in a good mood after what happened earlier, you thought, “Jog put me in a good mood, plus I made an ass of myself earlier and could use a few laughs.”
>”I thought you’d save making an ass out of yourself for your first date,” he laughed, “What happened?”
>”Well.. I wasn’t jogging on my own today, Ruby was the one that invited me out in the first place.”
>”She can run like nobody’s goddamn business though and trying to catch up with her I ended up tripping into the bushes like a fuckin’ idiot.”
>”How one man can be such a smooth operator and such a klutz at the same time, I’ll never know.”
>”You give me too much credit, I’m terrible with women,” you said, “Exhibit A is in this store with us.”
>”Well, you got me there,” he said.
>”Speaking of, where’s Kelly anyways, she’s usually out here looking for a reason to fuck with me.”
>He thought for a moment before shooting back a response, ”Think corporate is up her ass over some paperwork, she’s been holed up in the back office since I got here.”
>”Might go see how she’s doing, you got things handled up here?”
>”Yeah, go for it.”
>Despite your relationship ending on a bad note, some part inside you still cared about her well-being.
>Maybe it was just residual guilt speaking but you wanted to make sure she was alright.
>After all, she’d done the same for you so many times you’d lost count, reminiscing on all those days spent together in your apartment.
>You gave her door a set of firm taps, “Can I come in?”
>”Sure, come in.”
>She looked exhausted, papers strewn all across her desk, “You need something Anon, I’m kind of busy here.”
>”You look like you could use some help.”
>She gave you an odd look but seemed grateful at your offer, “Actually.. would you mind helping me fill out some of these forms?”
>”What are you filling all these forms out for?” you asked, “And what’s the deadline for filling these out?”
>”Something about state and federal tax rates changing and bullshit I don’t really care about, but it’s gotta be done by Friday or they’re going to fire me.”
>”They’re not really going to fire you over this, are they?” you asked, cocking an eyebrow, “No fucking way they fire their best manager over something so stupid.”
>”I appreciate the kind words Anon, but it’s not going to earn you any favors from me.”
>”I’m not lying, you might be uptight as all hell sometimes, but you’re damn good at your job,” he said, “Just tell me what I need to do and I’ll try to help out, it’s the least I can do.”
>As she dropped the stack of forms in your lap, she visibly eased up a bit, “This is only half of the forms I have to fill out, mostly employee records that haven’t been updated in ages and payroll stuff I need to sort out.”
>You got to work, the both of you sitting in silence, the only sounds audible were the clacking of keys and scribble of pens, the occasional clack of a stapler ringing out.
>As the hours passed by the piles of forms slowly began to thin out, your wrists becoming sore from all the work you’d done.
>Kelly took a look over at the stack of completed forms, taking a quick glance at the clock, “You’re a real lifesaver, Anon.”
>”Not a big deal, you would’ve done the same for me, I hope.”
>You took a quick glance at your watch, “About time I get out of here though, you going to be alright with the rest?”
>”I’ll manage,” she smiled as you got up to leave, “And anon?”
>”Sorry about the other day, what I said was out of line.”
>”It’s fine, if you ever want to talk about it, you know where to find me.”
>Grabbing the backpack you stashed earlier you head out, eager to get to the gym.
>”Looks like you’ve got someone waiting on you Anon.”
>Kevin pointed at one of the windows, “Either I’m seeing things or that same girl is waiting outside again.”
>You looked to where he was pointing and there she was, sat atop the trunk of your car.
>”You going to need backup or are you ready for the beat-down this time?”
>”You come up with that one yourself?” you chuckled, “See you tomorrow dude.”
>As you walked through the parking lot you felt her gaze burning a hole into you, a grin on her face.
>”If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were following me around,” you smiled back.
>”Just making sure you don’t skip out on me today, mate.”
>”Sure you’re not here for the free ride?”
>”At least you’re honest, hop in.”
>As you drove to the gym you made some small talk again, being careful to not have a repeat of earlier events.
>You glance over at her and notice she’s fidgeting in her seat, her leg seemingly moving on it’s own, “So, how was work?”
"Another long and boring day, practically got my ear talked off by my boss," she says, leaning further back into the seat. "Didn't get a lick of sleep last night either, so I was struggling to stay awake."
>”I know the feeling,” you said as you pulled into the parking lot, “Ready to be amazed?”
>”You set the bar pretty damn low earlier, Anon.”
>”You say that now, just you wait.”
>Heading inside, you both quickly go and get changed out of your work clothes.
>You did some lunges while you waited for Ruby to finish changing, noticing the gym was far emptier than usual.
>A few of the regulars here and there was the way you liked things, not having to wait on the racks or benches to free up.
>When you saw Ruby exit the locker rooms it was hard to do anything but stare at her getup.
>A sports bra that was struggling to hold back her sizable bust along with some yoga pants that only served to accentuate her wide hips and firm ass.
>If there was ever an example to prove that yoga pants were gods gift to mankind, this was one of them.
>You couldn’t help it, your manhood giving a small twitch as it awoke from it’s slumber, trying to think of other things to keep it at bay.
>She waved her hand in front of your face, ”Hello, earth to anon?”
>You shook your head, rubbing at the back of your head sheepishly, “Sorry, just thinking about something that happened at work today.”
>She gave a smug grin in response, ”Weird how my body reminds you so much of work.”
>You choked on your own saliva at her words, sputtering and coughing, “Sorry..”
>”Used to it by now mate, don’t sweat it,” she smiled, “How’s about we make this workout interesting, yeah?”
>You shot her a confused look before replying, ”What you got in mind?”
>”A challenge of sorts, maybe a healthy wager if you’re up for it.”
>”Lay it on me then.”
>”If I can lift more than you can at any of the major lifts, you owe me lunch, deal?”
>You thought about it for a second, struggling to think of any possible outcome in which you could lose to the girl, “Deal.”
>”So, which one first?” she asked.
>”Deadlifting, no doubt.
>”Starting with the hard one, wuss.”
>You shrugged, ”Hey, you didn’t specify.”
>You both make your way to the deadlift platform, chalking up your hands with the chalk from your gym bag, “How much weight we lifting?”
>”Load your one rep max.”
>You smiled, ”Now we’re talking.”
>Loading up a staggering 425 pounds on the bar was enough to make you start worrying whether you were going to be able to lift it or not.
>You’d done it before but that was without an audience and ample preparation beforehand.
>”Feeling confident aren’t we Anon?”
>”You took a deep breath, trying to stay calm and not allowing any worry to show through, “The chalk isn’t just for show, you know.”
>You bend over to grip the bar, making sure to have your back neutral to avoid injury.
>Next you bend your knees until your shins touch the bar, taking a deep breath to prepare for the lift.
>In one smooth motion you begin to pull the bar, straining as you begin to stand back up to your full height.
>After finishing the rep, you unceremoniously dropped the bar onto the platform, the loud thud making a few people turn to look at you, “Your turn.”
>”You know there’s no way I can lift that, Anon.”
>”Just load up what you can lift then.”
>She took two plates off each side, still a respectable weight to lift for someone of her size and weight class.
>Assuming the same stance you did, sans chalk, she did not one but five reps of the weight before setting the barbell down.
>”Color me impressed, I thought you wouldn’t even manage one rep.”
>”You’re not the only one full of surprises mate, what next?”
>You both walk over to the bench, taking the initiative to load your max on the bar, loading three plates on each side of the bar.
>She pouted as she saw you loading the weight, “Come on Anon, go easy on me.”
>You laid down on the bench, preparing yourself, “What, scared you’re going to lose?”
>You grip the bar, gritting your teeth as you lift it off the rack, bringing it all the way up before re-racking the weight, “All yours.”
>She took a plate off each side, taking your place on the bench, “You mind giving me a spot mate? Don’t really bench often.”
>You assumed a wide stance, getting as close as you could without having your crotch above her head, hovering your hands underneath the bar without making contact, “Go.”
>The look on her face told you she was determined to lift this weight even if it was near impossible, taking a deep breath before lifting it off the rack.
>Her arms wobbled under the strain as she extended them, but she completed the rep with great form, “Damn, I was sure I was gonna cock that one up.”
>”You did fine, ready for the last lift?”
>As you walk over to the squat rack a feeling of dread fills you, it being your weakest lift by a large margin.
>It wasn’t that you neglected your legs but it certainly wasn’t your main focus when you worked out, preferring to target your upper body instead.
>Ruby looked up at you with a smug grin as you stared at the rack, “What’s wrong, getting cold feet?”
>”Just thinking about how much I’m going to enjoy that lunch tomorrow.”
>You stepped up to the rack, loading three plates on each side, an amount you weren’t sure you could lift but damned if you were going to be beat.
>Getting under the bar and resting it on your upper shoulders, you tried to muster all the strength you possibly could, taking a few deep breaths.
>As you lifted the weight off the bar you could already feel how difficult is was going to be to come back up again.
>You brought the weight down until your hips were below your knees, making sure to keep your knees out and back neutral, as to avoid major injury.
>Lifting the weight back up took everything you had in you, sure you were turning red from the exertion, eventually managing to rack the weight again.
>If you had to do more than one rep you weren’t sure how you were going to manage to walk again.
>”Alright.. your turn,” you panted.
>”Uh, could you lower the bar for me Anon?”
>You lifted the bar off and lowered it a few positions in the rack, “Shit, my bad.”
>You grinned as she made her way over the rack, ”So, how many plates are you taking off this time?”
>”Taking off?” she laughed, as she added another plate to each side, totaling 405 pounds on the bar.
>She got under the bar, resting the bar on her upper shoulders, looking over her shoulder momentarily to shoot you a sly grin.
>You weren’t entirely sure she wasn’t just bluffing until you’d thought back to the events of that morning, where you witnessed firsthand how strong her leg muscles were.
>She lifted the weight off the rack with a level of ease you’d never seen before, squatting down with perfect form.
>The show she was giving you as she squatted down was too much for your little man, having to discreetly tuck it into the waistband of your underwear to avoid having anyone see it.
>That perfect ass pressed tight against her yoga pants, almost begging to be released from it’s confines.
>She came back up like it was nothing, racking the weight with ease, “You were saying?”
>You grinned, shaking your head slowly, “You had this all planned out, didn’t you?”
>She pointed at herself, an innocent look on her face, “Me? I would never.”
>”Guess I owe you lunch sometime,” you said, “We doing anything else or we getting out of here?”
>”Want to get a little time in on the punching bag, you mind waiting?”
>”Nah, go ahead.”
>You did some stretches as she made her way to the punching bag, eager to see her technique.
>”Mate, you got some gloves? Left mine at home.”
>You dug through your gym bag for your gloves, “Might be a little big on you but I’ll tighten them up.”
>Carefully slipping the gloves on her hands, you tighten the string until they’re firmly secured, “There we go.”
>You sit back to observe as she walks towards the bag, assuming the proper stance.
>Her focus was apparent to anyone happening to observe, controlled breathing and eyes focused on one thing only.
>After a short moment she lets loose like a suddenly uncoiled spring, each powerful strike that connected with the bag filling the air with loud thuds, shaking the bag ever so slightly.
>Each jab came at the speed of lightning, her hands and arms practically a blur as she continued her assault.
>You continued to observe her movements and expression, a quick glance telling you everything you needed to know.
>With each hit on the bag her expression softened, assuming her reason for enjoying the activity was similar to yours, a way to unburden yourself from the stresses of daily life.
>While you couldn’t be sure this was the case without asking, you’d seen your reflection while you spent time on the punching bag before, the very same expression plastered on your face.
>She continued unleashing blow after blow into the bag, more and more force poured into each consecutive blow.
>Suddenly, she began to mix kicks into her routine, peppering the bag with a combination of roundhouse and front kicks, much to the surprise of you and other observing gym patrons.
>Her kicks were even more powerful than you’d imagined, even after seeing how much she could squat with relative ease, the bag swinging wildly as she brought each kick home.
>It was almost like you were watching a professional, each hit precisely measured despite the staggering amount of force and speed behind it, her balance seemingly unaffected.
>After a while she slowly came to a stop, the rigorous activity testing her sizable stamina pool, “Fuck me.. that felt great!”
>”Where did you even learn to box like that?” you asked, “Seriously, I’ve never seen anyone so fast.”
>She began taking the gloves off, panting, “You.. don’t mean that.”
>”Why wouldn’t I? If you picked that up on your own then you’ve got some serious talent.”
>”If you want to know the truth then my dad taught me everything I know, he spent a lot of time at the boxing gym after work,” she said, “Taught me to defend myself.”
>”You ever had to use them on anyone but me?” you laughed, “Seriously, you’ll have to give me a crash course sometime.”
>You saw that anxious look you’d seen on her face earlier resurface at the mention of your question.
>She flashed you a weak smile, looking up at you, ”Nah, haven’t had to.. but I’d be glad to teach you sometime.”
>Something was off in her inflection, perhaps a sign of something bothering her.
>But you wouldn't pry, instead opting to wait until she was comfortable to share it with you of her own volition, “Ready to get going now?”
>”Yeah I’m bloody exhausted after all that.”
>You both head to your respective locker rooms to get changed, opting to take a quick shower to help clear your head.
>The events of today had just helped reinforce the feelings you felt yesterday, feeling truly at ease during every moment you spent with Ruby.
>It’d been a while since you’d smiled and laughed with as much gusto as you did these past two days.
>As you dug your fingers into your scalp, washing away all the sweat and grime that had collected throughout the day, you couldn’t help but think you were getting too attached.
>You were never the best at gauging how people felt about you, only compounded by the fact that it’d been a while since you’d been in what you could call a real relationship.
>It wasn’t a healthy line of thinking, but you were deathly afraid of making a wrong move and pushing someone who’d in a short time proven to be a great friend and even better person away.
>Were you being too forward? Too friendly? Maybe a touch too playful? That hint of doubt invaded your every thought.
>The hot water running down your skin did you great favors in keeping those thoughts at bay, making you sigh in relief.
>You toweled yourself off, getting back into your street clothes and promising yourself you’d take things slow, for the sake of keeping your friendship intact.
>You inhaled deeply, putting on your brightest smile as you exited the locker room.

>As you splashed your face with warm water, you berated yourself for being so apprehensive around him.
>It wasn’t his fault but you were damn sure Anon thought he was to blame for it with the way you’d acted today.
>He was the first guy you’d met in a while that you felt you could really be yourself around that also didn’t mind dealing with your quirks.
>You wanted to tell him it wasn’t his fault but you were terrified of freaking him out and driving him away.
>Hell, after the poor guy had opened up to you today you didn’t feel like pushing your problems on him too.
>But you’d wait for the right time to do it, the right opportunity to share them with him.
>As you changed back into your street clothes the only thought that crossed your mind was hoping you would get the chance to do so, clinging to the hope that you wouldn’t push him away.
>As you left the locker room, you smiled, doing your best to hide the unease and apprehensiveness.
>He was waiting for you outside the locker room, the smile plastered on his face serving to assuage your fears slightly.

>”Ready to go?”
>She smiled, “Yep, all set.”
>As you drove to her house it seemed neither of you wanted to be the first to break the silence, instead choosing to admire the beauty of a cool Autumn’s night.
>You didn’t want a night as enjoyable as this one to end on a bad note, breaking the silence, “So, about that lunch?
>”What about it?”
>”You’re paying for it right?” you said, “I forgot who won..”
>”Oh no mate, you’re not weaseling out of this one that easily,” she said, looking over at you, “I’ve already got a place in mind too.”
>”Hopefully not going to break the bank,” you said, nervously.
>”Hey, you agreed to it, not me,” she said, “But don’t worry about it, I think you’ll like it.”
>”Going to tell me what it’s called?”
>”Nah, it’ll be a surprise.”
>”Just full of surprises aren’t you,” you said, “What’s next, going to blindfold me when I drive you home?”
>”If ya keep prattling on like a sore loser I might just have to gag you too.”
>”Going to be sore in more ways than one tomorrow morning, so you might be right there.”
>You pulled up to where you’d dropped her off the day before, watching as she gathered her belongings.
>”Better not be too sore, we’re going for a jog again tomorrow morning Anon or did you forget?”
>”If I can get out of bed I’ll be there, no promises though,” you said, grinning, “See you tomorrow.”
>She gave you a quick hug, pulling away before you even had time to respond, “See you Anon.”
>You couldn't think straight on the drive home, had all that worrying been for nothing?
>Was she really okay with your friendship as is?
>All signs pointed to yes, but you still couldn't help but second guess yourself, your thoughts betraying you.
>You weren't even sure why you cared so much, doing your best to drive the offending thoughts out of your head and focusing on other things.
>Like how someone nearly two feet smaller than you had easily squatted a hundred more pounds than you did.
>As you unlocked the door to your apartment you vowed to never let that happen to you again, making a mental note to work out your lower body more often.
>All the exercise you’d gotten today had given you a massive appetite, looking for anything to eat as soon as you got inside your apartment.
>Rummaging through your fridge, you found a pot of beef stew you’d made the week before.
>After giving it a quick taste test you’d decided it was still good for consumption, heating it up and serving yourself a sizable portion.
>You watched some TV for some background noise as you ate, tearing through the meal in no time.
>After finishing your meal you opted to turn in early and get some sleep, you were going to need that rest if you planned to make it through another day like this one.
>For the first time in what felt like ages, you were actually looking forward to the next day, drifting off to sleep in record time.
>The only thing on your mind as you slept was Ruby, providing you a pleasurable rest in more ways than one.

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