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Just a dude who enjoys writing romance and occasionally lewd stories about humans and anthro women. Here you can find all my stories and any associated artworks, commissioned or otherwise.

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A Roo'd Awakening: (Prose) (Ongoing) (M/F) (Kangaroo/Romance)

A disillusioned and emotionally unfulfilled man slowly relearns to appreciate all the beauty that life has to offer, with the help of those closest to him.

I would highly suggest reading Chapters 1 through 4 on the following pastebin alternative because it preserves the greentext format that makes it a bit easier to read: https://www.4binz.org/416

This is just a temporary stopgap measure until I finish Chapter 7 so that I can tackle a rewrite that converts the greentext into prose to match Chapters 5 and onward.

Chapter 1: https://rentry.co/RoodChapterOne
Chapter 2: https://rentry.co/RoodChapterTwo/
Chapter 3: https://rentry.co/RoodChapterThree
Chapter 4: https://rentry.co/RoodChapterFour/
Chapter 5: https://rentry.co/RoodChapterFive/
Chapter 6 (Part 1): https://rentry.co/RoodChapterSix/
Chapter 6 (Part 2): https://rentry.co/RoodChapterSixPart2/
Chapter 7 (Part 1): https://rentry.co/RoodChapterSeven/
Chapter 7 (Part 2): https://rentry.co/RoodChapterSevenPart2

Doe You Love Me?: (Greentext) (Complete) (M/F) (Doe/Romance)

A man and his doe hybrid girlfriend come across some difficulties in their relationship as a result of some her unique species quirks.

Part 1: https://rentry.co/DoeYouLoveMe

Keeping Secrets: (Prose) (Complete) (Commission) (F/F) (Bonehound/Romance)

Part1: https://rentry.co/KeepingSecrets

Story Art:

A Roo'd Awakening: (Ongoing)
Warning: The following links marked with spoiler tags contain spoilers for the story found at the following link: A Roo'd Awakening

[Chapter 1, 4 and 5 Spoilers] https://catbox.moe/c/agt3hn - Full album containing all art related to the story and it's characters.

[Chapter 4 and 5 Spoilers] https://catbox.moe/c/m1khmh - Album containing various edits/alt versions of previous images by Anons from the thread.

[Spoilers for a scene in Chapter 4, Line 1178] Original and Alt

[Spoilers for a scene in Chapter 5, Line 2114] Original and Alt

[Spoilers for a scene in Chapter 6, Line 3444] Original and Dialogue-less Alt

[Spoilers for a scene in Chapter 6, Line 3608] Original

[Contains Spoilers] All Art along with their respective sources/artist pages (if known):

Art by GlacierClear:

Art by Zeek_Zag/Zkelle

Art by Iriedono

Art by Wetchop

Art by Squiggles

Art by Vuko-Jebina

Art by SpaceDimSum

Art by Digiridoguy

Art by Akella:

Art by Botty-tanics

Art by Juan/Nomenclaturacur

Art by ihoundr

Art by ThatDirgeDude

Art by GreasyMojo:

Art by Avante92

Art by Nark

Art by ChubbaChunks:

Art by Blokfort:

Art by Murl, Mur7 and Doodleanon:

Art by Zibe

Art by LuckyFeather/LF

Art by ToothAndScale

Art by Colrin

Art by Shapeshifterprincess

Art by Armain:

Art by qoolguy

Art by Anonymous Thread Artists

Art by RedDrago

Art by Poof-poof

Art by Kiseff

Art by KanutWolfen:

Art by Kirkir:

Art by Deimos_Lynx

Art by Hiddenwolf:

Art by Dirpsaid

Art by Sherlu/Darkluxia:

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