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  • "Rolling" - Using the last digits of your post number to decide the result of a move or action, similar to rolling dice.
  • "Dubs"/"Trips"/"Quads"/"Quints" ect. - Having two or more of the same digit in a row at the end of your post number.
  • "Crit success"/"Dubsuccess" - Rolling two or more even digits.
  • "Crit fail"/"Dubfail" - Rolling two or more odd digits.
    Useful link for checking type resistances/weaknesses

Battle Rules

This system uses move accuracy rather than evens/odds to calculate a hit. Move accuracy can be found on Bulbapedia.
The if the last digit of your roll multiplied by 10 is greater than the accuracy of the move, the roll is considered a miss.

  • 100% accuracy: Always hit.
  • 90-99% accuracy: hit on rolls 1 to 9.
  • 80-89% accuracy: hit on rolls 1 to 8.
  • ...and so on.

A dubsuccess multiplies damage by the number of consecutive digits.
A dubfail is a miss, regardless of accuracy. Moves that bypass accuracy checks can still hit on a dubfail.
I know we like doing self damage but for the sake of avoiding memes it's probably best to avoid it.

If a player hits a dubfail and wants to write a fail state they may. A responder should treat it as a failure to hit and avoid implying self damage unless OOC consent is given. I'm not trying to be a retard here but y'know try to respect people since I'm trying to make this as fair as possible.

Everyone has 4.0 HP max to start. (This can be changed if you so desire. An enemy can have higher HP if people agree to this.)
A lot of this shit is optional. if you like 3.0/3.0 health do it.
Another system I'd like to suggest for testing is a sort of Overhealth system, where if a character drops to zero health instead of being KOed they can declare to get the fuck back up. Doing this would definitely be taking the "safety" from battles and you would definitely be taking injuries after doing that.
Again a lot of this is optional. Tweak it as you like.

Multiply damage by type resistances/weaknesses if they apply.
e.g. A fire type move on a Durant (Steel/Bug) will deal 4.0 damage

STAB does not apply. Adaptability adds 0.5 damage to any SE move.

Stat modifiers

The only stats that do anything* right now are Attack, Sp.Attack, Accuracy, and Evasion.
A single stage of Attack or Sp.Attack will increase a physical or special move's damage by 0.5 respectively. You can only go up 3 stages in Attack and Special Attack each.

For the sake of sanity, all moves are capped at 80% accuracy, they hit on 1-8. If they are below this then they retain their original value.
Evasion and accuracy and only be increased or decreased by 1 each.
Attacking an opponent with modified evasion or having modified accuracy yourself will change your roll.
If a move requires a 1 to a 9 to hit and your accuracy modifier is -2, you will instead need to roll a 1 to a 7.
If, instead, your accuracy modifier is +1 or +2, that move will always hit (except on a dubfail lol)

Accuracy modifiers Evasion: -1 Evasion: 0 Evasion: +1
Accuracy: -1 -2 -1 0
Accuracy: 0 -1 0 +1
Accuracy: +1 0 +1 +2

Moves that bypass accuracy checks will hit regardless of accuracy and evasion changes.

*stats that are included in the mechanics of the battle system- feel free to interpret defense and speed stat changes affecting your character in other ways.

Field moves

Moves like the terrain moves will do their best to bring the effect into the RP. For the sake of consistency, if a terrain effect is on the field, they boost the power of their applicable MOVES instead of Pokemon of that type. Psychic would gain +0.5 on Psychic Terrain

Weird Moves

Moves that have an increased crit rate must have the player using it call a number within their accuracy value, if this number is hit it will act as if dubs were rolled


Items should follow their effects as closely as possible.
Wide Lens increases accuracy by 10% or a value of 1.
critical hit effecting items will make any even picked before the battle starts function as dubs.
Gems add .5 damage to any same type move they're used with; a gem is not consumed if an attack misses
While I like the one off from dubs rule that kinda just rewards missing in a way
etc, etc
Leftovers heal Pokemon for 0.25 HP per turn.

Status conditions

Moves that have a chance to cause a status condition will use the second-last digit of their post to roll.
A 10% chance to cause a condition will activate on a one. 20% chance will activate on a two, and so on.

The move must also hit for this effect to happen.

Paralyze will stop an attack on 1-2 of second to last number.
Poison does .5 damage each turn.
Badly Poisoned starts at .25, moves to .5, 1, 2, 4, etc
Frozen; totally unable to act, thaw at 1 or 2 at second to last
Burned does .5 damage each turn and halves physical attack damage unless you have Guts
Sleep lasts a max of 3 turns. A pokemon can wake up early on any even.
Confusion; lasts a max of 3 turns. If a pokemon rolls 1-3 from their second to last number they will do .5 damage to themselves

Damaging weather like Hail/Sandstorm will do .25 damage per turn to vulnerable Pokemon

For sake of fairness and not making these cancer parafusion cannot happen. Confusion will replace paralyze if they both happen because fuck that shit

Hey how do we decide who goes first

If you're having trouble deciding who goes first, either the organizer of the event or a player can call an even or odd. Think of this as a coinflip.
"If Odd I move first" and on an Odd the player would move first. Otherwise if they roll an even they would move second and the opposing player would move first.
Of course people are free to determine their own method whether that be speed or a preagreed movement.

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