revamping 😭 the layout looked too goofy
other rentries

also go check out my friends hoards @musicdiscs @thisisapigeon :3

bold = urls i like
strike = nfo (in use &/or like a lot)

im totally up for trades!! feel free 2 ask me (quicker response on disc & insta)
im more tent on urls pertaining to my hyperfixes lol
i dont really have a wishlist i just want urls relating to my interests & correct spellings (without the I / l / ...z / ...s / -'s)

all urls r tagged w "@bonksoda" or "ries was here"

SORTING !!!!!!!!!!
alltheempathy bedroomcommunitys casio-dad s-u-m-m-e-r
badwatervideos doctormetalhead meIonman pyders theteethineer
EMESlSBLUE fritzludwig
lilmedimedes lilpootis meetthepootis
heavylikeabrinkstruck requiemforapizza sandvichsaga
cheezburgerplz gansa4 rblxia subspacetripminez
valvecantcountto3 epicfacez keepyourseIfsafe skycotI ermok whopperx4 meetthejarate fakevioIins imokwithyou endsoftheearth inthisroom hesnotwithusanymore neonglows nebulaes meteoroids starcIuster dwarfgalaxy teamfortresscIassic
thisisabucket apsap coldweathers limeiips biorbos teuforts


βΈ» . β€§β‚Š miscellany . ˚. βΈ»

# . β€” personal - 5
β€” basically just have to do with me and my friends, not trading these lol
4laifers adhdandveryfuckingconfusedduo basilries riez scouthater2007 zclub

# . β€” inside jokes - 9
β€” also not trading
beafortress gaylings schminkos squaggots tboyswagmaster1945 testosteronification thefogishere yaoicheese zsunnybanclub zsunnycoin
β€”β€” in other lists β€” gladorse heymynameswheatleyimabrilliantlittlecore spammington

# . β€” unsorted misc shit - 15
animationmemez bigfioppas blooregard BOlNK btwcreatures ermwhatthescaIIop IiIgayboy45 traumaboy yaur yippeeeeeeeeeee
_o_ 0__U 0_____o 0TZ colonthreecee


βΈ» . β€§β‚Š header . ˚. βΈ»


# . β€” subheader - ###


βΈ» . β€§β‚Š media related . ˚. βΈ»

# . β€” deltarune - 7
β€” when i finish this game its over for all of you
c-round cybercitiez fluffyboys k-round spammington tasques toothpasteboy

# . β€” hlvrai - 9
β€” if i start hoarding half life urls ill merge this section with those
benreybenreybenreybenreybenreybe blackmesasillystraw doctorbubby drdarnold drpussy hlvr-ai hIvrais gordon-feetman theperfectdog tommycooIatta

# . β€” minecraft - 42
allays blazepowders chorusflowers cavesncliffs chorusfruits choruspIant conduits deadbush discblocks disccat discchirp disceleven discfar discfive discmall discmeIIohi discotherside discpigstep discstal discstrad discthirteen discwait discward enderdragons endportaI floweringazalea ghasttears glowberrys glowlichen gIowstonedust glowsquids kiIIerbunny moobIooms moolip mooshroomz mossblock netherportai nethersprout pigstepz poisonouspotato redstones trailsandtaIes sporebIossom sweetberrybush waxedlightIyweatheredcutcopperstairs zombifiedpiglins

# . β€” omori - 12
β€” i dont even like omori anymroe lol im just holding onto these bc they were my first urls
aubreyplushie basiIplushie basiIsphotoalbum basilsshears heroplushie HOOLlGANS kelplushie loquaciouscat mariplushie mrpIantegg omoriplushie ripsnaley SOMETHlng

# . β€” portal - 30

adventurecores angercores aperturedeskjobs aperturelabs cheIIs centraIcore companioncubez curiositycores defectturret factcores frankenturret gladorse heymynameswheatleyimabrilliantlittlecore intelligencecore intelligencedampeningcore lightbridge moralitycores newdisasters personalitycores potat-os potatoglados portalz sentryturrets spacecores storagecube testchamber thecakeisaIie thinkwithportals victorylift wantugone wheatIeys

# . β€” team fortress 2 - 41
2fart 2fortinvasion 2forts ap(-)sap archimedez balloonicorn bigslappy bluteam bonkatomicpunch burlybeast bonksoda breadmonster crit-a-cola ctf_2fort doubIecross engi engineergaming gravelwar heavymedics helmetpartys hoovy kazotsky-kick lollichops madmilk mann-co minisentry pyrovisions rainbIower redteam rocketjumpwaItz sandviches sawmill scootyscoot scunt smissmas spycrabs teamforttwo teeefftwo tinydeskengie tinydeskengineer tf2s ubercharged

# . β€” stomach book - 20
β€” includes her older songs lol
ahermitsrequiem animalscannotchange casket-kids cat-soup comelypuppet deviInobody forgivedontforget greetingsfromoblivion itsanarchy kidsdontpasstogether lullabyforanangelsegg odetotreadingwater ourstory poppinapathy quickstepdowntheliffey song101 stomachbooks stomach-book tightropewalking weallfalldown

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