AME'S RESOURCES it's where zrae places all the pixels and so on he's sharing for any one of you . expect her to slowly upload any gifs found/made . . (to get the link of the pixels involved : ( Mobile ) press on the image, hold and choose " Copy/Copy Link Address " ( PC ) right click on the image and press " Copy image address ")

click here for a list of resources !
I. INSPO ( credits are not needed but appreciated ! )


MISC ( ? )


CONTENT CREATORS ( MCYTs specifically )


gnfvibing gnfstress gnfdance gnfBONK gnfaww gnfcozy gnfpleading evilgnf gnfstop gnfsleepy gnfgun gnfOMG gnflurk gnfPopcorn gnfhi gnfNOOT gnfYikes gnfJuice gnfpride1gnfpride2 gnfrage gnfLove

sapnapMad sapnapHUG sapnapHEART sapnapSAD sapnap sapnapConfused sapnapBoxed

colinPride colinLove colinDog colinDrink colinStinky

foolishHeart foolishHappy foolishGlasses foolishHuh foolishCrying foolishPride foolishpogShark, foolishWallShark foolishFire foolishBlankies foolishSadshark foolishAHH foolishNice foolishFJR foolishEnderball foolishGold foolishSharkshades foolishRAW

tinakiJudge tinakitTen tinakiFlushed tinakiOh tinakiHaha tinakiTilt tinakiChad tinakiTina tinakiComfy tinakiDerp tinakiWao tinakiFet tinakiSip tinakiWave tinakiFine tinakiLurk tinakiLurk2 tinakiFlower tinakiRainbow tinakiJorts tinakiLove

quackyKitty quackyQac quackyAHAAAA quackyEugh quackyRoblox quackyQuackityDream quackyAngry quackyCaprisun quackyCrying quackyCute quackyDumb quackyGlasses quackyPepega quackyThinking quackyWorried quackyInclusive quackyHaha quackyTriste quackyEw quackyTigre quackyTigre2 quackyTigre4 quackyYeehaw quackyMIB


UPDATE : ( 27th nov ) I just found out you can add images/gifs with Twitch, too LOOOOOOOL ( 21st jan 2022 ) Just revamped the resource rentry! Very organized, eh ? + added a inspo section! (24th feb ) More pixels added! ( 7th may ) 4 new pixels added .

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