being revamped soon Ahah! Ahaha! Ahahaha...!!! / Cootchie-cootchie-coo...! / Aha, ahahaha...!!! / Cootchie-cootchie-cooooo...! / ...Stoooooop!! welcome to sirius's resource rentry pixel this rentry serves as an alternative way of accessing the resources i have in my resource carrd ( i recommend if you're on pc to use that carrd but if you're not/don't want to it's no problem! after all that's why i made this alternative way of accessing my resources :] please keep in mind most of these were taken from resource carrds, docs or websites similar to mine. i will remove anything if requested by the original owners.

pixel img resources ♥ = recommended pixel pixels hikoushi darkpixel (wip) tomomi
momsagainstinternetuse ohpixels animatedglittergraphics lootbox♥♥ suuga♥ pixel diary emojibank crdpro kaomojis (not literally) rnorals♥ fruchtgummi♥ ghostdere

dividers rnortal♥ tenshiikisu♥ gaysweaters pixel-soup♥ ribbons

gifs engrampixel cutepixels plumbum jasminnie bugchow wings sprites online now cinni glitter graphics agent gifs4crds pixelgrape♥ ohpixels rainbowpixelz♥ bonnibel's graphics♥ more sayclubdolls theme's masterpost tinythingsspinning

backgrounds wonderhoi's supplies jump's whi collection teaclub's hearts refster food rank lol4 106166 stock bgs magicalgirlbia

other some pngs cutekawaiiresources ohpixels' navigation buttons ascii muñeca minipixels minecr-aft 1o9 cky neocities buttons♥♥♥ enstars stamps 1 + 2♥ stampkin♥ p-i-x-e-l-s animatedglittergraphics-n-more studiopixels blinkiemaker thepixelshop y2k♥♥♥ rotferkelthemes

pixel codes ♥ = recommended pixel text wobbly text popup (teaclub) floating text newsticker stroke text shadow text gradient marquee bubbling text rainbow text tooltip♥ blinkie text overlapping container flirty wipe text multiwipe phone-in shaking text♥ gradient+stroke♥ image mask image mask+stroke♥ pulsing text♥ bouncing text right(/left) write text shuffling text rolling text neon lights rainbow text v2 squiggly link enlarge link text-shadow link ticker link float on hover link expand on hover pause marquee breeze text tooltip follows cursor rubber hand animation jerky tilt animation (cr allison) candycane scrollboxes borderless behavior border/regular scrollbox uneven borders retro♥♥♥ dashed border rounded double edges colored bg baeyhkun lace border with buttons skewed scrollbox scrollbox with mark scrollbox with img/gif as bg borders (img or otherwise) baeyhkun border double border fog♥ pulse rainbow star mask♥ heart mask (teaclub) ♥ yellow+pink heart hover zoom+grayscale♥ pink lace border fog2 pop container black frame golden frame (cr nbsaki) different colored two lines (doesn't work on images) cloud border (light) cloud border (dark) naked frame (cr superjake45) misc fun fact button♥ draggable box♥♥♥ sound effect upon click (teaclub)♥ tv overlay custom selection no scrollbar disable left click + alert♥ the carrd's menu webneko cbox alert message peeping body♥ gifypet website counter heart trial tinkerbell♥ bubbles name that color color chart palette generator slide on hover tabs menu dropdown menu simple slide-up heart menu (cr @solielios) sectioned hover (cr @solielios) horizontal scroll windows titlebar draggable elements flipping img animation (cr jake) image trail image clicksplosion paper mask different background in diff. section rubber band image animation jerky tilt image animation (cr allison) spin animation elastic hover animation bouncy animation (cr superjake45) on-load animations hashimoto crd codes (cr ciarispop + itzhuo) buttons (cr itzhuo) image with tooltip outset inset img color picker coolsymbol remove bg falling objects generator ezgif 98.css typing website name heart clicksplosion wipe link coolsymbol softies colorhunt imood qt-emoticons cupcakeipsum image splitter pro tutorials twitter event responsinator punycoder carrd templates futurism crd (cr enbyself) aenergy crd (cr enbyself) ♡彡 jump (cr abracitos +crditem) megazine crd (cr crditem) sanrio crd (cr crditem) verde crd (cr crditem) yeppi crd (cr zhacyu) glow crd (cr enbjjk) onion crd (cr enbjjk)
boba crd (cr enbjjk) outro crd (cr enbjjk) elegant crd (cr enbjjk) yamazaki crd (cr faicrds)
strawberries crd (cr carrdmestre) (cr coracrd) (cr coracrd) huggy crd (cr coracrd) 윈터 (cr coracrd) sayu crd (cr coracrd) heart blur crd (cr coracrd) expand scrollbox crd (cr coracrd + abracitos) mark crd (cr coracrd + nene) miuccia (cr jellymask)
my templates broom crd (cr hauntedmansion)
music players marquee music player minimalist with pixel circular spin player draggable hover text to play music cd music player (cr girisgoblog) cr ramdons simple circle vinyl circle pop

pixel carrds ♥ = recommended. ♥♥♥ = extremely recommended pixel dm for me to add/remove bubblegum♥ supplies jump♥ marigold♥ gnome holy callie neogeo fitz barbara♥♥♥ cakepop xyz♥♥♥ vanitas♥ barok♥♥ gifs♥♥ floras jellymask♥ fav twst literature♥♥♥ ishimori♥ terror♥♥ germ♥ wilardo mori gardenia codes jump himiko kinnie gloss qri eridan♥ gallery pix♥ transparent♥ sweetie madness vampy midnight signal lifted pochi poohsfonts eris yokai caterpie jakesmom edward's google doc watermelon kanaya♥ medicine♥♥♥ alias riti mist♥♥♥ naocrrds (ytb) ♥♥♥ bloody maguro♥sweetarts whimsical♥ noviecita ortho butter♥♥♥ pixel woe♥♥ html mariposa flower

pastebin powys clarisue milkandcookies jakeandamir genzuki miyounhive dracslaura elrisza talas ityizhuo hosptials dianakko solielios

pixel sirius hello my name is sirius you've heard about me in the home page (crd) pixel for sure if you've read it. i'm a gender-questioning lesbian who's really into music and art but as you can see im into coding as well. / hola soy copito-basil / plz commission me also shoutout to basil for paying for our carrd pro and being the best wifey ever

pixel tips pixel

that's all the most important parts of my resource carrd! if you want pixel to leave a dollar or two as a tip you can dm my twitter for my paypal or, if you use ko-fi, i have that too thank you <3

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