• - torrent tracker with raw anime, this is the best place to get anime. I recommend you use qBittorrent!
  • - anime streaming site where you can turn off subtitles and switch to Japanese 日本語 audio.
  • B9GOOD - you can stream raw anime here.
  • Anime-Raws - you can stream or download raw anime here. They are all MEGA links, and MEGA supports streaming video.
  • Itazuraneko Anime Library - collection of anime, itazuraneko.
  • Animelon - stream anime with Japanese subtitles.
  • ※ AnimeCards - Subtitles - Goes over how to get Japanese subtitles and how to sync them for the video.
  • Crunchyroll - it's free but with ads. You can turn off subtitles.

Movies & TV Shows (J-drama)


Scan websites usually have the best collection but can be a pain to download from, I have listed them below.
Use a debrid service to generate premium full speed download links!

  • A-zmanga - Has the most stuff. You need a debrid service though.
  • DLRaw - Is starting to catch up to A-zmanga. You may need a debrid service though.
  • JPDDL - A-zmanga clone
  • Manga314 - A-zmanga clone
  • CMCZIP - A-zmanga clone

Light Novels and Literary Texts

Visual Novels & Games

PC (Windows)


Audiobooks & Podcasts



Japanese Fonts



Yomichan, a browser add-on that allows you to look up Japanese words easily.


See Applications (Mobile) section for mobile apps.

MDict (MDX)

Contains the most up-to-date dictionaries such as 新明解国語辞典 第七版 (Shinmeikai 7th Edition) and 大辞林 第三版 (Daijirin 3rd edition)


Contains older but better known dictionaries such as 新明解国語辞典 第五版 (Shinmeikai 5th edition) and 大辞林 第二版 (Daijirin 2nd edition)

E-Reader Dictionaries

Applications (Desktop)

Applications (Mobile)


  • AnkiDroid - Port of Anki for Android devices.
  • Akebi - Bilingual dictionary for Android based on the JMdict project, has cool features such as auto-correction and AnkiDroid integration.
  • Takoboto - Bilingual dictionary for Android based on the JMdict project, simple, no special features.
  • EBPocket Basic - Port of EBWin for Android devices, this is an EPWING, Stardict and MDX dictionary reader, useful for monolingual dictionaries.
  • EBPocket Professional APK - APK of the full vesion of EBPocket.
  • 米 jidoujisho - A mobile video player, reader assistant and card creation toolkit tailored for mobile language learners.
  • ※ Typhon Reader - An EPUB reader for Android that lets you look up a word with one tap. Also supports EPWING monolingual dictionaries.
  • Typhon改 - Fork of Typhon Reader made to work with newer devices.
  • Reasily - EPUB reader. No special features but it supports 縦書き (vertical text)!
  • Kiwi Browser - Chromium based browser with extension support. You can use Yomichan on this.
  • OCR Manga Reader - Manga scans reader with an OCR to look up words. Supports EPWING monolingual dictionaries.
  • Tachiyomi Manga Reader (Get the Japanese sources) - Manga downloader/reader. Get the Japanese sources.
  • Rin - Adds the iOS "Look Up" feature to Android.
  • Kaku - System-wide OCR.
  • Google Japanese Input - Japanese input for Android.
  • Tae Kim App - Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese app.


  • AnkiMobile - $24.99 official port of Anki for iOS.
  • Shirabe Jisho - the best mobile Japanese dictionary... based on the JMdict project, ever.
  • Tae Kim App - Tae Kim's guide to Japanese app.
  • Books (formerly iBooks) - the best mobile ebook reader on any platform. Period.
  • Kantan Manga Reader - use OCR to read manga, Yomichan dictionary and EPWING support!
  • 10ten Japanese Reader - like Yomichan for iOS.
  • EBPocket Basic - Port of EBMac for iOS devices, it is an EPWING and MDX reader, useful for monolingual dictionaries. Transfer dictionary files to the app using iTunes.

Browser Extensions

  • Yomichan - Yomichan is a browser extension that allows you to look up Japanese words with both the meaning and the reading on web pages with ease.
    Android users can use this on Kiwi Browser.
  • Clipboard Inserter - Used for the texthooking page (MPV and visual novels)
  • Language Learning with Netflix - Enhance Netflix for language learning.
    Not Japanese related but still a must:
  • uBlock Origin - best ad-blocker. Stop using ABP.
  • Universal Bypass - Skip annoying short links.

Downloading Tools

  • qBittorrent - best torrent client, clean, open source. Stop using μTorrent.
  • Jdownloader2 - A download manager that helps accelerate MEGA and Google Drive downloads. Highly recommend.
  • Real Debrid - paid debrid service. You need this to download from scan sites/anime-sharing forum that use terrible filehosts such as Rapidgator and Katfile.
  • youtube-dl - download YouTube videos, playlists, channels, etc.
  • Tartube - GUI for youtube-dl
  • Hakuneko Manga Downloader
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