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๑ ︵︵ i come off as dry, and very blunt/honest. just let me know if i sound mean.
be honest with me about anything! i'm not a mind reader. i'm extremely awkward/nervous/shy whatever,
it's why i don't dm/int first usually. feel free to remind me if you need tone tags, i don't need them myself.
i get distracted alot, and i'm very forgetful. if i miss anything, let me know!
please be patient with me. i don't like saying this, but i'm very mentally unwell. thank you

๑ ︵︵ dm/ping if you wanna talk/need anything, cause 98% of the time i'm usually offtab.
i respond more to dms/pings, otherwise expect late responses. i am usually very tired and socially drained,
so sorry if i don't respond at all. i am not ignoring you, i'm just extremely socially awkward.
usually i have no idea what to say back. i appreciate if you say/send anything to me at all.

๑ ︵︵ no DNI, just don't be a freak/weirdo you know. obviously still, lgbtphobes,
racists, etc, still go away. minors keep interactions short. other than that, if you're annoying i'll just block you.
i freely block, if i don't like you, i'll find out myself. i block for my own health, i don't need justification for it.

๑ ︵︵ do keep in mind though, please no neck injuries, or anything relating to the neck,
like chokers, collars, all that. warn me if there's unsettling imagery/gore, don't spam my dms randomly,
don't ship me with my friends, try not to vent to me without permission. i'm not strict about these, just
please try not to do them. other than that, if you want to be friends/mutuals, just ask! i love having friends.

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