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📑 ➜ Direct Downloads

🔗 DirtyWarez • Sign Up

  • Fantastic community that host a wide variety of media content across almost all genres.
  • URL Safety Results

🔗 File Pursuit

  • It is possible to search through millions of files on web servers using this incredibly sophisticated file search engine.
  • URL Safety Results

🐐 Internet Archive

  • Millions of free books, films, songs, and more are available at this nonprofit library.
  • URL Safety Results

🔗 Scnlog

  • Generic database including various types of media content, although with a little bit more emphasis on music.
  • URL Safety Results

🔗 SoftArchive / 2

  • A scene website founded in 2004, recognised for new releases of software, games, music, movies, and eBooks.
  • URL Safety Results

🔗 WarezBook • Sign Up

  • Cleanly designed forum with an online source of movies, software, games, and music.
  • URL Safety Results

🔗 WarezForums • Sign Up

  • Unifying pirates, as it should be, by sharing an array of complimentary items sourced from the internet.
  • URL Safety Results



📑 ➜ Torrents

🧲 1337x / 2

  • Home to some of the most well-known repackers and crackers as well as a vast collection of torrent files.
  • URL Safety Results

🧲 Bitsearch

  • Advanced search engine that simply gathers torrent metadata such as file titles, file sizes, and a magnet link to provide the visitor.
  • URL Safety Results

🧲 BT4G

  • A torrent search engine that uses DHT and the goal is to make torrent finding and downloading easy for everyone.
  • URL Safety Results

🧲 BTDigg

  • Excellent BitTorrent DHT search engine that gathers metadata, and returns magnet links rather than storing any material.
  • URL Safety Results


  • A previewable magnet search engine that enables quick starts to downloads in almost every genre of media for free use.
  • URL Safety Results

🧲 EXT Torrents

  • Versatile magnet search engine for rapid downloads in diverse media genres.
  • URL Safety Results

🧲 iDope

  • Search anonymously through this large collection. Users aren't tracked and their IP addresses are removed.
  • URL Safety Results

🧲 Knaben Database

  • Realm of web and linux mastery through the evolution of impressive multi-search indexing tool.
  • URL Safety Results

🧲 LimeTorrents

  • A peer-to-peer file-sharing service that offers users a variety of content such as music files, video files, and software files.
  • URL Safety Results

🧲 MagnetDL

  • Software, movies, games, ebooks, TV shows, and music are all distributed through magnet links by this torrent aggregator.
  • URL Safety Results

🧲 Rustorka • Russian UI

  • Prominent warez forum with news, discussions about many media genres, torrents, and magnet links is also available for downloading.
  • URL Safety Results

🐐 RuTracker • Russian UI

  • Has a vast library with many different genres. Is well-seeded and regarded as the most comprehensive public tracker.
  • To use the search function, you'll need to sign up.
  • URL Safety Results

🧲 Torrent Downloads

  • Sizable torrent database with an extensive catalog featuring a diverse range of media and well-seeded.
  • URL Safety Results

🐐 TorrentGalaxy / 2

  • The emerging star of the p2p world, with a youthful, fresh, and open community where you can discover almost anything.
  • URL Safety Results

🧲 TorrentLeech • Sign Up

  • Invites are frequently given to users of this coveted private tracker site, offering torrents in all categories at unmatched speeds.
  • URL Safety Results



📑 ➜ Trackers Scene Data

📒 0day

📒 PreDB / 2

  • This service displays trending data that has been gathered from numerous online sources.
  • URL Safety Results

📒 Private Trackers Spreadsheet

  • Very thorough list demonstrating practically every single private tracker used online.
  • URL Safety Results


📒 xREL • German UI

  • Message board where users discuss the newest scene releases, game and movie reviews, and a lot more.
  • URL Safety Results



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