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📑 ➜ Privacy and security

Devoid of malware

  • Ensuring the utmost safety and security of websites and downloads is of utmost importance. Therefore it is absolutely imperative to eliminate any presence of malware. Any website that falls short in meeting this requirement will be promptly labeled as an unsafe site.

HTTPS Encryption

  • Websites need to make use of HTTPS encryption because it offers users privacy and security. Encrypting data serves as a shield against hackers, effectively concealing sensitive information. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in verifying the legitimacy of websites by utilizing digital certificates.

Not located in the Five Eyes

  • It is encouraged that websites be located beyond the realm of the Five Eyes alliance, which includes the United States. This ensures that they fall outside the jurisdiction where certain copyright laws, such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), cannot be fully enforced, or at all.



📑 ➜ Quality of life

Catalog size

  • In order for websites to be truly effective, it is crucial that they provide users with a diverse range of options. By offering a wide array of choices, websites can cater to the varied needs and preferences of their users.

File hosting services

  • To guarantee a seamless and user-friendly experience, websites that employ direct download methods should rely on trustworthy and dependable free file hosters, so users can access and download files without any complications.

Graphical user interface

  • It is important to offer a visually intuitive and interactive platform, enabling users to engage with the system in a more natural and user-friendly manner. Good design choices facilitate effortless navigation and enhance the efficiency of task execution for users.

Minimal loading time

  • Optimizing speed and catering to a diverse global audience is essential for websites. To achieve this, utilizing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is highly advantageous.

Update frequency

  • Keeping a website regularly updated with fresh content is essential to maintain user confidence and attractiveness. When a website lacks updates, it can create the impression of inactivity or financial instability.

Zero anti-adblock popups

  • Ideally, websites should refrain from implementing anti-adblock measures, but users can easily use uBlock Origin to avoid encountering these annoyances. Additionally, if users come across any websites with such nuisances, they can report it to r/uBlockOrigin for efficient support.



📑 ➜ Overall integrity


  • The authenticity of a website heavily depends on the general sentiment and plethora of experiences shared within numerous pirate-related communities, which can be found across a wide range of platforms, including both public and private trackers, as well as other indexes.

Open source

  • Having the code freely available for all to see, like on platforms such as GitHub, is undeniably a great advantage. It adds a bonus to the overall trust of users when it comes to a website.



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